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If I were to do a Patreon-first, temporarily exclusive series on Patreon how many of you would consider supporting this reward for 5 a month? It would mean almost weekly chapter updates. This patronage would help support the release of more books on Amazon while also rewarding you with weekly material for you to read.

I also, as many of you know, crave your input and love when I do a long series and get you all talking. There are scenes I have for upcoming books that I would love for you to read but I have to wait till the whole book is done. I love the immediacy of Patreon. I put out a chapter when it’s done. We talk about it. It shapes the future of the story . . . 

So, if I did a series on Patreon, what would you most want to read? Keep in mind, it has to be something new. The ongoing series on Amazon all have some weird exclusivity thing with Amazon because of Kindle Unlimited—and my own rule: any series I started in KU has to finish in KU. The point of the Patreon would be to help free some more time for me to finish my ongoing stories. The Patreon-first series is to thank you for your patronage.

The Patreon would also include a tier that would show erotic drawings conjured up from the already published KT stories, and you could vote for the next drawing and even make suggestions of scenes you need to see illustrated.

An example of Emma and the guy in the hot tub whose name I forgot from Going A Little Too Far
Or would you be interested in an original story?

Here are my series possibilities:

A) a high school bully who hooks up with a guy’s wife after a five year reunion then insinuates himself into their life, working one against the other, tormenting the husband, taunting and humiliating while he rocks the wife’s world, the whole while her thinking this is a secret affair she hates that she craves, meanwhile hubby knows everything that’s going on. High humiliation.

B) A guy who finds out his grad school wife is supplementing her meager waitressing income by performing oral sex on wealthy guys for money. Hubby finds out, is devastated yet erotically thrilled. He wants more… Hotwife adventure.

C) An engaged couple where the handsome doctor fiancé is worried that his wife thinks about her one-that-got-away, a handsome soldier called away on duty. He’s back in the U.S. now, out of the force, connects with her. Her fiance allows her one weekend, the one she missed with him before he was called for duty. They go away kayaking and camping in the woods while her man sits and stews working out why he wanted her to do this. Is it more than just making sure she’s sure? Isn’t there a little part of him enthralled with the idea of her with another man…? Hotwife soap opera, poly relationship.

D) A young couple heading off to college has spent the summer apart. Just before her bf comes home she has a sexual fling with his older brother. Once the bf is back, she tries to stop thinking about her bf’s older brother, and much to the bf’s chagrin, his bigger brother also begins to work himself into their relationship, looking for a lot more. High humiliation.

E) A bully story where a man’s wife works for a charity close to the heart of a famous baseball player who begins a friendship with her. The ball player enjoys tormenting the husband, letting him know all the things his wife is into while his wife only believes she’s having an affair. High humiliation.

So please let me know what you think! I’ve had a terrible month in real life, but the clouds are clearing and I want to go into the winter pumping out tons of material for you . . . 

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    1. Ita all good anything you do will tickle my ….well …you know what ever that is. Looking for ward to the conclusion of not next chapter in thebreza saga…

  1. Count me in as a patron. I’d gladly pay more money each month for more content. All the stories sound good it was hard to vote for one. So here is how I have them ranked based on premise: A, E, D, B, C… then again maybe the patreon last long enough you can get to more than one series.

  2. I wish that you would finish some of the series that you have left hanging! Eg, Six Weeks in Winter, Keely, and The Cayman Proxy

    1. I hear you! The point of the Patreon isn’t to write a new series, it’s to establish a patronage that will help me find the time to finish the stories still up in the air. In exchange for the patronage I’m offering whatever I can—which for me is a story you can only get on Patreon for now, and some drawings of situations in the KT canon. This is because I would be grateful for the support. But absolutely the point of the support is so I can finish what is unfinished much quicker. Finishing those series is the heart of what I want to do. On top of working full time hours at a full time job, I also write these KT books at a full time schedule. With the support of patrons it is my goal to free up time from the full-time job (which I am fortunately in a position to do) and work more hours on writing the endings to the still-hanging KT stories. I’m almost there. But the truth is, Amazon does not make it easy on erotica writers. They constantly futz with their algorithms and with Also Bought placement and it can have a massive effect, none more so than the erotica writer who is beholden to their ABs for sole exposure. And things are getting tighter and harder rather than better, despite the huge catalog I have. I appreciate everyone who has ever bought or read a book of mine on KU. The future is a little shaky to be honest. The simple transaction of I-write-book and reader-buys-book is not what it once was. I don’t expect many to want to support the Patreon, but I would love a more friendly environment to share my writing, so if things go well, the Patreon could be a fun place where I provide more than just what I can offer on Amazon as well as tie up all the loose ends.

