(Scream Queens, Book 1) Impure Thoughts


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Ben, Libby, Chelsea, and Finn return for new romantic adventures…

Ben and Libby have been officially married for three years, but they’ve been together forever. Libby is a sweet and shy little mouse who’s in big-time love with her husband and best friend. And Ben would do anything for the girl he’s loved for so long.

Like how he just busted his hump hard, hustling day in and day out with his own business, and after a good and successful year negotiated him and Lib into the house of their dreams. Now they find themselves moving into the fashionable beach neighborhood where Libby’s always dreamed of living.

And guess what?—even though they’re far from the suburb where they grew up, they’ve found a familiar face in their fancy Beach Triangle…

Chelsea Cunningham was the hottest girl in their school. Heck, their whole town. Pageants, singing competitions, drama productions… And soon she got noticed, got picked up in a big-time Hollywood movie. She’s a real live celebrity, back living in the city and working in the theater.

Ben has secret deep-seated desire for Chelsea. Libby’s just intimidated as all get out. But Chelsea greets them like long lost friends and wants to bring them into her circle. Chelsea’s married now. Her husband Finn works in music and looks like the rock stars he works with. He seems to have grown a fondness for sweet Lib…

And when super-hot Chelsea divulges to Ben an unconsummated curiosity from those old days, Ben and Libby’s perfect life begins to steer in wild directions…

The Scream Queen series takes off where Chelsea Hates Libby ended, and while you don’t need to read the first series to join in, you’ll miss out on all the fun that brought them all here!


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