Cherry Blossoms



This is the novelization of the Losing His Wife 2 series, featuring Geoff and Nia Kane. It is a 300,000-word hotwife epic.

Geoff J. Kane is a successful book illustrator. Ten years ago he married the girl of his dreams. She’d been his best friend and he’d helped her through tough relationships and gave her his shoulder to cry on many nights. Then after two years, she kissed him. Now they’re married and they’ve got a beautiful seven-year-old daughter.

Nia Kane was a wild one. She liked to have fun and she liked to cause trouble. Everything she did, in the end, blew up in her face, hurt her. One night she realized the best man in her life was sitting with her, telling her it was all going to be okay. She kissed him and it was wonderful and he’s always good to her.

Their daughter is growing up, she’s away at school now and it seems like it might be a good idea for Nia to return to the workforce. The city isn’t getting any cheaper. She gets a job offer from an old friend. The brother of her very hot ex-boyfriend. She cried on her husband’s shoulder a lot over this guy, back when Geoff was just her buddy.

Having her ex back in her life stirs up old feelings in both of them. They both like it. There was something exciting about that time when they were twenty. It’s safe now. He’s got her. They can fantasize, right?


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