      1. Anything that makes you happy makes us happier. We’ll support whatever you choose to do, KT. Patreon, we’ll gladly do.

      2. Agreed! I would support just for a vote on future stories. But instead of spreading yourself around other projects I would suggest, as other have, that you just write the stories your have started. But think about the others as training for future books. Use them! All the stories can make another book. Or blend stories, mix and match, Make a compilation, whatever you decide! I’d join the Level 5 club and hope that it might one day become an ARC group too! 🙂 I would also suggest a $1 newsletter only level.

      3. Yes!—and thank you . . . I plan on providing material in reward for support, but the main goal is to loosen up enough time for me to finish the hanging series’. Thanks for the newsletter suggestion—I was considering a $1 tier, a tip of the hat level. The Patreon-first series is like a story development group, in a way like an ARC group, but ARCs freak me out because Amazon is finicky and capricious about them. Being along for the ride as the story develops is so appreciated, and in the end, far down the road when the story is published you don’t have to buy the book or leave a review. Ah, shit, see, there’s a problem. If you were along for the ride, you can still leave a review but Amazon would make you say you got the book for free. Oh, wait, you didn’t though, you were a Patreon supporter. Headaches, guys. It’s probably okay but you’d best say in the review you were in the exclusive Patreon or something.

    2. I also joined. KT is my second favorite writer in this genre for a long time, the first being Kenny Wright. But since he afked for ages so KT is my most favorite now so it’s worth to support.

  3. Further thoughts on his Patreon. 1) What an excellent idea about releasing chunks of writing, I just wonder if that will have a negative effect on your writing, KT by giving us too much of a microscopic view of your writing. I like the idea of you sending us a big story as a part of a series and we react to that if you want our input. I just want you to write the story that you want, I’d rather you not feel like you have to pander too much to the masses, but if that’s fun for you then ok!

    2) Are these your illustrations you have from your stories? You draw too? Wow.

    1. 1) it might be the worst thing ever for my writing, but we could find out it’s actually a lot of fun and produces a great story. The good thing is I really want to do this. More frequent releases makes me feel really happy. Remember back in the Pete and Jess days when there was an installment every five days or so? And I didn’t even know where the story was going to go. That was a lot of fun. I don’t think I could do it the same way anymore on Amazon, that’s why I’m really excited about the prospect of doing it on Patreon.

      2) We’ll see what I admit to based on the reaction to the work, ha ha.

    2. I vaguely remember those days during LHW1. I began checking in regularly on your blog around the tail end of that series. I agree, the main thing is that this is something that you want to do, whatever keeps you writing is good in my book. I just want you to take our input as a factor, but still be primarily motivated by what you want to see happen. That’s probably what’s going to happen, but I just didn’t like what I was picturing in my head in your Patreon messages.

      1. I’ve always thought I knew what was going to happen in the books, but the characters themselves change over time. Writing 30k episodes of Cherry Blossoms was so much fun, but I couldn’t wait to get them out and hear what everyone said. It didn’t necessarily change what would happen, but once the pages were read, the story was ‘cemented.’ I would love to try a series this way, where each chapter is cemented. I can’t even tell you how excited i am about how this might play out. My biggest thrill is hitting publish. Imagine doing it every couple days or so! I’m toying with the idea of making a CYA (Choose Your Own Adventure) type of series, where readers on Patreon can use a poll to select the path a character may take. I don’t want you to think this is pandering in any way, just a fun writing adventure for me, and for readers too, hopefully ha ha. There are so many limits to publishing on Amazon and I feel like even that landscape is changing and becoming more unwelcome so I’m trying to look to the future. If I want to be writing these stories 5 years in the future, what do I need to do right now?—know what I’m saying, ha ha . . . 

      2. Has there ever been a time where something changed in the plot of a story based even in part on discussions on this blog?

      3. I can’t think of an example, but it must have. But again, it’s not the story that’s inflexible, it’s the characters. The characters ARE the story I guess, but I can’t make changes to a story based on what readers want if the people involved would never do that. Remember in the old days when we used to post here how real life was sexy? I used to say it a lot, and now it’s just ingrained. Things said here may provoke a scenario, but they won’t change the people in the scenario. And realness is paramount!

    3. KT – I guess my only concern is any long-term goals you have with a story. Just want to make sure you are not leaning on our reactions too much during the process.

