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A mffm romance serial…

While these characters are from the Maggie Series world, this book can be read as a standalone without having read the first series.

Keely O’Mearáin’s an Irish girl in an American college; a brash but smart fourth-year student headed to a prestigious law school.

Maggie Becker is her new best friend; a certified genius from an ultra-wealthy family, she’s a star law student who served as Keely’s JD mentor last year and now they’re burgeoning besties.

Cole Cantarella is Maggie’s boyfriend, a drop-dead gorgeous law student with long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. Cole and Maggie look perfect together—two beautiful people playing house before they get hitched.

When bad news arrives about the fidelity of Keely’s boyfriend, it’s Maggie and Cole who are there to tell her she deserves better. In fact, they might know just the guy…

Max Milton is intriguing. He’s the dark sullen kind; a sombre man dressed in black. Black hair, black eyes, brooding. A man whose cynical demeanor tells you he’s suffered and come through the other side. Just Keely’s type.

Three years ago all three of them overlapped one year at a small private college in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

They all had secrets from Vermont they thought they could escape…

This book deals with poly relationships and contains bisexuality. Love is the central theme and the exploration of what one would do to please the things they’ve discovered makes their partner tick.

1 review for (The Keely Series, Book 1) Finding Keely

  1. David and Daria

    “How does it feel when it’s love?”
    February 20, 2019
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    “I can’t tell you but it lasts forever”–Van Halen

    We truly hope that Keely and Max last forever in the minds of the readers of this brilliant, brilliant book by KT Morrison. We will be blunt: If there is one KT Morrison book you ever buy, make it this book. My wife and I have have been smiling throughout our reading of this budding love story. This book is romantic to the core.

    It is happy and sad, dark and light. It not only tells you there will be times in future books where the lead in this story, Max Milton will be driven near crazy by his new love, Keely O’Mearáin, but you somehow know they will be fine.

    If we had one word to describe this book it would be: Heartwarming. It is a love story. Max and Keely were setup to be together by his former fiance’ and love Maggie. Pushed even. All without Keely knowing why. She finds out why and that brings tension to the story. Max is honest, some may say too honest, but he is Max first and while he’s been dishonest in the past, he cannot be dishonest with Keely. Then, a while later, all it took was a snowball.

    While this novel does have sex, save one time, it’s happy, fulfilling, and yes awkward. You will smile. You will smile for Max simply because he’s been setup with a woman who is perfect for him. While that perfection will likely come to the fore in future installments, for now, it’s enough to know that Max and Keely have incredible chemistry. You’ll be treated to dialog and descriptions that only KT Morrison can write: They feel real. You will get to know Max and Keely. You will know that KT Morrison does great research and takes it seriously. You get the feeling KT has been to the places written about in this book. Fittingly, this book took time to research and write. All that work was not wasted.

    Now the only question is: How does KT Morrison top this? A second book! Yes, there will be a second book!

    As we wrote in the beginning of this review, if there is one KT Morrison book you need, it’s this book. It’s got dark elements and light elements, but it’s also got something else: It’s got love.

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