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Impure Thoughts

Ben and Libby are back, and things are going to get pretty crazy.

When we last saw them, Chelsea had delivered a late night instruction and implant. Two days hence, she will meet with her lord and arcane master for some back hole cherry popping.

Folks, this book took a long time to write and, wow, did it stretch and stretch. Every thing about this book made me more curious about the characters, wanting to know more and wanting them to do more.

Kind of a spoiler alert: There’s a reason this book is part of a new series even though it’s a continuation of Chelsea Hates Libby. It’s apparent one chapter in. This book has Libby’s voice. Now this character is going places. Her voice was stifled in the first series because the whole point was the mystery. Now we know everything. Oh, wait, no we don’t! Libby is a sexy, slippery little eel who lies to herself as much as she lies to others. But gosh darnit, under it all she’s a little sweetheart. Conflicted like all of us. I love her.

I hope you think Impure Thoughts is a doozy the way I do. I just re-read it this morning and had to crank the AC!

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64 thoughts on “Impure Thoughts

  1. Ha! Nice teaser, KT! 🙂 Can’t wait for the book to show up. I’m even letting my wife cook dinner (I have to wash every dish in the house)!! 🙂

    1. And people think we have lives!!! Ha!

      1. That is life! It’s not all Grand Prix races and kicking it in your motor home>>that’s just the cream!

      2. Or a semblance of?

        Spa is next! The Scuderia should do well there, finally.

    2. Excited and Looking forward to this continuation.
      Also happy sad that we have a Reza finale coming …

      1. Might be two more Reza books. I don’t know how I’ll wrap it up in one!

  2. I loved that sketch on snl!

    1. I also just literally learned about Blood Orange a week ago, I am a big fan now.

      1. Also also, black hole cherry popping? Lol!

      2. Ha, ha, I’m sleep-deprived…

      3. I burned a hole in my iPod with that Cupid Deluxe album

  3. “… the waiting is the hardest part…”

    “…I said the wait child pacing child forth and back now hurts
    The wait child bus stop child late come child hurts
    The wait child pool hall child pin table now hurts
    The wait child magic child work it on out now work it…”

    1. Final round of speculation!

      Premise: Libby lies

      1. Libby lied about the extent of her playing with the guy in school–we know that–but she didn’t tell it all: She did him.

      2. Libby was sexually active during the break in college.

      3. Libby has cheated before.

      4. Libby lies a lot during this next book.


  4. Well dang … Maybe I’ll go to bed early so I catch it in the morning …

    1. I hear you, James… I figure I’ll go for a bit longer…

  5. It feels like the wait time increases by an hour with every release – or maybe KT’s fans are just too ravenous.

    In any case, looking forward to reading it! Wondering how my expectations will pan out.

  6. I love the idea that it’ll be told from Libby’s perspective. It worked great in 6 weeks.

    1. It’s exhilarating to move from the thoughts of Ben who was at the onset an “innocent” comparatively. Who was corrupted, though easily turned, into his current state reality. Libby is my new Loch Ness! As the layers blossom with every new page we read I find that we know LEAST about her. She was an almost plain and boring but know I can’t imagine a more enticing character to unravel!

      1. That’s how I feel! Writing her as a mystery didn’t let me in her head. Everything was Ben-centric. I prefer doing the dual perspectives.

  7. Got it! Search for “Impure Thoughts”

    1. So glad!

      But really, Amazon? 9am on a weekday? Fuck …

      1. Almost 4 pm here. Will put off reading till bed time. 🙂

      2. Tell me ’bout it.

  8. Omg, “in through the out door!?” Hahaha

    I wonder how many euphemisms KT piled up into this, I hope at least a dozen.

  9. Got mine!

  10. Hurray!

    1. overall thought the story was a great start for the new series… i like that Libby is now a pov character so you don’t need Ben in the room. Hope in the future we get some extended sex scenes between Finn and Libby alone and see what he gets her to agree to while being pleasured.

  11. Well, we have started reading… we couldn’t read it right away because we had another interview for the adoption process.

    But yeah, so far, we’re loving the slow burn! 🙂

  12. One of my all-time favorite Will Farrell characters!

  13. That was interesting! Great, great setup, KT! Now, to think about our review; oh, it’s going to be five stars, just don’t know what to title it because we’ve learned everything spins off the title. We wonder what’s in store for Libby and Ben in future installments?

    In Through The Out Door — Led Zeppelin. Whole Lotta Love? (Way, down inside. Woman! You need…) Just thinking… Change Partners? (Why do I always think of oldies? Maybe I’m channelling my Dad.)

