Broken Dreams

This is the third and last book of the Chelsea Hates Libby mini-series, but it’s not the last we’ll see of these characters. This is the first chapter in their summer journey… So what happened when Lib stormed off that morning? What will Ben find when he races to Chelsea’s house? Did anyone get dismembered? And where will Finn fit in now?…

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  1. Can’t wait to read it!!!
    Also, will we be getting a “complete collection?”
    Or are you waiting to add to this series before we see a it collected?

  2. Hi KT, really appreciate you giving us the code to your Amazon product page as soon as you get it, it’s really thoughtful.

    This one isn’t working for some reason, does it still need to load or something?

    1. Yes, it’s the right code but it may take time to propagate depending where you live. The book is going live and that ASIN number will work for everybody soon…

  3. Feels as though we are back more to the traditional cuckold story, with the husband enjoying seeing the wife with another man. Though Chelsea does seem to indicate to Ben that there may be a future for them as well in this quartet. Would Libby be OK with that? Guess we will eventually find out in part 4, or part 2A I guess.

    Couple of questions I have. One, is Libby telling the truth about Ronnie? My thought is she is…why wouldn’t you just confess at this point if you did more. But Libby is clearly hiding secrets.

    Second, do we buy that Chelsea has completely turned around, or is she still plotting something? On this, I am not completely sure…this seems like a big turn to being Libby mortal enemy to accepting and even seemingly liking her. I still kind of think she has something up her sleeve. Not completely sure I buy Finn’s explanations either, but am more willing to accept he was not in on the more nefarious parts of Chelsea’s plan.

    Guess we will also find out in the next part. My spidey sense says Ben should worry a bit here. His sweet Libby is a little too into Finn.

    1. We managed to read it. Just finished it.

      Spidey senses being what they are, in this case, seem spot on, JL.

      Here’s what’s nagging. In the prologue, Ben is ruined, or so it’s written. By the end of this book, Ben is hardly ruined. Is ruination for Ben being denied? Cucked? Or is it just a feeling?

      Then there’s some things about one thing that’s not mentioned at all but for the first time. Several more times an act mentioned without any fear or worry, like the condition was forgotten or just a simple inconvenience. Or, unbeknown to us at this time, a still hidden, yet common theme in books of this genre. Will it sneak up and bite all parties? Is this the ruin written of in the prologue?

      The review for this installment is going to be difficult to write. All the bullshit Finn feeds Libby and his apparent designs on cucking Ben points to there being a lot more in store for the naive couple.

      For us, Finn has fallen from barely likeable to being nothing more than a user, just like his self-centered, despicable wife.

      We have a question for the group but will hold off asking until more people have had time to read this installment. Besides, it’s way late (or early). Zero dark thirty.

      1. I’m excited. read ch1 only but I told you Libby did something to Chelsea. Can’t wait to read what is actually was. 8 yrs is before Ben and Libby we’re married. Their year off. I’m guessing Libby wasn’t as pure as Ben thinks. Bloody awesome.
        Back to the book.

      2. I was also thinking of the prologue…that clearly seems to be at a point in the future from where this book leaves off, as Ben knows enough to look in the yearbook to see how this all started. And it doesn’t seem like he’s in a good spot at that moment. I think I get where KT says this book opened up new layers to the story.

        I see parallels between Libby and Maggie to be honest. The sweet, shy, somewhat mousy girl blossoming sexually under the tutelage of her new lover. That might not bode well for Ben if Libby decides that Finn is her Cole…the one that just “does it for her.”

      3. Thank you for the awesome review!—had me worried at first…

        And I just want to reiterate the opening prologue:

        “When it was all over, Ben Todd would ask himself how it happened—no, not how, but why. Why did it happen?

        The awful events of that summer, the series of reproachful interludes that finally led to great calamity must have occurred for a reason.
        The answer was in his house the whole time. Not out where he would see it, not in the face or the eyes of the woman he loved nor the one who ruined him. On the second floor of their rented Beaches home, in the room he used as his office, there was a box on the top shelf of the closet. In that box was a dusty old tome he hadn’t looked at in probably seven or more years. A glossy bound book of no more than two hundred pages; and just past the halfway point, on page 105, on the right hand side, bottom half, a picture on the inside left would show the clue that could answer the ugly question of why.

        The three collected faces of the yearbook committee.

        It might not be the greatest answer—because what had happened was truly awful and ultimately unnecessary—but tales of this nature never have an answer you could call satisfactory. The best that could be mustered is a general: I guess that makes sense. Because human nature is unknown, and the cruelty of others never truly boils down to one reason; people are dark and you can never truly know how they interpret the actions and conversations around them. Sometimes their greatest acts of cruelty can appear meaningless and wanton, but to the mean girls of the world a settled grudge can taste like the sweetest soda pop…”

        The passage is not Ben’s voice, it’s omniscient narrator while the rest of the book is third person free indirect discourse. No, at the end of the first mini-series Ben is not yet ruined, some would say, but there is more story to come. I’d also like to point out ruination is subjective—it’s possible the ruined may enjoy the ruination but an outside observer couldn’t contend with it. Or maybe you’re right and greater ruin is on its way! I just want to illustrate the flexibility of narration and language here, and I worry about rigid interpretation that’s been stressing me out. I don’t want to give away future happenings but would like to offer that in some interpretation Ben has been ruined already—in the sense that the pristine and pure part of him has been sullied and it can never be undone. That is a kind of ruination. He’s got a big Act Break here, because there is no way he can return to the Ben he was at the beginning of the story. That Ben has been ruined. The new-Ben is into the way of life the new-Ben has discovered he likes. For now…

        Anyway, been bearing a brunt of shit-mail that has me shaking my head and getting me down—I don’t want my post here to make you think any chagrin is headed your way, I’m using your post to make a point because you and D are good people! This is a nicer landscape…

        On the brighter side, there is more with Ben and Libby that I know (at least some of you) will love! The story has a whole new angle now, and a new mini-series is the best way to make that clear (it will be distinctly different than the first). But, yes, it’s a continuation from where we left off, including the events of the following Friday night where Lib may give Finn what’s he wants to claim…

      4. KT,

        First, thank you. What you wrote to us means much more than we can convey here. It’s touching.

        We understand your GP’ing us, KT. It’s all good. Ruin does take a lot of forms, doesn’t it? One person’s ruin is another person’s delecaible feast. It’s all relative. You do so damn good at what you do. It’s difficult at times to simply take things at face value because one never knows which nugget to grasp. We’re getting better at grasping, but we don’t fear if our grasp is for straws. You’re that good.

