Devil In The Waters

I have a new series in development. This one is called Devil In The Waters, and the first book is now complete.

Devil In The Waters is a story about Josh, a man who wakes up the morning after a lakeside rager following his ten year high school reunion to his childhood bully telling him how he fucked his wife the night before. Josh is still loaded, hungover, and it’s five in the morning—maybe it’s all a dream, and the bully just a ghost, a figment of his imagination conjured up by being reunited with all those faces from the past. In the days that follow he tries to piece together what happened with his wife Kimmy that night after he passed out . . . 

The first book is complete, and later this week I’ll release to the Patreon followers the first chapter of the next book. If you’re not on Patreon, no worry, the series, once complete, will be available on storefronts like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, and Kobo. But if you’d like to read along as the story is developed and offer up conjecture that could help shape the story you can check it out on Patreon. (I think we’re having fun over there—I don’t like to speak for others, but I sure am!)

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  1. I had a suspicion this chapter was an act break!

    This one is my all-time favourite. Anyway, I’m sure having fun on the Patreon :P.

  2. Uh oh now that you’ve confirmed our conjecture may help shape the story I’m just gonna be thinking on what I need to comment to influence the narrative to my own nefarious ends…

  3. LOL! You know, that story is maddening. 🙂 High School? Renunion… you have worded things so expertly devilish, that it’s brilliantly evil. One thing’s for certain, KT: You use your adult words really well. 🙂

    Hey folks, sign up for KT’s Patreon. It’s well worth it! Not only do you get to comment and have the author read your comments, you can shape the story–KT said it above! Join!

  4. Lovely story so far, KT. I am enjoying watching the story unfold, and enjoy being a patron! Josh and Kimmy are among your strongest characters yet.

    Love the Tenacious D ref.

  5. Not to be a pain because I didn’t even know this was an option until you mentioned it here, but are you saying you won’t release the story to E-book stores until the series is complete? Is it possible to get the first book released like you would parts of your series (i.e. uploaded as you go?), as much as I’m fine with reading the patreon feed for the minor updates, it would be so much nicer to have it in one big story and with the maneuverability of the kindle reader app.

    My two cents!

    1. I can do that—not right away, I’ll have to wait till we’re further into Book 2. Book 1 doesn’t feel cemented yet. I just didn’t want there to be yet another KT series unfinished out there (ugh!), ha ha…

  6. KT I see that you will be releasing “Devil in the Waters” later on Amazon and others? My question is which ebook service do you think better services this genera? Also who treats their authors better?

    1. I think Amazon has the widest variety and inventory. That probably equals better customer service. I don’t think there’s any author on another storefront that isn’t on Amazon. I don’t deal directly with the other storefronts because I’m Canadian (they don’t make it easy for foreigners!) though I suppose I could go direct to Kobo because they’re Canadian. I publish on Smashwords and they push my books out to some of the other storefronts. I’ve had books rejected by the other storefronts. Smashwords is the best for the author as far as relationships go. They are straightforward and appear to be on the author’s side. They also welcome erotic authors more readily than anyone else.

      1. would I be able to access books through my kindle app from Smashwords with the same level of convenience? One of the things that I love about that thing is how quickly your books go from being available to purchase to accessible through the app.

      2. Hmm, I’m not sure. I’ve never purchased a book on Smashwords. And is it accessible on your kindle at all? If anyone knows . . . 
        I’ll have to look into that.

      3. If you’re asking, I’m not sure, so I would like to know from those who have used really any other ebook services if I can read them on that app. I could look it up probably, but I’m lazy … haha.

      4. James, I believe you can download in Mobi and PDF, both can be imported into the Kindle App. Mobi, seems to be the native Kindle format.

        KT, on Smashwords, do you have to provide your books in a set format or do you have to upload in various formats?

  7. Incidentally, has anyone else been having trouble with KT’s ebooks lately? I think since Open Minds I haven’t been able to open the books in Cloud Reader and it’s forcing me to use the Kindle App (which has some pretty shitty formatting changes). Is this just a fundamental change in compatibility for the books now?

    1. Kirsten McCurran had a problem book like that a while ago, and even Amazon was no help. I wonder if I’m getting hit with the same glitch…

  8. Hope all’s well, KT. The new series is really heating up! It’s a new dynamic we haven’t really seen in any other books and I can’t wait to see where you take it.

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