    1. Squeeze my lemon?

      via GIPHY

      1. Don’t title it that, ha ha!

      2. LMAO!!!!!!! Squeeze My Lemon!!!!

        I ran my proposed title by the boss and it’s approved!!! It’s so appropriate!! An oldie, too!

  14. Interesting turn of events. KT; a great read as always. Just like an episode of House, but with better sex! Everyone is a liar, except possibly Ben (and Remi and XiXi).

    Seems to me Chelsea and Finn are the type who like to watch things burn. The series Prologue tells us something of that, and Ben saw a certain malevolence in Finn’s eyes at one point. KT now has us all wondering how C&F are going to ruin Ben and Libby, though Libby may not be aware that she is ruined.

    One timeline question: at one point Libby appeared to narrate a history of her “friendship” with Finn that went much further into the past than just he recent coffee hours. Are we going to discover even more layers of Lib?

    When do we introduce Libby to Charlie? They could talk books and bondage, and his to be a complete slut while wearing sensible shoes. Doesn’t Ben need some working capital for his company? I’m sure Reza could find the funds for a suitable price.

    1. “how” to be, not “his” to be.

    2. Thank you—dirty TV episodes is my schtick!

      What’s the reference to a longer friendship (narrows eyes, trying to remember what was written)?

      Libby and Charlie would revert to timidness. Big LOL at the Reza/Scream Queens crossover—I can see it!

      1. Libby looking back at times with Finn over coffees that appear to predate the summer period.

    3. You know there are parallels! I didn’t think about it until donkatsu2 mention it. Big difference in villians, though… Reza is honest about his intentions. 🙂

      I mean, really. Does anyone believe Chelsea’s “plan”?

      Taking it back to the prologue, yet again, I’ll bet real money that Chelsea’s intention is to have Libby fall in love with Finn (sure looks like way intense NRE going on, now), and have Finn destroy her. But wouldn’t it be a twist if Finn returned Libby’s feelings and Chelsea found herself on the outs? Poor Ben.

      1. DND,
        There has to be some way that Ben ends up shafted and destroyed, and it has to be the change in Libby, nest-ce pas?

      2. I don’t know. I kind of think the hardest cut to Ben and the one with the most destruction would be if Libby fell in love with Finn and then if Finn returned her feelings. It would be destructive even if it was only Libby.

        The prologue is really interesting and probably the biggest teases we’ve ever read (next to the Epilogue of Happy Endings). KT mentioned in another thread that Ben’s destruction can take many forms. When thinking about hurt, I would imagine the biggest one is losing the love of the woman you’re so deeply in love with, like Ben is with Libby.

        I know when my wife and I played, she had a bout of intense NRE with a guy in FL. I’m not the jealous kind, but when she started staying out all night, then snapped at me on the phone, I demanded she come home. All I had to ask her is, “Are you in love?” Asking that question put things in perspective for her. I wasn’t hurt, but the foundation for hurt was there. So, yeah hurt is a big deal.

        It also brings me to a point about hotwives and this is based entirely on what I have read. When things go bad, it’s seldom the husband who is sliding. It’s the wife. Often at the encouragement of a cuckold husband (and sometimes a stag husband) who seem to be thrilled at the aspect of his wife going berserk, often ignoring the pleas of his wife.

        Sex is a powerful, powerful drug and once some women get a taste of the freedom hotwifing gives them, some kind of go berserk. They become selfish, lie, cheat, and ultimately, the husband-wife relationship falls apart. There are a couple of examples on OHW, but most of the time, those couples just disappear. Those who don’t disappear and written hints or outright write, say their wife provided reassurance right up until their breakup. In one case the wife divorced the husband for the “bull” breaking up a 20-year plus marriage. It’s sad. Some people should just say no. It’s not for everyone.

        That’s one reason why we read hotwife books. We like the escape from reality, and when a scene that’s too real is written, we just shake our heads and kiss each other. It’s why Cherry Blossums is a brilliant work–certain aspects are just too real.

        In this book, as I have written, I would love to see Libby go completely nuts sexually. Not because that’s what I want in real life (I’ve had it, in part), but because it’s hot to read about a fictional character growing into her sexuality by leaps and bounds.

        We actually are pulling for Ben in this story, now. Not because we like him, but because the hurt he’s likely going to feel is going to be insane, and destructive.

        That’s more than you asked for, but it’s out there in the universe, now!

      3. DND,
        I think you are spot on all round. I cannot imagine what you two went through on the way to where you are now (and congratulations to both of you for pulling yourselves back from the brink). But I suspect that, as you noted, many do not make it back.

