Happy Endings: The Novel

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This is the collected and novelized version of the previously published Happy Endings series.

Tommy Travis has it all. A booming career, a big house with a swimming pool, a brand-new Corvette, a smoking hot wife, two macho little boys who are chips off the old block.

Tommy loves his little Sukie, the dutiful mother of his two boys and capable president of the Travis household. She’s a sexy little something, that’s for sure.

He met Sukie when he was at university and she was at community college getting her massage therapist’s ticket. Now that the boys are out of the house and going to school, Sukie set up a private practice out of the cabana by the pool. She’s got a good thing going.

But when Sukie takes on a new client, Tommy’s palms begin to sweat. Dio Megalos. His boss. A rich, fit, and handsome guy ten years younger than him. The kind of guy that all hot-blooded girls dream about and he knows his wife’s got eyes in her head. Two times a week she’s going to be putting her oily hands all over his boss’s bare and muscular body?

Not on Tommy’s watch. No way. Except he trusts her, doesn’t he? Who’s better for Sukie than her big Tommy? And there’s a little tickle deep down that kinda likes it. Thinking of Sukie with another man brings out old Tommy, and old Tommy was aggressive, competitive. Old Tommy was a laser-focused shark that built himself up from nothing…

What’s the harm in a little fantasy?

1 review for Happy Endings: The Novel

  1. Daria and David

    All in a days work?
    January 9, 2019
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    If you haven’t read the four book series “Happy Endings”, do yourself a favor and pick this up. KT’s characters are vivid, alive, and even funny. Don’t be daunted by the length, this book is a page turner. The build-up is wonderfully written. When we read the first three books, we got the distinct impression of “Jersey Shore meets Atlanta.” The dialog is that good.

    Then came book four and all bets were off. Tommy plays his game, Dio plays his game, and Sukie gets her cake. There are twists in this book that make you think there is more in there, too. Tommy knocks ’em dead and Dio, well, Dio… you’ll just have to read the book.

    Highly recommended!

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