One Night Only

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Craig’s always had a fantasy of watching his wife Sara with another man. For two years it’s been limited to dirty talk in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Sara’s a lawyer who works with celebrity clients. One project put her in touch with the famous DeMarcus Johnson, a good-looking, six-foot-five, three-hundred pound linebacker—when the job was done, DeMarcus didn’t stop texting. Craig encouraged it, reading over her shoulder and helping her with what to say…

Months of innuendo sent through their phones have led to tonight: Sara’s three-thousand miles from home, in DeMarcus’s city, and she agreed to meet him. DeMarcus knows she’s married. When a woman like her agrees to meet up with a man like him it can only mean one thing…

Craig’s at home and Sara says she’ll keep her phone open so he can listen in… If she gets the nerve to actually do this.

Craig sure hopes so—he’s wanted this for so long he aches for it. But once it begins, she warns him, he can’t change his mind…

2 reviews for One Night Only

  1. David and Daria

    Descriptive. Hot.

    February 14, 2019
    Verified Purchase
    What do you do when your husband begs you to entertain another man? You fantasize. Two years of fantasy goes by and finally you meet the right guy. You text, you tease, you flirt, you go beyond the bounds of what you would consider safe.

    Finally, the stars align and you find yourself having a FaceTime conversation with your husband while you’re three thousand miles away in a Philadelphia hotel room. Your husband… Your husband wants the scheduled hook-up to happen. You shop. You primp. You preen. Your husband really wants this.

    Such is this book. It’s brilliantly written, brilliantly edited, and has hints of KT Morrison all over it. It is hot. It is urgent, and what it lacks in character development it makes up with hotness and hugeness.

    If you like your books fast, hard, and having an angst-filled ending, get this book! You won’t be disappointed.

    We, my wife and I, wrote an earlier review, but after a second read, we decided to delete the original review and submit this one. We gave this book four stars because we would have really liked more character development, but make no mistake, this book is as it should be: Hot and fast!


  2. Glaucon

    Craig and Sara take some steps to turn a fantasy into a reality, and while they think they’re heading in with eyes wide open, are they prepared for the intensity of the lived experience?

    This story is firmly in the hotwife category, both spouses consenting to this new adventure and communicating throughout, though of course the emotions are slightly more complex than just that. If that’s your poison, you’d be hard pressed to find a better-quality entry.

    This is a confident debut for Becky Haze, giving us a perfect blend of heat and detail for those who prefer a little more context and narrative than the majority of what can be found in this genre.

    Here’s looking forward to even more Becky Haze stories in the future!

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