First Night

First Night

Jonny recounts the first night he watched his wife trade her body for rent. Remembers the anguish and the ecstasy, and the power their brutish landlord wields over them.

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About the Book

A night of cuckold firsts.

Johnny recounts the first night he watched his wife trade her body for rent. Remembers the anguish and the ecstasy, and the power their brutish landlord wields over them.

A new dawn emerges, shining light on a revised arrangement, their pact with the landlord renewed in frightening yet exciting ways. Johnny and Charlie spend a new first night on what will be a long difficult and erotic journey.

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Series: Landlord Reza, Book 3
Genre: Cuckold
Tags: cuckold, humiliation, hung, ongoing series
Length: 25,500 words
ASIN: B0799651FT
eBook Price: 2.99
About the Author
KT Morrison

KT Morrison writes stories about women who fall in love with sexy men who aren’t their husband, and loving relationships that go too far—couples who open a mysterious door, then struggle to get it closed as trouble pushes through the threshold.

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The elements of masochism grow legs in this second in a very captivating series. K.T. Morrison gets a best writer award from this reader. Each character is easy to enjoy and empathize with. This author is skilled in involving the reader to the point that even the reward of pleasure is felt on each level of the players. The hotwife Charlie is both a submissive circus animal to her lover and a ring leader to her willingly cuckolded husband. The 'gamer', a dreamer is asleep at the helm, his confidence waning while his imagination brings him new life. Jonny, becomes authentically real in his honesty and loyalty to his wife while lacking masculine confidence, he begjns to find subjugated comfort from submitting to his wife's lover, his landlord and dominant roommate. Reza remains the 'bull' from an Iraqi desert camp. Classic endowments prevail as the obvious 'ruler' dictates a new excitement for Librarian Charlie, that she truthfully loans out to her husband to accept as his cross to bear. Irony glows from needs being found where absent confidences lay before. Knowing Thy Self reformats the perils of excess while now in a room the size of a stage, the greek tragedy, now unveiled exposes the characters to the hidden desires of their equal roles.....
– Kindle Customer
Morrison draws the delicate, excruciating balance between Jonny and Charlie. Jonny’s destroyed that a stronger, better man gets to have her, but has trouble admitting he’s also a turned-on cuckold. Charlie puts up a good show of only doing this for the sake of their future, but has trouble admitting she likes the raw sex as well as being courted by an attractive, powerful and wealthy man. Jonny is in conflicted agony as he wants her to like it but hates that she likes it. Reza understands what’s going on and taunts Jonny. He’s a loser, a video game designer who can’t even do that right. Once his wife recognizes that, he tells Jonny, he’ll lose her too. I liked this series, in the style of the earlier “Losing His Wife” books. This story is more compact, getting right to the struggling young couple, their quandary and how Reza gets paid. Morrison moves Charlie convincingly in little bits from total self-disgust towards guilty pleasure.
– Libertine
More proof that KT is really having a blast writing erotic horror is the latest installment of the 'Reza' series. In sort of self-parodying, the last book mentioned 'The Twilight Zone' as the couple in this story's only (somewhat sad) source of entertainment that won't cost them too much, and this book once again brings to mind the terrible calamity that one would find if the writers on 'The Twilight Zone' were allowed to get dirty. This is a witty, evil writer. Someone who can write this dark of a story while also making you believe that love exists in the world can only be evil. It's colorful too, capable of making the mind see all manner of imagery in vivid detail though the content is mostly bleak and wants to strip away the beauty that exists. Who in erotica is using 'glutinous' and 'propitious,' and other words I probably ignored because my dumb high school reading level mind probably couldn't comprehend? Again, evil. I probably give this author too much credit, thinking it's so intelligent because I spend so much time reading the author's work. I might be convincing myself that Oreo's are good for me, because it has wheat in it. I might be convincing myself that KT is the best thing that ever existed, because I read a little from her books everyday. Reza might be simultaneously the most evil and envy-inducing character in the KT universe. a man with great wealth and influence, intelligence (business savvy I suppose), popularity, and strategically manipulative qualities. Something out of a netorare nightmare, to be honest. A man who could have anyone but wants one person, or to end one person's relationship at least, and waits patiently for his opportunity every month to unleash lust from a reluctant tenant, because her husband can't help in paying the rent and a lawsuit he's deeply in debt over. This story adds another wrinkle to this story that makes the walls that surround Jonny, the main male character, smaller and smaller, almost literally. Charlie, for her part, is really trying to help Jonny and herself, or maybe thinks she's trying but really pining for something else and has only one foreseeable recourse. Maybe she's just really trusting, or maybe she's playing everyone. It's hard to know when the author refuses to give her a voice like she does with every other character she's written. It's another structural component to this story that adds to its evil. The absence of her perspective, the crippling unknown, leaves the mind unsatisfied with any of the conclusions it reaches. This book reminds you of all the doubt you've ever experienced when trying to put yourself out there for people to see and judge, and taunts you with your insecurities. Turns you on in the process, too. I will say that this lacks in the believability of her other stories, which is fine but is personally my attraction to them. The relationship between Charlie and Reza is so transactional that its persistence starts to wear down even your already suspended disbelief to the point where you just want the torment to end. That might be the point of the story, but it can take away from eroticism of it, and turns it into a story of two people trapped in a terrible situation. One finding the lemonade in the lemons, the other, developing a canker sore? I don't know the opposite of making lemonade out of lemons. Needless to say this is a cuckold must-read if you love the genre.
– Rudimental
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