Angel’s Grace

The next serial installment of Keeva’s BDSM bisexual thriller is now available!

It’s the weekend, and Angel’s headed to the Gala in Boston to attend with her most beloved professor, Grace Chen . . . 

She came to college to get an education . . . Two wealthy and mysterious Doms are going to give it to her.

All Angel Parker wants is to be like the other girls.

In a prestigious college deep in the Green Mountains of Vermont, freshman Angel Parker is out of her element. Scholarships got her through the gates, not rich parents like most of the others. She’s about the only girl at school who’s ever milked a cow.

While the other carefree girls enjoy their college experience, Angel sits in bed and reads. But she’s got a popular and sympathetic roommate who wants Angel out of her shell. Angel’s coming out to party and her roommate’s not accepting excuses.

A night of strange paths leads Angel to a mansion in the mountains. It’s there she meets them.

Who are they?

They are beautiful. Confident. Each are Masters of their own profession. One of them is her favorite college professor . . . They’re married.

A dominant man and woman looking for a student just like Angel.

When she’s in their presence a sinuous chemistry hijacks her system, and she knows deep in her belly she would do whatever it took to please them. When she’s good, there’s a fire that lights in their eyes and she loves to ignite it . . .


2 thoughts on “Angel’s Grace

  1. Perfect timing. A light at the end of a day of editing, and editing, and more editing …

    The story stays interesting and keeps me guessing where the cards will fall. What happened to Grace? Is Storm a huge ass? Who will have the pleasure of kicking her stalkerish (ex)boyfriend into the nuts? And than sweet Angel having the hots for Grace … The next book will finally unvirgin her, I guess.

    1. David you have the same questions I did.. This was a great third installment in the series.. Can’t wait for Barron so miss Angel can lose that virginity.

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