What’s Everybody Reading This Winter?

It’s been a year since the last “What’s Everybody Reading,” post, and it was very popular, so let’s run it again!

Tell me what you’re reading (and it doesn’t have to be me, I swear!). Let us know what’s good out there. Last year I was into that manga by Konomi ShikiShiro, Netoraserare, and I just re-read it. Quick—because I’m supposed to be writing! I have Jason Lenov’s latest on my TBR and a new author, Travis Mayfair, has two books I want to read. I wish I had time to catch up on the new Matthew Lee books. Oh, and I’m getting a peek at a super-secret book some of you all will be very excited about when the time is right.

Anyway, post away—let us know what you think is good!

309 thoughts on “What’s Everybody Reading This Winter?

  1. There seems currently a drought on interesting cuckold\hotwife books for me. The Jason Lenov book is on my list. The last Matthew Lee books were just okayish. I’m not big on the womans perspective and not big on Red Knees. “Bad Girls: Sadie” by Lucian Cordray was a nice surprise in last November. In the mean time I read a couple of lesbian domination books by Jordan Church.

    I’m wide open for some recommendations.

      1. Yes. I read them with and without romance.

        There haven’t been to many good romance bdsm books in the last couple of years. My personal favorit is still the Crossfire-series by Sylvia Day, which if I recall right had not that much intense BDSM or even sex scenes. I like the world of big corporations … every couple of month I look around on Amazon, but can’t find a book that interests me.

        On pure BDSM Erotica I read Argus from time to time. His books can be very repetitive. If you have read a couple of them, there will no be big surprises anymore. But what he does, he executes very well.

      2. I have about four big novels in BDSM that have been sitting around for years unpublished. They were complicated by things going on behind the scenes, but I decided to start releasing some of them. They have to be edited and all, so they’re not coming out regularly. They’re in my style; the one that’s out now even takes place at Farm (though it’s not called Farm), and involves a young virgin college girl getting swept up by her professor and her professor’s wealthy husband (think kind of like a pseudo- Carol and Martin from Maggie) in a double-Dominant bisexual adventure. I would love for you to have a look if you were interested. No pressure or anything!—but if you like Maggie, you might like this. (There’s no hotwifing, jealousy, cuckolding or anything, this is erotic romance). But there are Secret Societies, corporations, sex clubs, uber-wealthy families of old old money, etc. If you’re interested you can email me. Do you use Kindle Unlimited? Or are you on Booksprout?

      3. Do I understand from the post below that you have published bdsm books under another pen name that we don’t know about? Why wouldn’t you tell us? We’re your fans.

      4. Yes, I have BDSM books. They were for a thing. I have something like 200k+ words across some big novels. They need to be edited and clarified and touched up. I have to put them out—they were a lot of work and they’re just sitting on my hard drive. I like them a lot.

        I don’t tell you guys only due to weird Amazon stuff that does. I don’t have any BDSM fans, so if I put out a BDSM book and all my hotwife fans read it, then Amazon’s algorithms detect your reading histories, see you all like hotwife books, and start showing my BDSM book to hotwife people who then don’t buy it. Amazon chucks it then, its computers believing the book is off the mark or unappealing and the book sinks.

        I intend to let you all know eventually, and those who are interested can read them. But I need BDSM readers first, ha ha! So, absolutely, anyone out there who wants to read it now and has read BDSM books in the past, let me know. If you’ve read 50 Shades even. But preferably books by Cherise Sinclair, Red Phoenix, CD Reiss (oh wow, so good, my recent obsession), etc….

        I guess at this point (there’s really only one book out and it didn’t do well), even if you’re just curious, let me know. There is no cheating or cuckolding (though later there will be sharing of young women with other Doms or sometimes menage scenes). They are about domination and scenarios and BDSM lifestyle; they take place in ultra-wealthy settings, the male characters (hot uber-rich brothers) are somewhat inter-connected, there’s a murder mystery, all kinds of neat stuff that I liked.

        While these are erotic, they are supposed to be romance (the one book ended up in erotica, eyeroll), and they are feminine. But they’re in my style, too, so some of you might like them.

      5. Just wondering, while I’m looking randomly through Amazon and can’t find anything interesting to read, what BDSM books have you read, KT?

      6. I love (big time love) CD Reiss. But also have read some Red Phoenix and Cherie Sinclair and EM Brown. Also like Loki Renard and Samantha Madisen.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation tobetohave. I’m really enjoying the Claiming Brandy series Manus is writing… I can see how KT is an inspiration in the stories as there are some cross overs for sure.. I could easily see Kimmy Devlin and Josh aren’t too far off from Brandy Kurt and Miles.. Kimmy would just need to care a little less for Josh.

      1. Glad you liked the rec, Chinookfan! I think you might enjoy ‘The Wrong Brother’ and ‘The Game’ was good. Both of those are completed series. My personal favorite short was the ‘Taken by the Rival’ story.

        When you think hard about everything that happens it feels a little phony, but if squint your eyes it feels real enough. Good enough for me as it checks so many of my kink boxes.

        I like when authors consult my kink list! lol

    2. tobetohave.. Finished both the game and the wrong brother.. Both were good. I preferred the wrong brother as the husband is included to early in the game. I prefer my stories to be as netorare as possible. Otherwise I liked the premise of the game more.

      I am starting the taken while hubby watches box set next.

      1. Of course he (they) would, Irish people stick together …

        Seriously though, good insight, didn’t know that. It’s no wonder there’s a venn diagrammic (I made up a word today) overlap between the two that draws me to both.

    1. I’m adding Manus to my list as well.. To be honest when KT first pitched her patreon story ideas I was hoping, and still am, that Josh becomes an after thought. Like once he finally convinces himself Kimmy is cheating on him, but still won’t confront her because of his own pride. Then he really only exists to allow Devlin someone to bully, and eventually Kimmy gets on the band wagon and bullies him too… Personally I’d love it if once Devlin seduces Kimmy she goes embraces her inner alpha and non/sexually doms Josh… that’ll provably never happen, but it would be a fun universe.

  2. I Highly, HIGHLY, suggest reading Parker Pascals Holly Hold on tight books the the final part coming Early this month. it’s sizzling, has a lot of risky, angst and naughtiness to it. the sex is incredible and the character relationships is very dynamic and intriguing. if you ever liked “Happy Endings” then you’ll probably love this as well. It’s nice and long too. Both parts are roughly 560 pages in total and very well written and probably Parker’s best to date. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084BNQVXY?ref_=dbs_r_series&storeType=ebooks

    1. Holly 2 is out. It’s pretty good. We left a review for it and commented in the other thread, I think.

      1. We were kind of stunned. When there was only one review, Parker wrote to thank us for our review and that he understood what we wrote about an unnecessary part. Still gave it five stars because it would have been an injustice not to. He was very gracious. Found out he’s a big ELO fan. We missed the ELO reference, though. We searched for the chapter title, but had we searched for the lyric quote, we’d have gotten it.

        Good is not enough of a comment about this series, though. It’s really brilliant. Hiding intent the way he did was super. The ending was absolutely perfect, too.

        We just hope he finishes or continues his spy book. That book is a work of art, so far.

      2. DnD, I totally second your motion that Parker finish his spy novel. It was absolutely as good as mainstream spy novels, plus the erotica angle.

    2. Just reread Holly. Was better than I remembered. Started Holly 2. Enjoying the ride. Like that we get both husband and wife’s perspective but still maintains the tension

    3. Parker’s Holly Hold On books are very good. Excellent examples of well thought out erotica.

  3. E.M. Beastly while not hotwife or cuckold it’s monster sex! The author has created a alternative world that offers pleasure with no end. There are 60+ stories in the collection. I’ve Kindle text to speech the whole collection. Author does a good job of painting a picture of location the stories take place in. Most event take place in the town of Alpine surrounded by a mysterious forest. It’s not your typical tentacle monster story. Here is one that will appeal to some of you furies!

    1. I,m going back and reading books I haven’t read for a long time as I agree there is a sparsity of good new good books. Mainly rereading Kenny Wright & Ben Boswell.

      1. I agree and face the same problem. I sometimes go back and look for titles I’ve already read but did years ago, before I started reviewing, so I can review them. I try new authors but it’s a bit scattershot whether I’ll like them or not. Although sometimes they surprise me. I didn’t expect to like the “Alpha Sex Virus” series by MC Sizematters (it’s hard to type that with a straight face) as much as I did. There’s a question of how much style variance you want. It’s nice to read only the best, most lifelike writers, but books that are a little more two-dimensional can sometimes still be good.

  4. Paul Garland. He’s a pretty good writer. His latest, “Katie’s Casting Call” takes some turns. He say’s it’s out of his comfort zone, but we didn’t see much to worry about. Maybe we’re just jaded and it’s time to stop reading. Food for thought, I guess.

    1. On the free story side, Don Jetman. Anything by Don Jetman. He has some fiction, but most of his stuff chronicles his hotwife relationship with his wife “L”. He can be found on ourhotwives.org in the Library. You don’t need an account to read his stuff. He’s been around for a long time, getting his start in the Usenet newsgroup alt.sex.stories. Brilliant writer and a good friend.

      Also on OHW in the library is a story called “Evolution” it’s about a couple where the male half has ED and is wracked by guilt over not being able to satisfy his wife. JRE2 is a very talented writer and weaves a great tale. More installments are promised.

  5. Right now I’m reading a horror graphic novel by Joe Hill called Locke And Key. Not reading a lot of erotica at the moment, finding good stuff that I haven’t read yet has been difficult but I’ll find something soon. Will probably go back to stuff that I’ve been meaning to read but never got a chance to.

  6. This is old news for most folks, I’m sure, but I belatedly got around to reading “Annie’s Affair” by Kenny Wright (with Kirsten McCurran), and I think it may be my favorite of all his books. The fact the wife is doing everything on the sly, believing her husband doesn’t know, gives it a slightly different flavor than most stories in the genre, while still honoring many of the same tropes and pushing the same buttons. I found the husband somewhat unsympathetic for reading Annie’s diary — of course, she was cheating on him, but as usual I find myself willing to forgive the women in these stories pretty much anything. McCurran gives Annie a distinct voice of her own, and she’s a memorable and bewitching heroine. Other recent goodies include Max Sebastian’s “The Truth About My BFF,” Bart Tracer’s “Lessons in Lust: Volume 1,” and all things Jewel Geffen.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, it looks like the few titles she released in paperback are no longer available. (Yeah, I’m “That Guy.”)

  7. Something different I just thought of. A PC game for once: Being a DIK. I found it on Patreon, but the first season is now available through STEAM:
    “Being a DIK is a choice driven adult Visual Novel focusing on the fun parts of college life. The game is packed with humor, sex, romance, drama and a rich story. Play as a young male attending college at B&R and guide him through the experience.”

    It’s really fun. Sometimes crazy. (Like helmets with dicks crazy) It doesn’t have voice output, so you still have to do a lot of reading. 😉 Not sure how many gamers are here, but I highly recommend it. The storytelling is fantastic.

  8. I’m always reading Matthew Lee, Jason Lenov, Kirsten McCurran and Arnica Butler. I hear Kirsten is working on the 5th book in “Carol’s Trinity.”. I’m on the lookout for new books by Kenny Wright, Max Sebastian, and Ben Boswell, and of those only Sebastian publishes with any regularity. I was actually rereading your “Scream Queen” books. I keep an eyeball out for Bart Tracer, Thomas Roberts, Gars Mechant and Parker Pascal. Pascal’s “Holly Hold On Tight” series was particularly good. I’ve noticed that several good erotica authors have lately vanished from Amazon, including Amy Marioux, Jenna Kelly and Madison Faye; Marioux and Faye still have some titles available at Barnes and Noble but I was wondering what that was about. People seem to just vanish into cyberspace. Lately I’ve checked out writers whose erotica is in different directions, like MC Sizematters’ “Sex Weed” and “Alpha Sex Virus” series. Books involving drugs and sex seem like a lot of fun lately; nothing like MILFs gone wild on piles of coke or clouds of pot smoke.

    1. There’s all kinds of speculation why those authors may be gone, but I don’t think anyone knows for sure except Amazon and those authors. In better news, Madison Faye re-launched recently, including a store selling kindle ready mobi files right out of her own website using sellz. But, she has her haters and I guess someone complained about the nature of her books (this is according to her newsletter) and her sellz store has been down for a week and a bit. I hope she gets it going again—I love to see her business model figuring out the wide market. Also: Alexa Riley is returning to publishing as well—their books are available again on some other marketplaces.

      1. I have wondered if it was censorship of some sort, frankly. Faye’s one book that I read had a barely-legal aspect to it, plus the babe in question was a friend of the daughter and lived with her and her divorced dad, but didn’t actually step over any red lines that I could tell. Marioux writes about cheating wives, usually about to leave their husbands. Couldn’t imagine why someone would censor her. In that case, given that the content of her books suggested to me a recent separation or divorce, I wondered if she had divorce or custody issues and had to, or felt it advisable to, eradicate her online activity as a precaution. On the other hand her books were still on B&N, so this could be just walking away from Amazon. Her account on Tumblr also disappeared, though.

