(Six Weeks In Winter, Book 1) Snowscape

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An affair with a younger man…

Janie Holcomb is a thirty-nine-year-old mother with two grown-up children who’ve just left the homestead to find their new lives at university.

John’s been her loving and loyal husband since high school when he put his hands to work to provide for his beloved but unexpected family.

Together they raised two smart and capable kids, ran a homestead, and built up a valuable snow plow business.

Young strangers in their home is nothing new; they’ve hosted teenagers from all over the world—offering room and board in trade for farm chores. It helped their own kids learn firsthand about foreign cultures and they forged friendships around the globe.

When their son finds a Home Exchange program through his university, John and Jane are all for it. Evan’s going to spend six weeks in Italy—he’ll be swapping bedrooms and families with an art student from Rome.

It’s nothing new for the Holcombs—except this isn’t a kid staying with them this time, it’s a twenty-year-old man.

Maceo DeSanctis is an artist. He’s tall, striking, talented. He has smoldering dark eyes. Their daughter and her college friends notice. Janie notices, too, but Maceo is half her age.

John drives plow, and when the winter storms come he’s away from the homestead sometimes as long as forty hours. Janie’s all alone with Maceo, and the young man is charming and thoughtful.

Janie dropped out of high school to give birth. There were things she missed, a promised part of her life taken away so she could raise her children. She wouldn’t have it any other way. But spending time with Maceo pulls the blinds from that part of her that was missing. She’s an artist, too, and there’s so much she can learn, and this amazing young man wants to teach her…

This is the first book in a series.

Maceo arrives from Italy and greets the Holcomb family and they bring him to their homestead. Janie shows him the way to his school and introduces him to rural American life. His charm and warmth bring something out of her. They begin painting together and she cherishes the lessons he has for her…

1 review for (Six Weeks In Winter, Book 1) Snowscape

  1. David and Daria

    February 8, 2019
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    We’re both struck and stuck. In this part of a series, KT Morrison develops her characters brilliantly. KT paints magical pictures with her words, unlike Janie Holcomb, wife of John paints landscapes in her spare time.

    The Holcomb’s have two children Evan and Marissa who are both attending local universities but living in the dorms. Evan, their eldest at twenty-one has just left to spend six weeks in Italy with the parents of the student the Holcomb’s are hosting, Maceo De Sanctis, age twenty. The Holcomb’s daughter Marissa has aspirations to become a doctor and is a freshman at a local university, as well.

    John, husband of Janie is an independent, self-employed owner of a snow removal business servicing the greater Buffalo and Rochester area, he has worked hard to build his business, very hard. He still works hard, but time and hard work has taken its toll on the burly man. He is very easy going and good natured.

    Maceo. Maceo is an art student and will be staying with the Holcomb’s in their home while attending school at a local college. Six weeks is his stay with the Holcomb’s. He is tall, extremely fit and handsome. He makes an immediate impression on Janie.

    This is a difficult review to write because while we really loved the story, we’re stuck writing this review. We’d like to write something catchy, but we get the feeling this story has the potential to go many ways. There are a lot of houseguest stories here on Amazon and this story, due to the word craft of KT Morrison, looks like it will blaze new ground.

    The story has the potential to go either very light, middle of the road, or dark to very dark. It is clear that the story is becoming very emotional for Janie and possibly for her easy going, yet suspicious husband. Who wouldn’t be suspicious? His wife is spending afternoons and evenings (while John is working) with someone younger and better looking than he?

    We’re giving this story five stars. We know things will happen, but we cannot predict what will happen or how they will happen and that is unique for us with houseguest stories.

    Make up your minds, but one thing will stand out and that is KT’s character development, descriptive writing, and KT’s painting vivid scenes; the Holcomb’s pantry may never be the same. Get the book and you will see what we mean.

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