High Stakes Sadie

This story started out serialized on my Patreon and is now available in the storefronts as a complete book.

It’s about Graham (Teddy) and Sadie Kellog, and it’s an interracial hotwife-on-vacation tale with a little extra cuckold oomph.

High Stakes Sadie

Two weeks at a five-star luxury resort on the Ninh Van Bay was just what Graham and Sadie needed to escape the brutal Minnesota winter.

When the first days of their vacation are spent indoors to escape the torrential rain, they engage in bedroom activities. But soon a line of dirty talk ushers a startling confession.

Graham’s fire is stoked.

What Sadie told him won’t leave his thoughts. How could she be like that? That’s the way his wife was?

But he wasn’t mad. Quite the opposite.

He was intrigued. Riled up. He wanted to know more. What she told him brings them closer, but it’s changing how he sees her.

After a night of pool and drinks while the rain falls outside the resort’s bar, a wager is made.

The stakes are high, but Sadie is competitive.
Would she ever dare to do the thing Graham wants if he wins?


  1. Loved the latest book. Yet again an excellent build up. Never a let down, pity we have to wait so long between books, love them.

  2. No matter the plot KT always has charactors that are real and find themselves in fun,not so fun, and down right Awk··ward situations. Another good read KT.

  3. Do you have a time frame of book 3 for Six Weeks in Winter? Also have you abandoned book 4 of Separate Schools?

  4. I really enjoyed this book. Compared to some of your other books, this one felt light and fun. I enjoyed it.

  5. What’s most noticeable about this book in comparison to the other KT Morrison books I’ve read is that the love that Sadie feels for Graham doesn’t feel immature (Maggie, Separate Schools) or shallow (Chelsea Hates Libby), so when she meets the corporeal manifestation of male virtue (Literally everything about Quan had me rolling my eyes), her relationship with Graham doesn’t go to shit. Funny how that works.

    I suppose I need to dig deeper into KT’s catalog to see if that’s a consistent theme in her works or if there are any strong relationships that go to hell.

  6. Finished this book in a day after having read Cherry Blossoms. Extremely good. Would love to read about the following adventures of Teddy and Sadie.

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