      Here’s an example for illustrative purposes: Would your opinion be swayed by us with making Odie Geoff’s child if we all were talking about, “It would be real neat if Odie was Dino’s!” I probably would have had that opinion if you asked me (although I probably wouldn’t have said it, at least in as many words), but I ended up being glad you did what you did in the end.

      Is it a thrill to you to hear us yelling back and forth to be able to say “ha, I know something you don’t!”? If it is, then I’ll be glad to be there with you throughout the process.

      1. I hear what you’re saying. Thing is, I always stay true to the characters. If something doesn’t feel right to me, I won’t do it. I have a weird mind, and I can be obsessive—with characters (who exist to me) changing something about what they may do can make them unreal, and almost challenge their existence, and my hands would be disgruntled and refuse to commit their contrived actions. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t write to market. I make up people, then they have to be real over all else, even if it means they may reject sex with a handsome bull (boy, that would be an unsuccessful book!). So even if I went the CYA route, the options would be sane representations of the character’s mind. Choices that actually reflect how they think. I’ll still write the story the way I want, but choices made will be writing challenges—like kayaking, you may take a tributary, but you know you have to make it back to the main river. Whatever happens I will write the characters back to the main river. Cue Big Snake River jokes, ha ha

      2. Well I’m fucking sold! AND you already have tiers worked out!?

        By the way, I love how you describe your character building, it is everything I wanted to hear you say, even the part where it drives you crazy if I’m honest, lol jk.

      3. Ha ha, I’ve said it before: Separate Schools did my head in. Wrecked my real life last fall. Shit, and Six Weeks also kind of messed me up. Can’t wait to get back at it, ha ha!—oh, boy . . . I like driving myself crazy though, so it’s all good!

  4. I would happily support a KT patreon! I would probably chip in more than 5 even if that was the sole reward tier but that’s just me. I really want to show my support for your stories however I can.

    1. PS options A and E might as well have been genetically engineered to hit all of my interests. I FEEL SEEN.

      1. I read them, ha ha. Some beautiful and poignant, some tomfoolery too. Lots of dick talk up in here.

        I appreciated it all, believe me!

    2. Also, I want to agree with Glaucon, that I’m ok with chipping in more than $5 a month. I think we can customize how much we contribute monthly though, so I’ll have to review that.

      1. I’ll third this. I’d chip in more than 5 for just more stories. Personally I think your books are priced too low for the quality of the writing anyway. If the additional money as a patron allows you to focus 100% on writing then we all benefit.

      2. Thank you so much, Chinookfan. That is awesome. There will be tiers of support, and there will be more offered. But really, I just want a happy fan experience, and I’m tickled when someone even buys one of my books.

  5. I am anxiously waiting on snowscape 6 weeks in winter. Do you have any idea when the next one will be! Can’t wait!

    1. Thank you—I love that series so much! The next book in the series is all planned out and I can’t wait to tackle it—have my chapters broken down and know all what’s going to happen. The challenge will be trying to get all the characters to agree with what I have planned, and that’s when the fun begins. Truth is, I think the snow will be flying here when I write it. I have Separate Schools up next, Reza after that, then Six Weeks. I want to wrap Six Weeks series up over this coming winter. Two more books I’m thinking. Late November or December for the next John and Janey book—but I really can’t wait to get into it. I love those people.

    1. She does have a good use for the money, but it is not clubbing, ha ha . . . she does not exist in the same world as Charlie and Reza!

  6. Are you thinking just the story concept idea for voting, or further down the line, personality type of the main characters or culture, or even body type? Should they have children?

    Someone said something similar, but I think I like the idea of us giving you initial ideas or a basis but not getting too involved in the writing process itself.

    Your a fantastic creator and an even better executer of your ideas. I think the vote system, from a number of choices YOU have come up with, are the best.

    I guess you can have a wild card vote for stuff you’re not used to writing or something wild like a tragedy story (other man takes the wife) or something like that.

    Regardless, as a fan, It’s your work I read and buy so I always want it to be firmly in your grasp.

    I’m going to support this anyway. I won’t read weekly chapters I like long stories in one big chunk(I brought Chelsea and Libby series as they came out but read it all in one big go). For me, it will be exciting seeing the choices you make each week from voting, or however, and not knowing what it will all amount to until it’s complete.

    Wish you all the best of luck and really hope this succeeds!

    1. Thank you for the great words.

      That is kind of how I see it. But I’m not committed to any one thing yet, still trying to decide. This is really great input, and it is how I figure it will be. The story will still be my story (or the characters’, rather) but I do like the idea of a more interactive experience and one not marred by months-long publishing gaps. Mostly I would like to have a weekly kind of serial on top of my regular book publishing schedule. A magazine sort of format . . . similar but different from the books. I’m glad you’re considering supporting it, and I will try to offer more content than just the Patreon-first series.

