The fourth book in the Devil In The Waters series is now available! We’re a little further ahead on the Patreon, wrapping up the fifth book, so if you’d like to join along as the story comes together, head on over—there sure is a lively discussion!

In a luxury hotel bar, deep in the heart of the city, Kimmy meets with her devilish boss after work. She’s here to deliver the news: their relationship will only be about work. She knows how her boss treated her husband all those years ago.

But as truths emerge and philosophies are challenged, Kimmy feels those dark temptations rise . . . 

The cable holding Kimmy and Josh together has stretched so thin, its strands begin to snap. It’s made of strong things like love and character and trust and truth . . . but Josh’s high school bully—Kimmy’s boss—has them lying not only to each other, but lying to themselves as well . . . 

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  1. Great 4th book. Loved how Kimmy allowed herself to open up a bit to Devlin disparaging her husband, even though she’s really bad for it. I also loved the thrill she got about being in front of Ellie knowing that Ellie knew she was cheating, and since she knew she’d never see Ellie again she even mentioned to her she had to get home to her husband.

    My heart hurt when Kimmy chose to believe Devlin over Josh about the texts, and got angry with her when she didn’t allow Josh to be angry with her after the night in the hotel even when she knew he had reason to be mad. She actually made him apologize about how he was acting, I’d have liked to see that conversation from her perspective to see if it was tormenting her having him apologize knowing what she had done.

    I really love the darkness in this series, you are seriously amazing at what you do KT.

    1. Thank you!

      I also love all those little angles too! Sometimes it’s the smaller things that can get to you . . . 

  2. Reviewed and it’s live. In under three hours. That’s some kind of record for Amazon.

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