        The title “Scream Queens” does seem like a hint at Libby’s involvement in the games Chelsea plays. Perhaps they become partners in crime, going through men (and women) as if they’re hot knives?

        Thank you again, KT! You’ve made our days!

        Daria and David

    2. I’m with you! About Chelsea being about as trustworthy as a raccoon around garbage and about Libby being “too into Finn!” I still loved all the sexy action the action-action! I really hope that everyone is telling the truth but I figure that would make for a very boring series with no plot twists. But the sexy ass hell book! My favorite so far!

  4. Loved it! Have to add my review to Amazon. The only thing I didn’t like was that it just kind of end. We got cheated out of “Friday.” Was hoping Friday was going to be the Cherry on Top!
    But otherwise, 5 Stars *****

      1. The next titles!!!!



        “FRIDAY CAME & WENT!”

    1. Just catching up with your replies kt. I need to remember to scroll through the whole blog not just go to the end for the new posts. Thanks for enlightening us to the various meanings of the prologue. We are dum readers (I speak mainly for myself here) and can use all the help you can give to interpreting what you write correctly. It adds so much to the experience for me. As for the hate mail. Unless people have something constructive to say with the criticism it’s bullying and should be thought of as such.

  5. Ch 3. I love cotton panties. Truth’s a killer. I’m glad you’re all asleep so I’m not boring you.

    1. You’re not boring anyone, Tracey! Just keep on sharing your thoughts. One thing we’ve learned about this blog is this: It opens a reader up to differing layers of thought in regard to the story. Keep on! Don’t look back! It’s more than a feeling!

  6. Nice and fast turn around. Libby has still to learn a lot and come out out of her shell. Wondering if we see her some day in a lesbian scene … but next her first anal.

    I really don’t have an idea how this will go forward, beside exploring Libs sexuality. There has to be more scheming bei Chelsea and Finn. (And I personally love that part.) Not sure how much fun Ben will have. We will see how much sexual interest Chelsea has in him.

  7. BTW, love that GoT is central in the lives of Ben and Libby. Too bad they’re got their own Cersei and Jaime in their lives. What a great, completely fucked up story, KT! I mean that in the best possible way, too! My wife said, “KT’s pressed for time, but having a blast with this one!”

      1. Speaking of romps: Libby’s transformation from shy and mousy to a not-so-reluctant hotwife and Chelsea and Finn’s partner in crime.

        Just something that popped up on the way back from Costco…

        Libby had changed. The change hadn’t happened overnight. It started after that Friday night when Libby begged Finn to penetrate her nether region. After that, Libby began to become more open? No. More brazen.

        Ben loved it. His Libby was turning into the kind of woman who he knew would keep him excited beyond his wildest dreams.

        Here, barely three weeks later, Ben knelt on the floor while his once shy wife sat naked on the sofa in their living room and spread her legs obscenely wide. The view made Ben gasp in disbelief.

        “Shocked, Benji?” Lib said as she abscentmindedly traced a finger over now bare folds of her now completely bare pubic area. “Finn and Chelsea said I should do it. Do you like your wife’s new look?”

        Ben, still stunned, managed to only nod his head.

        “You need to say it to me, Benji. Be a good boy and say it.” Libby taunted.

        Ben’s mouth went instantly dry. He so despirately wanted to say what Libby wanted to hear, but as he tried to speak, nothing formed.

        Libby, clearly disappointed in her husbands ability to speak decided to sweeten Ben’s ordeal, “If you say it now, I’ll let you be the first to taste it. Say it now, Benji.”

        That was all it took. Ben said the words Libby wanted to hear but Libby reneged on her offer. She simply said, “Not fast enough, Benji. Not fast enough at all.”

        “B…bu…but…” Ben stammered, shocked that his wife could be so cruel yet so hot at the same time. Ben loved it. His wife knew it, too.

        Libby rose off the couch and bounded up the stairs to the bedroom that until the last three and a half weeks, was theirs alone. Now, he shared it with his wife’s lovers, Finn and Chelsea.

        At the top of the stair, Libby called out to Ben. “Chelsea and I are going out shopping today. We’re going to Rebel tonight.”

        Half an hour later, Libby was gone.

        Ben tried to occupy his time by doing chores. Chores Libby laid out for him. While doing his chores, one thought dominated all others, “Be careful what you wish for.

        Five hours later, Libby called. She instructed Ben to go to his office and not leave until directed. Directed. This is what his life had become. A series of directives, probably planted by Finn and Chelsea, designed to ‘keep him in his place’. He resented everything about the new Libby, yet he loved it at the same time. He loved his wife more than anything, but he was unsure if Libby even cared about him.

        He had not had intercourse with his wife in over three weeks. Any release he was allowed was allowed by Libby. It had been over a week since he was last allowed–and then he had to do it for Libby’s amusement.

        Libby arrived with Chelsea in tow. One hour went to two. Two hours went to three. What were they doing in there? Finn was left out completely. His imagination ran wild, yet he was incredibly aroused because he didn’t know.

        Finally, three and a half hours after their arrival, there was a soft knock on the office door. “You can come out now, Benji.” It was Chelsea.

        Ben jumped from his chair and literally ran the short distance to the door. One he threw the door open, causing a loud springy sound which came from the door stop on the baseboard surrounding the office, he realized nobody was in the hall. He heard laughter. He ran to the noise.

        Ben first saw Chelsea. “Hi Benji.” Chelsea said smiling. Then she turned and said, “He ran here, Lib. See what I told you? He’s so anxious to see you he ran!”

        He heard Libby giggle. Then two more steps and he saw this new version of his wife.

        Just havin’ some fun…. 🙂 KT, this ain’t meant to offend. If if offends, our apologies.

  8. Gee, Libby took what, 12 seconds to decide to enter the 24 hours at LeMans driving a Finn? Even Nia took more time to move herself toward Rocco and she did not have any learning curve. We always need to remember who our fearless leader is. Many surprises and twists await us, no doubt, most of them dirty (we hope) and at least a bit wicked. Are we to really believe that Chelsea has just dropped her revenge business vis-a-vis Libby? And how did Finn just end up at the bookstore courting the alleged naif, Libby? Hidden depths (not those depths, Dave, get your mind out of the gutter!) are generally to be expected with a KT finale.