  7. Sorry to hear you had a horrible month. Knew something was up. Happy to listen if you want to share. I’m also happy to be a Patreon so I don’t miss out on any of your content but I also want you to write what you want and not be too influenced by our thoughts. I’d love for you to be a full time writer. You have made me enjoy and appreciate topics I never thought I would.

    1. Thank you! The month wasn’t that terrible in the grand comparative scheme of things. I am fine now!

      I’d really like to make this writing thing more stable and sustainable in the future, so any support is much appreciated, thank you. But even just buying my books is truly just totally cherished by me. Can’t believe I get to do this sometimes!

    1. Really? If you don’t mind my asking, what were your reasons for dropping? You don’t have to answer, ha ha, feel free to deflect! KU has been great for exposure, but it complicates matters for authors immeasurably. I like it, just wish it was better managed on the author end and a lot less Draconian.

    2. It was a cost benefit analysis for me. For one thing I might have taken your comments about how crappy it can be for authors sometimes to heart, plus some of my favorites were abandoning it, including yourself sometimes. But even still, the content that I want from KU is not as great as it used to be (probably for the reasons stated in the previous sentence).

      For me, and please let me know if you know anything different with Amazon in terms of what helps you out more, but I feel like if I want to support authors I like, the best way is by actually buying their books. Is there more of a monetary benefit or an increase to exposure to the author if I purchase a book or rent a book through KU? Honest question, I hope it’s not dumb.

      Anyways at the end of the day, if I didn’t drop KU it meant I’d be renting books just to turn around and buy them if I really liked the author, so I was spending more money than I really wanted to. Also, not for nothing, but I feel like I am more moved by seeing ‘Verified Purchase’ next to a review, and I want to be able to have that next to all of mine so that a viewer of the review knows I put my money where my proverbial mouth is.

      1. Thanks for letting me know!

        KU can be great for some readers and really great for voracious genres like romance. But retaining quality authors has got to be tricky for Amazon. I’m under the impression some of the bigger author names coming into KU are doing so without the exclusivity contract that the independent publishers are anchored with. Seems unfair. In general, if an independent author puts books in KU then they cannot put those books in any other store or give them away for free or it’s questionable sometimes if it’s okay to even send them to your ARC team, if you have one. KU can be a minefield, and Amazon are loosy-goosy with their map showing the path through. Like authors want a grade-A tried and true contour map with scales and coordinates and Amazon is giving out the kids paper placemat at Denny’s version. I know you love Denny’s.

        And yes, the absolute most direct and helpful route for any author is to purchase the book. But I don’t want to diminish the KU readers because their readership also has tremendous value. As far as a book’s ranking (and therefore visibility) is concerned, Amazon equates a KU download with a sale. If you are reading an author’s book on Amazon’s KU you are contributing to their success, and the author is compensated. Only, the author won’t know what that compensation will be until a month later, and KU reads are subject to internal audits and some may be revoked. I’ve never been affected at all, and I have no problems, but I am worried about the future. Only being available on Amazon is like BDSM where you enjoy getting a belt tightened around your neck—I mean, the spanking is nice and all, and, sure, there’s pleasure, but, like, what if you black out? Gotta be careful.

        But once again: I love Amazon, I love KU, I have a subscription, and any series I started in KU will continue in KU.

  8. I’d be happy to subscribe on Patreon.

    That pro athlete story- isn’t that the “C-Pro” story you previously mentioned? I’ve been looking forward to reading it!

      1. I see Lauren Tsai is slated for a Netflix movie about a girl who discovers and rekindles for her own her mother’s Riot Grrl past. Cool if the band was called Licorice Girls.

      2. I love how more and more, real life is becoming a parody of the minds of people from this blog. I can’t wait to see Maggi … I mean Lauren Tsai in that movie.

      3. In my mind, Maggie now would be played by Adeline Rudolph (and her irl bf could dye his hair blond and play Cole)

      4. Adeline Rudolph is a looker, wow!’

        You watched ‘You’ right? I kind of felt like Shay Mitchell could have been a Maggie if, in an alternate universe, Maggie went full Carol.

        As has been well established, you never go full Carol, that’s how you end up being killed with a rock while you’re on your regularly scheduled park jog by your best friend’s (who’s also your secret crush that you can’t dare admit to anyone because your ashamed of it) deranged boyfriend.

