(The Keely Series, Book 2) Learning Keely

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A mffm romance serial…

While these characters are from the Maggie Series world, the Keely series can be enjoyed without having read the first series.

Max and Keely are a couple now, but the forces that brought them together pushed away two of their friends.

As they get to know each other, those old friends appear again in their orbit.

But a lot has transpired between the four, and it will take big hearts to get over the spots where the tangled wires of their past cross over each other.

Those vertices are growing hot. The lines are pulsing with electric life but there are knots from the past that might set ablaze the wonderful new webs being woven.

This series deals with poly relationships and contains bisexuality. Love is the central theme and the exploration of what one would do to please their partner once they’ve discovered what makes them tick.

1 review for (The Keely Series, Book 2) Learning Keely

  1. DavidnDaria

    96 Tears

    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

    Part two of the Keely saga “Learning Keely” is a tour de force of romantic erotic literature by author KT Morrison. It is inspired. It is poignant. It is happy. It will bring tears to your eyes. It is PERFECT.

    In this second installment, we see the relationship between two people, Max and Keely, grow into something more than just than just the physical. We see learning about each other. We see give and take. We see honesty. We see openness. We see genuine curiosity bloom into love.

    On the other side of the coin, we see what some will label as deceit. Deceit in the form of an ulterior motive. Decide for yourself, but if you have followed the Maggie, and now the Keely sagas, readers having read the “Maggie” series, might just agree that Maggie is not the most forthright when it comes getting what she wants. She knows it, too. Those same readers will also have the advantage of knowing that somehow… well, you’ll have to read the Maggie series.

    Again, KT Morrison paints magical images of the Milton family. Pictures of hope, pain, happiness, the past, and a family that has endured the illness of the matriarch and has emerged happy.

    The book is intricate. There are many moving parts in this story, yet KT’s images never become blurred. Those images are crisp, vivid, and will leave you thinking you “know” these characters better than you had ever known them. There were moments when my wife and I wiped tears from our eyes—tears of happiness because Max has found the love of his life in Keely.

    Readers of this review may wonder why we called it “96 Tears”. “96 Tears”, is a song by Question Mark and the Mysterians. Read the “Maggie” series, read the “Keely” series, read the lyrics to “96 Tears”, and see if we are right in labeling this review. We almost labeled the review “Crocodile Tears”.

    This is a masterpiece by KT Morrison.

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