Deep Secrets

The fifth Devil In The Waters book is now available outside of Patreon!

Despite the bad she’s done, there’s one thing Kimmy’s sure of: she loves Josh, and cares for him deeply.

So in the aftermath of her sin, Kimmy plans a surprise for her husband. The thing with Devlin is done, and as good as it was, that dark temptation was sated and now needs to be part of her past. She’s going to move forward celebrating the best man in her life.

Only, Devlin’s not done with Kimmy, and he has ways of insinuating himself into Kimmy and Josh’s marriage. Kimmy’s even told him some of Josh’s secret fetishes . . .

As Josh’s surprise unfolds, Devlin has a surprise of his own . . .

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  1. Awesome! I still want these book all together in a collection like my favorite, “Maggie” but I hope that all the covers can be included as well!
    Cheers! and feel better!

  2. Well, I guess I’ve decided to give in and start reading this series. I was hoping for another Reza book but that looks like it’s not happening for awhile so I’ll be reading this series.

  3. Hope KT is ok? Not had an update on this blog for a long time. I’m really looking forward to the Reza finale being finished soon hopefully!

  4. KT, I don’t know if anyone has commented on this but I am always blown away by the detailed sense of place in your writing. The Dragon is more memorable to my minds eye than many restaurant-pubs I’ve been to. The same with the three campuses in the Maggie series, and Geoff’s art studio and the island retreat in Cherry Blossoms. The Western writer Louis L’amour said if he wrote about a spring, you knew it was really there and the water was good to drink. I have that feeling with your books. This makes me able to feel more what the characters are experiencing as they move through these spaces. And of course, it makes the sex scenes so much hotter!

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