      2. I don’t think (but I don’t know!) Amazon would remove an account for a barely legal age (but actually legal age) book. They’d block the book if they didn’t like it, and send a message to the author. If the author kept violating maybe they’d remove the account then. AFAIK Amazon does not want to be in the business of censorship so they keep it simple: no rape bestiality underage or incest or pseudo-incest. Or snuff. Don’t do that and you should be fine. I imagine though that the landscape will always be changing.

        IMO it’s KU that has created a venomous inter-author atmosphere, and motivated resentment, plus a whole host of other trouble . . . I could talk for hours about this ha ha, but I won’t here. I think if KU didn’t exist, MF would still be on Amazon.

        It doesn’t sound to me like Marioux has any reason to not be on Amazon. Her catalog looks pretty good. Cheating wives is just plain sex so I don’t see the big deal. Tumblr did a sweep a while back and if she had dirty images on her tumblr that might be why it’s gone.

  9. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention CK Ralston, who has had some series of hotwife books but writes erotica that isn’t part of any particular formula or genre. Ralston appears to have been around forever, writing erotica back as far as the 1970s, but writes books that are utterly fun and usually involves some totally escapist rags-to-riches plot that is sold to the reader beautifully.

      1. I was clicking around, in part trying to determine if CK was a man, woman, or possibly a married couple. I may have seen paperbacks on Ebay. It was a whole different era. Ralston’s characters occasionally have anachronistic sensibilities – they call each other “kitten” or “doll”, or some adult’s cultural references all coming from the Sixties or Seventies, but it’s fairly subtle and I imagine a lot of people wouldn’t notice it. Not too much in the way of texting, cybereverything, or tattoos, either.

    1. My/our only complaint with CK Ralston is the overuse of the term “darling”. 🙂 Seriously. Some books it seemed like every other word was “darling”. 🙂 CK can get pretty edgy, too. Some of the titles have very unhappy endings.

      Good to see you here, Libertyne! Your reviews are completely stellar and something to aspire to.

      We really like Sebastian’s books, too. The trilogy is simply brilliant. We seem to read many of the same authors that you do, too.

      I’m wondering if the super secret book KT mentioned is the mega collaboration between Kenny Wright and Ben Boswell? Hmm…

      1. And in the meantime: poor Jonny is still in the cage. Despite initial game profits in the tens of millions Reza’s vig has been rising even faster . . . . Janie and Maceo have an art tour in the Southern hemisphere this winter (“Oh, John, I miss you, too, but I understand how severe the winter has been this year and how difficult it is for you to get away from you contract with the NY Throughway Authority . . . . Yes, my pictures are selling well in Argentina, and did I mention Maceo has family here? I will be back first week in April.”) . . . . . Wait, what? Carol has now been appointed China’s Minister for State Security? . . . .

      2. Thanks so much for your praise! It means a lot to me. I don’t get much feedback.

        Sometimes Ralston’s “Darling” is dead on. If someone is a fatuous Hollywood type, it’s perfect. Oh, Darling, you can’t POSSIBLY wear that. My other beef with Ralston is the characters’ dialogue during sex. They speak in complete sentences, including adverbs, and no one does that while getting railed. Plus, I wish I had a nickel for every, “Am I EVER coming!!!” in a Ralston book.

        On the dark side – I actually like that, because it makes them less formulaic. There’s one in which a young couple starts hotwifing or swinging; the husband freaks out about it. I don’t recall if he beats her, but in any case he kills himself. (Freeing her to go be a hotwidow.) In another, a girl kills her criminal boyfriend and makes it look like justified self-defense. She’s been a con girl and lived on the wrong side of the law her entire life, so it’s in her skill set, but she does it to get free and live a better life. Controversial? Sure. Arguably the right move? Depends on the reader. But some might say, oh, hell yeah.

        I didn’t see either of those coming, so they added surprise. Plus, you have to admit, most of Ralston’s stories are so totally HEA – yesterday they were struggling! Today they’re swinging with a millionaire couple who’s given them an incredible business break! New car! New house! And the kitchen is totally remodeled! and they’re going to top-end swinger parties now! – that a little darkness here and there is a nice change-up.

        Personally, in darker cuck novels, I’d occasionally like to see the cuck break out of his cage and put the bull six feet under. Sean Geist’s “Going Down to Get Up” trilogy is set in the Southwest, I was watching “Breaking Bad” at the time, and I kept thinking, hmmm, that’s a lot of desert to bury Scott in. But that’s just me.

      3. Piling on some Libertyne praise, I really like your insight in stories. I can’t remember at this point, but I think I have to thank your reviews of KT way back in 2016 for me to even pick up a story from her. I know you’ve been a resource for me to pick up authors in the past (including Matthew Lee).

    2. KT, yes, you’re right about Tumblr. It cleaned itself up in December 2018, then, quietly over the next few months, resumed letting people post pretty much what they want. Doesn’t help the people they blocked, who had spent time building up thousands of followers.

      And yes, I agree on KU’s affect on this. I corresponded with Matthew Lee about it; it’s affected his own relationship with Amazon, although I believe he’s now reluctantly deciding to get back on there.

      I didn’t realize pseudo-incest had now become a target. Stepdaddy stuff is very common, particularly when people started using it to avoid the incest ban. And a lot of books that don’t highlight it, have an element or two buried somewhere deep inside.

      1. The “Darling” thing… I don’t get it. Maybe it’s my age or something. I mean once in a while is cool, but continually? It kind of reminds me of “Green Acres” and the Gabors (and that’s from watching really bad OTA TV on sub channels at times). “Dahhhlink…” Then again, the first vampire movie I remember watching didn’t have “Dahhhlink…” It just had “Let me kiss you….” “I want to kiss you…” Christopher Lee movie, flowing white gowns on female vampires. I don’t remember the title, but it was way old… I get the “Hollywood” reference, though…

        I’m rambling…

      2. Matthew Lee being non-KU was a big reason I had the confidence to also go non-KU…

        Pseudo-incest is not something you would want to publish on Amazon anymore. Even hiding the elements seems like a bad idea to me. Geez, I wish I started this back in the crazy days of bigfoot sex and full on incest. Talk about the Wild West!

      3. I mentioned in the original “What’s Everybody Reading?” topic that Matt Coolomon has been doing some curious self-censoring lately — wonder if Amazon’s the reason? He’s reissued some older books with altered character relationships — sisters become BFFs so close they’re JUST LIKE SISTERS, stuff like that. Mind you, Coolomon never had anything actually happen between these characters anyway.

      4. It’s interesting to get perspecitves. Sean Geist’s “The Things We Do For Lust” (Going Down to Get Up), was really good. The epilogue was good, too. Somehow, we didn’t think it was too dark at the time, but thinking back on it, I can see getting that close to the edge, especially before the bar scene, would be teetering. I think the perception we got from it was based entirely on the husbands attitude. Of course, the wife had a huge part to play when she moved away. Yeah, I guess that’s pretty dark! 🙂

      5. Another reason to prefer paperbacks over ebooks: They can’t be electronically “disappeared.”

        “They’re sisters, Coolomon! I have the proof right here!”

    1. Tobetohave, thanks so much. I’m glad I could help. I see in 2016 I had just discovered KT and was ripping through the Cayman Proxy, the two Losing His Wife series (one now called Cherry Blossoms) and Obsessed. I’m still hoping for a denousement on Cayman Proxy – Kate is headed home after her affair with Omar ends but we need to see what kind of landing there is with Mitch – and Obsessed, where we were just getting to the good stuff with the innocent young couple our LA gigolo is about to ravage.

      (Donkatsu: meanwhile, Finch gets distracted from the conquest of the innocent young couple because he’s administering sex therapy to an actress molested by Harvey Weinstein. And Kate has been AWOL from Mitch’s life for several years – and only now reappears after she was freed from being a sex slave for ISIS! That Omar . . . )

      Matthew is a favorite of mine and I’m glad my reviews turned you on to him. He has a marvelous imagination and new scenarios just pour out of his head, plus he has a prodigious work ethic, around 5000 words a day. He’s also turned hotwife memes into something of an art form; check him out on Twitter. He’s had some ups and downs with writing, some real-life interference with his writing time as he changed careers, but I think he’s regular with it again. He had a great series concept to get him through that spell, short stories united under the theme of two psychologists meeting for drinks and sharing the hot stories their respective patients (unnamed, of course) tell them. There were three or so per volume. “Shared Secrets”.

      1. Excellent ideas for Finch, et al, Libertyne. With KT becoming a mini-conglomerate, almost at Ludlum levels, I think she will need some editorial assistance in winding up some of her stories.

      2. I wish I had a writing room like James Patterson. A bunch of Harvard grads I pay minimum wage to crank out my dirty stories till they’re all finished.

      3. You do have a group at your command, KT. Your fan club contains a stable full of highly educated (and motivated) engineers, lawyers, and Ph.D.s, with vast experience in most of the back-story subject matters. A number of us are at or near retirement, so you can under pay us and we have time. OTOH, you might have to delay a publication date a bit for the occasional bypass surgery or chemo session.⏳

      4. I love this idea. I picture a room we all rent at the country club. 9 holes in the morning as our meeting. Then we drink all day in a wood-paneled room. Things are fun. By sundown we’re in a conference room with papers all over the floor and a chalkboard with way too many diagrams and arrows and while everyone wants to go home I’m not letting them. One more drink I say but everyone has a sunburn and they’re drunk and tired and starting to think maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Donkatsu rolls up his sleeves and orders another round.

      5. Libertyne, you’re welcome! The Lee series we really liked was “Gabriela Gets An Education”. To take a good virgin girl, to bad girl, then to really bad, then to incredibly bad, breakup, reunion, incredibly bad, married… and do it so well, albeit a bit unbelievable, was incredible. He’s got so many titles that are really good. I think the first book of his we read was “Lilly Learns To Perform”, again a bit unbelievable, but really, really well done.

        Thanks for being here!

      6. KT,
        It seems as if all the golf courses are located in Vaughn. So I guess we can get good Italian food, we just have to avoid crazy Italian wives who want to deliver some whoopass to their hubbys’ mistresses.

    2. DnD, I actually thought about the Gabors when i was writing that post and thought of using them as an example, but with the foreign accents they were too unique. I’m thinking more of their American equivalents. (I encountered their nieces in college, also gorgeous, but didn’t talk like that.)

      1. That’s funny, Libertyne! Great minds and all that… I do like Ms/Mr Ralston’s stories a lot, though. The edgy ones are very edgy. The current offering is quite a departure and is a welcomed departure.

        Confession time… guilty pleasures. Karly Violet. We haven’t reviewed any work by Karly, but are amazed at the output produced–a story a week, and the search placement makes me wonder if there is a “pay for play” component in the Kindle world. Still, we read the stuff Karly produces.

        Then there’s Lexy “Thank you very much” Archer. The current book doesn’t have much in the way of a plot or character development, but it’s well done.

        I dunno, we’ve read a lot of titles since we started this back just before Christmas of 2017 (with the Maggie series), but I have to say we always come back to the same authors. For me, I really hope the new Kenny Wright book is great. His “Training to Love It” series, mistakes and all, remains the gold standard in hotwife books for me. I know it will never happen, but I’d like to see where Tom and Erin end up.

        (And if you’re reading this KT, you know I’d also like to see where Sukie and Tommy end up, too! That epilogue… damn you! LOL!)

      1. Thanks, Donkatsu.

        Dnd, darlings, I’m also impressed with Karly Violet, but with reservations. Her output is prodigious and when we got into the thread above about writers hiring cheap writers to crank product for them – I’ve wondered if Violet does that, or is actually a pen name for a consortium of writers, like Franklin W. Dixon (the Hardy Boys). I do see certain Violet-esque usages across multiple books – referring to cum as “man sauce” or “man cream”, which was clever the first time but annoying when repeated endlesslly. But I suppose a style manual for those writing porn as Karly Violet could advise or require using it, for this very reason – to sound like a writer’s idiosyncracy, establishing its authenticity. I read a bunch of Violet titles back in 2018 or so, but got a little tired of them and have 8 or 9 unread in my Kindle. A lot of her couples seem to have bad marriages, with one or the other member doing thoughtless or selfish things that make me cringe. I know these are often plot-thickening devices – A lies about something, here’s the motive, but then it backfires, and B thinks . . . . – but it makes me like the characters less and think, they don’t need hotwifing, they need a therapist.

        I appreciate Lexi Archer and return to her stuff periodically. I should probably do so more, a lot of it isn’t that long. She writes decent plots. Her stories don’t tend to stick with me; her writing is good but not great. I complain occasionally in reviews about her highly introspective style, in which the narrator gazes into his or her navel for four pages and then speaks one line of dialogue. It feels like filler, and it might be. But Archer is a productive and steady porn writer, sort of like a career infielder who hits .275 and plays for 20 years, if I might use a baseball analogy.

