Chelsea Hates Libby

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A 3-part series…

Ben and Libby have been officially married for three years, but they’ve been together forever. Libby is a sweet and shy little mouse who’s in big-time love with her husband and best friend. And Ben would do anything for the girl he’s loved for so long.

Like how he just busted his hump hard, hustling day in and day out with his own business, and after a good and successful year negotiated him and Lib into the house of their dreams. Now they find themselves moving into the fashionable beach neighborhood where Libby’s always dreamed of living.

And guess what?—even though they’re far from the suburb where they grew up, they’ve found a familiar face in their fancy Beach Triangle…

Chelsea Cunningham was the hottest girl in their school. Heck, their whole town. Pageants, singing competitions, drama productions… And soon she got noticed, got picked up in a big-time Hollywood movie. She’s a real live celebrity, back living in the city and working in the theater.

Ben has secret deep-seated desire for Chelsea. Libby’s just intimidated as all get out. But Chelsea greets them like long lost friends and wants to bring them into her circle. Chelsea’s married now. Her husband Finn works in music and looks like the rock stars he works with. He seems to have grown a fondness for sweet Lib…

And when super-hot Chelsea divulges to Ben an unconsummated curiosity from those old days, Ben and Libby’s perfect life begins to work off the tracks…

A 3-part series.
This is a story of a timid wife coming out of her shell. It’s a love story, but there is cheating and swinging, and, as usual, I cannot guarantee an HEA!

1 review for Chelsea Hates Libby

  1. davidndaria

    Every Picture Tells A Story (Don’t it?)
    May 23, 2019
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    Poor Ben Todd. Poor, poor Ben Todd. As stated in the prologue, Ben Todd is ruined. Ben is the husband of Libby. They’re high school sweethearts who have had it made. Ben brokers sales of luxury items to well connected, rich buyers overseas. Ben and Libby have it all. They’re moving up. They’ve just rented a house in the moddish beach neighborhood called the Beach Triangle.

    Everything is so perfect for this young couple. Life never looked so good until they decided to throw a party to help introduce themselves to their neighbors. The party goes well. Well, until a certain couple shows up. When that couple shows up, the wife of the couple throws Ben for a loop. The wife is the “It” girl of Ben’s high school past: The hot, friendly, yet just out of reach vixen who dominated Ben’s adolescent fantasy life during those high school years. Literally, a movie star named Chelsea. Chelsea’s husband, Finn, is a tattooed big-time sound engineer. Chelsea has her eyes on Ben and Finn has his eyes on Libby. Game on.

    All this is written in the inimitable style of KT Morrison. KT describes scenes like no other writer of erotic fiction today. Details abound, but they’re details with purpose. Reading KT’s work can be as immersive as watching an IMAX movie. Readers of this and other KT Morrison works may find themselves transported to a place of complete investment in the story line. We have been transported by KT’s work so many times that we wonder how KT does it? Yet, KT does it, time and time again. This book is no exception; so much so that both my wife and I found ourselves craving a hamburger while we were reading this book. That’s not a bad thing–it’s all about balance and KT balances the erotic with descriptive writing of the surroundings. There is not a word wasted.

    When you read this book, do not skip the prologue and remember, “Every Picture Tells A Story”. Somehow, the next two parts of this three part story are destined to blow every reader away.


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