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Pete and Jess Mapplethorpe have been married for seven years now. They’ve got two wonderful little boys and an Irish Setter. Everyone that knows them would say they are the nicest couple you’d want to meet.

Well, they might say that Pete can be a bit of a jerk sometimes—but Jess? Regional Grade Three teacher of the year, three years running. Pretty, polite, sensitive, kind and thoughtful…

It must have been black magic that brought them together…

Behind closed doors everyone would be shocked at what goes on. They’d never believe the dirty things that sweet Jess might do or say. Pete doesn’t think he has what it takes to please his beautiful wife and they fantasize about larger men taking her and making her happy.

She’s just starting to discover herself at thirty-five… She wants to make up for lost time.

They’ve found a handsome, well-built young man to play along. It’s better than they even imagined. Now that they’ve started will she be able to stop? What if she doesn’t want to?

Her husband loves enduring distressing levels of humiliation and she’s finding a crazy pleasure now in delivering it…


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