Impure Thoughts

Ben and Libby are back, and things are going to get pretty crazy. When we last saw them, Chelsea had delivered a late night instruction and implant. Two days hence, she will meet with her lord and arcane master for some back hole cherry popping. Folks, this book took a long time to write and,…… Continue reading Impure Thoughts

Broken Dreams

This is the third and last book of the Chelsea Hates Libby mini-series, but it’s not the last we’ll see of these characters. This is the first chapter in their summer journey… So what happened when Lib stormed off that morning? What will Ben find when he races to Chelsea’s house? Did anyone get dismembered?…… Continue reading Broken Dreams

Backstage Pass

Part Two of Chelsea Hates Libby is now available. The game is on. Finn is going to woo Libby, do his best to get her between his sheets. Problem is, Libby isn’t really that kind of girl. At least that’s what Ben thinks… When Chelsea orchestrates an opportunity for her husband to innocently take Lib…… Continue reading Backstage Pass

Scream Queen

It’s time for a mini-series! This is a three-book serial that’ll wrap up over the next three weeks. The whole story is done and written, but now I’ve got a ton of editing to do. Weeks’ worth. Ho, boy. Good news is I’ll release these books as 30+k novella episodes and as I continue to…… Continue reading Scream Queen

Open Hearts

Oh, God, Harrison and Taylor, Harrison and Taylor… These two kill me. Young love kills me. That tragic youthful devotion, that time in your life when stakes of love never seem higher. And these two got it bad. I know some of y’all hate Taylor, but I think she’s got it for her H-boy. Time…… Continue reading Open Hearts

Rachel’s Truth

Howdy, all. It’s time for a new book. This one is a standalone, a Dirty South standalone. It falls more in the realm of cuckold than hotwife. This was one of those books that was supposed to be half the length, but something about the scenario kept me swimming out into deeper water. Pretty dangerous,…… Continue reading Rachel’s Truth

What’s Next?

Coming later this week will be a complete novel not part of any series. It’s a thriller along the lines of Pool Party. A little more on the extreme side, but nice and intense, and ultimately fun, albeit a little grim and gritty (but sexy). Now, after that I have a lot of books up…… Continue reading What’s Next?

Learning Keely

It’s Keely time again, and in this book we see her and Max progressing as a couple, getting to know one another and finding out what makes each other tick. Even some of those embarrassing bedroom things. This one was intense for me, but I loved writing it, and I loved revisiting some of these…… Continue reading Learning Keely

What’s Everybody Reading?

The second Keely book will be available next week. Until then, I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for something good they’ve read. Like, I know there are new books out there by all your favorites. Ben Boswell has a new one with a great cover, ‘Possessing Princess’, and Jason Lenov has one I’ve…… Continue reading What’s Everybody Reading?

Snowburst: Six Weeks In Winter

It’s time for the second episode of Six Weeks In Winter. This book’s called Snowburst, and we find Janie reeling in the aftermath of her indiscretion, but promising herself more control in the future. Janie’s on her best behavior but John has a growing suspicion. And soon, external forces are at work and Janie finds…… Continue reading Snowburst: Six Weeks In Winter