Two Days In Malta

Time for a fun new standalone! This one is about a group of friends all meeting up together while backpacking across Europe. Rowan and Paisley are together and have been dating for five years. The guy they’re meeting is Grady, Rowan’s old boarding school Roomie and Paisley’s first kind-of-boyfriend. Fun stuff happens. It’s a crazy…… Continue reading Two Days In Malta

Open Hearts

Oh, God, Harrison and Taylor, Harrison and Taylor… These two kill me. Young love kills me. That tragic youthful devotion, that time in your life when stakes of love never seem higher. And these two got it bad. I know some of y’all hate Taylor, but I think she’s got it for her H-boy. Time…… Continue reading Open Hearts

Learning Keely

It’s Keely time again, and in this book we see her and Max progressing as a couple, getting to know one another and finding out what makes each other tick. Even some of those embarrassing bedroom things. This one was intense for me, but I loved writing it, and I loved revisiting some of these…… Continue reading Learning Keely

Finding Keely

It’s finally here! The first book in a series that will show the missing years in the Max/Maggie/Cole love triangle… Seriously, folks, I busted my ass on this one, making my characters and their world seem like I could move around in it. That said, this series is a newer direction for me. It’s an…… Continue reading Finding Keely

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