        Speaking of product placement, I am endlessly advertised Amanda Martinez titles. She writes short stories – TONS of them – and must be paying Amazon a lot for product placement. Some of her stories are pretty good.

  10. Been reading a lot but I often lean into the crasser sides of things, not sure if its this crowd’s jam. It’s hard though when you love long and well-written, but dark. I keep hunting!

    1. Glaucon, who do you like? I read crass stuff sometimes; sometimes the edge is hot, sometimes there are good twists and turns, sometimes it’s better than a lurid cover or title suggests. Like “Stoned Cheating Wives on Black Meat Orgy Beach” in the “Sex Weed” series. Hey! It’s art! 🙂

      1. You know what’s funny? I read MCSizeMatters shit over a decade ago back when it was hosted on other free sites like mcstories. They told me their next story is probably gonna be a superhero novel so keep an eye out! I read a lot of stories by Patreon writers and others not monetizing through mainstream routes, but really it’s just KT that I would say I like without any reservation. It’s kinda my pickiness that makes me feel sometimes like I should write something, but I just overthink it all and give up haha. I did give Manus Dare a shot recently, seemed okay. hard to find good, dark NTR stories in my experience. Hotwife seems more popular and they use a lot of the same keywords/dogwhistle terms.

  11. DnD, thanks so much. It’s nice to actually talk about this stuff; one doesn’t tend to do so in one’s real life. I’ve written more than 700 reviews of erotica, this stuff is swirling around in my head, but hardly finds an outlet. Thanks for being here to talk to! I enjoy your reviews as well.

    I love all Matthew’s series. He worries about interest dropping off with successive stories in a longish series; I imagine readers seeing it’s series installment 3 or series installment 4, figure they’ve missed too much already and just skip it. So Red Knees and Ruby Lips aren’t packaged as a series, although, basically, they are one. KT, care to weigh in on the sales merits of series vs. standalones?

    Gabriela and Lily were both creative tours of force. Matthew writes non-erotic fantasy under another name, and I enjoy how he’ll occasionally break with reality. fantasy style, just for chuckles. In the last Lily book, where the narrator is searching for her in New Orleans catacombs where a weird sex rite is about to take place, he comes across some odd werewolf creature in a cage. He notes it, passes it by, notes it again on the way out, no explanation given, no tie-in to the plot. Just a wink-wink. It was very funny. There’s fantasy freakiness in “San Francisco Nightmare” as well. The book wasn’t my style but some of you may enjoy it.

    I really enjoyed “Jennifer Roams”, “Jenny Gets the Job”, “Plundered Treasure”, and “Scott Rolls the Dice”, all of them two-book hotwife series.

    I haven’t mentioned Max Sebastian above, but he really merits a mention. I like his slow-cooking stories that gradually come to a boil. And two with show-biz hotwives – “She’s a Star!” and “Rock Her World” were particularly hot. I need to go back and read his “Killer of a One-Night Stand” murder mystery from some years ago; it’s longish, and I’ve procrastinated getting started. I haven’t been able to get through the “Obsessive” series. The combination of an aging Danish OCD sufferer and his hot, younger, black Danish wife he never touches, was a little too much.

    I do wish Kenny Wright would get over whatever writer’s block he’s got. He blogs occasionally about various stories in the works, but they never come out. He’s so good when he’s on, but he’s been nearly invisible since 2016, it’s a pity.

    1. I agree on all of the above, Libertyne. We did finish Max Sebastian’s “Obsessive” series. He went some places he usually doesn’t go. We thought it was great, especially the ending. Kind of scary for a while, but a great ending. We thought “The truth about my BFF” was sweet. Max kept mentioning “When Harry Met Sally” but we went to “Ross and Rachel”–especially at the airport scene. “The Madeleine Trilogy” was utterly brilliant. I think we read maybe 20 percent into “Killer of a One Night Stand” and just never got back to it.

      So many writers out there. Thomas Roberts has some good stuff, too. Some of it is a bit “Ramboish”, though.

      C.C. Morian has her “Vixen” series which is way different and very good. Then there’s some hotwife series books which are really well done–Awakening Her Needs comes to mind (done with Blaise Quin).

      Too many to comment on… way too many!

      And thank you for reading our reviews, too!

    2. Sales Merits of Long Series: DON”T WRITE LONG SERIES is my message to myself and any budding hotwife and cuckold authors out there. The worst idea EVER if you’re trying to make a living. My most profitable books to date are Pool Party, Honeymoon, and Amazing Grace (even though it’s only been out a month or so). Least profitable are things like Separate Schools. When I write those books I put myself in jeopardy to be honest. The Patreon is possibly making them viable. The only reason I do them is because of the response of a core group. I love this website and this community here. Oh, another reason: I like writing them that way too. It suits the genre in my opinion. It’s hard to write anyone being drawn deep into sexual madness without going long. So, yes, I enjoy the hell out of writing long and thank God I have these folks here, but if I didn’t care and treated this more like a business it would be single books only. Maybe not even duos or three-parters. Beyond paying bills and putting food in my mouth, there is a certain joy to writing these stories. Just the act of writing. There are things I’ve written (maybe they’re shit, but I love them) that feel valuable, at least to me. This has to be a creatively rewarding endeavor. The opening scene of Open Hearts, as an example, where Kay and Taylor are in bed together talking, being friends, worrying about their future, does something weird to my heart that feels good and I don’t care if no one reads it, ha ha.

      Kenny Wright: New series coming soon! Very soon. I have permission to say the book I’m proofreading is Kenny Wright’s new Bull series. It’s fantastic—total KW writing style, high quality, high class, and sensual. You’re going to love it!

      1. On multi-part series. You know, I figured you didn’t make much on multi-part series’. There’s a thread on OHW about recommended books (I always recommend you, btw), where someone wrote that you wrote multi-part books so you could make more money. It’s nice to know the guy was wrong.

        On budding authors. I’m over that dream. It ain’t happening. Ever.

      2. If I wanted to make more money I would write something else, first of all, ha ha. Second: single books only. The taper off is huge on a series. Every first book sells well. The next sells less. The one after even less… keep going and you’ll see why the last Maggie book made beer money. 60k words probably represents a little over sixty hours of work. Not even close to minimum wage. So if first books always sell well, and the second sells less, the third sells even less…who the fuck would write seven or eight? This idiot right here, ha ha. Everyone’s a cynic, I get it, me included, but no, I do not write long series to make more money!

        Honestly, sometimes there’s more to something than money. I love my books. I love this group of appreciative fans. That Maggie world I created is so real to me. The characters exist. It was the support of you guys that got me through that to finish it in whatever artistic or off-type way I wanted. Same with Cherry Blossoms. Sometimes I do this just to write. These Licorice Books allow me to write the way I want and not follow a formula aimed for a market. I get to really write.

        Too bad on you not writing, though. Keep going; you don’t have to publish, you can do it for fun too. Never ever say never!

      3. PS, KT, been meaning to ask. You set several stories in Toronto and the unfinished Janie-Maceo one in WNY. Do you have roots in that area? I’m from Buffalo originally. Your surrounding-area detail was perfect. (You could have the lovers nervously wondering what time John will get back, only he’s been delayed because Cuomo tripled the tolls on the Thruway and he didn’t have the money, so he gets off at the Buffalo end and has a beef on weck at Anderson’s, and then decides to stay there a little longer since it’s Anderson’s, so he gets their (best-in-the-world, IMHO) frozen custard.

      4. Spent a lot of time in Southern Ontario, sometimes close enough to dip over the US border for the day, go into Buffalo. I use northern states because I feel like the people and terrain are similar to where I am now (still in Ontario) …

        Love the Cuomo detail, ha ha, it’s something John would fret over for sure!

      5. GREAT to hear about KW KT. I love that you write long series. My favourite books in all genres are series eg Lord of the Rings. It’s just great to be able to stay ina world you love for longer. It’s fast food vs degustation.

      6. But kt you have to finish the series’s. You have us hanging on so many. However after this blog I’ll have plenty to read for awhile. This was a great idea.

      7. Now, I can defend you with more than just, “KT doesn’t do that!” 🙂

        It’s interesting that sales fall off. Part of that might be the wait time between installments. It can’t be your writing. People like us and those of us here are going jump right in and read what you write regardless of the wait time, but therein lies the rub.

        I may be a bit presumptuous in writing what I’m going to write next and it may come across as critical, but it’s not. It’s made out of genuine caring.

        Part of the purpose of Patreon was supposed to free you up to continue working on titles that have been waiting for new installments, right? Granted, you’re not making a killing on Patreon, and it’s still in its infancy–with your planned integration into this site, it’s likely to get you more patrons–it all comes down to priorities. If you had a higher tier in Patreon, we’d be all over it, but that’s just us. We want you to succeed and write exactly what you want to write. Right now, in our opinion you’re the best. Sincerely, the absolute best. Personally, I can’t imagine how you juggle your time, but I know it has to be rough. So, I guess the point of this paragraph is this: Is Patreon working out for you as you envisioned. We hope so.

        As far as me writing goes… I’d love to continue and the first thing is done. I just can’t pull the trigger because I don’t need to. We don’t need the money. Damn sure don’t need any notariety (yeah right!), and definitely don’t need the praise or criticism, so we talked and decided it’s just not worth it. Besides, we don’t have a cover, yet. 🙂

      8. Thank you so much, DnD! It’s always amazing to hear you’re the best!

        And: You don’t have to defend me! (but thank you)—I feel like arguing on the internet rarely changes anyone’s mind anyway. I can’t picture someone on the internet saying “You know, I never really thought of it that way,” especially when it’s contrary to something they’ve stated, ha ha.

        The taper off: it’s to be expected no matter who the author is. The drawback mostly lies in erotica because you’re not allowed to advertise it anywhere big. In other genres you can usually make up for the taper by broadcasting a wide signal letting people know you have a book they might want to read. If you cast a large enough net, then the taper off is cushioned simply by volume (if only 20% read through to the end, you just need to boost the number of people who read the first book). If you rely on word of mouth like erotica writers mostly do, then the outlook is narrowed.

        Patreon: I don’t know yet, but it’s still in its infancy like you say. Doing a series there is worth it for sure. It hasn’t yet managed to afford me much more time (and in that time I’m trying to draw…), but it will work out somehow and I hope to make everyone happy with it, and use it to facilitate what I started it for. I’m definitely loving writing the story!

      9. KT,

        I didn’t see your response to my post about Patreon until just now. We’ve been incredibly busy with “Sheltering In Place”. Seriously. Occupying our time doing different things takes up a lot of time. The world is a different place. There’s only one other person we’re letting into our rented house and she’s staying with us now until it’s safe for her to go back to work (she’s working from home, here).

        Here’s the thing about making everyone happy, and I think you know it: Best you’re going to be able to do is make a few people happy, more content, and a few are going to get lost in the haze. For us, KT, we’re going to be here, reading. We may not always like what you write (Chapter 3), but you’ve managed to capture what goes on in character’s minds like no other we’ve read. So much so, it takes me back to Maggie at times.

        Please, please just do what want to do and don’t let anyone’s opinion steer you away. Go with what you feel, always. You’re the absolute best there is. Let it flow.

        I’d defend you if I thought it would do any good. Keyboard warriors abound. What I will continue to do is recommend your work where possible.

        More important than any of this is this: Stay safe, KT. Don’t take any chances with your health and that of your family.

        Take care of yourself. Sincerely.

        Daria and Dave

      10. Thank you so much, DnD, I really mean it, and love hearing it right now. I hope you’re both doing well, and think we can all brave this and get through to the other side! I’m fortunately healthy, but have loved ones who could be in jeopardy. My main business will tank and I hope it will recover. In the meantime I’m using my time to write and push out some content to make people happy. We could all use some entertainment right now! For example: I don’t give two poops about Taylor Swift or Kanye but I’m finding this new beef a fun distraction and anything’s better than some of the doom and gloom prognostication.

        Best to all!

      11. KT,

        Thank you. We’re doing good. Even our little guy is doing good. Sadly, our older friends in Michigan had to have their little guy put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. His little guy suffered with the same things our little guy has: Diabetes and Cushing’s disease. Thankfully, our little guy is fine and thriving. Knock on wood!

        We hope your primary business rebounds when this mess is over. It has got to be difficult to see something you built wither and no choice but to let it do so. Just know, we’re here for you, we’ll support you any way we can.

        Daria has been super busy most days keeping our assets protected–she has the money mind, I don’t. Our friend from Tampa is going to stay with us throughout. In fact, when it comes time to go back to Michigan in mid May, if things haven’t leveled out she’s agreed to come back with us.

        I think I wrote about this before, but one of Daria’s old “contacts” checks out our house periodically–he’s really a good friend to both of us. Now, with things exploding in Michigan (probably due to more testing being available), we’ve told him he can live in our house if he feels the need. It’s out in the sticks so it’s pretty safe. The only down side to that is we took almost all the food with us to FL–we drove down in our motor home–and being in the sticks, grocery stores aren’t just around the corner.

        Probably more information than anyone wants or needs, but the point is to all: This shit isn’t anything to laugh at. It’s real. It’s changing the world and the way all live. KT, stay safe and take care of yourself and your family. Those are the things that won’t change.