    So, KT, we’ve got Carol and Trish to shore up the Norther Tier states in the U.S. Who is the mamasan in Canada. BTW, binging on “Bad Blood”; who knew there were so many bad boys in Montreal?

    1. Gee, Libby took what, 12 seconds to decide to enter the 24 hours at LeMans driving a Finn? Even Nia took more time to move herself toward Rocco and she did not have any learning curve.

      We always need to remember who our fearless leader is. Many surprises and twists await us, no doubt, most of them dirty (we hope) and at least a bit wicked. Are we to really believe that Chelsea has just dropped her revenge business vis-a-vis Libby? And how did Finn just end up at the bookstore courting the alleged naif, Libby? Hidden depths (not those depths, Dave, get your mind out of the gutter!) are generally to be expected with a KT finale.

      So, KT, we’ve got Carol and Trish to shore up the Norther Tier states in the U.S. Who is the mamasan in Canada?

      BTW, binging on “Bad Blood”; who knew there were so many bad boys in Montreal?

      1. Never, Donkatsu! This book is great! Love the LeMans reference! But Libby a Toyota LMP car? Shame this stopped at book 3, for now. We were looking forward to book 4 out of 3. Oh, well… Turn, Turn, Turn. Think completely occupied, both hands, too. That’s our Libs, now! 😉 The switch has been flipped!

      2. Sorry for the double post. First comment was stuck in moderation for 8 hours.

    2. No Canadian mamasan yet!

      Yes, Canada has lots of bike gangs and crime families. Haven’t watched Bad Blood, but it’s based on a true story. Even have our own ‘ethnic’ terrorists out that way—check out the FLQ!

  9. Ch 21. Poetic justice kt that Ben has to really go see the sailor now when it’s really happening be Libby and Fin. Love it.

  10. Who here besides me wants to see just how much of a “bad girl” Libby can become? I mean it. I dislike all these characters. My wife dislikes them. It’s friggin’ brilliant that KT wrote the things that made the impressions which formed that opinion. Without disliking those characters, we’d be pulling for whomever was “good”. The sheer exploitation of Ben by Chelsea and Libby by Finn is just evil, and apparently for the flimsiest of reasons. None of it is sane and therein lies even more brilliance. Who in hell holds such a grudge for so long? There’s more to it? I don’t know what to expect because I like the chaos this story represents.

    That Libby wants it is just so cool. It’s cool because it’s been a slow burn and Finn with his BS lines just plays on what appears to be naivete’.

    Then again, maybe there there’s not more? Is it a hint that the series morphs into “Scream Queens”? It’s 6am, Squawk Box just came on. I fell asleep on the couch watching ‘Britannia’ which has some really gross, messed up things in it, too. Hey, talk about messed up? How messed up is it that to get 4k content on Amazon Prime Video, one has to specifically search for 4k content and how messed up is it that there’s no in-app purchases in Apple TV and that users have to buy content on the Amazon site–if you can find it?

    Now the problem… So much on KT’s plate: Reza, Janey, Keely, Cayman, and now more on this. KT, you’re a rock star!

    Time to make breakfast. Scrambled eggs, baby spinach, and a little feta. Daria should wake up so it looks like we have lives.

  11. And I thought I was the only one that didn’t really like all of the characters. As much as I love this book, it has been the easiest to read as I don’t really care that Ben and Libby get fucked over. Ben is a cheater pure and simply and turns out Libby is too. I think I like Chelsea best. Is what she is. No bullshit.

    1. We don’t like any of them, but it’s central to our enjoyment of the series. We think to have the characters be more believable or likeable would destroy the entire vibe of the story, unravelling anticipation and intrigue. It’s fiction! Have fun with it!

      You’re right Tracey, Chelsea is the only character being true to herself. She’s a bitch, a mean girl who never grew up and basks in it.

      Finn to us is just smarmy, sleazy, and to be honest, belongs with Chelsea, yet because of all the lines he threw at Libby and because his flip towards “Bull” do we really know who he is? Is it even necessary?

      Definitely a different book, but we think it’s cool!

      1. Dave,

        Don’t you think Chelsea and Finn like to move in on people and mess up their relationships? Chelsea seems much too practiced in facilitating Finn’s bull moves.

        After all, some people just like to watch things burn.

        P.S. tried to like your post but not allowed to.

      2. Donkatsu,

        I really don’t know if that’s their thing. If messing up relationships is their thing and this isn’t a revenge thing, it’s even better because it makes me dislike them even more. It’s a twist you normally don’t see–or at least we/I haven’t seen it (well, xleglover’s latest story might have that element). I do think what you suggest is very possible.

        I think the facade Chelsea and Finn present to Ben and Libby is really well thought out with Libby and Ben being mere toys to them.

        Like we’ve written, this whole grudge thing is really nuts. It doesn’t add up, so with your thought in mind it could be possible Finn and Chelsea have a destructive hobby.

    2. Understood, Tracey. K.T. has created a whole palette of unlikeables. Kind of like an episode of House: everyone is lying. However, to call Chelsea the most straightforward, well . . . . we shall see.

  12. Read all 3 books… Hope the series will end promptly. Do not like any of the (hardly believable) characters, lots of hangups and the sex scenes are questionable-try to enjoy sex with just broken arm, for example. Besides, its an endless detour from “Six Weeks in Winter” that is promising, but is hanging. For reference, my KT favorites are “Watching Natalie” and “Happy Endings”.

  13. Skimmed most of book 1 and 2. Read 2/3 of book 3 and skimmed again the last 3rd. I prefer bareback sex in my erotic books. I don’t understand the choice here to delay it for book 4. It’s frustrating, in a bad way. It can’t be for realism as the sex in this book is hardly realistic. Still, book 3 is way more readable than the first 2. That said, I don’t know why the need for another spinoffs.

    1. Give it a rest then go back to it. Kt’s books have a way of growing on you even when you don’t like them at first. Her story lines are not always what you would expect or want but they are so well written and thought through that with time you will appreciate it. Her books aren’t fast food.

    2. Tracey you are absolutely right, here. I’m getting better at knowing what happens to me with KT stories. At first I didnt like the place that the story was left. I was in a shortsighted place of wanting something big to happen in her stories again and having to continue to wait for the next one for that to happen. I’m getting better though knowing I need to take a step away. i know what KT does and know its gonna be fine (much better than fine). And more to the point, this story (like every story she ever does) grows and grows on you until you didnt realize she sleeper celled her way into your brain.

