Learning Lessons

Learning Lessons

A cuckold husband is pushed to the limit when his wife moves their bull into the family household after a series of unfortunate incidents. It's not long before he makes himself at home, and the wife begins to have real feeling for the handsome, well-built young man...

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About the Book

Pete and Jess Mapplethorpe have been married for seven years now. They’ve got two wonderful little boys and an Irish Setter. Everyone that knows them would say they are the nicest couple you’d want to meet.

Well, they might say that Pete can be a bit of a jerk sometimes—but Jess? Regional Grade Three teacher of the year, three years running . . . Pretty, polite, sensitive, kind and thoughtful . . .

It must have been black magic that brought them together . . .

Behind closed doors everyone would be shocked at what goes on. They’d never believe the dirty things that sweet Jess might do or say. Pete doesn’t think he has what it takes to please his beautiful wife and they fantasize about larger men taking her and making her happy.

She’s just starting to discover herself at thirty-five . . . She wants to make up for lost time.

They’ve found a handsome, well-built young man to play along. It’s better than they even imagined. Now that they’ve started will she be able to stop? What if she doesn’t want to?

Her husband loves enduring distressing levels of humiliation and she’s finding a crazy pleasure now in delivering it . . .

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Genres: Cuckold, Hotwife
Tags: cheating, completed series, cuckold, epic novel, hotwife, humiliation, hung, infidelity, milf, netorare, novels, size queen, sph
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 160,000 words
ASIN: B073BK7G48
ISBN: 1521551863
List Price: 24.99
eBook Price: 7.99
About the Author
KT Morrison

KT Morrison writes stories about women who fall in love with sexy men who aren’t their husband, and loving relationships that go too far—couples who open a mysterious door, then struggle to get it closed as trouble pushes through the threshold.

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If you ever use my moniker when reading this review to see what other things I've reviewed, you will notice that I've ... taken a liking ... to this author, ha. Though I originally read one of this author's earlier works first, it was the series that is comprised in this book that started it all. This author releases stories in parts, and I caught onto this one slightly into it, and quickly got hooked. It's a testament to good writing if, when I pick back up a story to reread it after being away from it so long like I have with this story, that I can immediately put myself back in the place where I read it originally. It had that kind of impact on me. Peter and Jessica are happily married, living quite modestly in Ohio. Two sons and a dog. We catch up with the married couple at the point where Jess has finally agreed to take on Pete's fantasy on her terms. It went as well as can be expected as she returns to tell her husband about it. It went so well Peter doesn't even think she really did it. Couldn't fathom knowing how to react when it really took place. It did, and now Jess' fantasies start to demand attention. She wants to explore more, and doesn't want to leave the hubby out. What starts out as mutual exploration though starts becoming hard to control very quickly, and after one moment of weakness that cost the married couple's antagonist, Tyler's, job, Jess feels so bad she wants to make it right. She asks Peter if they can let him move in with them to get his feet on the ground. But that would be crazy, right? Yeah, it is. This author is the best in the genre in my opinion. It's her connection to her characters, what makes them who they are, and how true to life they can be (good and bad), that continues to draw me in. It is well worth the read if you're into the hotwife/cuckold genre, but be warned that this author is fearless. Not to the point of being a contrarian to other authors, or being edgy for its own sake, but to the point where you realize she's carved out a niche within this genre.
– Rudimental
Truly believable story - I felt as if I was . . . standing in the corner in each room watching (the rooms Morrison created were that vivid) - he even brought unwanted tension in the Lionel train basement - no space in the house was spared. Morrison's character dialog is so spot on - whether it be loving or cruel. Makes you fall in love with the family and fall when it is destroyed. Have a backup funny book to read before you start this one - you'll need it when you finish. Morrison is really a great writer.
– Happy Reader
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