The First Circle

It’s time for everyone else to get a peek at the developing relationship between Josh and Kimmy and Devlin Stone.

This is the first book in The Devil In The Waters series that’s developing over on my Patreon. The patrons and I are further along in the story, about to break into “The Third Circle,” but I wanted to give others a chance to take a peek at what’s happening on Patreon, and maybe they’ll pop by and see what’s up! I really do think it’s becoming a great community! . . . 

So for those of you who aren’t patrons, here’s your introduction to Josh and Kimmy’s devilish predicament . . . 

All through high school, Devlin Stone made Josh Waters’ life miserable in the way only a true bully can.

Ten years later, Josh wakes on a groggy morning after his and his wife Kimmy’s high school reunion. There’d been a lakeside rager at the cottage of Dalton High’s most popular girl, and maybe he’d indulged a little too much. What happened last night, anyway? . . .

Devlin Stone’s there to tell him. “I did what you wanted, Josh.”

What did Josh want? Not that, there was no way in hell he asked for that . . .

Devlin says You did, Josh, and now it’s done. I slept with your wife—and I’m going to keep doing it. Kimmy’s too much woman for you, and you just made a deal with the devil . . .


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      1. Agreed, love the cover art, fonts and colour pallet choices included!

        I’m curious – did the choice of cover model influence the slight change in Kimmy’s heritage, or was it the other way around?

      2. I just lucked out on that photo (although its not luck spending an hour poring over images to buy). But the description of Kimmy came first, photo was serendipity.

  1. OK…
    I know this might not get an answer because I’m not sure KT want to say, but…
    KT, how many books will this series be? Or is there a number that you are shooting for? I LOVE your books. But…
    I dislike hunting down the individual books in my Kindle collection. #firstworldproblems
    I *WILL* buy the collections for the simple reason that I love being able to read a book entirely from start to finish. The MAGGIE series is as perfect example of a seven book series where nothing in the title or on the cover to tell the read, “Start here, then here, etc, etc. End here”
    Even if I had them all in a folder on my Kindle App, nothing tells you the reading order.
    The First Circle (Devil In The Waters Book 1) at least says “1.” Just wondering it that is 1 of 7 or of 10 or 24 (I can dream, right…) I am supporting you on Patreon, PROUDLY! But I hope that I may buy the books also in the best form possible. (according to my warped mind)

    1. You can create collections in the kindle app. For instance I have all my KT books in one spot, and the others in another… supper easy to set up.

      PS… KT, I’m loving this series and hopefully there are many many books to come.

      1. I see collections and made the folders within the app. The only negative is there is no way to order them the why I want. 😛

  2. Reading the story again in this format did something different for me. I don’t know, my guess is the pace felt different because my mind wasn’t inserting so much detail in between weekly releases that made the story feel as if it stretched out over a longer period of time. I think I still prefer this method of reading a KT story, but will be forever stuck in my desire to read any and all material that KT puts out the moment it is public.

    1. though I AM enjoying both, support KT and getting to read early work, I will be buying the collection once it releases. AL KT COLLECTIONS ARE MUST HAVE!

  3. KT… Not to derail things here, but not all your books show up when one selects “ALL” under books. Is this by design? Just wondering. There’s a lot missing.

    1. Thanks DnD! Licorice Books is an ongoing dealio, and there’s only one employee. And that employee is supposed to be writing! Ha, ha, I’m adding the books myself whenever I find time, like when I’m watching TV. It’ll take some time but I’ll get them all up there eventually!

      1. I just wondered if you knew, that’s all. 🙂 You want, I’ll be the official KTM Bug Checker!

        You get TV where you are? I mean, you did say you didn’t have reliable cell service…

        Just funnin’ with you.

        We started watching a Netflix series entitled, “The Stranger”. TWD is starting up again… Better Call Saul… Dunno when we’re going to find time to watch all this stuff.

    2. And on a side note: I’m obviously making some changes to the old website here. What does everyone think? The library add-on I bought works so much better than the old system and it allows me to change the blog style a little more freely. Does everyone like the blog system? Is it easy to read?

      1. I think it’s fucking great… though I don’t know a better alternative to the blog style so I can’t really provide an alternative, I just really like the amount that black really dominates. It could just be coincidence at the moment with the DW series.

        It’s pretty metal …

      2. I like the fonts you chose.

        I do think the blog may suffer because of Patreon, though.

      3. Once KT has a general release that doesn’t involve Patreon, activity here will pick up. I think it’s a delicate balance, though. Trick is finding the sweet spot. KT buying themes indicates commitment to the blog.

  4. I think you are right d&d. I havn’t looked at this site for a couple weeks reading and putting my comments on Patreon. Have to check it more often.

  5. I’m feeling frustrated.

    I don’t think I’ve found any author who can build and develop erotic characters and stories as well as you. I love reading whatever you publish. I love the way you build the conflict and angst not only between the characters but, even more so, within them as well. The “Devil in the Waters” series is masterful!


    I’m growing weary of investing in characters that never get resolution and stories lines left open. The Maggie/Keely series is just one of many.

    Yes, I know you are busy with life. Writing takes time. Story lines come to a block. Other characters and story lines arise. I got that. However, do you not have a finish in mind when you start? Is there never an end to this constant cycle of developing very hot, interesting characters in conflict without resolution?

    I know for myself how difficult writing can be. I also know how frustrating this experience has become with you.

    Is this series yet another road of frustration?

    1. Rough. I feel it too.
      Because KT is so good, you just want to reach the end to every great storytelling. Keely & Scream Queens are mine. But I also want KT to give these stories their full effort. I would hate to see them ghost written with less than the most “KT-esque” possible effort! 🙂

    2. On “Scream Queen”, I actually think if the story stops where it is – book 1 of the second trilogy – it’s a logical stopping point. Yes, there’s tons of sex and cuckoldry that we’d like to see. But at the end, when it’s established that the Scream Queen is their new dom, that Ben and whatsername will submit, and that the Scream Queen has all sorts of deliciously rotten plans for them, that’s a resolution. Continuing would be gravy.

      I’m still waiting for Cayman to finish. Will Mitch take her back? And Snowbound: will the Italian guy finally bone her while her husband is in Buffalo after a snowplow run, enjoying a Ted’s footlong hot dog while his wife enjoys a similar product back home?

    3. Which series? Devil In The Waters? It’s ongoing on the Patreon, and new books are still coming out. One came out today, Book 6. On the Patreon we’re already into the 7th book.

      As far as the other series go, on the Patreon there is a half book of Size Curious Brat 2, and when that’s done, it will be available on the website here for free. I put up the first chapter for the next Reza. Going forward the Patreon will be a place where the series’ are finished chapter by chapter. This month I’m putting out four chapters of the next Keely book, and I think the Patreon subscribers want me to do Six Weeks in Winter chapters next month (December).

      You don’t have to be a subscriber to the Patreon. As books are developed there and later finished, they will be available on the store.

      I don’t start series without knowing how they’ll end. I sometimes have to switch away from them because no one buys the later books (sob). I will finish all the series, and know the Patreon will help me get through them.

      I appreciate how much frustration unfinished series’ must provoke, and on the bright side I’m glad that you care enough to be frustrated. I will finish the books, I swear, it will just take some time. There is a curse in writing long. But I swear this: I won’t start any new series until the other ones are done!

  6. Pleased to announce, btw, that Amazon has asked me for the second time to be a Vine reviewer for my porn reviews. Nah. I’m already one for non-porn books, and quit being active there as it’s now such a rotten deal for the reviewers. But it was nice to be asked (again).

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