      Most times it happens right away, and most of those times it’s just specific parts to stories I didnt realize how amazing they were until I come back later, but no matter what it happens every time without fail.

  14. Just finished #3 and am left perplexed….these characters all seem to have chameleonic personalities. Suddenly Chelsea flips from speaking lawsuits to patting Libby’s back. Ben now shows some sensitivity and surprising maturity; cool Finn just barges into B&L’s home to rather easily seduce an injured Libby (why was he unsuccessful in doing so at the concert….or was he?); and Libby, giggling, bashful, prudish Libby who occasionally gets a “little frisky”, suddenly punches out Chelsea and follows up by pigging out on a hard body with a big one, broken finger be damned. Yea, I know, Ben’s confession and spying no doubt served as the switch but it shows that Libby was hiding a lot behind her reticent attitude. ‘ Methinks she protests too much’ comes to mind. One of the difficulties of sorting out these characters is that we see everything from Ben’s eyes and, given the emotional intensity Ben is under, all will not be completely objective. But it was a wild ride and I know I will now enjoy reading the three in one go—but maybe I will skip the prologue! (Well it suggests the present state of affairs between B, L, C & F is a little bit too good to be true).

  15. Love this book! I love what you are doing with this series!

    I love the way you play off Libby’s shy, naive, and conservative nature. Not only is she not ready to admit to Ben (and, by extension the reader), her passions and indiscretions, she’s not willing to admit to herself her thirst for that which she really wants.

    I’m also glad to read a story that, for now, seems to allow the primary couple, here Ben and Libby, to stay together despite the wife becoming “hot.” Yes, I love the Maggie Series and I can’t wait to see whether or not moving to California for school will break up yet another couple. There is, however, so much of the “roller coaster” I like to ride. Thanks for bringing your talent to something a little more committed.

    Can’t wait to see what comes next (sorry for the double entendre) installment!

  16. Really enjoyed your series here KT… the husband’s angst is my favourite part in your writing.

    That being said- any chance we’ll see the “CPro” story you mentioned way back any time soon? It’s the one involving a pro athlete in a married couple’s life… 🙂 sounds like a lot of fun to read.

    1. I’d love to get to it, but I won’t start another series until I’ve wrapped up the current ones. But, fuck, yes, I know: Chelsea Hates Libby was supposed to be a 40k word novel. But seriously, I have to finish what I’ve got going, it’s affecting my mental health!

      1. “Bang Your Head! Mental Health will drive you mad!” Did I just write that?

      2. I’ve reread all the u finished series except Reza recently (I’ll save that until I know the finally is coming). Love them all now although I didn’t necessarily the first time I read them. Not Sure i really care which one I get first I just want one. I find it so hard to read anyone else now. We’re so lucky your so prolific.

  17. I have finished it also. Enjoyed the read. Book 3was hot hot hot. However, and I say this with upmost respect, kt has some explaining to do. One where’s book 4 Two Ben isn’t ruined. 3 how can you end it with so many questions unanswered. We didn’t get any resolution as we don’t really know what s going in here. I’d be really interested if this was how kt always planned the series to finish. I have a suspicion she didn’t.

    1. I agree, the tale is far from finished. Overnight I came to the realization/guess that C & F are playing B & L like my old cat used to play with field mice (In agreement with the suggestion of others). A tandem version of the bad cop/good cop routine, part 3 ends with both B & L buying into Chelsea’s ‘reformation’ and Finn’s ‘sincerity’. Fascinating!

    2. It’s how it was intended. At many points I tried to reel it in, but somewhere in Book 1 I wanted to try two series with the same characters, and even knew it would be called Scream Queens. Weeks ago I even bought images to use for the covers.

      1. Covers from stock? I’m gonna have to do some diggin’ especially for the Keely covers! You do perfect covers for your books, KT.

      2. I want to piggyback off of DnD because KT’s covers really are very well done, it’s such a perfect microcosm of the amount of time and care KT puts into her stories.

      3. Thanks for the clarification kt. Let me say this again. I love what you do even if it takes me a couple of reads and some reflection occasionally. Isn’t that what great literature is about.

  18. Here are the questions I wanted to ask earlier. Did anyone notice Ben made sure protection was used because Libs wasn’t on birth control? Then nothing is mentioned when unprotected sex was agreed to? I think this was intentional, but I’m not sure. It’s one of those things a character like Ben might enjoy (pregnancy risk), but it wasn’t played up; maybe later?

    Did anyone think it odd that later on the night Libs was going to go bare with Finn, Finn is out at a gig? I don’t believe it was mentioned prior. Just seemed a bit odd to us.

    And finally, KT’s been working on this site. 🙂 Stuff has changed.

    1. Noticed it but in my head I can rationalize it quickly given this is fiction. Many other stories have gone from protected sex to unprotected sex in a snap of a finger so it’s reasonable that theme is in this story too. Seems like there are some who don’t like the characters and or the story, but personally I think this is one of KT’s best books and can’t wait for scream queens to come out..That being said I wonder how long of a wait it’ll be given there are still so many other stories of KT’s outstanding too.

      1. Right, it’s fiction, and right switches happen in a lot of stories, but we’re talking about KT Morrison. It just seemed different that no protest was offered with consent coming later. That’s why we’re wondering if this was intentional.

        We’ve made no bones about not liking the characters in this series, but that doesn’t detract from the story; disliking the characters actually makes the story better for us. We rated this story five stars on Amazon largely because the writing inspired us to not like the characters. I know it may seem odd, but it’s the way we feel. It’s just brilliantly written.

      2. I agree. Liking the characters is not required to like the story. Actually you gotta have at least one villain…even fairy tales have bad guys. I like KT’s characters (like in an academic sense as some are not likable as people) as they are so well developed one tends to fall into a state of thinking they are real…hence the visceral feelings generated. This is what makes great fiction.

    2. I get that it’s KT, but Ben lost all ability to demand anything from Lib since he cheated so if she wants it bare so be it. Lib even tells Finn before the first time they have sex that he can cum in her if it’s an emergency. Also it’s logical she knows her cycle so she can be in a safe time so protection isn’t necessary. So yes in general they need to use protection ( when you are planning something and don’t know exactly when it’ll happen), but if she follows her cycle then it’s probably low risk to have unprotected sex on a specific date.