      5. Carol! Did someone say Carol?

        TB, I can state without equivocation that murder seldom comes to mind. The entrapment within the web of the Dragon Lady is too enthralling and thrilling (and quite often a lot of FUN!) to think about rocks falling from overpasses. And you only get that if you the full Carol.

    1. How am I supposed to be a patron if I don’t have a job? You know damn well I can’t turn down seeing what you put together, lol!

      On another note, can you please start sucking at the things you do so that way I don’t feel like such a brown noser all the time? I’d like you to do something for once that causes me to have to ignore the blog for a while because I don’t want to be a jerk and comment on how mundane it was or boring. Instead I have to constantly gush about whatever you put your mind to on lunch breaks at work, I want to do other things with my time, KT! 🙂

      For example, that second comic was that KT patented combination of realistic, sexy, funny, and playful all at the same time, and with more context it might even hit at the dark, romantic, or cheating/cucking notes you touch on.

      So will you be planning on illustrated moments of your stories or just doodling? I’m really starting to warm up to your vision on this Patreon, KT! I feel like you squashed all my concerns and can make this extremely exciting on a regular basis for the both of us on a constant feedback look of no one getting RL work done.

      Would you mind taking some PG-13 requests? Here is some ideas …

      – Maggie walking down the aisle with Cole during Wedding Planning day in Sharing Maggie, or being fed caviar in front of the family … I mean talk about a visual …
      – The Biker party in the Bachelorette. I have a visual of Geoff sandwiched between Rocco and Dino watching Nia dance with her girls, then Nia coming back and being flirty.
      – For shits and giggles, having to hang out with Renny while he had his ‘problem’ (before things got out of hand that is) in ‘Watching Natalie Cheat’

      1. Thank you!

        I’d like to just do single image drawings of events from KT canon. Whatever floats the consensus’s boat. I’d like to select from all suggestions and then post a poll and I would draw the winner—literally draw the winner. I’m waaaay happy with non-erotic, but I’m not shy, either. Your suggestions are spot fucking on! Working on one as we speak.

        I thought it might be hilarious to do a KT coloring book, where my drawings of KT events are done in an open line style.

        (and the second image I posted is a scene from the one-that-got-away soldier story where the fiance lets his fiancee go on a date, or kayaking trip, she’s always lamented missing, you know, just to be sure. I toyed with the idea of doing comic strips as a webcomic—those are three strips lined up. I messed around and drew a bunch of storyboards on how it might play out. Webcomics seem popular on Patreon, and I wondered about venturing into that)

      2. This is so much fun, you are so much fun, wow! I know they make adult coloring books, you might have to label it ‘Adult Adult Coloring Books’ lol, that is such a hilarious and clever idea, KT!

        Also the single image representation is terrific! A webcomic strip if the moment feels right? Heck yeah! I love the idea of occasionally dropping visual representations of how you think a moment looks from your stories, it is really interesting. Especially because it seems like you got game as an illustrator.

        And you’re really not helping me cope with the possibility that it looks like it’ll be a 2022 release of your story about the ‘one-that-got-away’ based on how many stories are ahead of it … lol! I’ll survive!

    2. Holly shit… that second set of drawings from an original story has me wanting to read said original story! So if we get both the art and the story just shut up and take my money 🤣. Is the second set of drawings from one of the story options? If so which one?

      1. The second set is from the story with the engaged couple. BF knows of his GF’s one-that-got-away, a soldier who was called to duty that broke her heart. She moved on, went through some things, ended up with a great guy. Great guy urges her to complete her weekend getaway with the guy that never happened when he returns and seeks contact not knowing her new situation. He wants her to be sure before they tie the knot . . . So the drawings show a spoiler, but you figured they would end up sleeping together, right? I have a lot more boarded on that one when I thought I might add on a webcomic or something to my Patreon. For now I’d like to do the drawings of stuff that’s already happened in my books, maybe two a month or something. In the future I could consider doing more, like the webcomic—Patreon has a GOAL feature, where you can post a goal when a certain support level has been reached. That might be what I do: set a goal level of support whereupon I will add the webcomic/graphic novel as a tier or something. Drawings are fun and straightforward, drawing sequential images is time-consuming and expensive, and a whole bunch of other things, so I think I have to postpone it . . . 

      2. Yeah I think everyone expects the woman to sleep with the other man so I wouldn’t call that a spoiler… i hear you on the drawing part that looks time consuming. I’m in for the stories anything we get on top of that is just a cherry on a sundae… so if its just the art work you’ve already done then that is cool too. I was just impressed bu the quality of the art work is all. Looking forward to the Patreon.

