Rachel’s Truth

Howdy, all. It’s time for a new book. This one is a standalone, a Dirty South standalone. It falls more in the realm of cuckold than hotwife. This was one of those books that was supposed to be half the length, but something about the scenario kept me swimming out into deeper water. Pretty dangerous,…… Continue reading Rachel’s Truth

What’s Next?

Coming later this week will be a complete novel not part of any series. It’s a thriller along the lines of Pool Party. A little more on the extreme side, but nice and intense, and ultimately fun, albeit a little grim and gritty (but sexy). Now, after that I have a lot of books up…… Continue reading What’s Next?

What’s Everybody Reading?

The second Keely book will be available next week. Until then, I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for something good they’ve read. Like, I know there are new books out there by all your favorites. Ben Boswell has a new one with a great cover, ‘Possessing Princess’, and Jason Lenov has one I’ve…… Continue reading What’s Everybody Reading?

WTF, Fosters?

A while back a certain Sneaky Pete discovered my not-so-secret Pinterest page which was just a place that I was gathering up images for some of my books. On that page I had a folder for Maggie and I added a picture of David Lambert who I thought, to me, was my Max. I had…… Continue reading WTF, Fosters?


The fourth and final episode of Happy Endings is now available! These guys were a blast and boy was it fun to explore the mining business and Africa. Loved getting in Sukie’s head; Tommy’s too. This book went long (as usual) so it’s clocking in somewhere around 62k words. Lots of stuff happens. It’s hot.…… Continue reading HAPPY ENDINGS: FOUR


I am stoked, thrilled, and honored to now be an author featured on the hotwifebooks website alongside my absolute favorites in the hotwife writing world. I’ve been writing my world of difficult wives and girlfriends for two and a half years and I still have a host of stories waiting in the hallways to get…… Continue reading www.hotwifebooks.com


Time for the third episode of Sukie and Tommy, and of course, Dio! Things get pretty hot when they all end up in Africa—and, they weren’t exactly chilly in Atlanta the week before they left…    


The next book in Tommy and Sukie’s story is now available. I’m glad I decided to do this as a series now. I was able to look at this component in the story and I added so many scenes to help flesh this couple out in this stage of their ‘experiment.’ There’s an extra 15k…… Continue reading HAPPY ENDINGS: TWO


Love these characters too much to quit! Looks like this will be a series after all…p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-indent: 36.0px; font: 18.0px ‘Times New Roman’} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-indent: 36.0px; font: 18.0px ‘Times New Roman’; min-height: 21.0px} Tommy Travis has it all. A booming career, a big house with…… Continue reading HAPPY ENDINGS: ONE