        We care.

        Daria, David, A, and our little guy.

        PS When did Costco stop selling Emergency Food? 🙂

      12. Thanks DnD (and A and little guy, ha ha!)

        So glad your doggie is doing good! Did you stockpile his insulin?

        Canada so far is doing alright during this, IMO. Not sure what will happen with the primary business when this is all over; if it survives financially not sure if there’ll be a market left for this business! It’ll depend on how bad the rest of the province is hit (it’s non-essential, so I need my population to have spending money). Time will tell—for now it’s the older amongst my family I’m very worried about. And I have best friends in frontline healthcare, and their health worries me. I’m doing my part, staying home, and truthfully, my lifestyle isn’t much affected by a quarantine, lol. But to stay positive, I’m donating blood, helping my neighbors, doing shopping for the older people in my life.

        “Our friend from Tampa” is the most mafia thing anyone has said to me, ha ha. And I’m familiar with your “contact” in Michigan who checks on your house (you’ve talked before about him), and I find you guys amazing and fascinating in the best way. Thanks for checking in on me, and I’m so glad to hear you guys are safe with plans and fortification and are looking out for others. You are such good people!

      13. Oh yeah, we don’t give two shits about those two people, either. Though, Daria did like it when Tay-Tay went slightly goth a couple of years ago. 🙂

        And, sorry if I came across as doomy and gloomy earlier. We’re positive. Everyone stay positive, too! 🙂

        I have to say, I find these two new buzz phrases kind of new agey “Social Distancing” and “Shelter in Place”. I think I have better phrases… “Keep the fuck away from me”, and “Stay the FUCK home!”

      14. DnD and KT (others too, I’m just reacting to both of these posts) – it’s kind of heartening to hear both of your stories here. I dont have much to say about my situation so I havent talked about it. I’m lucky to have a job that is actually going to do better with what’s going on (my company has a lot of bids from people wanting to know how people are coping right now, and since people are at home, they are more likely to do surveys). Not to mention, I can work from home rather easily. Aside from that, I’m like KT in that I dont do that much anyways, so being indoors is not that much of an issue.

        I’ve been lucky to have people avoid getting sick despite all of them downplaying it and trusting the word of an incompetent orange man over scientists, but they have mostly been doing the right thing.

        I hope everyone is doing okay, looking forward to getting past this moment.

      15. So glad to hear you’re faring well! Yeah, for some of us introverts this is business as usual, ha ha. Hopefully we’ll all grit our teeth, pull together, and in a few months we’ll be hobbled but back on the path.

      16. KT,

        It’s great to know you’re doing well. This whole mess is way different from anything modern civilization has encountered. It is so like a very bad sci-fi movie that it’s frightening. We’re just glad and happy you’re doing what you can do to help people and that you’re taking care of those around you. It’s important. We think the quickest way to get through this is to simply help people wherever possible, all the while limiting contact.

        We’ve got plenty of U40 Vetsulin–enough for about three months and it’s on auto-order. Same thing with Vetoryl (that’s for Cushings). He’s doing great. Food, too… Hill’s W/D, chicken stew, and kibble, too.

        Mafia… LOL! Well, Daria and I met A in a goth club in Tampa before all this blew up. Daria and she really hit it off and the rest… well… Just remember that license plate picture I posted. A is reallly cool. When we leave for Michigan in mid-May, we gave her the option of having us drive her to her parents in AZ or come back with us–all the while we’re thinking this mess is going to last lots longer–and she chose to come back with us. Here’s the bummer about driving back: Diesel fuel. We have just about a 1500 mile range/tank. We’re slightly over 1500 miles away via the route we need to take. I just hope diesel is still available for our trip back. Hey, I know a guy!

        We’re just who we are, KT. I feel stupid writing about this stuff some times, but I’m not immune to being afraid, as well. Just so, so much to lose and that’s not got anything to do with money. This helps.

        Thank you again, KT and James, and everyone else. Y’all are special people and even though we’ll likely never meet, it’s very important for you to know you have a very positive impact on our lives. Stay safe and healthy.

        Daria, Dave, A and the little guy

      17. These are such great and true words, DnD. Thank you for being here. Weird how you can have a community of nice and gracious people based around dirty books. Go figure.

        Glad you’re stocked up and staying safe with a plan. If diesel’s a concern, hopefully you’ll still find a market for it and if not you’ll be able to ride it out a little longer in place until it is. Stay happy. And healthy.

      18. Thank you, KT. Yeah, it might be odd to have a community based around dirty books, but people are people and will be until the sun swallows up the earth. Everyone needs a little contact, especially now.

        I need to clear something up. A is staying with us until she has to report back to her office in Tampa. When that happens, we’ll take her there. It’s going to be difficult for all three of us, as she can’t work from home forever.

        Let’s all just pray this stuff gets behind us and the damage it has done can be quickly remedied.

        As far as diesel goes, we’ve got solar that works fine. We can actually run the two of the four AC units in the motor home off batteries (that are charged by solar), so we could make it for awhile. It’s just not the ideal situation.

        James… Na… imagine some people dressed in goth gear (Daria and A), some people dressed relatively normally… LOUD music, and sweaty bodies. Spilled drinks, etc. I like the mist idea, though. 🙂

        Daria, Dave, A, and the little guy

        PS. Changing up stuff again… looks good. Any luck integrating Patreon?

    3. @Libertyne & davidndaria When you mention Max Sebastian, I just have to give Marriage 2.0 a shoutout. Going into it, I wasn’t sure, if I would like this anthology-like book, but it’s soooo good. Hope to see a Season Two. Just having a look at it, you both gave it 5 stars. 😉

      @On Series
      For most indie authors, series are gold. You can invest a lot more money into getting new readers into book 1, because a good chunk will read through the complete series. But that scheme doesn’t work for Erotica, because advertising is not a thing. There are just no opportunities to do it.

      Another problem is, that a series can be a hit or a big miss. At least for me. My best money maker is a 5-part-series. It’s probably the cuckold group setting, that sells it. But than there are the other series, where book 1 didn’t sell and than you have to write a second book, while you already know, it will reach a limited number of readers. And originally you had in mind, that this could be another 5-book-series … now you are happy that book 2 has a decent end (and you decide to start your next german cuckold books with married couples only.)

      1. I agree with you on Marriage 2.0.

        You’re a hotwife writer? What’s your pen name? Have I reviewed any of your stuff? I’ll take a look if I’ve never gotten to it.

      2. I write in german. 😉 Pretty much the only german hotwife author, so I have to flee to the english community, to get some inspiration and read myself in the genre I love.

      3. Marriage 2.0 was great! I especially liked how things got exposed. My wife liked the shorts a lot. It’s a wonderful premise. I wonder what Mr. Sebastian is up to, now?

      4. Mr. Silver, I actually bought one of your books and tried to translate it… I took German for a couple of years… yeah… no go… not even with Google Translate. I figured we translated a book from Spanish to English, and it was published by the original authors. I/we figured it would be a fun exercise. After two pages, umm… no. 🙂 You really can’t tell you’re German from your online writing.

        The funny thing about translating that book… we never read it to see how they translated our translation. We looked at a few pages… got way too close to the book.

      5. Yes, the series method I use works really well in non-erotic indie publishing. But it’s not any good if you’re writing erotica because you’re not able to advertise anywhere. And when a book misses (sometimes not your own fault!) it can be devastating.

        You have a cuckold group setting? That sounds interesting…

      6. I had a look at translating one of my books myself. It would have been interesting to see, how the reactions would be, but that’s just so hard work. You have to know a language really well, to get the subtleties right. That’s a car … nope a truck, van, jeep, pickup, wreck on wheels or whatever. Otherwise it will show in your prose big time. In the end I came to the conclusion, that I will need more time to translate a book than to write a new one, and it will never be as good. So I shelved that project into a far away future.

        When I wrote my first Cuckold book, I didn’t have a clue, if this will bring in notable money. So I decided to not care and make it a personal galore of my favorite tropes. The group setting is a big one for me. Most may know “Circle of Cuckolds” (can be found on Literotica), but there are not to many good stories with group\club settings out there. So I had to write my own one: A married couple lives in the last house on a long street. A few hundred meters down the road is an old mansion, which gets suddenly renovated. The wife reports the scandal: It will be a brothel. (A legal profession in Germany … ) But that’s wrong … and the new mansion owner Victoria sets her eyes on them. 130k words later they have a very different marriage. 😉

  12. Ah. I’ve been reading, in the non-erotica world, “Babylon Berlin” in English translation from the German, as new titles are published. I also just heard the 3rd season of the TV show just come out online. It’s already on Amazon Prime for a fee, and will premiere next week on Netflix.

    Glad we can be a community here. I just created a WordPress blog for the sole reason of having a WordPress logon so that I can “like” stuff here. Now I’ve got to decide whether to actually post there – “Libertyne’s top hotwife novels” or maybe a hottest scenes list. There are so many . . . I think, though, KT’s page itself seems like a wonderful chat place on the subject.

    1. I’ll have to look into the “Babylon Berlin” enjoyed the series. Are the books better? I found it interesting to see into the failing German republic and the beginning rise of the Nazis.

    1. Tim, are you referring to VT Vaughn’s “Uncertain Cuckold” series? I read it, plus the prequels, plus stumbled across it slightly repackaged and reissued. I think the author additionally changed pen names at one point. I always wished it was finally finished. I wanted to see the bull coming along on their honeymoon.

      1. We bought that title (all seven parts) last night and found out we had read it before. 🙂 Go figure. 🙂 Still would like to know who the “Master” is. 🙂

    2. It’s good and unfortunately unfinished. Probably forever. It was one of the first long cuckold books that I found on Amazon. Before that I wasn’t aware that Erotica on Amazon is a thing. I would advise to read the originals: The uncertain Cuckold by V T Vaughn. Not sure if the two other publications of this series are from the author or a thief.

      My career of Cuckold reading started big time with “The One Less Traveled” by JayCuck. Than on Literotica. These days under the Name J.C. Wittol on Amazon. Still a good read.

      1. We read the “One Less Traveled” series. Interesting reading. Sad, ultimately, though.

        I guess we have a thing for stuff not getting too shaken up. That was the big reason I couldn’t finish the Maggie series for a while.

      2. JayCuck/J.C. Wittol was one of my favorite writers too! I looove the ‘One Less Traveled’ it’s fantastic. And it’s actually a great suggestion for KT, because it really does feel like it’s something she would appreciate.

        Forgot about that story’s existence!

      3. Oops, I’m actually mistaking ‘One Less Traveled’ with his other series ‘Friends with Benefits’ which he hasn’t totally released (based on what he originally wrote on Literotica that he since took down to make some money). THAT story is one of my favorites, ‘One Less Traveled’ was good, but lost me over time.

  13. Kamilla Murphy, “Unwrapping Wet Amber” and “Entering Madison”. Libertyne has reviewed these, we have, too. Our reviews were really short, but we gave them five stars. They’re out there a bit. Lots of twists and turns. “Unwrapping” is book one, “Entering” is book 2. I actually wrote a sequel to this series and wrote the author for permission to publish, but never heard back, but when it got into the supernatural (spirits/angels/visits from beyond/simultaneous visitation, etc.), it was difficult to keep it on the rails, so to speak. Anyhow, it’s one of those series where you want to see it go on just a bit longer.

    Kamillia has a lot of books on Amazon. “Watching January” was interesting, but kind of sad.

    1. Kamilla writes a wide-ranging assortment of books. I have taken her to task occasionally, but keep coming back to her, and recently enjoyed her “I Need It” series from some years back. She’s really talented. And in that last series I salute her for her daring in hinting that a middle age woman hiring a male escort was in fact autobiographical. I’m not entirely sure that’s true; the character Kamilla is so disparaging of her husband that if this were a true look into Kamilla Murphy’s own marriage, I doubt she’d have remained married.

      On JC Wittol, “The One Less Traveled” was good, and so was “Friends with Benefits”. The third book on that one recently came out, tying up the series. And yes, it did have a sad twist, although there’s a certain moral justice to it. I like how the characters come together at the end, though.

      RCH, Babylon Berlin is one of the rare cases I’ve found of the TV being better than the book. (Although maybe it won’t be a rarity; high-end television, with long-running series, doesn’t have to cut out or oversimplify as much as films do when adapted from books. A film is only 2 or 3 hours long.) The BB novels are solid, absorbing detective novels exploring different aspects of German life from about 1929 to 1932. In the last one, Hitler’s about to take power, our hero goes to East Prussia on a case with his hold on his own job tenuous. I think he’s trying to conceal working on something he’s been ordered to drop. I’m curious how much further the series goes. If you’re familiar with Philip Kerr’s legendary Bernie Gunther series about a German cop in the Weimar, Nazi, wartime and postwar eras, Kerr makes Gunther a private detective during the mid 1930s as he leaves the force when Hitler comes to power. At some point he’s drafted back into the military to be an MP or something, and ends up ordered to do various sleuthing around by top Nazis who trust him despite his being a Socialist because they so distrust each other, and they know he’s not allied with any of their intraparty rivals.