      3. Whew, I hoped I didn’t wreck the sorry, ha ha!

        For now, the drawings from the published stories I think can be a fun add-on for some of the patrons. I’m enjoying it, ha ha, drawing one of 2B2H requests in my spare time. Such a great way to feel productive and creative at the same time and not beat myself up when the words aren’t coming!

      4. Wow that’s exciting that one of the suggestions I had moved you to draw when you have some time to devote to it! About your comment about PG-13 versus X rated drawings and anything being fair game, is it weird that explicitly sexual material might not do as much for me? This has ‘just my opinion’ all over it and I know you will be drawing all kinds of things people come up with, theoretically, but for the sake of conversation I would say I’m almost desensitized to the physical act of sex having visual power. I might just need to step away from the genre to get it back lol.

        I feel like the symbolic nature of Max and Maggie’s family staring on as Cole and Maggie stand at the altar knowing they are going to have emotionally complicated sex in a few hours just does so much more, for example. It’s also just a lot more unique than just an endless string of sex scenes.

        For my money (which is now a literal statement), I like the potential for your drawings that are about setting up the explosive sex scenes, the extended foreplay, if you will, of moments like that altar scene, lol.

      5. It’s all good!—and I totally get what you’re saying.

        I’ll post soon how I’ll decide what I draw, but it would be great if everybody has a proposition in mind, and it can be anything as long as it happened in one of the books!

    1. Will you no longer be publishing on Amazon? I love buying and owning your books because they are repeat reads for me. I just might not be understanding the whole patreon thing.lol

      1. I am absolutely positively one-hundred-percent in love with Amazon and am not going anywhere at all. My books will still be Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!

        The Patreon is just a side gig and an alternative way for me to interact with readers who’d like to show support or patronage. Right now I am practically 95% Amazon and I have to look to the future. Diversification is my forward strategy—but it happily and hungrily includes Amazon.

        If one is not interested in the Patreon, that’s great, and nothing will change for them. They won’t notice a thing, except maybe I’m getting series’ finished faster. Books will still be on Amazon, series that began in KU will stay in KU until they are finished.

      2. Just to be clear as a future KT Patron, I’m with others who have said that I will absolutely be supporting KT on Amazon as well.

        FYI for people new to Patreon – in case you didn’t know how it works, even if you don’t sign up for KT’s Patreon page whenever she gets it set up, you will have access to everything KT ever posts the minute you become a Patron, so if you sign up in December, you’ll get everything she posts in October and November as well.

        I recommend getting the Patreon App for anyone using their mobile devices because the interface is always so annoying for me on the website. It seems to be much better for messaging too!

      3. Great info!

        I’m new to Patreon, and have supported a couple of people the last few months just to get a feel of how it works, but there is a shit-ton I don’t know!

  9. I hope that, if you do almost-weekly chapter updates on a new story, you don’t put too much pressure on yourself to push them out.

    Also, what sort of “bundle” of chapters per patreon update would you be considering? I would hope they would be in larger chunks that would make narrative sense, even if they can’t be as large as the LHW entries were (which in my heart would be the ideal size, even if that meant you could only do monthly updates). I might drive myself crazy reading one of these stories chapter by chapter – it would also be harder to keep the thread of the story as a reader (I might just have to horde updates and only read them once a month or something)! Lots of questions! I’m sure it’ll be a process to figure out what works for you.

    1. I love the perspective in this post, Glaucs. The sentiments here are part of the reason I still like the ‘big chunk’ release style still, both from the perspective that KT needs the time she needs to release stories and from a reading perspective. But to your main point, it’ll be all be worked out over time once KT has this thing rolling. I also don’t want KT to feel compelled to do too much within a month for the sake of satisfying the tier system she has established.

      Do you have estimated time frame you want to get this started, KT?

      Are you able to promote your Patreon page through your Author page on Amazon, KT or does it have to be through your blog? Wouldn’t that be great!?

      1. Thank you for the consideration, and I appreciate it—we’ll all see how this thing goes . . . I have high hopes!

      2. Not through Amazon, but just through the blog, twitter, etc. I can make Patreon posts right on my website here that only Patreon people would be able to unlock, but I run into the hosting erotic material problem. My current host prohibits anything too racy, so I’m unable to do it on my website. I probably should find alternate hosting but fuuuuck what a hassle.

        And, I’m probably ready to start now. Problem is it’s mid-month and that means you’ll be billed by Patreon. I might start it now, post a bunch of material, then launch officially on November 1.