  19. I feel like Chelsea is still up to some tricks. Not sure why, but I have a feeling that she’s still figuring out a way to destroy Libby and is as manipulative as ever.

    1. Open mouth, insert leg. Looked up Kim Petras. Turns out she’s transgender and is likely the youngest ever to undergo sexual reassignment surgery at age 16. More power to her.

      The song I linked is very sexual… just so y’all know.

      1. You’re alive!!!! Yes!

        Seriously, we hope you and those close to you are having a super summer so far!

  20. Okay, I finished it and absolutely loved it. The third book was the hottest and makes me think Ben is going to be in for a bumpy ride. I think Chelsea is going to pull the strings and will take firm control over Ben who won’t be getting much pussy for now on. At least that’s my theory.

  21. One of the most enjoyable pieces of this story is that you can imagine a scenario where a spouse feels guilty about cheating and their solution is an eye for an eye. In that sense, I can really get behind how these characters have found themselves in the situation they are in. A situation where you have a solution to a problem, in theory, but doesn’t say anything about it’s likely efficacy.

    In a lot of ways, I like Ben. He got himself caught in Chelsea’s web like many other hopeless souls that preceded him, though in fairness to him, high school emotions are a little bit more deeply seeded than something that happened just last week, like I’m sure is how long it takes to effect other victims. Chelsea knew she could use that, and probably could get behind it with a grain of truth. She probably did enjoy the concept of banging Ben who was a bit of a success now in life. It’s kind of compelling, the nobody from high school that turns into a success. And good on Ben, despite his selfishness and shortsightedness, to have some self awareness in this story to realize he fucked up and then fucked up worse by keeping it from Libby and then even worse, worse by tricking her. He knows he’s messed up so badly he can’t even feel anything (nor should he) about Libby and this Ronnie guy, and can barely acknowledge his agony seeing Libby in the present with Finn.

    Also good on Ben that he realized that he foolishly thought Chelsea would dig a guy like him, and that of fucking course Libby would develop a crush on Finn, because obviously. It’s always good to acknowledge the truth, and Ben is showing us, the reader that he understands what the reality is. When the story concludes, he brings up something to really think about, is the relationship going to be resuscitated, or is this one of those dark spells that brings the corpse back to life but it’s the Mountain from GOT, they’re technically together, but it barely resembles what it once was before? Libby plays her cards so close to the vest it’s hard to really know if she’s about to do something crazy. She’ll play her innocent mouse ‘hehehe’ game all the way into Finn’s lap.

    Libby has to be a very fun character to write, and I can sort of picture a girl like this, she sort of reminds me of Charlie before Charlie gained some confidence. It’s cute, but in sort of a ‘too-innocent’ sort of way. I have to keep telling myself she’s not some college student fresh out of some rural high school in Iowa (or Ubly, Michigan like Nicole from Big Brother, I suppose) but a young adult adult with a few more years of life under her belt. And she has lied, but the lie isn’t even that serious. So she banged Ronnie in high school, or whatever she did back then, I’m not really concerned by that and it’s good that KT’s characters acknowledges this non-issue for what it is. I guess except for Chelsea, but I’ll get to that in a little bit.

    And I suppose we should acknowledge that throughout Libby’s experiences with Finn she hasn’t let on everything that she is feeling, what kind of effect he is having on her. But even that feels childish to me too, like she can’t even be adult about the fact that, “Look, I’m banging the hottest guy that either of us has ever seen in person before, which by the way was something I never wanted to do in the first place, so I’m going to have feelings about it regardless of where our relationship stood before all this happened.” She’d be in the right, after all, since Ben and Libby’s relationship has taken a turn that nobody really prepares people for. Both of them have cheated with people that are arguably (I said arguably) more attractive than the other person. Where is it written that things are supposed to be the same afterwords? It’s more compelling to read how this is being processed by a delicate flower like Libby, though. I call her a delicate flower tongue-in-cheek I hope everyone who cares knows.

    I can’t get enough of KT’s way of writing sex into her stories, she does it so well, she’s this rarity of perfect balance of all of the best things erotic. A touch of romance, of dirtiness, of sexual ideals, and of how sex actually is all at the same time. And god damn does she love dialogue and I love her for it. She’s a natural drama writer, her characters say just enough to serve a purpose to the story, but not enough to get all the answers that are brewing in the minds of the readers. It’s maddening and satisfying at the same time. Lately a bit more maddening, but I know KT will be getting to the point in all these stories, eventually.

    Time for speculation. I think it has to be true that Ronnie and Libby did more since the story seems to have grown and we really don’t have a reason to believe otherwise, but it is strange that Libby hasn’t confessed considering how cool her husband is about what she has divulged.

    I have to wonder if something else is going on between Chelsea and Libby because Chelsea getting bent out of shape this bad to hold this much of a grudge on Libby is kind of crazy. It might make more sense in the context that this is just a game for Chelsea and Finn and she doesn’t really care too much about the specifics of Libby having had sex with Ronnie all the way back when they did. It also makes sense if Chelsea is just truly the bad guy in this story, pause for song reference

    Lastly, I will just go ahead and state the obvious to some here that I feel like Chelsea has not been honest in any of the major things that she has expressed in this entire story. It’s good that Ben and Libby both acknowledged that of course it’d be ridiculous that Chelsea would not have thought through Ronnie being a liar in the years leading up to confronting Libby about it, she is still playing a game with Ben and Libby.

    Congratulations on KT turning a phrase, ‘sex-mess’ – definition – a mess left by fucking in at least three rooms in a home.

  22. Well it will be interesting to see what these four get up to! I enjoyed part 3 I was a bit surprised at the level of violence Libby unleashed on Chelsea. Don’t fuck with her man! Ben is lucky he has his man parts intact. I didn’t see the Ronnie history coming and is there more there than Libby admits? Time will tell if there is more Machiavellian behavior from Chelsea. I don’t totally trust her but maybe Libby could surprises us too…

    I have to admit I’m a bit disappointing that there where no severed limbs or zombies!


    KT I saw that the timeline/progress bar is gone off the blog?

    1. I miss the timeline/progress bar, too. Tweets, too. Clicking on a recent message in the message list sent you straight to that message.

  23. KT,

    One thing… don’t let the haters get you down. Ever. That they do bother you speaks of you as a person. It’s hard to do what you do and NOT get negative reactions. Harder still is realizing that you have a gift.

