Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace


Grace’s husband is away in Australia fighting bush fires. Grace’s all alone, but she’s used to it. Plus, Reggie’s shy young brother’s attending college in their city and he’s been staying in their guest room. Grace jokes to her friends if Adam would just get out of his own way, he’d have all the girls at college at his feet. Grace knows all Adam needs is a little experience . . .

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About the Book

Grace’s husband is a senior firefighter away on a three-month adventure in Australia fighting bush fires. Grace’s all alone in her home, but she’s used to Reggie being away for months at a time.

She’s not entirely alone this trip, anyway. Reggie’s brother’s attending college in their city and he’s been staying in their guest room.

Adam is a shy young man; tall and good-looking. She jokes to her friends if Adam would just get out of his own way, he’d have all the girls at college at his feet.

Grace knows all Adam needs is a little experience . . .

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Genre: Hotwife
Tags: hotwife, hung, milf, novellas, size queen, virgin
Length: 17,000 words
ISBN: 9780463448571
eBook Price: 2.99
About the Author
KT Morrison

KT Morrison writes stories about women who fall in love with sexy men who aren’t their husband, and loving relationships that go too far—couples who open a mysterious door, then struggle to get it closed as trouble pushes through the threshold.

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Best of all, there is a stunning twist awaiting you... one that leaves all but the most smugly arrogant reader unsure about what it truly means. (And that's all I'll say about that little matter.) The gradual erotic escalation between the slightly older (but far more experienced and sophisticated) Grace, and her young, virgin brother-in-law Adam, is nothing short of electric. How far will sweet Grace take her efforts to relieve Adam of his paralyzing social shyness around women? Of his constantly recurring blue-ball condition which his moral teachings forbid him to relieve? What about her husband Reggie, gone for months fighting fires in Australia--and what about her marriage vows? This is a brilliantly crafted work of erotica, capped by an equally brilliant twist ending. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
– Voracious Reader
Sometimes its nice to just not think about the consequences for a while, and just go for it. I mean that from a character's perspective and a writer. Innocent young man with no experience that you've never had any sexual contact with who is staying with you a short time while your husband's (his half-brother) away, no big deal, this is normal. Wait he has a big shvantz? That might change things. It's kind of endearing how Grace looks after Adam. She's, dare I say motherly, to him. KT is not interested in baking in her typical style of breaking down barriers though before the big moment, and it fits with Grace's personality as a sexual uninhibited woman. It also fits the plot, since it's clear what Adam's problem is, and there can be only one remedy, right? Right? Don't think too hard about it, you know I'm right, lol. There's a level of care displayed by Grace throughout Adam and her interactions which is pleasant too. I'd have liked it if Adam wasn't so naive, but hey, KT likes stories of growth, and Adam did grow quickly. I mean that metaphorically, of course ... She makes this story, which could probably feel dark to some people, very light and surface level. I appreciate that she can mix things up like that.
– Rudimental
I like my KT books LONG and involved! But this little guy is short and spicy! Who knows, maybe the story will continue. But for now... This story is about a wife left alone with her brother-in-law while her husband goes away to fight fires. I'll start with my negative criticism, the brother-in-law is very young and while that isn't a problem (I think most of us had sex before college, I know I did much, MUCH before) but this kid was raised super religious and shelter. Actually, sheltered isn't a strong enough word, more like terrified of any sexual involvement. Now I have know a few religious recluses in my time but this kid takes the prize! Girls mostly that I have know who fear sex and even their own bodies but I guess the guys could have been covering for their fear, as most of us do. This give the impression that Adam is almost learning deficient or somehow mentally underdeveloped!!! But the level that Adam (very appropriately named, Gracie could have been Eve!) is afraid, it's as if he has seen people burst into flame from even touching their own bodies. Scared that masturbasting might lead to him actually going blind! and then Gracie enters the scene and she has to guide Adam off the ledge, if you will, and let him know that every is not only going to be OK but the future can look very bright for the both of them. And that makes my negative last for only a few pages before it gives way to the amazing book this becomes. After Adam lets Gracie take a look at his condition does she realize that Adam is special in another way. He has a gift between his legs. A massive god given talent and she is only too happy to help Adam learn to turn this into a positive. I LOVED how quickly Gracie turns into a wanton Hotwife in this book. I sensed that it was alway meant to be a short book and the seduction not meant to be dragged out over many chapters as we are used to with KT. Short and Spicy! The Ending! The ending was a shocker in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE! These are the ending that make you say "OH NO! IT'S OVER!?!? JUST ONE MORE BOOK, PLEASE!!!" The reveal which I won't spoil makes you want to dive in further and revisit these characters and the deep depravity that they may yet encounter together! Please KT~! Buy it! Read it! Love it!
– NewType
Reggie is a firefighter. He goes from hotspot to hotspot from his Ontario base. His wife, Grace dutifully waits for him at home, or does she? They talk to each other often. Not a hint of the fire that awaits in their very home. What will happen when Reggie's brother, Adam gets a tummy ache? Will Grace rush to his aid? Adam is shy. Horribly shy. He doesn't do well around college girls. In his eighteen years, he has yet to gain the confidence it takes to talk to, let alone date young co-eds. So, what about that tummy ache? Why has he been away from classes for two days? Why is he in such great pain? Grace makes a discovery, a huge discovery, then things heat up in this KT Morrison novella. The writing is classic KT, but a bit raw. There's a sense of urgency throughout. Then when Reggie comes home, the doors are blown off this story! There's a huge revelation made by both Grace and Reggie. You'll enjoy it, we did!
– DnD
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