Something Different

While we’re all hunkered down and looking to occupy our time, there’s probably nothing better than disappearing deep into a book that offers some weird and wild stuff that you don’t usually find elsewhere. So, while KT is putting the finishing touches on a new and complete standalone novel available soon and you were looking for something in my style I’d like to recommend a new Licorice author to you.

Keeva Lashley writes BDSM thrillers (that Amazon insists are erotica). There is no jealousy (well, not really) nor angst, but the story is presented in a familiar style I think some of you might find comfortable. If you’re looking for something to read you might find you’ll enjoy this story about a young college girl away from home and having trouble fitting in who meets an enigmatic married couple. They want her. Want her bad. She’s perfect. She’s a virgin . . . 

The college Angel Parker attends sure feels like a bizarro Farmingham, and, boy, does the married couple feel like a younger bizarro Martin and Carol Becker. The world will feel familiar if you’ve read Maggie—but these worlds do not exist together!

In the meantime KT is very hard at work producing content you are definitely going to want to read. Chapters of Kimmy and Josh and Devlin are being finished, plus a new novel very soon, plus . . . lots more, too.

She came to college to get an education . . . Two wealthy and mysterious Doms are going to give it to her.

All Angel Parker wants is to be like the other girls.

In a prestigious college deep in the Green Mountains of Vermont, freshman Angel Parker is out of her element. Scholarships got her through the gates, not rich parents like most of the others. She’s about the only girl at school who’s ever milked a cow.

While the other carefree girls enjoy their college experience, Angel sits in bed and reads. But she’s got a popular and sympathetic roommate who wants Angel out of her shell. Angel’s coming out to party and her roommate’s not accepting excuses.

A night of strange paths leads Angel to a mansion in the mountains. It’s there she meets them.

Who are they?

They are beautiful. Confident. Each are Masters of their own profession. One of them is her favorite college professor . . . They’re married.

A dominant man and woman looking for a student just like Angel.

When she’s in their presence a sinuous chemistry hijacks her system, and she knows deep in her belly she would do whatever it took to please them. When she’s good, there’s a fire that lights in their eyes and she loves to ignite it . . . 



    1. TB, you might want to reconsider on this one. You will never get a better-written intro to this genre than what KT can supply. It is pure KT.

      Also, KT, do we need to introduce some extensions to the tools of the trade to copy with current social distancing needs?

      1. I’ve already decided I will take a look at some point, it’s silly to deprive myself from this author’s skill, no matter how its applied. I just have other things I want to read, whenever I decide I want to read them, that is. I need the emotional pull of the concepts that a KT story draws on to move her stories to the top of the list. Without it, it needs to get in line.

      2. Like six-foot long utility grabbers to hold in place the dildo? That’s not a bad idea, Donkatsu . . . 

      3. Something like that😎 Hope you are well, KT. Sure you don’t want that Anchorage quarantine for the loving couple, Devlin and Kimmy?

      4. That really is such a great idea for a hotwife book! Three month quarantine, separated by governmental decree, wife comes home pregnant . . . 

  1. sheesh these two books were great.. Really like where this is going.. Can’t wait for the third book.. KT can you ta

    1. i was gonna say “ KT can you have Grace Chen give Kimmy Waters some dom training?.

      1. For sure! Kimmy is a total switch so I could see her getting a thrill out of being stepped on by Grace while Grace teachers her everything there is to properly dom her sub.. Once Kimmy is property trained I’d love to see her restrain Josh like Baron restrained Kelly on the table.. Only, Kimmy will be causing psychological pain not physical pain as once Josh is restrained she’ll open door and Devlin will be there.. Josh will have to watch as Kimmy submits to Devlin, over and over again.

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