        Ben knows: at location 1487: “He smiled now too, the blackness of his eyes betraying what Ben saw for the first time as a hidden malevolence. Black tattoos scattered all over his muscular body, the veins in his arms bulging up against the surface; he held out a large hand and met Libby’s gaze. Libby folded her arms over her bare breasts, scooted awkwardly off the deck, then turned to face Finn. He wagged his hand, and she slipped hers inside it. “Let’s take you upstairs,” he said.”

        Not just fun and games anymore, and you also sussed that out in discussion the husbands of the hotwives. But why destroy Ben as well, unless there is more to the High School story than we know at the moment. Or maybe C&F like the collateral damage part, too; orchestrating some great oeuvre.

        Clearly, Libby is a project for them and Ben may just be a part of the overhead.

      4. donkatsu2,

        We were never really at the brink. We did things that were out of character because we were bored. I know that seems hard to comprehend, but when you think about it, you realize that when you become bored, you try to reinvigorate things, or change entirely.

        The thing that made us realize we were bored was the final thing we tried which was Daria at first wanting to have an affair. That stopped because aspects of it were downright dishonest, but morphed into Daria wanting to get swept off her feet, go on vacations, and do these things without me. That was never hot or anything but hurtful to me. I hid it well, though. I was never on board with being left out, but played along. My joining in or not was always an option before–one that I exercised regularly–just not this time, though.

        Daria and some online people saw that I was just going through the motions and what I was going through, so before Christmas of 2017 (just before our little guy got sick) she broke it off with the guy.

        Other than having her triad of guys alone and then together with me, That was it. We talked a lot and through it all realized we were bored and stopped. Hotwifing did make us closer, but now we’re closer than ever. Believe it or not, reading KT’s book helps that, a lot. So do books from other authors. Arnica Butler’s new book is insanely hot. Realizing what you don’t want is often more important than realizing what you do want.

        It’s also good that two of her triad remain friends and one actually comes to check on our house when we’re out of town. He’s a great guy. So is the other guy who is in grad school. The third guy, we lost contact.

        So, yeah, we’re lucky, but we were never on the brink of separation, even in early days.

        Sorry for this, KT. I felt the need to explain so if this is inappropriate, feel free to delete it, without fear of anything but our speculative posts! 🙂

      5. I think you’re right. Ben was along for the ride so while he discovers things about himself, namely that he’s a submissive and likely a cuckold, ultimately he’s collateral damage. But it’s damage that is essential in this series simply because of the prologue.

        You know, that’s a trap, too. KT will navigate it deftly, but to divulge something like that at the beginning takes balls! 🙂

        Though if Libby truly loves Ben, seeing Ben hurt will hurt Libby, too. That depends entirely on how Libby is hurt and her depth of feelings for Finn. So, hurt and destruction abound.

        Ben, turning to Libby the day after the outing at the club and sadly says, “You don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction?”

      6. DND,

        Don’t C&F now have a path to hurt Libby coming and going – make her fall in love with Finn, dump her, and then hurt her again as she sees the damage to Ben. A two-for. After all, as much a stand-up guy as Geoff turned out to be, his marriage to Nia could never be the same after all that transpired.

        Knowing KT, I think Chelsea will be made to suffer as well. Maybe Finn takes it too far with Libby and really pisses Chelsea off. Finn, without Chelsea, would not have access to the quality of babe to which he has grown accustomed. So there is plenty of pain to spread around.

        A speculation, KT, and please do not respond if you are not comfortable with it. I think you started with the club scene, when you witnessed it in real time among people you know (you alluded to as much a few months ago). You then needed a story to hang it on as much to explain the goings-on to yourself as to titillate us rubes in the L-48. {“But I knew “Libby” for years! She would NEVER do something like this.”}

      7. Yeah, there’s hurt all around if KT so chooses. That’s part of the thrill of reading books such as this one. It’s like a trainwreck in slow motion. And that’s a GREAT thing. The pacing is perfect as are the descriptions of what’s going on.

        Yeah, they’ll never be the same, but evolution is a good thing. Let’s just hope at the end, Libby and Ben realize each other and revel in that. But before that will happen, I’ll speculate there’s gonna be a hole lotta hurtin’ goin’ on.

        The Lemon Song might be very appropriate for the next volume. Whom it references is up to KT! 🙂

        It’s all in KT’s extremely capable hands, the mind, and the realization of codes that become the words we love.

      8. DnD – I just want to say that my heart constantly goes out to you two. I eat up your little stories because it’s always a compelling read. I so badly want the adoption agency to give you all the green light!

      9. Thanks, James. I feel very self conscious when I write those things. Daria approves, though. I just don’t want to come across as an ego maniac or someone trying to hijack things. That’s not me at all.

