Reza’s Game

Reza’s Game

Landlord Reza has a penchant for helping—but also constructing hurdles for a young married couple. His help always comes with a horrible price. A price Jonny’s wife Charlie has to pay . . .

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About the Book

Jonny makes games for a living but now he finds himself a powerless piece in the most complex and ever deepening puzzle of his wealthy landlord’s creation.

Every day that Jonny’s unfinished game he always brags about sits unreleased is another day the landlord owns his wife.

Landlord Reza has a penchant for helping—but also constructing hurdles for the young married couple. His help always comes with a horrible price. A price Jonny’s wife Charlie has to pay . . .

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Series: Landlord Reza, Book 4
Genre: Cuckold
Tags: cuckold, humiliation, hung, ongoing series
Length: 39,000 words
eBook Price: 3.99
About the Author
KT Morrison

KT Morrison writes stories about women who fall in love with sexy men who aren’t their husband, and loving relationships that go too far—couples who open a mysterious door, then struggle to get it closed as trouble pushes through the threshold.

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I continue to like this series, with its claustrophobic, tawdry feel. Seeing things from Jonny’s point of view, we only once leave his and Charlie’s tiny apartment. He’s working around the clock coding his video game, which will take months to finish, and he can’t afford anyone to help him. Meanwhile their landlord Reza, a borderline thug who bought Jonny’s debt from his creditors, has moved in, displacing Jonny from the marital bed to enjoy Charlie’s charms. The young couple must suck it up. In the tiny flat, there’s no place to escape, and Jonny must watch as Reza does her. Charlie doesn’t want to like it, but can’t help liking it. And Jonny doesn’t want to like watching, but can’t help liking watching. The obnoxious Reza is a dominating and powerful lover. Jonny is working himself half to death, but if he rests, Reza will stay longer and keep banging his wife. He provides luxuries Jonny can’t, deepening his cuck position - good food, cash on hand, nice clothes, rides so Charlie doesn’t have to ride transit. Jonny worries they’ll never go back to the way it was, because Charlie will never be satisfied with what he can give her, in and out of bed. To make it worse, all this is affecting his own performance. Reza is a jerk, and on the single day containing this story’s action he forces Charlie into more degrading ats that she hates until she doesn’t. It gets worse, as Reza manipulate events to pressure them further into his debt, with even more opportunity for Charlie to choose Reza over her own husband. Morrison is, as always, great with the details and visuals, not just of the sex but of the young couple’s meager existence. She even finds fatefulness in the pizza Charlie wants delivered when the two are alone for dinner and it’s just them chilling and watching TV. They were always a Domino’s couple. Now she wants Angelo’s. That’s Reza’s brand! One more stab into Jonny’s miserable and weak heart. And I just like this for the deftness with which Morrison has created their financial dilemma, and woven that with latent submissive and cuckold tendencies on their respective parts. I often muse that a cuck husband, if he had any balls, would shoot the bull, but a) they live in Canada and b) if they did the couple would lose out on Reza’s ongoing financial support, which they need. Charlie’s maiden name, hilariously, is “Shooter”, but the evil Reza finds a way to neutralize even her American redneck family. And as bad as it's gotten, it gets even worse at the end for poor Jonny.
– Libertyne
KT is the best at crafting believable characters over an epic erotic series while not skimping on sizzling sex scenes. All her series are great but this is my favorite. Guess I'm just a sucker for a reluctant, sweet, inexperienced innocent hotwife. This bull is particularly compelling with all of his mind games further entangling the couple in his web. I always love it when a series focuses on a long term relationship with one bull. Also there is a very uniquely touching scene where the cuckold has erectile dysfunction when trying to reclaim his girlfriend. It's gotta be the most sympathetic portrayal I've ever read in erotica. If you've ever felt like excessive porn was interfering with sexual performance with a longtime partner, you'll relate. It's great to see the girlfriend use light verbal humiliation as a helpful solution to this problem. They hope it will just be a temporary kink until they pay off their debt. The teasing is done to help him get hard so that they can reconnect with sexual intimacy. Too often in stories the hotwife has a sadistic streak that is just too unlikable.
– Anonymous
We join our male protagonist hard at work at the only thing he is convinced will free his wife and him from their den of iniquity. He's going a mile a minute banging out the programming that will be what he needs to make the game to get his career back off the ground and help do his part in making money for his family. There's just not enough time to get everything done in the deadline that he's been given. But not to fear, Reza's a reasonable person, he doesn't ask for much from Jonny, when you think about it. It'll just cost Jonny another month, no big deal. Another month with his lovely wife, Charlie in Reza's arms. Jonny needs some support in order to develop his program, sure let's hire some more staff, Reza will pay for it, and Charlie will pay him back. Another story saturated in perplexing motivations and rationales. Another story with a character analyzing the words and behavior of their significant other and failing to explain himself or them. Trying hard to figure it all out, but being challenged like he never knew. Every page in this story seems to add to Jonny's predicament, and one is led to think adds to Charlie's too. Unfortunately for Jonny, or fortunately depending on how one wants to look at it, her method of payment seems to be less demanding. It all makes sense to Charlie, and she has faith in her husband, after all! Charlie develops an understanding about Jonny and her relationship, and makes a calculation to try to bring normalcy back their relationship, but Jonny is unsure he wants her to think the way she is about how to make their relationship right. Reza games are now having an effect on Charlie and Jonny's family in new and deeper ways, and just how to pay that back will no longer cost Charlie now, but Jonny too. Charlie finds the new plan to be good for Jonny in more than one way, so why not trust it? Maybe Reza's right that Jonny is not focused enough ... Unlike other KT stories this one fits squarely in the erotic horror fiction category. Just enough truth to believe it could happen, but in this case it never would. Everything that happens in this story, in isolation, seems plausible, but taken together, well it is fiction after all! Still, this is a fun/dark escape from the absolutely heart wrenching realities one can imagine from KT's other works. Round of applause for more excellent writing and originality.
– Rudimental
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