Taken While He Watches On Their Honeymoon





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Ken and Ashley just got married and while money is super-tight they’ve got themselves a weekend getaway in the Honeymoon Suite looking out over the ocean on the sunny Carolina coast.

The room was a steal. Turns out it’s Bike Week and no one books the Honeymoon Suite during Bike Week. Especially not two dopey white kids from the suburbs.

A mix-up leaves them in trouble and they don’t know how they can get out of it, don’t even know how they’ll get home. They get some help from their hotel neighbours. A half dozen handsome, muscular, and very wealthy black men.

Ken’s wary but Ash is all in.

When they find out she’s saved herself for her special night she becomes the star of the show and they’ll offer anything to help her…

Ken doesn’t like it but she’s going to do what they ask. She says it’s for their future…


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