Amazing Grace

Surprise release time! This is a shorter work for me, coming in at 17k words, but it’s a lot of fun, and, I believe, a scorcher for some. There are neat and different dynamics in this one. A female only POV, a bad wife, an absent husband, a MILF as it were (as much as the term irks, ha ha), and a young man with no sexual experience . . . 

I hope to put out more of these novellas in the coming future. Amazing Grace was meant to be a full scale novel, and I have a dozen more stories written as well intending to be longer but I know now I’ll never have the time 🙁 But I want these stories out there, and they’re already mostly done, so they can’t just go stale on my hard drive—I love them! But with all the series I have on the go . . . 

Grace’s husband is a senior firefighter away on a three-month adventure in Australia fighting bush fires. Grace’s all alone in her home, but she’s used to Reggie being away for months at a time.

She’s not entirely alone this trip, anyway. Reggie’s brother’s attending college in their city and he’s been staying in their guest room.

Adam is a shy young man; tall and good-looking. She jokes to her friends if Adam would just get out of his own way, he’d have all the girls at college at his feet.

Grace knows all Adam needs is a little experience . . .







12 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. Weekday morning releases make for difficult productivity, but I am really glad this is available to read! Don’t like the term MILF, KT? I can understand that …

    Thank you for the surprise!

  2. Interesting departure, KT! It’s definitely clear you’ve got range in your ability to cover different genres and styles of story.

    It makes me a bit sad to think you won’t be able to write all your stories to the length that you’d intend. The lived-in spaces you create lend themselves so well to longer, detailed stories. But I know your schedule is limited. I hope that the patreon helps/encourages, even in a small way.

  3. Wow! Surprise for sure! So this will be a stand alone story? Or will other follow some time later? Bought, but haven’t read yet. Love the cover model! Those eyes… (Don’t fall in love! Don’t fall in love! Don’t fall in love!)

  4. Just got it. Gotta wait for Daria to get home… Christmas shopping, food shopping… the life of a hotwife is never boring! 🙂


  5. this was an entertaining ride, my only complaint is it’s length cause, as always, KT has sucked me into the story and I want more. There is room for it to be expanded upon later if KT wishes, but it works as a standalone story. looking forward to whatever comes next.

  6. Contemplating the review. It’s a great story, especially the revelation! We just have to figure out how to write the review. Gotta think of a song. 🙂

    1. Review is up… it’s short, but accurate.

      One thing about this book… It reminded me of Jen and Joey at first, then blew that notion out of the water completely.

      The seduction of a younger man by an older, married woman will always have a soft spot in my heart. The intensity is ramped up by the fact that the younger man is the seducer’s brother-in-law!

      1. I have a soft spot in my heart for these scenarios too, which is probably hypocritical because the reverse scenario repulses me so much. Anyways, really like the change of pace of this story, KT must have a ridiculously large backlog of concepts and half-written and probably fully written stories of different lengths.

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