      3. Look at this face via GIPHY do I look like I care that you are starting your Patreon mid-month?

        via GIPHY

        By the way Glaucs, I could see your gif in your first reply in my emails but not on the blog, KT has some secret access or something.

      4. I truly hope that you start this month, I don’t think it should matter that the month is partially over – as I said up-thread I think there are a lot of people that want to support what you’re doing already!

    2. What I could do is present the chapters as they’re done, which is kind of what I want to do. but then make a digest post bi-monthly or something, or by word count or by a Part measurement (like end of Part one)—then people who don’t want to read the short segments can ignore the Patreon emails until they see the Digest post email come in.

      1. That could work, it’s the temptation not to read everything that comes out when you release it that will be the hardest hurdle, though.

      2. I know! I don’t know what will be the more pervasive emotional experience, the elation that a KT story is released in a more frequent basis, or the disappointment that there are more KT’s stories that will inevitably have endings.

        I’ll have to figure out what works for me, lol.

      1. Ha ha—are others doing it? I check them from my website’s panel, not on the website. I thought I might be the only one that has the magnificent power to do it, mwah ha ha

    1. I’m thinking this week perhaps, but officially in November.

      Patreon billing occurs on the first of the month, so if you sign up now you will only be getting two weeks of content. But I have material banked and I will provide a lot in two weeks. No obligation to join now, it’ll be like a soft-launch, I just want all the problems greased out by November 1.

      1. Looking forward to pledging as soon as possible, even before any material is out. I just really want you to see concrete proof of the support you have.

        I definitely think the patreon model would be good for more niche genres – there are comparatively fewer fans but those fans value the works more highly than the general market, so it makes sense to give us an opportunity to demonstrate that increased value in real money terms. Economics talk for I just want to show support irrespective of any potential extras provided.

      2. Thank you, Glaucon! I’m thinking my Patreon will be submitted for review today. Don’t know how long that takes, but it will hopefully be up soon!

      3. Just let us know. I’ve created our account so we’re ready! Say the word and our souls will be healed! (Did I really just write that?)

  10. Had to ask Dr. Google what patreon is (as well as KU) (pretty out of it I guess) but I’ll join in what I guess is a subscription via patreon. Maybe every fortnight would be a good compromise….longer read, less often. No particular druthers on story….I’ll read whatever you write.

    1. Thank you, TF! And I wanted to tell you—Separate Schools 3 is the next book, and may be done by the end of this month. I know you’ve been interested, ah ha.

      Yeah, I didn’t know what Patreon was either really so had to spend some time looking into it after a few suggested I go there.

  11. Fascinating. Late to the game as usual. I love the patreon idea.
    I will totally support you. I love going for rides with you and your characters. Seriously love it.
    Also A & E make my stomach churn. Butterflies.
    My request would be for the “done wrong” hubby to get some pay back. I want the wayward wife to have some regrets about the pain she has inflicted. Maybe even a temporary split? Maybe hubby finds someone new?
    In my mental rewrites, that usually happens.
    Count me in for your patreon! Huge fan.

    1. Awesome, thank you! Your request sounds a little like Cherry Blossoms, ha ha . . . and yes, it felt good to write that ending.

  12. Wow! This kinda blew up! Very cool!

    We’d be down to pay whatever for whatever! Just to get our eyes on something from your wonderfully twisted mind would be great!

    We agree with the sentiment about this putting pressure on you. Please don’t let that happen. We just hope you have fun with what you do in whatever medium you choose.

    About ARC’s. We make no bones about being part of C.C. Morian’s ARC Team. Here’s the twist: We buy the books. Cici takes our suggestions to heart so there is something more to read when we buy the final copy. We’d buy it anyway. If you decide to start an ARC, we’d be honored to participate and pay for the books. Honestly, though, why would you do that? Your books are impeccable as they are now. Seldom do we find mistakes.

    Wanna know what’s funny? Most mistakes from other authors happen during sex scenes. The mental image is disturbing.

    So, yeah, we’re down with Patreon! 🙂


    1. Ha ha, thank you. I don’t have an editor or ARC or any help at all. Sometimes I can’t believe I don’t have more mistakes. I literally will finish a book, compile it, read it on my kindle and make notes of mistakes I see, fix them, and hit official publish the next morning. I feel like if I dwell too long I’ll dull some of the impact, or what’s the worst—lose my nerve. I remember jumping out of my sleep after I’d hit publish on Pool Party, on fire with fear. Did I actually post a scene where the wife is lead around on all fours and spanked with a rolled up newspaper like a bad dog?! huff-huff-huff, panic, panic, panic.