      The TV is wonderful because it piles the post World War I angst, the Depression, drug-addled veterans, political turmoil that doesn’t even involve the Nazis yet, monarchists, White Russian emigres, Trotskyites, Stalinists, nice German women whoring themselves out from desperation, the Roaring 20s, jazz clubs, drugs, kink, into one gloriously intense pile of television. Americans particularly need to see it. The jazz club scene at the end of the first season’s second episode? Oldsters tend to think of Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret” epitomizing Weimar decadence, but watch the above episode of BB and I guarantee you’ll forget all about them. I’ve watched that scene, standalone, repeatedly.

      FYI, wordpress wants me to be libertyne1 so some of my replies here will show that. I’d rather be just Libertyne, but as we know, computers rule.

      1. Be who you are most comfortable being… there is no need to reinvent yourself. Be who you are and the rest will fall in place. One or no one means little in the grand scheme, simply just be.

        You like that?

      1. I completely blew the review we posted for “Bull’s Eye”. As I wrote it, I got the brunette and Manhattan mixed up. As a result, I had a ton of speculation regarding who Manhattan was (former Kenny Wright character, Erin Smith). Still could be if she didn’t have blue eyes, Erin had green eyes. So, I edited the review heavily. My wife even let it slip. That’s even more odd. Still think the song choice is appropriate! 🙂

        What you hope for versus what is. 🙂

      2. DnD, I enjoyed your Bull’s Eye review and gave it a vote. You remind me: I completely forgot to look for characters from other books in it. I need to reread it with that in mind. Is Max the bartender? Are the hotwife couple Chloe and Greg? (Not if Max is the bartender . . . )

      3. I keep hoping Mr. Wright would bring back Erin and Tom Smith in some way, hopefully way deep to see what they’ve been up to since Manuel entered the fray. I have a theory on where he got some of the attitude Erin had with Tom, but I haven’t checked dates so I won’t go public with it. Parts of Erin remind me of my wife, parts don’t. That’s the beauty of Training to Love It.

        We have to write a review for Bull 2, still. It’ll be five stars, for sure.

      4. I thought Training To Love It ended at a good place. AJ moves, and moves on, ending his sexual domination of Erin. Erin and Tom are in a good place. Erin now gets to be the one in charge, with the boy toy she discovers at the gym. That’s Manuel, right? The nastiness surrounding the video of her with AJ and Lamar is ended. I wouldn’t mind seeing a cameo of them – heck, I’d love to read a story of the entire Kingston crowd getting together for some massive orgy. Erin and Tom, Dave and Dana, Jana, Haley as a divorcee, Max and Katie, Meg and Mal, Jo and AJ coming to visit. I’d be curious how their individual quirks and personalities would work into it. Maybe that can be the theme for one of those five-short-story collections that Wright, McCurran, Boswell, Sebastian and Butler have put out.

      5. How about if Erin and Dana ran into each other at a club. Tom and Dave don’t see each other there (Chic?) but Erin is caught red handed by Dana finally picking up a guy? Both are in fact, busted. They become running mates until Erin goes too far. Way too far for Tom. Well beyond the scope of “Magnanimous”. Tom divorces Erin. Erin literally gets nothing but $5000.00/month alimony and an apartment paid for by Tom for two years. Two months to the day after the divorce is final (14-months in VA), Tom (who has been working out like a madman), is out celebrating a big win for his company (he’s now a partner) when he gets a mysterious text…”You’re looking really good, Tom.”

        I do like the idea of past KW characters weaving in and out of stories.

  14. Animated Sci-Fi Netflix recommendation that is not hotwife/cuckold oriented in the slightest (not yet at least, that would be perfect lol).

    Love Death & Robots

    Each episode is standalone and 10 to 20 minutes long, and has really cool visuals and trippy/surreal storylines.

    1. This recommendation might not have resonated with folks, but if you liked Black Mirror you’ll like this series. In particular I recommend Episode 7 “Beyond the Aquila Rift”, which is tripped out like I mentioned, but leaves you unsettled. Thoroughly enjoy.

      1. I watched it and loved it. I was happy to read a couple of weeks ago, that they are producing a second season.

        Episode 7 has the highest rating on IMDB. Personally I like the first two episodes the best. Episode 2 ist just a fun little episode (with the robots and cats), and the story of episode 1 could make an interesting movie.

      2. That’s cool that we can relate on that, David! I only just heard about that series a couple weeks back, but when I saw it was going to be coming back this year I was pretty excited, too! I’ll check out your recommendations because I think someone was watching this series before me on my Netflix account, because I started watching episodes on the 3rd one (also a great one by the way, but again I swear that it isn’t because it involves naked women, I am being deadly serious,lol).

  15. Okay, I’ve got a good one for you guys: “The Very Bad Wife” by Dylan Chase. It’s billed as “A female-POV cheating novella,” and that mostly describes it accurately (though the POV shifts on a few occasions). It is mostly cheating, as opposed to hotwifing, and in fact Chase gets a lot of semi-humorous mileage out of the hapless husband’s gullibility and seeming cluelessness. (This is not a book for those who don’t like to see hubby disrespected. Personally, I find the way our heroine Zoe treats him very hot. Whoever uptopic was saying they wanted more NTR will find a lot to like here.)

    The writing style is part of what makes the book a stand-out. Even most of the better books in this genre (KT excepted) are written in a prosaic manner, intended simply to communicate the story as clearly and cleanly as possible. And that’s fine. But Chase writes Zoe’s POV in this kind of witty, breathless, rambling stream-of-consciousness that is very different, not to mention hard to put down — I had planned to read the book in a couple of installments but ended up plowing straight through. The stylishness, the flair for imagery, and the intensity of Zoe’s ardor for the big business at hand (“She wrapped her hand around it to begin the arduous process of guiding it free of its domain. The skin was smoother than marble and hot as a garden hose left in the sun”) reminded me of KT at times, though the book doesn’t have or even attempt her complexity of characterization and emotion.

    But then, not everything has to. “The Very Bad Wife” is a fast, filthy, superhot read. I would say it’s highly recommended, but I think I already made that much clear.

    1. I loved reading this too! Really really liked it.
      Definitely agree though, if I say that the husband is an afterthought in the Manus Dare series, the husband is not existent as a thought in this book. I’m more than okay with that type of story though, so I enjoyed it. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea here for sure!

      1. We’re going to read “The Very Bad Wife” this week some time. I glanced around for format. I guess I have a thing for shorter paragraphs. I think being on the Internet since I was a kid has done that to me. Reading a blast of electronic text is just different. It doesn’t happen with paper books, though. Odd.

    2. The big unbroken paragraphs in “VBW” can look imposing, but you may be surprised how quickly and entertainingly Zoe’s tumbling thoughts sweep you along. As I said, despite the walls of text, I couldn’t stop reading, in part because you get caught up in the pace of her selfish, self-justifying, desperately horny little mind.

      1. Your rave review is up on Amazon, Libertyne. Intelligently observed and well-written as always. And I appreciate the closing shout-out.

        I’m thinking about writing to Chase and inviting her to look in here. Think she might enjoy the comments.

      1. It’s an acronym for a subgenre of Japanese erotica called “netorare” — basically cuckolding, often of a fairly dark/intense nature. I mentioned it in the context of “VBW” because somebody uptopic was talking about it. It’s applicable insofar as the husband in Chase’s book is duped and disrespected, as opposed to the softer and more mutual approach of hotwifing stories.

  16. Got another one for you all (been busy this weekend): “Offered & Taken” by Riley Keal. I’ve actually bought a bunch of Keal’s books, but this is the first one so far that I’ve read to the end. I started a couple of others, but for some reason they weren’t doing it for me. There seemed to be too little conflict, the husbands tended to be too virile and too involved in the action for my taste, and the writing, while polished, seemed to lack a certain heat.

    I really liked this one, though. It’s basically from the bull’s point of view, as he’s seduced by his hot Asian neighbor, Jules, who reveals that her husband likes her to dominate him and wants her to cuckold him. She’s into all that, but she has a submissive streak herself, and she needs to have that itch scratched, too. Nick, the bull, is surprised at first (especially since they’ve all been friends for years), but quickly adapts and settles very naturally into his dominant role. He even comes up with new ways for Jules to torture hubby, like making hubby buy and wear condoms while Nick gets to take her bareback (and Jules adds the bonus that hubby is still not allowed to cum, condom or no).

    None of this is as mean or harsh as it may sound, however. All the participants enjoy their roles, all remain friends, and Jules loves her husband dearly. But she understands that this is his thing, which she happens to discover she enjoys, too. And certainly Nick has no reason to complain.

    There’s another character introduced toward the end, leaving it wide open for a sequel. Think I’ll write and encourage Keal to give us one.

  17. Has anyone here but me heard of “Gorean Submission”? It’s a flavor of D/s favored by a fantasy book series by John Norman–a combination of science fiction (Counter Earth) and D/s, of sorts. At home, I’ve got my Dad’s original copies with original art work. I’ve read them… Just wondering if there are any other books, fiction or non-fiction about this?

    1. I had to google it, and it took me down a wormhole! It sounds awesome. A whole Gorean subculture and everything. Guy that wrote it is from Princeton, way into my stuff, like Freud and Nietzsche. Sounds like my kind of thing!

      1. I don’t know why I brought that series up. As I recall, it’s really good–deep in many ways. The D/s and slavery stuff, as I recall, wasn’t to demean a woman, but rather for a slave to revel in her true potential and to experience her true self. I recall two classes of slave, “White Silk” and “Red Silk”. I do remember the male lead’s name, though: Tarl Cabot.

        I remember the writing style, though. John Norman used phrases like, “… not unlike that of…” regularly. I think I was maybe 14 when I read the series. I remember there was a movie made but it was reallly horrible.

        I know the artwork for the series was done by Boris Vallejo, but that’s because I looked it up.

      2. Hey-o on Boris Vallejo. Awesome fantasy stuff. Sometimes I wish I had a cool old van for camping with a Vallejo muscle dude painted on the side, maybe a centaur.

      3. Yeah, some of his work is very… um… detailed. Frank Frazetta is in a similar vein, but now that I’ve looked at both, I find Vallejo to be more to my tastes. Frazetta did do Molly Hatchett album covers though. I’ve seen photos of vans you mentioned. If you ever want to go off the grid, that is the way to go. One thing I find incredibly dangerous is single women livng in Sprinter vans and making videos about it. They don’t have cool artwork on the van’s. They reserve that for their bodies.

  18. I just finished Kenny Wright’s new Bull’s Eye and it was one of the best hotwife books I’ve ever read. I can find a problem with almost anything (even books I like), but I thought it was flawless.I’m reading The Force by Don Winslow now. The writing is a little intense, but I like a good cop story.

      1. We liked the preview of Trinity 5 at the end of 4. Lots of potential there. Wonder where it’s going to go?

    1. All of Don Winslow’s books are good and The Force is a particularly powerful one. Makes one think seriously about the symbiosis between cops and robbers and the price the former pay in keeping the peace. Read Savages if you havn’t already.

    2. It is difficult to have a discussion of ongoing changes in housing patterns here in DC without recalling your book, “Gentrified.” More than once I have been caught out smiling during one of these earnest sessions.

      You also mentioned a large work beyond T5, which the fan club eagerly awaits. Care to tantalize us?

      1. I agree with Libertyne! Gentrified…the rain, the blown fuse, the washer… One of the best slow burn stories ever!

      2. For Winston’s homies gentrification was a grave crisis, for him an opportunity, both financially and sexually, to say nothing of better restaurants. And women always appreciate a man who is good with his hands.

      3. Donkatsu, you asked me to direct you to my espionage novel reviews. Thanks for your interest. I keep that pen name separate from Libertyne, but if you give me an email address I’ll contact you privately. Thanks again.

  19. On the subject of people being censored, which we got into somewhere above, I noticed today that, in my real name Amazon account, in which I am a Vine reviewer, at least 8 reviews of the last year are blocked, with the legend “hidden by sensitivity filter”. I’m giving customer support what-fer about it now in a chat.

    1. And I can’t imagine what they’re finding objectionable in a bunch of book reviews on spy novels, World War II novels, what-if technothrillers and the like. I mean, I’ve figured out how to write reviews of erotic novels without getting bounced (usually, I occasionally have to go back and change a word). So what could they possibly find objectionable in my analysis of a Stephen Coonts or Philip Kerr or Richard Wake novel?

  20. Getting back to the earlier discussion of “what are you reading now”?, which led into a little bit of reviews of past possibly overlooked favorites, wanted to register a vote for Shalamara Jax’ Gavin Shares His Wife. This one pushed all my buttons: a wife who gets a little full of herself, perhaps, suffers bad judgement, puts marriage at risk. A husband who comes to regret “what he wished for”, but has enough self respect to push back; and a plausible (if a little rushed, probably my only criticism) ending, which is mostly happy.