    When I was in high school and if I reacted to every idiot who called me a little kid, brainiac, or worse, I’d be a basket case now. People can be cruel when they can hide. YOU, KT are a good person–it shows. Both my wife and I are certain of it. Even though we don’t know who you are, who you are manifests itself in so many so blindingly bright ways. Rock on, KT! We got your back!

    1. KT mentioned something about getting some nastygrams in E-mail.

      If I need to call your “know people” services, can I? 😉

      1. i’m more talk than action and I’m not sure my reach is international but if you have any issues to be dealt with in Australia let me know.

    2. Well I hope KT can just ignore them they are everywhere. Literotica, Storiesonline, etc… These same people read a gay or lesbian story and then complain it had homosexual content. No one reads a KT story with out knowing the basic topic. But the nasty commenters still complain about the content not how it is written, character quality, etc. I’m not big on humiliation but sometime it is justified when the husband needs to pay for his mistakes. Are most of these stories believable NO! But they are believable enough to tickle our erotic triggers to titillate and the characters keep us interested.
      I don’t get why the hotwife/cuckold/cheating/sharing wife genera inspires such a reaction from the “Anon” commenters. KT could write a S&M snuff mutilation series that would have most puking and throwing their Kindle/books out the window. She would receive less hate mail from that, than a story of adults sharing and having fun. I think it really makes some “men” very insecure.

      A secure man.

  24. Hi KT. In Book 4, could you please include a flashback of Ronnie’s slow seduction of Libby, when they were in high school. The making out sessions until things escalating to mutual genital touchings and going beyond, way beyond – like reluctant giving of anal virginity (but insisting wearing of protection) and finally surrendering of vaginal virginity (unprotected will be even better). And Ronnie being an asshole about it afterwards. A scene of her desperately begging Ronnie to pullout but falling to deaf ears. Better yet, Book 4 can just be all about this and I’ll be in heaven. 😉

    1. Agreed! I love the concept of Libby actually having FULLY lied about her past and maybe even that for a long time she thought she was pregnant from that encounter. Making her wish she could erase the event from history and maybe convincing herself it was a bad dream. And later could we explore, what’s he up to now?

      1. In this case, her physical outburst with Chelsea will make more sense as being reminded by the thing that she tried so hard to bury and the painful memory . She could have secretly fallen hard in lust or even thought that she was in love with Ronnie and it was shattered after he turned into a major asshole after getting what he wanted. He could also have lied to Libby about Chelsea and him were not seeing each other anymore. Maybe, Finn reminds Libby somewhat of Ronnie’s demeanor and physical attributes and even his endowment.

  25. Isn’t it entirely possible that Chelsea and Finn had the seduction planned regardless of whether Ben went along? After all, he is just collateral damage from Chelsea’s POV. Finn’s visits to the bookstore started before Ben gave in to his high school lust, after all. I have a feeling Libby is more interesting than she has let on.

    1. Donkatsu,

      Libby’s a bit of a wild card, isn’t she? I mean, from the lies, the omissions, the half (well, third) truths, a reader doesn’t know what to believe. I hope the onion gets peeled properly.

      Ben being so compliant in all this, given the opportunistic nature of Chelsea and Finn, Libby changing so quickly, might just be the icing on the cake. After all, Ben gets ruined.

      Maybe the “Scream Queens” are just a fleeting moment? Maybe Libby wakes up and realizes exactly what she’s doing and how it affects Ben? Maybe Ben wakes up after seeing Libby “Courney Stodden’ing” it up? Who knows?

      1. Make that “Courtney”, though Courney might be appropriate, too. Who knows?

  26. KT,

    Forgive us. We neglected to wish you a Happy Canada Day. Lots going on here, but that’s no real excuse. In any case, we hope you had a wonderful day!


  27. One more time, just because I’d love it! Will there be a collected set?
    I would love them together on one file in my Kindle!

  28. To me there are three kinds of hotwife/cuckold writers, there are the ‘Trope Machines’ the writers who’s entire story exists in the framework of basic stereotypes and you need only look at previous titles in this genre to know what happens next. These are the ‘Fuck me with you big cock’ and ‘Only you can fuck me from now on’ with the husband looking right at them, mindless yarn. Then you have the ‘Hotwife/Cuckold Romance’ crowd, that have a similar predilection to trope only with Romantic appeals and centering around the husband and wife characters. These characters will stay in tact, no matter what happens in the middle of the story. Most of the story in these can be found in the dialogue between the MC and FC. Whole sections are devoted to breaking down what issues exist between the couple and the reasons why the husband/wife are into the sharing game, but like I said, you can almost guarantee that they will be fine.

    Then there is KT Morrison. You might expect that I might be making a point that I think she is a mixture of both, and you’d be right, but she’s more than even that. Sure she drops some strategic ‘wow you’re big’s and her characters will vocalize other comparisons, but she’s been known to go off trope or is more subtle with it’s execution. In the case of the “Big Cock” she’ll include it a lot, sure, but her characters aren’t always stuck worshipping it, or it’s a cherry on top of the man they like for other reasons. Male characters have weaknesses but they aren’t always pathetic, sometimes they are just men with normal weaknesses that are only really noticeable when contrasted with exceptional men. Another example of breaking trope is Bulls that aren’t totally womanizing, disrespectful, or domineering in simplistic terms (i.e. the uber successful businessman who doesn’t get told ‘no’ because he’s perfect, blah, blah). Instead Bulls can have parts of those traits, but also be pretty normal in other ways. Instead of berating the MC on a constant basis, KT has Bulls who are indifferent to the MC, sometimes even get along with them (or try).

    On the Romantic side, KT will remind us constantly how much the FC and MC love each other, or how things were before things got out of hand, etc. At the same time, she has several stories now where instead of focusing majority of the romantic dialogue on the FC and MC, she’ll devote some unforgettable moments between the Bull and FC that might not even involve sex. Rather than make the damage worse with Libby, Finn tucked her in good night in the hotel. That’s sweet, and endearing. In the sexual side of Romance, being mindful of the FC’s sensitivity during the act, eye contact, passionate kissing, post coital conversation are some of KT’s greatest hits when it comes to the Bull and FC getting down (that were evident in Chelsea Hates Libby) (CHL).