      1. When we first read Pool Party, we were thinking, “WTF is going on here?” Then boom.. we knew. How can a husband be so totally clueless? 🙂 Don’t answer that…

      2. Ha ha, not saying a thing. You know how many times irl I’ve been clueless and like months later I’ll realize what was going on or what someone’s double entendre was? It happens to everybody. And the husband in PP wasn’t clueless, he was clouded or obstructed by all the beauty (purposely, maliciously put) in front of him. That Loveless guy was a mastermind.

  13. This is all really helpful, between your reassurances and the fact that I’m a sucker for a discount (3 months free if I sign up today!), I’ve back on the KU train after literally a two week absence (so basically no absence lol).

  14. KT, if you need any ideas to get the finishing touches to Separate Schools 3 out the door, ‘After’ on Netflix looks like it might help …

    … I guess what I’m saying is I know what movie I’ll be watching this weekend.

    1. It’s not ready yet, I think Tracey. Searching patreon’s is a lot more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be, so I hope KT links it in this blog and then you can sign up then.

      1. What is the name of your Patreon? I can’t find it on the app. Looked under KT, licorice etc.

      2. there’s a link at the top of this site (I don’t think patreon lets you search NSFW pages).

      3. Does the site look different in Canada or am I silly, lol? I’m not able to find the link in either my mobile or desktop.

        Thanks for providing the link, Glaucs!

      4. Thanks Glaucoma. You are right doesn’t appear as if they let you search for 18+ content which is lame…. But I’m pledged now.

      5. For me, the tabs at the top of the site are Blog, Shop, Hotwifebooks, and Patreon.

  15. Wow… again… you know, it’s easier to read posts in E-mail? 🙂

    We’ve subscribed, KT. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your Ferrari! This is a great move for you, KT! Free up that time… write an extension for Happy Endings! Do it on Patreon. 🙂 Be Nike!

    Oh… Yeah! 🙂 I honestly don’t know what to write… this place is overwhelming. 🙂 Then again, time to make dinner! King Crab legs, corn on the cob, and hush puppies. It ain’t good for ya, but it’s sure good!

      1. Thanks! I haven’t made hush puppies in a long time. Costco is great for King Crab legs. Patreon is gonna be so good for you, KT! I’m happy you made that choice!

  16. Signed up (# 4, he, he) and looking forward to the art work as art is what I do these days (and the next Separate Schools of course!). Wouldn’t mind seeing a rendition of N, G and O enjoying the cherry blossoms early on (yeah, pretty PG but it’s how they began and how they ended and how I think of them…and I wonder how close my mental image is to what KT’s is). Not sure how Patreon and all works but will find out. Hope Patreon is a big success for you KT.

  17. Signed up. looking forward to more. And glad to do a small part in making that happen. I’m an A,D,C,E,B myself.

  18. Hey KT, any ground rules about discussion of the patreon series and where you want it taking place? Want it kept off this blog, or nah?

  19. So I was just perusing a tube site and came across a video that gave me an idea for one of your bulls/hot wives to use on the husband. The clip was called Snapchat cuckold compilation. The title is self explanatory. I know Reza already sent videos in that story, but I thought this could be interesting used in the KT universe. Finn and Libby came to mind as I think it would be awesome if Finn can continue to bring the wicked side of Libby out and then Finn can share it with Ben over Snapchat and add some addition humiliating messages on top of the wild and crazy things Finn can Getz Libby to confess to when Finn is balls deep and Ben isn’t in the room.

  20. I love your books,I’ve just recently learned of the wife sharing phenomenon and I also share this fantasy but I could never indulge it.So I enjoy it thur books but I think more along the lines of stag not cuckoldso some of your book are hard to read but your ideal is interesting and would pay the $5!

  21. Well I just signed up on Patreon. At first I was hesitant but as a libertarian I thought it through and well I’ll support someone or something I believe in. Been away from the form awhile work and side business, etc. Have a relative that writes soft erotica on Amazon and I know it’s not a way to make a living. She has to work as a housewife to supplement her income to write:). The amount of work KT turns our is staggering. Patronage is the way art has survived throughout the ages. A large body of Renaissance art is religious because “The Church” was a major “Patron” of artist. So KT is allowing us to participate in the direction of stories for a little bit of patronage. If the renaissance hedonist would have only open they purses we would have more hedonistic art works! Go forth and write more “hot wife” thingies…
    Thank You

  22. I would like to encourage people to support KT on the Patron site! It helps her and you’ll have a good time in the on going discussions!

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