    1. TexasHoosier, I agree. I enjoyed that Jax series, particularly for the husband-pushes-back aspect of it. I’m sorry Jax has currently abandoned erotica for other genres. Hope she will return one day.

  21. If you can read Spanish, you might want to check out the third book in the saga of Gema and Daniel. We translated the second book from Spanish to English and I have kind of kept in touch with Daniel. I don’t think we’ll be translating the third book because it’s 600 pages. The second book took us about six months to translate and by the end, we were done with it. This book picks up where book 2 leaves off and chronicles the relationships between Gema, her cuckold husband Daniel, Gema’s boyfriend Sylvestre, and Silvestre’s roommate.

    If they ever decide to start up a new blog (they shut down their blog when Tumblr went puritan), if you’re into BDSM, cuckolding, and all that entails–I’m sure I’ll get a link from Daniel–Google Translate works well enough to follow, check it out.

    Gema is currently looking for a new guy to pick up where her boss, “Gerardo” left off. In an interesting turn, Gerardo’s son is interested.

    Just search on Amazon for “Gema Esposa Caliente” or “Gemma V. Avril”.

    1. Earlier today, we were offered the English translation of this book. I don’t know about doing it. We have the potential to be parents in a couple of months, so I know we will not be finished by then. Chances are we will not be parents by then, but the potential is there and we’d hate to have to stop halfway. Besides, it’s a ton of work, I mean TONS.

    2. We’re not up to translating 600 pages, so we offered to take Daniel’s translations, proof read and edit them. Spanish, on the surface is generally easy to speak, but when you dig in, especially with native speakers writing in their native language, translating and keeping the feel is really a LOT of work.

  22. Jewel Geffen, “The Cuckold and the Concubine”. Get it. It will warm your heart. Maturity. Love. Committment, all around.

    1. “C&C” paperback arriving today. Am going to try to read tomorrow.

      Currently 2/3 of the way through Geffen’s “Queen of Tahiti: The Complete Collection.” Loving it so far — potentially my favorite of hers to date. Will report upon completion.

    2. Based on our limited experience reading Jewel Geffen titles, I will say “The Cuckold and the Concubine” is quite a departure–if it’s just the one book. Something, based on the last sentence in the book, hints at more.

      1. She apparently wrote it as a reader commission, so that may be why you find it different from her other work.

        My copy did arrive today, and I still hope to find time for it before the weekend’s out. I’m frankly a little apprehensive based on your description — heartwarming is not really what I come to this genre for. But Geffen has not let me down yet.

      2. Fair enough. 🙂 It’s only heartwarming near the end. But it remains as quite different. It’s not one of QoS series.

  23. Cynthia Sizemore is throwing haters with her latest ‘Her First Bull: Jessica’

    She really encapsulates what I respond to really well, I think the only thing she really lacks is the grace that KT brings to the table.

    DnD, another one you might not like too much.

    1. No problelm, James. Thanks for the heads up! Actually, KT’s patreon thing is about the only thing we’re reading right now. Daria’s nose is burried in CNBC, keeping abreast of the markets. This whole thing has been ugly. Canada has closed its borders, too.

    2. Tried to reply once, so if this is a duplicate, my apologies. Thanks for the heads up, James. Actually, we’re only reading the stuff on KT’s Patreon, now. My wife had her nose buried in CNBC to keep up on things that might affect us. We have a friend from Tampa staying with us while she is workng from home for at least 30 days. Canada has closed its borders. Back home in MI, they’ve closed schools and some places where lots of people gather (bars, etc.). Pretty crazy stuff.

      1. I see both replies, for what it’s worth. Working from home where I’m at, shaking my head at the people that are back home who just a couple days ago were looking out their window saying, “I dont see any coronavirus” and letting us all know their disdain for the media because of it. Now it’s in bay county they can confirm, because, you know we FINALLY have more tests available.

        Scary, stay safe, my 401k is fucked as hard as Kimmy is (see what I did there?) but it wasnt that great to begin with given my age.

      2. James, we hope you, and everyone else is safe and stocked up. Here, we can’t do much other than go to the grocery store (an independant I found that’s fully stocked), and out to the pool. Social distancing looks like it’s going to be a way of life for the next couple of months. Anyway, y’all take care and stay safe!

  24. Will KT step to become the Boccaccio of our age, weaving dirty stories to while away the hours away from the pestilence? We can only hope.

  25. Arnica Butler… Back when we first started reading stories and not reviewing much, if at all, we read “Well Laid Trap, the story of a professional hotwife”. We re-read that over two days this week. Wow, just wow. On KT’s Patreon, I made a case for “One and Done”. Well, in this book it’s two and done, but man, what a GREAT two book series. Reader’s can literally feel the husband losing it, and man does he get close, really close to losing it. It’s hot as all get out, too. Slow burn done right. If you get a chance to pick this series up, it’s worth it.

  26. Whoa, another suggestion for everybody (no caveats, I think theres something for everyone in this) is Riley Keal on Amazon. Wow, the stories are a bit stripped down to its erotic core, like mostly every bit is designed to set up the next sex scene and is relatively straight to the point (there are pros and cons to that of course lol), but this author checks a ton of boxes for me …
    1) nice length of story, and the story has progress and written with attention to detail for each moment
    2) wife character and hubby truly care for each other. I know most all the time I make it seem like the hubby doesnt matter to me, and to be honest, he doesnt, lol but ironically I enjoy an author that pays attention to this character. Attention to this character makes me respect the author more, even if I dont particularly care about that element receiving attention, figure that out I continue to confuse myself, lol. Husband characters are deeply involved in the wife’s games and wifey cares about hubby throughout, but …
    3) … sometimes things get out of hand in a way neither expects, emotions start to get involved.
    Still, this author seems to make things safe for everyone.
    4) Theres often a central focus for wifey’s attention outside of the marriage, even if she sleeps with multiple guys. I dont like stories with multiple bulls, and it’s been talked about how I enjoy the bull character being a decent guy who even has connections with the hubby, check!
    5) There is a lot of effort to write creative (often obviously fictional) ways for wifey to tease or otherwise get off.
    6) Physical contrast between bull and hubby is necessary!
    and 7) passionate sex scenes with undertones of romance, lots of eye contact (eyes matter!), and sex without protection is a game that’s played often in the stories, often built into a story’s progress.

    I just had a Riley Keal KU story binge fest, some of these need more attention from their reader than I gave them, but my first recommendation is “Obsessed with her Trainer,” but that’s because I really read that one. Others were great, havent finished all of them.

    Strong recommendation if you’re looking for quality, yet kind of silly, but definitely hot, erotica.

    1. Which one did you like best? We liked “Weekend With The Guys” and “Hotwife’s Losing Bets”. Well written, lots of sex. 🙂 Tropes abound. Still We/I agree with your assessment!

    2. You have good taste, aside from those I liked the ‘Obsessed with her Trainer’ and really like the start of ‘Offered and Taken’

      Glad to hear you guys are both fans too!

      1. Love it! I’m glad I stocked up on toilet paper before the overreaction started!

        Ever listen to the backstory of My Sharona by the way? Creepy stuff, she was like 10 years younger and 17, I can’t listen to that song the same knowing the truth …

      2. No “bad,” tobetohave! I don’t have dibs on Keal just because I posted first. Glad you’re enjoying!

      3. My excuse is being overwhelmed by the sheer recommendations above, theres a lot of thought in your post, and I agree that one thing I wish would happen in their stories is needing more angst. Hubby is too into it for me.

      4. KT – No judgments about My Sharona, I’m sure that’s somebody’s thing, to be preyed upon by someone much older than them (who has their own loving relationship, by all accounts) while simultaneously being too immature to really know what they want.
        I’m sure it’s real cute to someone when he sang directly to her every night on tour for a year, spurning his own girlfriend at the time and alienating the dude Sharona was dating at the same time, who was her high school sweetheart, I think. It’s no wonder the two never worked when Sharona finally gave into the dude.

        Honestly, when I heard the story I thought “there’s a way KT can make this hot,” there is something there, but I generally morph many things I encounter the world into possible themes for you to tackle, lol. But for me … the age difference … And it’s not like we’re talking 45 and 30, that isn’t that crazy to me.

        I’m just saying, look at the cover of ‘Get the Knack’ and look at Doug Fieger’s face, if that doesn’t give you the creeps if you were Sharona … lol

      5. You sent me into a Knack wormhole yesterday, ha ha. That is a great story for a hotwife cuckold book, for sure. The real Sharona was on the cover for the single. But they say he was twenty-five and she was seventeen. Still hinky but less so. Some twenty-five year olds aren’t much different than seventeen year olds, IMO. But, yeah, it can get super creepy—I don’t mean to make light of relationships with skewed power dynamics, only posted positively because when it comes to fantasy romance fiction, that kind of scenario is super-hot. Real life is different…

      6. Wow… I know a lot about music (I’m a nerd, what can I say?), but I’ve never heard about the backstory for My Sharona… Now, I’m going, albeit way late, down the wormhole, too. I just thought it was a funny song parody. 🙂

        Oddly enough, that song is great training for double bass drum work. It’s so open ended that many grooves can be put in it and it’s still My Sharona… imagine 32nd note bass drum rolls? Talk about burn!

      7. Oh, all this discussion was about the SONG “My Sharona”? I had to go read up on it. (I missed it when it was a radio hit, I was out of the country.) Okay, she’s a little on the young side, but she was at the age of consent, had a relationship with the guy, was friends with him when he died, and doesn’t sound like she has any complaints. People need to lighten up on the subject of age difference. Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, not a power imbalance.

      8. Here’s something funky… Fieger. He was Geoffrey Fieger’s brother–that, to me, is far more creepy than a little age difference. I mean after living in Michigan for years, you get kind of numb to Fieger Law commercials, but man that dude made ambulance chasing an art after Kevorkian.

        I just found this out, too… Doug Fieger was also in a band named “Triumvirat”. Triumvirat was a 70’s band that tried to be Emerson, Lake and Palmer (or so it seems to me after listening to one of their albums). Fieger was apparently in Triumvirat long after 70’s, though.

        Back to our regular programming. 🙂

      9. DnD – because I know you have good taste in music I should be clear about My Sharona, the song slaps, the rest of the band is what does it for me, the guitar work and drumming is phenomenal (I imagine some double bass would sound great overlaid, ha).

  27. TB, DnD, agree about Ms. Keal: hot, smutty, lots of sex, little angst. But we cannot live in KT’s world full time; it would kill most of us.

    Coincidentally, we watched “The Guru” last night, in which Heather Graham plays a porn actress named “Sharonna.” If you haven’t seen it it is an fun Bollywood-NY fusion pic.

  28. Just read the latest Matthew Lee story “Knockout” and I quite enjoyed it. Usually don’t go for the hotwife stuff but I found the premise interesting enough. Husband fights in the ring and wife learns he fights harder when he’s jealous (though she of course enjoys the attention for its own sake), so she starts flirting with a rival and taking things progressively further. It’s a bit short and almost criminally underwritten for my tastes, but I’m greedy as hell. Would’ve loved to see the four book KT version of this haha.

    1. I’m a big Matthew Lee fan. His stories have tended to the shorter side of late, he has an economic writing style, and I know he grew disillusioned with how longer series – taking a longer story and breaking it up into pieces to sell separately – did in the marketplace. Lately he seems to be enjoying coming up with novel (heh) settings for his stories. This one was imaginative, as was one last fall set in minor-league football. You’ve got studly guys, plus the sexy gals who hang around them.

      1. Same here, Libertyne. Very unique plot line in that book. Rage. 🙂 We really do like Matthew Lee’s work a lot, too. So much so that when new titles are not coming out, we’ve been re-reading some of his work. What we’ve read is even better the second time around.

      2. Which one was the minor league football one? That sounds interesting too. I like Matthew Lee’s books a lot.

      3. It’s kind of funny (actually its more disappointing) to read how Books that are written in series tend to do poorly relative to standalones when I am actually more likely to read a story if it has multiple parts. Knowing myself and the how the timeline checks out, I’m pretty sure the fact that LHW was a series was a selling point in me picking up the books. Same goes for Matthew Lee, I picked up some of his early-on stories that were two-parters because there were multiple stories. I’m like the anti-thesis of the typical e-book consumer from what I hear from KT.

      4. I’m curious what’s at the root of series aversion among those readers who avoid them. Possibly that a lot of people can’t face long reads, like a series. Or maybe that book didn’t trip their trigger and they don’t care about the sequels. Some perhaps just didn’t see it. I also like longer reads when the first book grabs me. But I sometimes don’t get to them. I have, but have never finished KT’s “Maggie” series, partly because I couldn’t relate to the college kids, plus don’t think sexual situations among them like sharing and hotwife equivalent stuff raise the same tensions. They aren’t playing for the same stakes. Many hotwife books allude to the characters, usually the women, having some history of wildness in college. It’s sort of a sexual get-out-of-jail-free zone; little you do there will follow you through life. Did something with multiple guys one night while drunk at a frat house? Who cares?