        We had another interview, so as far as we know, the process is going well. We have another interview this coming week with yet another person. We’re glad they’re taking our dreams seriously. I can see no reason that would block us from becoming parents.

  15. Had to stop at Chapter 25! Going to read that again starting at hot tub!! Loving it TOO MUCH! I can’t let it end when the next books aren’t ready yet!!! I need some “Chernobly” for my hot tub time machine!

  16. Next book “?” – Mysterious!

    1. Mystery solved!

  17. One of the things we like about the Reza books is the transformation of Charlie. Now, we have the transformation of Libby. Not speaking for my wife this time, but I really hope Libby turns into a complete slut. Clothes, everything. I sure hope the trip to the club is her “coming out” party! KT, only you could write it and have it be a natural evolution for Libby. Seriously. My wife only partly gets into that aspect, and she has her reasons that I won’t go into here, but it does seem like she’s headed that way. Slut cuckholdress.

    Sorry for all the language. I’ve been battling a Windows 10 update all day and finally gave up and reverted. Frustrating.

    1. Agreed.. Personally i’d Like it if the next book solely focused on Libby and her transformation. Finn could meet her at work they could mess around and maybe get caught. or g Finn comes over when Ben is out of town and fucks Libby all night, maybe Ben calls her while Finn is fucking her and she tries to hide it etc cause they agree only to play when the other is there. Finally, keep Chelsea to a minimum like book 3 of the last story. I don’t think she adds much except to be the bad guy and we don’t need to know her intentions until the it’s time to start wrapping up the story. Personally I think this story has a lot of paths to venture down so I hope it goes on for more than 3 parts.

      1. Just finished. Can’t believe kt quoted Bruce Lee’s “water” interview. What a classic?

      2. Welcome back, Tracey!

  18. Always here in the background.

  19. This was a really, really well written story. I am very intrigued by how KT has written Chelsea and Finn. Coupled with Reza or Lovelace (who I haven’t thought about in a long time), I really feel like KT does a really good job at making psychopathic bad guys. The type that make you feel unsettled when they say nice things to people. Whenever Chelsea compliments Libby, don’t you just feel it in the pit of your stomach? Whenever you have people that have questionable intentions do or say something that you have viscerally positive reaction to, the juxtaposition is disorienting. Chelsea being supportive of Libby, and Libby, nice girl that she wants to be, can’t stay mad at Chelsea. Now she might actually like her a little bit.

    The mind control aspects of this story are pretty on point without being ridiculous and unrealistic, I am not really a big fan of manipulation in stories, it can easily become contrived and I hate when things don’t feel natural in a story, HATE it. You have to give it up for KT’s devotion to psychology, I constantly applaud her for spending most of her time in people’s heads (or making you obsess over what’s going on in a character’s head when she REFUSES to let you in, something she loves to do for a lot of her female characters, the latest being Libby). So Chelsea and Finn build up the moment when Finn and Libby will see each other again, they tease and build it from the periphery and force Ben and Libby to follow their rules not to touch each other. Ben accepts his role in this and takes ownership of it and almost seems like he is in control by making Libby do the things that he wants her to to enhance the mood. I think that impresses Libby but they build up an expectation of what is going to happen that day, only to walk in and realize they aren’t the only ones there. Ben and Libby have little control of this situation like they think, both of them thinking, “Is this what it’s like? Is this what we asked for?” They think they are playing these games to get what they want, but Chelsea and Finn aren’t done pushing boundaries.

    To me Xixi and Reni are Chelsea and Finn’s props. Another degree of separation from what Ben and Libby were before they ever reunited with Chelsea, to now being whatever thing the two of Chelsea and Finn want Ben and Libby to be. That scene where Chelsea is talking to Ben about being a submissive, it’s really powerful, really digging in to those ever present feelings of insecurity but doing it in a way that hits harder because, again like I said above, she compliments Ben. Here she is pigeonholing a human being into a role, yet Ben is a success in life, and ‘do you know how hard it is to find someone like you? You’re perfect!’ But it’s a key moment where Chelsea again is racheting up the power, here Ben is in a state of disorientation trying to understand what is happening, and Chelsea has the solution for him, “give in to it, this is who you are, isn’t it fun?”

    For some reason, I could not shake the thought when Chelsea saw Libby orgasm from Finn’s backdoor entry and she said, ‘Anal orgasm’ so categorically, it felt like that scene in a fantasy or epic where the character has achieved something that the story was hinting at only being in legend, but you knew was going to happen eventually. Like the Blue Steel Magnum from Zoolander. You did it, Libby and Finn!

