Open Hearts

Open Hearts

Harrison and Taylor's Open Relationship

Two inseparable friends are about to face their profoundest challenge. Taylor is going away to a college twenty-four hundred miles away. She’s leaving her best buddy-slash-boyfriend behind. Harrison can’t imagine a life without his Taylor, but she knows the distance will destroy their relationship. She has a plan. He has a proposal . . .

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About the Book

With Taylor gone far away to a different school, Harrison can only suffer the imagination of relationships with other guys that will bloom around his beautiful girlfriend.

Kay tells him to be strong. Be smooth. Be the guy who can do this.

Taylor and Harrison are going to be open. They’re adults—new ones, at least—they can figure this out, they’ve been best friends since they were little. They love each other…

Everything in Taylor’s new school isn’t exactly like her boyfriend imagines it. Fitting in isn’t as easy as he might think, and besides, she didn’t go to California to meet guys or to fall in love. She’s there to get an education.

But it can all change very fast . . .

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Series: Separate Schools, Book 2
Genre: Poly Romance
Tags: cuckold, ongoing series, poly
Length: 41,000 words
ASIN: B07R7R114M
eBook Price: 3.99
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About the Author
KT Morrison

KT Morrison writes stories about women who fall in love with sexy men who aren’t their husband, and loving relationships that go too far—couples who open a mysterious door, then struggle to get it closed as trouble pushes through the threshold.

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