        I also have never finished “Killer of a One Night Stand” by Max Sebastian. I didn’t discover it until it had been combined into one long book, I’d need to start it again to get the thread (a guy’s search for the killer of his brother, who was hooking up with online dates) and I’ve just never gotten back to it after reading what had previously been the first installment.

      5. Yeah, I get it. I don’t even know what Maggie was. It wasn’t a real hotwife book, or a cuckold book—but yet it was. The point of the book to me wasn’t the cuckolding for some reason. I really loved the love triangle part of it.

    2. The concept sounds super-exciting! I have a story (series) like that in the works for a while—not boxers but MMA, takes place in Japan (trying to get write-offs for a trip to Japan)

      1. KT, the minor league football one was “For the Team”. I look forward to your MMA one; I think you write that kind of male, and the woman’s attraction to him, well.

  29. KT – I know you werent minimizing relationships based on power dynamics, the initial part of my reply was definitely heavy handed, it was trying to be funny too though lol, probably didnt land well.

    In an interview with Sharona she talks about him being 9 years older and she was still in high school. I had a full time job at that age, high school kids were not even on my radar, because ew. Doug Fieger, I’m judging you, r.i.p.

    By the way, I defend your claim about the possibility of 25 year olds being immature, that mentality you’re working with was my defense of Taylor way back at the talk of ’19 year olds should know better’ but when you start to get up to 25, 26 … that defense becomes much weaker.

    But yeah, you should strongly consider integrating whatever comes to mind into the Libby story … seems appropriate, lol.

    Or maybe you might consider bringing back Renny? haha.

    1. There’s a lot (A LOT) of this in music and entertainment that the general population just prefers to turn a blind eye to. David Bowie, for example.

      1. It know, it’s kind of fucked. I’m not trying to be too ‘woke’ about it, it just genuinely creeps me out. Then you look at the lyrics in the pre-chorus, “I always give it up for the touch of the younger kind”(?!?!?!) Dude … lol

      2. And everywhere else, too, Glaucon. As Roman Polanski famously remarked, when asked about his exploits with the young (13 y-o) film hopeful at his villa in the Hollywood Hills: “Everyone wants to fuck a 13 year-old girl!”

      3. Donk – lol, kind of like Freud haha

        Freud: we all wanna fuck our mom’s amiright?”
        Everybody still:

      4. What about Winger’s “She’s Only Seventeen”? How about Gary Pucket and the Union Gap’s, “Young Girl”? I think the Gary Pucket song is really gross. But, I can get into the guitar work on Winger’s song. No, I don’t “like” Winger, but I do have a very soft spot in my heart for 80’s hair metal. I listen to “Hair Nation” sometimes on SiriusXM. Then again, there’s that Vixen–Jan hair thing.

      5. Ha ha, laughed my ass off at that. So true.

        I listen to a lot of fifties music and it’s pretty bad there. Like Chuck Berry. Little Queenie and Sweet Little Sixteen are about sixteen year olds, but you could always argue his songs are written on behalf of a sub-seventeen year old boy and aren’t meant to be in his actual voice. But fucking Sweet Little Rock and Roller talks about a nine year old. Chuck, dude, c’mon. Maybe just play guitar for a little bit. And what’s with all the “sweet” and “little” song titles?

        Completely unrelated: One of my favorite Chuck Berry moments is when he played with John Lennon and John Lennon (who idolized Chuck Berry) brought Yoko. It was televised, and Chuck Berry’s face when Yoko does her weird screeching thing is priceless. I actually like Yoko Ono though, and I love Japanese Noise (I’ll listen the shit out of The Boredoms), but Yoko, you’re on stage with Chuck Berry and John loves him, baby, sit side stage and enjoy this one instead—let John have his moment…

      6. It really changes things. If a guy says he loves a girl and he doesn’t care how young she is he just has to have her—well, that’s totally different than some creeper saying he likes young girls. And the former is still problematic!

      7. tbh, it seems to me that the former is often just a more circumspect expression of the same urge that leads to the later (I think you touch on that acknowledging the former’s problematic nature). There’s a reason this comes up so much. It’s all tied into to an extreme cultural fetishization of youth, and frankly it’s predatory.

      8. Who is this “John Lennon” person you spoke of? Most peculiar!

        Seems to me everyone has forgotten about “I Saw Her Standing There”.

      9. LOL! I can’t do this anymore… Isn’t “You Can’t Do That” rather appropriate here?

        Oh, Libertyne, in my Dad’s album collection, I’ve got “Something New”, vinyl, mono. Also, “Meet The Beatles” mono, vinyl. I think the prize of my Dad’s Beatle collection is “The Beatles” (White Album) in white vinyl–perfect condition, with all inserts.

  30. <————–(playing "I Saw Her Standing There", which he owns on actual vinyl) People need to remember that in the 1950s, people actually got married in their late teens, and many did. Sixteen was the age of consent. We might further want to consider that girls of that age are of childbearing age, and it's a healthy time to do so; their bodies recover easily. This isn't PC to say anymore, but it's the truth. It isn't all about going to graduate school for everyone. And sometimes relationships with a largish age difference are quite happy ones. It may be because of the age diff, or having nothing to do with it.

    1. I get that, we all got opinions and context is needed a lot of time, obviously age differences between males and females in relationships have happened for a long time, all that stuff is understood. I’m pointing it out in this case with ‘My Sharona’ because dude acknowledges he prefers younger girls in the lyrics, among issues I have, haha. I’ll bring up the lyric again, “I get it up for the touch of a younger kind.”

      Age difference is fine but you’re not saying that someone who gets turned on by that as a factor as opposed to more important compatibility measures like common interests, personality, sexual chemistry, etc. is ok, right? I dont think you are, to me this is not a cigar is a cigar situation, lol. Doug Fieger might be a perfectly fine dude and I’m being overly harsh, but in my opinion his lyrics in this song are exhibit A of an overly persistent predator.

      Guy said he was never going to give up until she gave in, well, she did, so I guess it’s all fine.

      1. Yeah, Fieger had the hots for a 17 year-old girl, but when he actually dated her, she was at least 18–based on Sharona having a boyfriend and broke up with him a year after meeting Fieger.

        And, Doug Fieger died. I do think the single cover is hot as all get out, though. (This is what I get for going down the rabbit hole.)

    2. Libertyne, Are you saying that Abba’s “Dancing Queen” was not actually about a graduate seminar in kinesiology?

    1. Incredible installment. Absolutely incredible. Review posted. Thanks for posting this, Libertyne. Warning: Our review is kind of gushing, but it’s VERY appropriate.

  31. Has someone brought up ‘Ozark’ on Netflix and I just cant remember that I skimmed past it to avoid spoilers? (SPOILERS) The running elephant in the room between Wendy and Marty in every interaction they have, and just how many times Marty watches that tape of Wendy and Gary ….

    Plus it’s just really good.

    Dont say too much, more I’m only 4 episodes in, but I love it.

    1. Funny you should mention this… we just stopped streaming for the night. We’re six episodes in. So far, so good. Wait a little bit, Marty gets inspired.

      1. We just finished season 1 last night. Things that are immersive are a nice distraction. Jason Bateman is quite impressive. I think this show is a perfect example of a cascading failure.

    2. Now almost through streaming the three seasons. What a piece of work Wendy is! What can you say about a story in which the most admirable characters are PWT and an Asperger’s teenager.

      Not even a hotwife or cuckold tale; butter doesn’t melt in Wendy’s mouth.

      KT, remember we discussed “othering” and its role in fidelity (or not) couple of years ago in regard to that great, but short-lived, post VN war series? Well, apparently even if sex does not float your boat you can look the other way about your husband getting kidnapped, shot, etc. without much or a reaction if you have sufficiently othered the hubby.

      1. We’re on the last episode of Season 2. We’ll probably be into season 3 sometime tomorrow night. I was kind of hoping Wendy had another affair. Guess not. 🙂

      2. Dammit, I read your comment DnD! I didn’t even know another affair was on the table. Not your fault I knew I shouldn’t have read the comment email …

      3. I don’t know… I haven’t seen season 3, yet. Who knows? I kind of think the series would become something other than what it is if Wendy had another affair. I will say this, Wendy really evolves in Season 2. Big time evolves. The start of the cold, heartless, bitch is there. Though, she’s always been there.

      4. TB, actually, the evolution of the lovely Wendy fits in well with KT’s emerging theme in “Devil.” The physical betrayal of Marty is nothing compared with the emotional and familial betrayal and the ease with which Wendy can view Marty as valuable or disposable on strictly utilitarian grounds. In the process, Wendy herself suffers as everyone around her, including the children, interacts with her only in transactional terms.

        This is pretty much how some of us have foreseen the evolution of Kimmy’s treatment of the hapless Josh, so it fits in well with KT’s moral code. We just don’t know how and on whom the hammer blow will be delivered yet.

        As KT has lectured us (whilst entertaining us greatly, I might add) men need to man-up. Josh cannot undo high school; he can act like more of a man now. Kimmy likes muscles, Josh can go to the gym; he’s not an old fart who cannot add some strength. Kimmy likes assertiveness; Josh can start with her and not collapse at the first sign of resistance. Josh is tormented by Kimmy’s gaslighting, he can hire a P.I. and get some real evidence; he can afford it. Just like any business deal, to get what you want you have to be willing to walk. If the deal is more important to you than to the other party, then you will have to make the concessions, not her.

        OTOH, our fearless leader may well show us that Josh kinda likes this treatment and angst; we shall see

        Back to Ozark, Wendy is always willing to put the entire deal on the line to get that last element of benefit to her, even/especially if it means sacrificing one of her associates or family members. Marty is always looking at sealing THIS deal, providing for his family as he see fit, and is so invested that he always has to concede.

  32. Straight out of KT-land: Illinois Mayor Calls on Police to Crack Down on “Stay-at-Home” Violators – Then 48 Hours Later They Catch His Wife at a Bar”

    In other news: Mass General Hospital testing nitric oxide at coronavirus treatment; Vitamin V seen useful as coronavirus treatment: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=7&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi3su7xsdnoAhULhXIEHR1rDfQQFjAGegQICBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.latimes.com%2Fscience%2Fstory%2F2020-04-05%2Fviagra-discovery-could-treat-coronavirus-patients&usg=AOvVaw1ZZrgll7U6K6qa78aNk0GI; Since nitric oxide is made by a normal body’s cells to increase blood flow and is essential to achieving an erection, we MUST conclude that mandatory assignment of KT’s works is a major element in any effective strategy vis-a-vis coronavirus.

    1. To clarify further, the mayor’s wife was arrested at 01h15, when the bar was raided by the local police. Hope Josh does not have to hang around that long.

  33. Does anyone here think that COVID-19 has impacted the frequency of other authors of erotic books? (KT is not included because, well, Patreon.) You know, kids at home, working from home, etc.?

      1. Yes. I was looking at some specific authors and intervals between books. Several well-known authors are taking a couple of months longer between books than normal. Nothing big. Just a thought.

  34. One writer, aside from KT, who clearly has both the time and focus to write more and read more is Xleglover. We are not far enough into this shutdown to gauge the impact on the productivity of others. With things gradually reopening we should expect a flurry of stories soon, don’t’cha think?

    As to our current main saga, I still think there are great stores to be mined in the bullying vein. Glaucon hit it on the head in talking about how the mere presence of the HS bully can cause a behavioral reversion by the victim even years later. That is why I have maintained resolutely that the only way to deal with a bully is mercilessly in secondary school. Otherwise the pattern is too difficult to break later in life.

    If you contact me in the email address I gave Libertyne, I will relate a personal story that set the course of my life in that regard.

    1. Yeah, xleglover mentioned Kimmy Chang in his latest story, but Kimmy was a young waitress in a New York City coffee shop. Interesting, though. It’s clear he’s reading KT’s latest, unless it’s the universe lining up in a really coincidental way.

    2. I will never regret throwing two bullies down staircases and fistfighting a couple to standstills in high school. No one bothers you after that.

    3. I agree. Kind of.

      It’s a hard suggestion to the bullied that they merely need to step up to save themselves. Some who are bullied may find within what it takes to overcome. Especially in an unsure bully.

      But some who are bullied will never find within what it takes to put a bully in their place. And there is always the possibility you’ll encounter a bully prepared to escalate to places truly frightening. Absolute socios who truly exist in this world. You may put them in their place with a good ole punch in the nose, then they kill your pets or set your house on fire or murder you.

      A good blanket statement is not to let people push you around and test your resolve by stepping up. But also get good at assessing who’s legit and who’s paper. But I do love hearing about paper bullies who accidentally pick on victims who turn out to be legit.

      But some bullies are psychos who will later end up on death row. Be careful out there…

      1. KT, let me be clear here. My proposed remedy mostly refers to life in a long-ago America. These days, there are too many guns around and too much casual violence. Even in my own youthful experience with bullies that truly hated me/us, there was a line that nobody crossed. Now, this line went beyond bloody noses and black eyes, but there were few broken bones and no guns or knives.

