The second “Devil In The Waters” book is now available. I called it Temptations because sticking to the nine levels of hell seemed like a weight around my neck, ha ha. Like I better come up with nine levels, and plan this series out. But I don’t work well that way. I’m writing by the seat of my pants and I don’t know how low Kimmy’s going to go just yet. Only that she has further to descend . . . 

How low will Kimmy go? . . . Tell me in the comments . . . 

The thing that happened at the reunion is getting foggier with the passing of time. Josh wonders if it really happened at all.

One thing’s for sure: his bully is taunting him. That’s real. Texting him the things Josh fears his wife would do.

But Kimmy’s never been sweeter. Their relationship is growing stronger, isn’t it . . .?

And while Kimmy repairs relationships around her she curses how close she came to ruining her marriage. Only, she can’t help swirling around that same awful drainpipe again, caught in the pool of Devlin Stone’s enormous temptation . . .

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  1. Absolutely loving this series! Always looking forward to these releases!

    How low will Kimmy go? I could see her getting her friend Karina to stray from her own relationship, with her and Devlin, corrupting her own metaphorical angel on the shoulder. I could also see plot developments coming from Kimmy’s insecurity about her chest as she falls further.

    1. The Karina thing has the added pain to Josh of having Devlin “take” not only his wife, and not only the girl he had a crush on in, but both of them together in a way he could never have dreamed of making reality.

  2. Just started reading it’s nice to be able to read it as a completed part 2. I’ll take me a couple of commute days to finish listening to it on my drive.
    Kimmy, is unable to resist the temptations Devlin has to offer. Josh, continues to rationalize and denies all evidence that something is not right with their relationship.

  3. KT in the teaser wrote, “drainpipe”… Devlin’s thinking about laying pipe… Josh is thinkng, too. Kimmy, well, she’s a lawyer, she’s practicing redirect, thinking pipe, too.

    Our original review was removed from Amazon. Dunno why. If this one get axed, I’m pulling the word “a**hole” (Yeah, it had the asterix’ in what I posted).

      1. After changing a**hole to “real tool”, it was approved. Thanks, James! 🙂 No reference to this site or the Patreon, though. 🙁

      2. I originally thought that mentioning Patreon would effect my review being shown, but I had posts talking Patreon in mine and it worked, is your’s not working with Patreon references?

      3. I don’t know. I have it approved without the references to Patreon and this site, so I guess I could go back and add what I had originally.

  4. I’m LOVING this series. My predictions: I think Josh, at some point in the future, is going to become fully aware of everything that is happening. And he’s going to hate it. And he’s going to LOVE it. Kimmy can’t control herself or her urges and she will continue to fall under Devlin’s spell. Soon she will be traveling with him and while they are on the road, things will really escalate. Josh will be in full blown cuckold angst, Kimmy will start dressing sexier and doing things with Devlin she has never done with Josh, and Josh is going to push every boundary both of them have. Things are heating up very nicely…

  5. I think this is just fantastic series! I love the fact she is doing all this behind Joss’s back, it makes it all that much hotter. Joss suspecting what’s happening but not sure, the angst and betrayal is perfect. Can’t wait for the next book in this series!

    1. Thank you! It took a long time to situate the characters where I want them, but now they’re all lined up and all the good stuff is going to be happening very soon!

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