Chelsea Hates Libby: The Series

I boxed up the whole Chelsea Hates Libby series so anyone who hasn’t read it yet can do it all in once click. It’s also going back in Kindle Unlimited for another three-month round.

I know there’s angst in this series, but I have to say that writing this one was a lot of fun. Chelsea is a blast, and Lib’s innocence is a such a great foil for mean-girl Chelsea. they’ll be returning soon for the second Scream Queens book . . . 

This edition collects all three previously published books of the Chelsea Hates Libby Series: Scream Queens, Backstage Pass, and Broken Dreams.

Ben and Libby have been officially married for three years, but they’ve been together forever. Libby is a sweet and shy little mouse who’s in big-time love with her husband and best friend. And Ben would do anything for the girl he’s loved for so long.

Like how he just busted his hump hard, hustling day in and day out with his own business, and after a good and successful year negotiated him and Lib into the house of their dreams. Now they find themselves moving into the fashionable beach neighborhood where Libby’s always dreamed of living.

And guess what?—even though they’re far from the suburb where they grew up, they’ve found a familiar face in their fancy Beach Triangle…

Chelsea Cunningham was the hottest girl in their school. Heck, their whole town. Pageants, singing competitions, drama productions… And soon she got noticed, got picked up in a big-time Hollywood movie. She’s a real live celebrity, back living in the city and working in the theater.

Ben has secret deep-seated desire for Chelsea. Libby’s just intimidated as all get out. But Chelsea greets them like long lost friends and wants to bring them into her circle. Chelsea’s married now. Her husband Finn works in music and looks like the rock stars he works with. He seems to have grown a fondness for sweet Lib…

And when super-hot Chelsea divulges to Ben an unconsummated curiosity from those old days, Ben and Libby’s perfect life begins to work off the tracks…

All three books in the three-part hotwife/swinger mini-series

This is a story of a timid wife coming out of her shell. It’s a love story, but there is cheating and swinging, and, as usual, I cannot guarantee an HEA!

15 thoughts on “Chelsea Hates Libby: The Series

  1. Liked this series a lot, and it’s a great introduction and set up for the next series. That series has so much potential with Libby being so malleable and Finn being a good crock wright in a sexual sense. I hope Libby realizes what a weasel Ben is and soon works with Finn to fully destroy Ben’s life like the introduction to the first book in this series alludes too..

    There is just something about Ben that I don’t like and want nothing but the worst for him…like it’s one thing to cheat on your spouse, but then to conspire with two other people to have your wife cheat on you just so you don’t feel bad is an action too far in my book.

    1. The prologue alludes to year-book committee, right? The reason for Chelsea to set it all in motion to begin with.

      But yeah, no sympathy for Ben here. Not really any of the characters that I find myself rooting for. I hold out hope for Libby, and her relationship with Ben if she haven’t been living a lie for all those years. But all four characters are flawed, which I like. That’s what really people are afterall.

      Now, seeing as we’re on the eve of destruction at this point, some thoughts: I obviously need to get the next book (or the whole next series as that comes out) to get some answers, or get closer to some answers as relates to Libby. But one thing I’m really not liking is just how it’ll all come crashing down, if it will. I get the hotwife fantasy, and even the cuckolding, even I’d prefer it to be less in the face and humiliating, but those two (Libby and Ben) really should be talking a lot more about this stuff beforehand. Extend the “don’t ever thrust me” advise of Chelsea to include Finn: Those two are both manipulative sociopaths.

      Mostly I worry where KT will take this, she’s a great writer so no doubt it will be a great journey there, but my main thought since finishing this first series is the risk Libby is taking with regard to a possible pregnancy. She’s not using birth control (there could be good reasons for that), but her and Ben isn’t trying to conceive either from what I could gather (would make sense, dream home, business up and running, grandparents close by), but now she’s going to fuck a virtual stranger without the protection she mostly makes her own husband wear. I’m really open to reading about pretty much any kinks, but a pregnancy potentially involves a whole different human being going forward. One thing is obviously Ben who, as the breadwinner, could be part of bringing a this kid up, extending to cuckolding to that childs entire life (the playtime really should end at some point if these two will have a change to salvage their relationship). To this you could say “Fuck Ben” as he’s put himself in this position. But then there’s the kid, and I don’t it would be fair to him one bit. The “geez, I do kind of look like uncle Finn who Mommy goes to concerts with” waiting to happen at some point in the future. Unless they actually talk and take steps to avoid ending up there.

      But it’s obviously gotten me thinking! So I have to get into Impure Thoughts at some point.

      1. When referencing the prologue I was just referencing this part, where we get a glimpse of the future and we know something happened:

        “When it was all over, Ben Todd would ask himself how it happened—no, not how, but why. Why did it happen?

        The awful events of that summer, the series of reproachful interludes that finally led to great calamity must have occurred for a reason.”

        Obviously there multiple levels of calamity, so I we can only speculate. My hope is the calamity turns out to be the destruction of Libby and Ben’s marriage. You are correct though the “answer” the prologue gives is the yearbook. That being said I care more about the what than the why.