        I suspect there are still bullies that adhere to the old “code” and others who don’t care at all. For the latter, physical separation seems to be the only useful remedy. My son’s junior HS was like that: the principal divided the school into an academic track (~30%), a baby-sitting track (~50%), and a prison-guard track (~20%), even down to gym classes and the lineup to get into the school in the morning and out in the afternoon. He was a real SOB and the enforced physical separation generally worked. The prison-guard students got on buses after school so were not around on nights and weekends, reducing the likelihood of mixing and violence. Nice, eh?

        The absence of limits was kind of the point of the bully subplot in “The Fall.” The bully was a Loyalist thug and also a total psycho. The victim was always implicitly or explicitly threatened with a gun and he was scared shitless. Snowballs don’t work on people like that.

        Then again, maybe in Canada the bullies still adhere to a code that keeps them away from the total demento stuff.

      2. I agree. But I feel like even in ‘the good old days’ there were psychos who would take things too far. I mean, if I were to believe Stephen King books (I’m thinking of ‘Christine,’ ha ha, right?) But, yes, today may be more of a dangerous time to mess around, I’m not sure. You see a lot more guns these days, I imagine. No more chains and brass knuckles.

        As far as Canada goes, we’ve had bully murders here, too, and young people forced into despair who will harm themselves to escape. And the area from The Fall is an area I’m very familiar with, first hand. Some of the finest Sunday Speakeasys… but definitely one plagued by men who menace.

        I like how your son’s school organized schedules to minimize risk. It’s those overlaps that create resentment that often will inspire bullying, IMO.

      3. Believe me, I am not romanticizing the old days. I have a couple of deformed fingers that bear the results of childhood breaks defending myself from the Devlin’s of the world. Also, we hitchhiked everywhere without cars and “The Knowledge” was passed down to make sure we checked out the interior of the car and looked for the window cranks and doorknobs to be attached and apparently in order before one entered the car.

      4. Ha ha, that’s it exactly. And: a proper assessment of one’s skills and situation is a good idea, before getting in a stranger’s car, and before confronting a bully. “How far am *I* ready to go?” Confronting a bully is almost always a good idea till it’s not. And for girls there are bullies too, and they don’t threaten you with physical violence you have to stand up to. They will wreck your life and torment you psychologically, and never once make a fist or threaten you face to face. But if a guy bully is just looking for a physical confrontation and he’s not on the death row track, it’s 99% a good idea for a young man not to back down.

      5. Like you’re touching on with psychological bullying, KT, there’s all kinds of different bullying going on, regardless of gender. You can have male bullies too, where it’s not about fists. A well-liked, cruel kid can mock and make another kid an object of derision among his entire class, and what the hell is that kid going to do about it? Standing up to their tormentor won’t achieve much if that tormentor has enough influence among their peers.

      6. And I would argue that most bullying is psychological. It may be that most behavior that a bully specifically exhibits is only purely physical, and the rest are threats of violence. It’s the threat of violence that has an effect on a bullying victim much more than anything else. All of a sudden the victim starts learning where and when a bully is at all times to avoid it if possible, or if they can’t avoid them, dreading all day that specific moment, for example.

        I don’t think I was ever bullied terribly that I can recall, but I can remember there were some instances, that are more along the lines of Glaucon’s mention. Mental torment, where a total Alpha douche got the other Alpha ‘Yes men’ under their arm and no one else dared confront them, probably because they were acquiescing to keep the peace but looked like they all just agreeing that he was funny and witty, and it had me censoring myself at times so I didn’t get them started. Public embarrassment can be a powerful tool in the bullying arsenal. And the LAST thing you wanted to do was alert the teacher to put a stop to it or keep an eye out for cues, because … well, that’s the cowards way out.

        But that stuff starts to become part of my daily routine now that I look back at it. 1) Do my homework 2) Go to class 3) Be studious for the teacher 4) But sometimes bend my behavior in a way that doesn’t become noticeable to the Douchebags. That can be wearing, and boy do those moments when you catch the eye of the Alpha douche and they engage you, “Ok, act cool …” become moments of stress to avoid in the future.

        So for me, I feel like the cartoonish behavior of the “Steal your lunch money and stuff you in your locker” bully seems less common than bullies that KT describes for girls. Girls being much better at psychological warfare than boys, obviously. To me, that’s why Devlin is more believable as a bully character.

      7. I was bullied, and I swear to God I did 98% of the work for the bullies, ha ha.

        And sometimes there’s a social shaping aspect to bullying. Picking on members of your peer group that are not exhibiting expected behaviors. It can become behavior correction. I think there’s an evolutionary component at heart leftover from smaller tribes. You need to shape behavior and enforce group-think for your own safety. Can’t have loudmouths going around unchecked and letting the tigers know where you’re camping.

      8. Oh I see what you did there with the ‘Tigers on your doorstep’ comment. Interesting, and I love when you start drawing out evolutionary psychology concepts from themes in your book (although this conversation is more tangentially related to your book materials, I suppose). To your point though, I think bullying can be seen as counterproductive in the evolutionary sense, because if you have rogue actors thinking they should get priority over the rest of the group and asserting their own individual well being, they need to get knocked down a peg by the community.

        In essence, aren’t the bullies the loudmouths bringing the tigers to the camp messing up social cohesion?

        Fuck work, let’s talk about THIS, lol.

      9. I think our social evolution has exponentially exceeded our biological evolution, leaving us with vestigial impulses that don’t serve us well in the present day. If we were in tribes of a hundred, it makes more sense to correct the behavior of those amongst your group that jeopardizes your tribe’s success. Gluttony, vanity, etc. When we’re vast rudderless populations, some get those impulses (not to dominate, but to correct—two different kinds of bullying) and don’t know what they mean or how to act on them properly. They can become perverse masturbatory power plays that only serve ego. They used to save your tribe because you stopped some vain person from wearing flashy jewelry (selfish) that reflected light and signaled rivals, competitors, or predators. I think these impulses work well when resources are scarce because they keep the group alive. When resources are abundant, introspective creative individuals suffer wanton purposeless bullying.

      10. Because my hands are tied from doing too much actual work, I ended up glancing at the evolutionary explanation for bullying and saw your viewpoint echoed in the couple articles I saw. First of all, yeah knowing what I know about evolution i think the evidence shows our social traits are more emphasized than many other species. And yeah, it appears that the concept of ‘bullying’ is a little different than what I was thinking when I mention the individualistic bullies, different from mob mentality and enforced conformity, etc. which is itself a form of bullying.

        There is probably a resource component for what types of behaviors a wannabe bully (in the sense we’ve been talking about before) will care about. It could be that individual bully behavior might get help based on resource scarcity from the other direction, like maybe the group is so successful they can afford to turn a blind eye to individual rogue behavior. Devlin’s of the world are allowed to prosper because any damage they do can be sustained and he is allowed to create his own little niche within society writ large.

    4. TB, generally agree totally with what you said. Getting the crap kicked out of you is bad enough and generally survivable, but knowing that everyone at school knows, the parents of your friends know, the teachers know – all changes how you go about your day.

      The kinetic side does not happen every day; it does not need to, but the threat must be maintained in a credible manner.

      A Devlin, who can get the criminally feeble-minded and psychotic to do his bidding, is already at or near the top of the bully hierarchy. He will play Kimmy and Josh like a fiddle.

      1. The threat has so much power. To me it’s why standing up is so important (under the right circumstances). It can allow you to resume normalcy, and that is the hugest part. If you don’t get out from under the weight can become too much to bear.

      2. I think the problem with standing up for yourself is you better be decisive in your action, the victory has to be complete, because otherwise a bully personality will not take losing lightly and come back later on. It’s tricky, because I agree that standing up for oneself is generally better, but short of getting the kid expelled or causing irreparable damage to their ego, there’ll be a tomorrow.

  35. I think the sad fact is that sometimes life just isn’t fair, and there isn’t a clean solution.

  36. Hotwife Gema, Volume 3 — Silvana’s Tale

    This is the english translation (done by the author) of book 3 in the Gema and Daniel saga. We had nothing to do with the book this time around, but will in the future if Daniel ever gets back to me. Straight up, this translation is just okay–we can tell what was used to do the translation from Spanish to English simply because we translated book 2. We’re not going to post a review until we get the Word file and do extensive editing and formating to make it easier to read. We got the first three chapters from Daniel a while back, but didn’t have the time to work on it–our bad there–so Gema and Daniel decided to publish it anyway. After publication Daniel wrote me to tell me. We apologized that we didn’t have time, last week and have not heard back from Daniel since. I hope he gets back to me beause we definitely want to fix things, since it looks like when we get back from FL, we’re going to have a lot of time on our hands.

    So, is it worth $2.99 on Amazon? Yep. Definitely. The book is HUGE. I do want to talk to Daniel about things that went on in the story because well… they’re far fetched and both of us want to make sure we understand exactly what was portrayed.

    Straight up, again. Shit gets out of control in this book. Daniel and Gema go places that many folks here will love.

    They’ve said a book 4 that tells about Gema’s relationship with Gerardo is going to be written. Most, if not all of that phase is still available on Tumblr, in Spanish, but if you use Chrome, you can translate it on the fly and it will be somewhat readable as long as you take gender into account while you’re reading. Daria followed them on Tumblr and used to correspond with Gema regularly, so I don’t know if someone who didn’t follow them can still get to blog and bypass Tumblr’s warnings about adult content.

      1. I’m going to explain something.

        In books 1 and 2, readers (including us) are led to believe something. In book three, what we need to clear up is something that amounts to subterfuge, as written. Huge subterfuge–not to us–but to Gema. I’m not going to explain it more than that, it sits very wrong with both of us. It does resolve, though.

      2. Daniel sent us the files, so it’s on. He also explained the subterfuge and one other thing. Turns out that his wife has started on book 4, too. From what Daniel told me, it looks like book 4 is going to be a bit different given how their relationship with Gerardo ended.

  37. Anybody seen “White Lines” on Netflix? More and more, KT themes are leaking out (sorry, Kimmy) into the general show plots. Even the ending was a little ambiguous, a bit like “Cherry Blossoms.” Is she alive, dead, in-between?

    1. Haven’t seen “White Lines”. I was trying to recall, though: “Cherry Blossoms” didn’t have an ambiguous ending, if I recall correctly. The cuck becomes a success with his children’s books, other women find him attractive so he’s less a loser, and then he’s reunited with his ex who has gone through her purgatory. Similar to “Losing His Wife” in that respect.

  38. Libertyne, Thanks for the comment. The ambiguity at the end of Cherry Blossoms was, IMHO, about (1) paternity; (2) whether Nia really wanted back because she loved the idea of life with Geoff or was looking for security, a way out of the crazy stuff, and an escape from her suffering; and (3) whether Geoff would ever fully trust and love Nia, but wanted an intact family and believed she had suffered enough.

    In White Lines, our Zoe does a lot of stuff that a KT, or even better, a Kirsten McCurran gal would do, spends a bit of time living the high life of Ibiza, and decides she is not going back to boring old Manchester, even (maybe especially?) with a teenaged daughter and husband who apparently loved her. All good KT/KMc themes. The ambiguity at the ending is short-lived but well done.

    1. Ooh, I love this. I need to find time to watch this show!

      Nia: definitely knows she wants to be with Geoff. By any means necessary. Whether he likes it or not. Knows he is the best. But, yes, also to end her suffering, and a need for security, ha ha!

  39. Easter Egg: an Epilogue that puts an entirely fitting coda on the Mapplethorpe tale. And all of it without any electric trains.

  40. It’s summer… like officially.

    What are we reading? Not much really. We did read “The Speedo Doesn’t Lie” by FifthEstate on Literotica. It’s an interracial cuckold story. The story is deep on character development, but the original ending blew that all away–bang, stop. I posted comment on OHW about it, turns out someone there is in contact with the author and shared our views, so the author rewrote the ending–it’s better but still falls slightly short of the mark; not that I know what that mark is. There’s going to be sequel titled “The Bullpen”.

    Other than KT’s Patreon, not much else. We did read KT’s new book, but haven’t yet posted a review. My Dad grew up in Delaware, attended UoD, and the story is set near a beach my parents took me to when I was a kid. It brought back some good memories.

    Y’all take care, be safe, and please wear masks when you’re out in public. Remember, masks don’t protect you, they protect others. It’s patently selfish and irresponsible to do otherwise.

    PS Had a helluva time logging in.

  41. My ATF’s were the first two Six Weeks instalments. Best of the best character developments in all of the series. Seems like two years ago though. Wonder if the third instalment will beat Kenny Wright’s Bulls Eye 5 to the presses. Lol

    1. Har har! I bet you I will beat Kenny! How you like them apples? (Shit, I better get working!)

      I went deep in Six Weeks and got super close to the characters, so I’m glad that came across. In brighter news, I will be working on Six Weeks in December and posting the chapters on the Patreon as I write them. If the subscribers there want more all winter, I bet we can check Six Weeks off the list by springtime!

      1. Glad to hear you’ll get back to this. I’ve been in that area for the last two months, so it hits close to home for me. Some snowflakes will inspire you to continue the saga of the snowplow driver’s wife and her sexy Italian exchange student.

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