One Of The Gang

It’s time for a standalone novella! This book’s about a newly married couple who’ve been together all through college, share all the same experiences and the same friends. Little early for a rut, but they’re in a bit of a shakeup. Nikki’s going back to college so she has her old summer job again, working at the Admiral Ocean Resort. Ethan works opposite hours usually, and they’re just not finding that couple’s time they used to. But things are great, no love lost, and there sure is a lot of understanding. Enough understanding that on a Saturday they could spend together, Nikki’s got to go out with her cousin for a birthday party. No big deal. Ethan’s going to hang with all his old college athlete buddies, anyway. They’d go out to the beach but the weather’s shit, so they’re just going to hang around the apartment. “Hey, Nikki, you’re welcome to hang out with the old gang, if you’re up for it . . .”

It’s been a long summer and Nikki’s hardly got to spend time with her loving husband, Ethan. She’s been working opposite shifts from Ethan—she’s waitressing at the same ocean resort she got herself through college in, and he’s starting at his post-grad career. They barely see each other.

Both of them are pent up and looking for release, but here it’s another Saturday night and even when Nikki gets off shift, she’s got this birthday thing with her cousin she has to go to. Maybe they’ll see each other tomorrow (that’s been the summer’s motto).

And, heck, even if she weren’t going out with Sheila and the other girls, Ethan’s got his buddies over, anyway. Dawson, Brody, and Jace, his three constant companions, college athletes he used to play lacrosse with.

She’s more at home with his group of friends. Part of their gang. The lure to stay and hang with Ethan and his buddies is strong, but Sheila needs her.

It’s going to take something very special to make her stay . . .


  1. Ok, obviously this story is not meant for my side of the venndiagram that is KT’s scope as an author, but that doesnt mean there isnt overlap that I can appreciate.

    I thought this was really inventive and sort of broke up the structure of how these stories are supposed to go. I mean, a pizza break? That was surprisingly entertaining and almost like meta commentary on how surreal the scenario was that Nikki and Ethan found themselves. That’s just one glaring example of inventiveness, because there were plenty. The sex itself involved men who were tropes but also had these subtle idiosyncrasies that made it feel somewhat different.

    Again, really appreciate the detail work setting up the world we are in for the story, it reorients me every time when I constantly jump into these stories with my reptilian brain ready to fuck, only to be mezmorized by skill and professionalism into straightening my metaphorical tie and beg forgiveness, “I’m terribly sorry, where are my manners, you were saying?”

    Its not the most immediately fulfilling experience sometimes, but it has a longer term residual positive effect on me that I’ve come to embrace as just as important as my own hopes of a KT story. To be as mentally stimulated as I am physically.

    This story seems to lend itself to a sequel too, dangling Rico’s carrot in front of all of us for the word see just to tell us better luck next time. I think that was deliberate baiting, lol. But seriously at least the option is there in case you run out of ideas *stops to think about the myriad series that have been left unfinished and laughs.*

    Finally I’ll ask, do you think you might have done it again with stopping the dirty games early? One minute Nikki is holding everybody’s balls in the guise of hanging with the boys, the next shes full blown giving a handjob with no pretense other than being turned on. Havent we established how fun the games are? Mostly kidding because it seems like you didnt want to go there with these characters. I took Dawson and Nikki messing around where Nikki had her comical reaction looking at Dawson’s junk that resulted in the both laughing at the situation as a commentary on how much more mature the desires are here. She just wants to fuck, little dick or big dick, she just wanted dick, lol.

    1. The games are definitely fun, but they have to end sometime, ha ha! Maybe I’ll do a whole book with no sex, just cover to cover dirty shenanigans…

      And I have to say: the paragraph where you talk about skill and professionalism and getting your tie straightened is the best compliment ever, lol! Thank you! (That’s kind of how I want it to be, ha ha)

      And yeah, no sequels here, ha ha. Way too much left hanging…

      1. KT, I do want to reiterate that I was just kidding about shenanigans in this story, we’ve talked about limits and you had them in this story. I probably should have refrained from joking about it considering the level of sincerity I had in the other thread(s) about the subject. However it did get you to bring up the possibility of a full shenanigans book. I actually kind of love that concept, but will not be able to give any useful guidance in how you can achieve that because it seems difficult lol. You kind of treaded these waters (In Mary’s Pledge), but maybe a sorority initiation game? I love how you executed the tent games because it made so much sense how each couple could play a game of chicken with each other, “I’m not scared to do it, are you scared?” all the way to the point that they’re actually doing it. Wow I guess my point is peer pressure can accomplish some crazy scenarios, lol. Not my intention and yet here we are, lol.

        And Im glad you could understand my point about getting myself refocused when I read a KT story.

  2. Just finished last night! A fun evening was had by all. No, cuckold fantasy husband/boyfriend just shit happened! The pizza break was funny. It was the equivalent of them hitting pause on their game play. Nikki, Dawson time to stop F#%king around and come eat! As expected rich cast of characters! KT’s specialty!

    As far as Pateon just lost a post today. Random.

      1. I’ll look for yours.

        I have a review hanging at the moment; my longer ones often get held 2 or 3 days, I assume for human eyeballs to be laid on them, but maybe just to punish me for writing a longer review. It’s on a 1980s dirty book, one of four in a series that, I argue in the review, may have been written pseudonymously by Tom Wolfe. The Right Stuff/Bonfire of the Vanities guy.

      2. Interesting stories you find, Libertyne! Do you find it fun to put yourself in the mind of someone in the 80’s for that type of story?

        Not my review (which was also good), I’m Rudimental on Amazon.

  3. Mine is up!!! And I always follow “libertyne1” reviews! I tend to love the same books!

    1. Thanks so much!

      I just had a review bounced for Amazon, which is usually for obscenity. Most likely suspect is the phrase “pussy whisperer”, which I rewrote to “hotwife whisperer”. On another note, though, I’m wondering how phrases like “BBC” will play in the current environment. Half of Amazon’s erotica section would be expunged for political incorrectness if that were the case.

      1. “Hotwife whisperer” was deemed okay and my review on “Black Neighbor, White Wife” by J.W. McKenna is now up.

  4. Sooo… this is kind of crazy. Drive 15 miles north from Bethany and you get to a place called Lewes. Same kind of beach town. Just out of college, my wife was a waitress there and we rented her parents’ place while I worked an office job (there are a shocking number of big companies incorporated at a storefront called Harvard Business Services, which is next to a pool supply place in Lewes).

    All this time your stories made me think the fun was happening in Toronto, but it turns out it was just up the road in Bethany! Now I wish we still lived there.

  5. Tobetohave, I first read a Professor Spender book probably in the 1980s. The character is a first-wave Baby Boomer who goes to college during the mid-1960s, Animal House era, goes to Vietnam, and is then a professor in the 1980s. He’s not that hard for me to relate to. 1980s sexuality is post-sexual revolution and not that different from today’s, albeit with no transgenderism (I don’t miss it in the least) and feminism less not as toxic as it has become since.

  6. tnx a lot kt. i just want you ask one question. is this book series? i mean like reza or happy ending or not?

    1. I took them down because I was getting some serious hate mail because the series was unfinished. Books 5 and 6 lead in a new direction from 1-4 and 6 ends on a cliffhanger. 1-4 have a completeness even though the story isn’t over, so I feel ike it’s a much better pausing point. I’ll put 5 and 6 back up when the whole story is complete. Thanks for asking though!

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