        I disagree that Finn is a manipulative sociopath. He could be, but right now that isn’t known for sure. All we know is he agreed to meet Libby and try and seduce her on Chelsea’s recommendation. So his motives to start could be nefarious, however in spending time with Libby he could have developed real feelings for her and may genuinely care for her now. To me this is similar to plots in teen drama’s like “she’s all that” etc. where the hot guy is dared to ask out the dorky girl by his cool friends only to realize the dork is the cool one after all. Only KT knows for sure where this is going.. to your point again if this couple was healthy they would communicate more, but if they were healthy Chelsea wouldn’t have been able to seduce Ben and Ben would never agree to Finn sleeping with his wife just to ease his guilt. If they were healthy this story wouldn’t exist or be as exciting.

        As for the pregnancy issue, I can see where you are coming from if you are hoping for a HEA.. but the chances are slim that KT would go the pregnancy route… in my opinion, and I could be wrong, KT’s brand is pretty mainstream, and uses the other pen names to delve into more risqué topics. I’d throw pregnancy in the risqué category as it’s likely to upset a portion of KT’s audience. Thus this story isn’t likely to end up with Libby pregnant by Finn and Ben sticking around to raise the child.

      2. Perhaps I’m a cynic, but I don’t know if Finn have Libby’s best intentions in mind (whatever those are, that’s pretty much it). I’ll buy that he didn’t know Chelsea’s full intentions but it doesn’t really change his intentions. He’s obviously succeeded by the third book and now have a new pliable fucktoy to join in on him and his wifes games.

        Also, the marriage between Chelsea and Finn seems to be a great one. Even as I only know they share an interest in motorcycles and fucking around. So Libby thrusting him as much as it seemed (from Ben’s point-of-view) maybe isn’t in her best interrest? Even if he’s got a big cock and is saying the right words.

        That’s all just speculation, and it’ll be fun to see where it ends up. And who Libby really is. She did seem pretty content in her old life with Ben, so burning all of that to the ground just to satisfy this other side seems out of character… again, only having Ben’s side of things.

      3. It could totally change his intentions.. for instance his origional intentions could be to fuck the girl and help Chelsea ruin Libby and Ben’s life. However after spending time with libby and actually liking her his intentions could be to fuck the girl and further develop the relationship to where they can run off together. On paper Chelsea and Finn look great, but we all know married couples who’s outward appearance is like Chelsea and Finn, but behind close doors the marriage is falling apart. We haven’t gotten any scenes between Finn and Chelsea to understand their dynamic. It can go either way and so for now.

        As for Libby she might have been content, that was before her husband cheated on her and came up with a plan to have some other guy seduce her and sleep with her so he doesn’t feel guilty anymore. So yeah I could see her throwing that out for a hot guy who seems nice and genuine. I mean lots of people are content in marriage until someone comes along and shines a light in the shadows.

        You say Finn doesn’t have Libby’s best intentions in mind. I say what are her best intentions. If you think they are to stay with a guy who thinks so little of you as to either set you up to be harassed (if she wasn’t Into Finn) or set you up for mental issues ( she is into Finn and fucks him but thinks she has cheated when really she hasn’t) then yeah Finn doesn’t have those intentions in mind. However, If you think her best intentions are to leave Ben and if Finn can help bring her out of her shell and get in touch with her self more and become less dependent then I disagree. I think Finn does have her best intentions in mind.

  2. I’m just hopping on over here to say the new series Devil in the Waters dropping sneak previews in the Patreon is already my favourite KT story and anyone considering pledging should definitely join.

    This ends my public service announcement.

    1. The 4th book with these character’s is out it’s called impure thoughts, it’s part of a new series scream queens but it picks up right where this leaves off.

  3. I bought the set immediately! I always prefer the books together but I buy the single anyways because I can’t wait!!!

    1. Let’s take bets that the word count goes beyond what’s there already! 🙂

      Daria and I can’t wait for SS3! This is an interesting series because we think KT has college kids of their ages nailed.

      Hoo boy! 🙂

      1. You have to give pretty good odds for someone to take the side of the word count not increasing… Not complaining love me a longer story.

  4. Well I finished the book and ended up having mixed feelings about it. The thrill between Harrison and Kelsey kind of dropped off as she is probably a lesbian. I thought it would be better to keep her as bi or at least in love with Harrison and this one left me not too happy. I also don’t care for Tripp who seems somewhat plastic and makes me dislike Taylor at the way she’s basically falling for him.

    Harrison is falling in line by fooling himself in thinking that Taylor is still with him when I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s not fully. Plus again, being sympathetic towards Harrison leaves me disliking Taylor and Tripp. I also feel like Kesley is too manipulative for my tastes, if she’s a lesbian she should just come out and say it, which leaves me wondering if Kelsey is actually trying to steal Taylor away from Harrison because she’s in love with Taylor.

    Makes me think that Kelsey is actually a villain.

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