What’s Everybody Reading This Winter?

It’s been a year since the last “What’s Everybody Reading,” post, and it was very popular, so let’s run it again!

Tell me what you’re reading (and it doesn’t have to be me, I swear!). Let us know what’s good out there. Last year I was into that manga by Konomi ShikiShiro, Netoraserare, and I just re-read it. Quick—because I’m supposed to be writing! I have Jason Lenov’s latest on my TBR and a new author, Travis Mayfair, has two books I want to read. I wish I had time to catch up on the new Matthew Lee books. Oh, and I’m getting a peek at a super-secret book some of you all will be very excited about when the time is right.

Anyway, post away—let us know what you think is good!

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  1. Two books, one a standalone, one a series.

    Ben Boswell’s new book, “Killing The Past”. It’s Boswell’s best work, ever. A hotwife story turned murder mystery that will have you scratching your head.

    C.C. Morian’s, “Allure of the Vixen” series. The last two installments of this series are C.C.’s best work, ever. Seriously fantastic stuff. Don’t forget to read the Epilogue by Blaise Quin. So very, very good.

    Full disclosure, we’re on both Ben’s and C.C.’s ARC teams. We also bought the book and the series.

  2. Does John’s fate depend in any way on how the Bills are doing? Heartbreaking loss today, not a good time for him to find out about the boarder.

      1. What’s that about Jason and the Argonauts? Isn’t he the one who gets a threesome with Helen and Aphrodite? I don’t remember, but then again, I was reading Mad Magazine during that class.

  3. KT, did you and Kenny have any “sporting” stakes for your competition? Seems he was having us on just a bit about his difficulties in finishing the Bulls Eye series.

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