The Dark Arts

While we enter the eighth Devil in the Waters book on Patreon, Book 7, titled The Dark Arts, is now available in all the storefronts.

Josh is getting what he wants in Grand Cayman, even if it’s only a dark conjuration.

Kimmy’s playing along with his game—a game sparked by his greatest enemy, his high school bully nemesis. But he loves this game . . .

There’s a real game being played behind Josh’s back, and the closer the game pieces come to one another, the more exciting it is. Kimmy sees it. Her husband loves the game—he thinks it’s pretend—but the more she convinces him its real, the hotter he gets.

Josh might tell himself there’s no way he’d want his fantasies to become realities, but Kimmy’s starting to think she can get her husband to beg for it.

She’s going to stake a lot on a frightening gamble.

I’ve also added Substack to the list of places I publish. The first Devil in the Waters book will be free their eventually, and I’ll add more books behind the subscription paywall. There won’t be anything on the Substack for now that you won’t find on the Patreon, but I’d like to have the Substack available as a backup option.


  1. I really enjoyed this latest installment. The last two especially have been very good at focusing on the dynamic between Kimmy and Josh and how their relationship is evolving where they’re both on the edge of getting what they think they want, though are a bit fearful of putting it out there. Josh more than Kimmy, as she’s starting to get very bold. The last novel foreshadowed where this was going with the dinner, and i found it interesting the path Kimmy took to get what she wanted yet also tease Josh with “make believe” that is reality. Can’t wait for the next book!

    My only real concern is the elephant in the room that hasn’t been addressed yet and wondering if it’s going to be. I don’t see a “happily ever after” scenario here without the primary issue of Kimmy’s lying and infidelity being addressed between her and Josh. She thinks she knows what’s best for him, and she’s probably right, but it’s hard to separate that from the convenient fact that what she thinks is best for him is also exactly what she wants, allowing her to have her cake and eat it to. Manipulating Josh into approving/asking for her to be with Devlin is everything she wants, so she can have her best friend/love and yet also have the sex with another partner she enjoys so much, with no risk of getting caught or having to lie.

    Which is the primary issue, because while Josh is feeling awesome about the direction his and Kimmy’s relationship has taken, it’s all built on a foundation of lies and deception from Kimmy. Half the things she’s said to him in the last two books while they’ve been developing this “partnership” have been lies. It’s impossible to have a true partnership with that much deception. The reality is, even if Kimmy gets what she wants through her lies and deception, it would only take one little comment or slip of information to Josh to absolutely explode everything. One off hand comment from Devlin about their night at the hotel, a friend of a friend who knows a realtor who saw Kimmy and Devlin together having sex. It would be easy for Josh to figure out at that point that Kimmy has been lying for weeks/months. I can’t see anyone dismissing that, regardless of the joy they have, because you’d feel like the partnership is a complete fallacy. It’s not about “them”, it’s about “her” which is why she constantly lied.

    Not sure how that gets addressed. I would think it could only work if Kimmy comes clean, faces Josh’s hurt and anger and they both move on from it. Otherwise the hole just keeps getting deeper and harder come out of. Even at this point i’m not sure they could come back from all the lies she’s told. Even though i don’t particularly care for the “losing your wife” style novels and would hate for that sort of ending for this series, i would hate even more for this massive issue to be swept under the rug and not addressed.

  2. Dear Kt why is your series have to be so long? Btw, how many more books in this series? I really want to know how this story ends. I hope josh will know the truth, then they’d divorced (kimmy with devlin, josh with karen), bcoz there are too many lies and deception in their marriage, their relationship is not healthy anymore. I just want this story to ended so Kt can move on to the next series (but i hope its not another looong series)

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