Welcome To Hell

I am fully back now and ready to rock. It was a tough summer and fall for me, and I apologize for not being around much on the website, and not responding to emails. I feel good again, so let’s get the show on the road, already!

The next Kimmy and Josh and Devlin book is out now. It’s called Welcome to Hell, and if you’re a Patreon subscriber, you know why.

There’s a lot going on in this story and I think some of you might see a direction it will take now. The characters all have secret motives they hide from one another and they have to suspect each other’s motives and act on those assumptions. Consequences for misunderstandings are increasing to live wire tension. It’s like cuckold chess! It’s fun. At least for me—I hope for you too. I always make things needlessly complicated, and this story, I think, is the most challenging yet.

Here’s the blurb:

On vacation in Grand Cayman—an award to Kimmy from her devilish boss and secret paramour—Josh and Kimmy do battle finally and get to the heart of their trouble.

A visitor to their tropical villa provides intrigue and tension. But in the disruption, Kimmy sees a path forward. Not just forward, but all around her. A realization illuminates a treacherous trajectory, but one if she really loves her husband she must embark upon.

Meanwhile, Josh visits Hell. Not literally, but figuratively; one carnival-like destination adorned with all the trappings of the torturous underworld without the real corporeal pain. But slowly real Hell begins to materialize around him, masked in carnival-like adornment . . . 


  1. I really need to get caught up with this series. Truth be known I was hoping for Raza to come out. This one seems too dark for me and difficult to get into the characters. Of course I am going to finish it though.

  2. This series is amazingly hot! Kim is such a tease and a great character. She is pulling the strings, manipulating and playing with Josh and at the same time her love for him seems real and genuine.
    Female characters in this genre often tend to be either just mean and sadistic without much care for the husband or they are hotwives f*** around just for fun with blessing from their voyeuristic husband. Nothing wrong with that, but my absolute favorite kind of female caharacters are the women, who really love their husbands and at the same time get turned on by the cuckold-dynamic…..and teasing their husbands for their own arousal, knowing it is turning them on as well. This story pretty much nails my favorite aspects of this dynamic on the head!

    I hope, this story doesn’t end with Kim leaving Josh for Devlin or making him her priority over her husband like in some other stories and instead showing their marriage grow stronger. It would be so exciting to see her making her love for him very clear and reassuring him from time to time when they are alone. Then in the next moment continues her teasing and letting it escalate step by step,…till the inevitable happens.

    Maybe she wants it to happen right in front of his eyes, knowing how humiliating it must be for him to see his former bully take his wife in front of him, because she finds the the emotional roller coaster ride of her beloved husband at least as arousing as him. In most cuckoldstories the woman seems to be aroused by the bull/amazing sex and the husband by his cuck desires/jelousy/angst.

    In my opinion the hottest scenario would be a wife not only using his shameful desires to have amazing sex with a hunky bull, but enjoying it even more to make it her game/fantasy to tease, and even humiliate her husband or boyfriend a little bit in a mildly sadistic but loving way. The Sex is great and she has more and better orgasms with the Lover…but what really drives her wild is the fact, that her husband has to watch it. Getting off by showing or even telling him, that she loves him more than anything, but the other guy is better at sex, has a bigger dick, is more masculine etc. It is somehow confusing and at the same time very arousing for both partners to let him have this extremely humbling experience watching a “superior” male with his wife…. So far this story seems to take a similar deliciously agonising road for poor Josh.

    I like Josh too….First he might seem a bit too weak, but he may be a perfect match for a strong awakening wife. The confusing mix of angst, doubts, jelaousy and arousal is always really exciting hot and stories without a litte bit of reluctance and struggling seem unrealistic to me. He is slowly handing over the reigns in this game to Kim. Becoming more and more powerless to his hidden desires and her growing confidence while realising his wife is this beautiful sexual goddess…

    The only aspect of this story, that I personally don’t like so much is the secret-cheating going on completely behind his back for so long. Hopefully she will show courage and tell him about it somehow. Obviously It will cause drama, hurt feelings and disappointment, But he could forgives her and then they become even stronger as acouple than before, since everything is out in the open now and he doesn’t have to wonder anymore.Everyone can make mistakes, especially when confronted with a sex-god-alpha-male like Devlin, but honesty just makes the relationship/love appear much stronger and personally I prefer that somehow rare kind of marriage in this genre.

    When the game progresses in this way and both acknowledge the rules and grow in their roles, it is only logical that she will take it one step further every time..
    First fucking his bully behind his back…Then with him knowing about it? Then making him watch! And after that? I see many really hot potential scenarios in this story/fantasy. All kind of humiliating for Josh, but confusingly arousing for both of them… a little bit of taunting, sph, symbolic semi-forced acts of acknowledging their roles ,dominance/submission and games with male ego/pride are so intense and erotic in this kind of story and would fit perfectly to Kim and Josh’s characters/desires.

    I am looking forward to find out, what situations the future holds for them…and can’t wait for the next part.I really hope the next installment of this great piece of hotwife/cuckold-erotica will be coming soon!

  3. Just finished Welcome to Hell-thanks for another installment in the dark world of Devil In the Waters. From what I can tell from other stories, it must be hard for authors to maintain a cuckold arc over a long time-maybe its hard to see characters you’ve written so well remain in such tension, as erotic as it may be for people who like cuckold angst stories. I hope that as the Kimmy and Josh and Devlin triad does evolve, that it keeps the sexually charged cuckold tension and thrill alive.

  4. I hope in the end they got divorced, so kimmy n devlin can be together then get married, coz they are really great couple (im team devlin!!). This is a long stories, btw how much longer this stories to be completed? How many books left? And how bout cayman proxy and reza’s ? How much longer untill its finished?

  5. Am I assuming that Separate Schools is not being written with book 4? We don’t know how Harrison and Taylor’s lives finish?

    1. I hope KT continues Separate Schools. Its one my favorite series. But it looks like KT has abandoned this one.

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