Mary’s Pledge

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There’s only one thing Jack Kingsway has ever told Mary he wanted: to be an Omega Man. To be a member of the most prestigious and ancient fraternity, one with its tendrils in every place of power in the world.

He’s legacy. Except for one knot in the rope: his father rejected them. And it ruined the man’s life. Jack swore he would restore to Omega House the Kingsway tradition.

But when Jack finds out there’s a price he’s not willing to pay, he knows he’ll have to suffer the same fate as his father. Mary knows Jack can be a stuffed shirt, but he’s a man the way she dreams a man will be.

The top men of Omega House are rich, and powerful, and handsome. She’ll pay the price for Jack. She’ll do whatever they want…

1 review for Mary’s Pledge

  1. David and Daria

    Mary, Mary? Where you going to?
    January 15, 2019
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    Kingsway. The only way. Jack Kingsway is pledging to the fraternity his grandfather belonged to. He’s a legacy. There’s a history. Jack’s father didn’t pledge when he found out the requirements. Being an Omega man is everything young Jack Kingsway has wanted for as long as he could remember.

    All it took was a meeting with the Trident to change his mind. He wanted nothing more to do with the Omega’s and their ways. During that same meeting his true love, Mary met with members of the Kappa’s. She then learns what is required. Only she’s not shocked, she’s intrigued.

    Later, when Mary was supposed to be studying math with a friend, there was a letter. A letter from Mary to Jack that he obtained an hour earlier than Mary requested. The only question at that point is: Will their love survive? If so, in what form?

    Set in 1954, everything in this period piece is framed around a fictional university and a frat house. KT’s extremely descriptive writing sets scenes that are not only vivid, but truly come alive. Dialog is very appropriate for that time, as well. My wife and I read this book while on a flight so it’s a quick read, but as we flew, so did the pages.

    We’re huge KT Morrison fans and this book does not disappoint. Not. One. Bit.

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