    KT goes a step beyond the other two types of writers by making compelling and interesting stories. The objective in CHL is Ben wants to make up for his failure to keep his dick in his pants by giving free rein to another man to seduce Libby. KT takes things a step further by having it be revealed there was past cheating with Libby and Chelsea is holding a grudge about it. Also adding to the intrigue is Libby met Finn before and never revealed that he frequently visited her when she could have easily let Ben know that. Other authors are only looking at specific scenarios to make the whole story work (The wife wants to lose wait so she takes on a personal trainer, or joins a tennis club, etc.), and everything centers around that main concept and it’s only through that premise that it feels like most stories I’ve read tend to branch from. The ‘eye for an eye’ concept would have been the entire story, in other words. KT makes us wonder just how unwilling Libby was to give in to Ben’s half-baked plan, that maybe this has revealed something else about Libby that we never knew (clearly).

    KT makes the stories personal to the characters, too. Libby likes to have sex in the spoon position, which up to the moment of Part 3 of CHL was reserved for her and her husband, but it now includes Finn. It might seem rather insignificant to what is ultimately happening in this story, but I enjoy an author who is conscious of the symbolism of another man engaging in that with the FC. It isn’t enough that KT is focused on delivering the act of sex itself, but instead she connects the characters’ personalities to it as well. To those who are frequent readers of the genre, are there many other writers who are adding that kind of detail to their stories? If there are, I want to know!

    1. Well said, James!

      For us, with KT, it’s the whole shooting match–everything. The whole, in KT’s writing, adds up to more than the sum of parts. Kind of like The Beatles. Yes, KT will play with tropes, but does so in ways that while they may be stereotypical taken on their own (the well endowed thing, especially), the space they occupy in the story adds so much to the whole.

      It will be very interesting to read KT’s handling of the remaining parts of this saga.

      Some folks don’t want what KT offers and KT gets that. For those of us out there who like knowing the characters in a story–either liking them or disliking them–their worlds, lives, desires, and the way they fit into the story are always paramount.

      Great write up, James!

      1. That’s crazy, I’ve said KT’s stories are ‘greater than the sum of their parts’ before too! It’s so true! I want everything she thinks is important in making a story because by doing that it makes the whole experience better than anything there is out there.

      2. James,

        We agree. The worlds KT takes the time to research, and then create, populate, and explore makes the whole so much better. When done as KT does, it’s easy to suspend disbelief.

        I’m sure that we’re not alone in thinking the whole is greater than the sum of parts. GMTA. 🙂

    2. Finally having a chance to respond to this –

      At least for me, a big part of KT’s draw is seeing that fetishistic scenario most often seen in the short, low-fidelity tropey fics and taking them to a place of realism/high-definition (or as much realism as feasible). I think I said a while back that it’s the detail, the context, the dynamics that elevate the sex from meat-on-meat slapping to actual heat and quality.

      Having said that I have to say I definitely love those “Big Dick” tropes WHEN DONE WELL AND WITH INTELLIGENT DETAIL. Which seems to almost only happen in KT stories? At least that’s been my experience. As near as I can tell, very very few people are doing something like this.

      Personally, I love the “Taken” scenarios and the more antagonistic bulls that KT sometimes has hinted Becky Haze might tempt KT into – I always wonder how I can support those haha.

      As for other writers with detail and complexity? I can’t speak to taste, but I appreciated a lot of the detail in “A Real Trouper” from Court Franklin (Odeon on Literotica).

  29. Well I have to say KT has become somewhat of a standard for me when it comes to the hotwife/cuckold genera. This has happened over the last year or so. At first it took awhile to appreciate her talent, but I have to agree with 2B2H assessment.
    I hope KT is taking some well deserved time off. We readers tend to have veracious appetites! It’s akin to a master pastry chef, crafting sweet, flakey masterpieces only to have the consumed by a hoard of kids in under 30 seconds. What take weeks to create I consume in mere hours. MORE! MORE! I want MORE!!! There will never be a time when KT will be waiting for me to catch up on my KT reading.
    Rest let the creative well replenish…


    1. Ok so I take it Scream Queens 1 is next and not far away. I’m pleasantly surprised. So this is really scream Queen 4? Hopefully we’ll get a 5 and 6 as well. Well done kt.

      1. Yes, technically Chelsea Hates Libby #4 but so distinctly different and heading anew that it qualifies as a separate series…

  30. The progress bar is back. I’m kind of sad about it. While it’s cool to know how KT’s doing, it seems to me to be source of pressure–you know, “75 percent done… what are they thinking?” That’s probably not how KT thinks, but man, I would. With that in mind, I’m ecstatic it’s only for the current book.

    I hope you understand, KT. It’s not like I don’t want to know how you’re progressing, but frankly, you’re popular and with that (at least in my mind) comes the pressure to perform. I just hope you continue to have fun doing what you do because without that, what’s the point?

    All the best, KT!

    Dave (Daria’s in the pool. It’s hot!)

    1. It does put pressure and on some of my mental health days it isn’t so great on my end, but I want it (sometimes, ha ha) and other times it gets real heavy. I like the single progress bar, though.

      The weight of unfinished series bogs me down—but they will be finished. Schedules don’t match my Myers-Brigg’s profile and as much as I like to dream I’m a get-shit-done and follow schedules person, I’m starting to realize that that’s not me at all. I work on books when my mood is right and I know the characters in my heart. If I write by schedule everything can feel flat and distant, and I don’t want that for the readers. I want you to feel what I feel when I write. Like Ben and Lib can get squirrelly on me (not enough words behind them believe it or not!) but when shit was getting me down last month you wouldn’t believe how nice it was to write about Maggie and Keely away on a girls weekend to New Orleans. it was like the three of us on a getaway, dishing, and having deep convos… They are in me. (How many words about Maggie have I written now?) The only thing is the enormous burden unfinished stories can be. But I swear I chip away at them, and they will all be told…

      1. I/we’ve always said this, “Write what you feel.” Now, I’m gonna add, “Write when you feel.” You’re naturally prolific, KT. I know, I know, that labels what you do and the quantity of writing you produce, but it’s not there to put pressure on you. Here’s the thing, we’re fans, but you don’t owe us anythijng. That we get you participating here and that you show us your progress is nothing short of wonderful!

        I called Daria in to read what you wrote about the girls weekend to Nawlins. “I gotta read that!” (Like she’s not going to read it! LOL!) Daria said as she went back outside to the grill (I’m taking the night off from cooking). See, this is why people like you. You relate. Plus, you’re a brilliant writer! 🙂

        No pressure, just fun!

