Confess Your Sins To Hannah

This new book’s a bit different than how I normally do them, but I had a blast writing it. It was written in early lockdown, done in a small darkened room, along with three other mostly done books. I hit a rough patch in my personal life over the last 10 weeks, but I’m back now and looking to get work done!

Hannah Monroe has a theory on why some women cheat.

She cut her teeth writing saucy articles for girls’ magazines and her own racy blog but now she’s a grownup, getting her Master’s in Psychology. Despite the maturity one would expect from a young female writer who turned the male-gaze on its ear, she’s still got her lusty streak. Even though her approach is more academic, she’s got one thing on her mind: size.

Yup, that’s her theory. She crossed the country meeting with women who were willing to confess their sins to her, and each tale has size in common. In this book she offers up three separate stories of women who risked it all for one fling, one night of passion with a man who had something she’d never experienced before.

There’s Jacqueline in Montana who saved a horse by riding a cowboy; Kristy who became obsessed after seeing a young man’s accidental hose reveal; and Cindy who one time at band camp . . . 

Hannah lays it all out there, blemishes and all. What these women did might have been terrible but was it worth it? . . . Hannah intends to find out, crossing the country to meet with these women and talk to them face-to-face, ready to hear their confessions . . . 


  1. Enjoyed all 3 stories. Kristy is the most like our traditional cuckold stories. I could envision a universe where Kristy and Mike are Max and Maggie, only if they had gotten married before discovering the others desires and got to them later in life. I could definitely see an older Maggie, a more confident Maggie, playing the role of wolf in sheep’s clothing to a tee. Nia and Geoff would also work well too.

    Glad to have you back KT! Hope you are feeling better…can’t wait for more stories…

    1. Thanks, DnD, I really loved that one too. I wrote that one all in one sitting and it’s what prompted me to do the collection the way I did. I got teary writing it, and it ended not the way i’d intended. I got all wrapped up in them, and decided to extend their story because i didn’t like leaving them at Love Lost. Ha ha, I’m such a sucker for love!

  2. KT, I absolutely love your writing style in this. That alone energized me while I was reading. There’s something about having a perspective that big cocks are important but deconstructing it to the point where even the narrator that has that perspective is like, “Look, I don’t get it either, it’s just something about it, ok?” I love that. I think I said this for Pool Party, but you have this remarkable knack for catching the reader scoffing and thinking, “oh come on no one does that,” and cutting them off or placating them. That’s what I mean by being “self-aware” as a writer.

    It isn’t that you have to defend your writing as you are telling your story, it’s just that you want these stories to exist in the world that we all know. So it’s almost like you have to take the fantasy world and put it through the trials of rational thinking. Well I find the defendant not guilty of over-indulging us in a fantasy world.

    You know pretty well that I love the female perspective in these stories, and you delivered that here, not to mention it’s in first person!! Thoroughly enjoyed this writing, you’re a gem, KT!

    1. Thank you, 2B!

      I think that’s it exactly, you’ve got me pegged: I write fantasy but I’m such a cynical super-skeptic irl, I have to rationalize it for it to make any sense to me. I have to buy into it if i want others to as well.

      Do you think the 1st person is more enjoyable?

      1. It’s hard to tell if it’s the novelty of it since you have never done it before, or just because I feel like inner thoughts of the characters come across better, but yeah I liked 1st person immensely.

  3. lurker here 👀… I found Jacqueline’s story a scorcher. There is just something about the female sexy playfulness that slowly crosses the point of no return that’s really hot.

    Glad you are better KT. But as has been said countless times, you, your health and well-being comes first. Pls take care of yourself.

    I have in the past awarded you the office of the Vice President of cuckold erotica affairs of Canada and the Commonwealth. You retain the office. There simply is no one currently in this genre writhing at or close to the level you write. Your style is so unique, original and true. It’s amazing how you can write so many stories and yet make them all uniquely awesome. Thanks for your writing.

      1. Thank you! The same characters are in a book called Scream Queens and some day there will be a follow up to that one, too (I swear)!

  4. I really love your books! I started with all of Losing His Wife 1, then all of Devil in the Waters. I’m on Owing Reza now, but my all-time favourite is Six Weeks in Winter. I guess there’s going to be another four in the series and I can’t wait!

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