    A really great story for the new series, really sets a new tone. One where Libby is finally growing up out of a state of sexual dormancy, Chelsea and Finn are a beautiful, terrifying mystery, and Ben’s mind is spinning. I appreciate how much love Ben and Libby show, I have to respect that the KT story must make it about them even when I have other preoccupations in the story, it’s definitely tangible and that has a sweetness that I hate reading because it’s boring but love feeling because I want that (what am I talking about?).

    And just for shits and giggles, KT decides to insert parent drama, which is I think a standard at this point in KT stories, did mom and dad see their precious angel blowing her husband on the street? I fucking love the concept of a mom and dad just visiting their daughter, “Oh let’s stop and visit the kids, we’re not going to eat all this cake …oh, oh my …” Guess what momma, your daughter fuuuuuucks. LOL

    Couple more one off thoughts –
    1) What do people take from Libby saying that she got to say to her friends at school that ‘she fucked Ronnie?’ Is that her admitting she actually DID have sex with Ronnie, or is that her taking a nugget of truth because he did finger bang her and making a bigger story out of it because she wants to make her classmates jealous? I loooove that KT fucks with our heads with things like this.
    2) I also enjoyed the concept that Libby might not want Ben to watch sometimes … not just because of what I like, but also because ‘why would you want that, Libby?’ I have my thoughts, many of them more innocent than anything about being deceptive, but again, KT fucking with heads.
    3) Blood Orange is the bee’s knees

    1. Question 1, We think it’s pretty much a done deal that Libby had actual penetrative sex with Ronnie, and it was more than hinted at that Ronnie took her rosebud, too. That sequence was almost like her conscience talking.

      The sequence you mentioned seems to me like either a wistful memory or a daydream. We can’t decide which. BUT, it seems a foregone conclusion that she and Ronnie banged nasties, more than once–she even punished herself for it, too.

      Number 2. That’s actually more real than it seems. From what I’ve read, LOT’s of hotwives do not want their husbands watching as it makes them feel self-conscious and makes them feel they’re performing for their husband. It lessens her experience. Until the last escapades, I always had a choice. It made it better for Daria if I was there. She never felt she was doing it for me, though. If I wasn’t there, I never suffered from the angst that other husbands suffer. Some husbands get off on NOT being there; I didn’t. Daria never went alone unless we felt she was absolutely safe. Daria’s safety was the biggest factor in everything we did.

      So, Libby is self-conscious. It’s cool. Ben will get his chances. Finn and Libby will make damn sure of that.

      Ben not participating occasionally is probably playing right into Chelsea and Finn’s hands, too. It gives Libby a chance to form a tighter bond. Both Daria and I envision nooner’s coming soon, too.

      KT’s done it again. Complete speculation station!

      We like what you wrote, James! Very, very cool!

    2. TB,
      Glad the ether picked it up. That’s an awful lot to remember. Good points, too.

      1. Yeah me too, i take too long writing posts, so I was a little ornery.

        It must have needed KT’s approval.

    3. For 1) I think its just to be cool. Libby is on the fringe of the cool people in school, if she fucks a cool person she becomes cooler in the eyes of her other friends who are on the fringe with her.

      For 2) I think she wants to be alone because she’s shy and she feels she has to hold herself back when her husband is around because she doesn’t want to upset him and or she is thinking about what he is feeling/thinking. When she is alone she doesn’t have to think about his feelings and can just let loose.

      As for Chelsea I have to disagree. I think she is actually irrelevant to the story going forward until the final conflict arises. She was needed in this story for someone for Ben to talk to and to help him accept The new “normal”. Now that Ben has accepted it Libby can do what she wants. I couldn’t care less what chelsea’s motives as they don’t matter to me. The train is on the track and Ben and Libby’s relationship will either be derailed by Finn or the track will hold and the car will get to the end peacefully. Chelsea is a redundancy. I don’t look at her as a main character if something good happens to her fine, if KT were to open the next book at Chelsea’s funeral I’m okay with that and think the story could move forward just as it would with her alive.

      To me cuckold/hotwife erotica revolves around the couple and the other guy. The best stories to me are like part 3 of chelsea hates libby where the focus of the book in on the other guy and wife… Perhaps because I usually relate to the other guy in the stories as opposed the couple. That’s what makes KT such a good author though as people with different view points can still enjoy he story.

  20. Ugh, I really hope my comment is floating in internet ether because I’m going to be really pissed if it’s gone forever.

    1. T*(B=H),
      C’mon now! You cannot possibly be as old as I am and come to my mental decrepitude honestly. You have to be able to remember what you wrote five minutes ago.⏳

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