      2. Thank you! Keely and Maggie have a lot of fun together, Maggie loosens a little and they talk a lot. They learn stuff…

    1. Weird… I’ve had to deal with some threatened violence when I wrote for Literotica. Hard to figure what the police will do but I hope things get resolved. I can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out.

    2. Hard to believe that you could be getting crap about your writing. It is excellent. There is nothing in it to complain about…give me a break…with all the stuff going on in the world people would give you a hard time about writing fiction about human relationships!!! Please don’t stop writing as I appreciate your creativity in an area that deserves to be explored. Consider this a strong LIKE!

      1. It’s not about the writing, it’s the character’s choices I believe. Shit, this is fiction, come on, right? It’s just meant to thrill. Anyway, still writing, still plugging away!

    3. Well if for any other reason than to make myself feel better, I just want to say you are endlessly adored by this fan. I hope for the best! I won’t delve into the specifics any further just know you are loved.

    4. We echo all the sentiments here, especially this one: You ARE (emphasis ours) loved.

      David and Daria

    5. I can’t believe it kt. I’m so sorry! You put yourself out there, take a risk a write creatively and then get I abused. In Australia we call it “tall poppy syndrome “ where people below you try a cut you down to size. I call it bigotry. Know that you’re my favourite writer by a big margin. I be lost for literature if you stop writing. I look forward to the day when you’re work is made into films. I hope the good stuff you get from writing outweighs the bad stuff.
      Your Cheer Squad

      1. Netflix? Damn straight! Wouldn’t that be so cool? How would you get around the story without getting an X Rating? Hard R would be difficult, too. You can do it, though! :thumbs up:

    6. When a friend is feeling attacked or in some way violated I send them this part of a (probably overused) speech that I myself refer too when I also feel besieged.

      “Many are the tales that are told. We are assured that novel methods will be adopted, and when we see the originality of malice, the ingenuity of aggression, which our enemy displays, we may certainly prepare ourselves for every kind of novel stratagem and every kind of brutal and treacherous manœuvre.”

      Now this part is always never quoted but it is a part I love from the historic “We shall fight on the beaches” speech by Winston Churchill I hope that it inspires you to CARRY ON!

      And for smiles… Like that what’s-her-face girl said

      “And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
      Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
      I shake it off, I shake it off”

      We love you! Cheers

    7. I am going to respect your not wanting to talk about it and say only that you have my full support, no matter what you want to write.

  31. I have nothing to say. But I see it more and more in the new generation a lack of respect for others and their opinions. I don’t want to get into a political discussion here but I see a overall growing intolerance coming from all side in public discourse these days. The old saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” has been magnified by the power of the internet. Just like swords and other weapons they can be wielded for good or for evil.
    I maybe over simplifying my view of the world but I always ask: Is it harming anyone? “NO” Is it infringing on others freedoms or happiness? “NO” Then carry on and enjoy your life and I will exercises my freedom to participate or move on. Threats or other actions are just wrong.
    Well I guest I did have something to say!


  32. Back to normal.

    So, what does everyone want to see in “Scream Queens”?

    I’ve written a little thing and posted here regarding my thoughts, but to summarize:

    Libby transforms completely into a promiscuous, platinum blonde, bimbo looking, sexpot, cuckoldress;
    Ben becomes Benji, the submissive cuckold;
    Chelsea, well… she stays the same but with nefarious intent;
    and Finn, well he’s enjoying Libby’s transformation and doesn’t hesitate to rub Benji’s nose in it.

    I think this might be too much, though. Additionally, it doesn’t take into account the clear ruining of Ben, though as KT pointed out, ruin can take many forms. Maybe Libby falls in love with Finn, and Finn–according to plan–dumps her. Finn dumping Libby hurts Libby because the Finn part of her is still naive enough to think there might be a future with Finn. Chelsea eats it up. Libby falling in love with Finn ruins Ben. He still loves Libby deeply as he picks up the yearbook.

    Just some thoughts.

    1. All possible but Chelsea is really the star of this drama (the evil star) and you havn’t given her much of a role. I expect kt will come up with something diabolical.

      1. Even though the first three books were about revenge as meted out by Chelsea and Finn too, and while the next book(s) may be about the same thing, we think all four parties have nearly equal roles. Each character has a vital role to play in this story. It’s fun to speculate, but in the end, it’s just thoughts and opinions.

      1. Okay, now I’m lost… 🙂 An inspiring moment? Taking notes? I got no clue! 🙂

      2. My gif didn’t line up properly with what it was intended for—that’s taking notes off your description of the things that could possibly happen 🙂

      3. KT, you just keep on! 🙂 It’s all good! Kinda relieved you’re not any further along with “Scream Queens”! Not that we don’t want to read it, it’s just that it’s nice to see you not burning the candle at both ends. 🙂 We hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Other than a lightning strike Friday that took out some things at our house, we’re in our motor home way south of home, just kicking back! We hope you’re kicking back, too!

      4. Thank you, DnD!

        Busy summer, very, very busy…

        And I keep working on Scream Queens, finding new angles—that progress bar might not look like it’s moving, but the total word count now is almost 50k!

        All the best to you two in your motor home—it sounds so perfect…

      5. And now you’ve gone and done it… the rest of the progress system has been reinstalled! LOL! It’s all good. I get the feeling you’re a write-o-holic! Not that I’m complaining… LOL! Almost 50k is great! Have we ever told you that your bang for the buck is off the charts? Well, your bang for the buck is off the charts! New angles and dare I say, “dangles”? Sounds fun!

        The motor home is fun, but I forgot we got the shower stall basin modified so it could act as tub for a little one. I tripped getting out of the shower. 🙂 There’s a hint in there. It’s time.

      6. Normally, I wouldn’t ask this, but what does “*squeee*” mean? 🙂 Honestly, I asked my wife, she told me what she thought it was for, but I just want to be sure. I’m dense sometimes, well… most times?

      7. An expression of glee, reserved for when one thinks someone else just dropped a hint they might be ready for a baby. Did I get that wrong? 🙂

      8. Daria got it right, then. Yep, we’re adopting! 🙂 Thanks, KT! I’m dense. We’re super excited!

      9. Boy, then that squee was appropriate!

        I love it—I’m so happy for you two! That is such great and exciting news…

      10. Are you serious!?! Thats phenomenal! I love you guys! At first that comment about hints went completely over my head (talk about dense), but KT made it easier for my dumb brain to comprehend, that is beautiful. I hope for the best with whatever you decide.

      11. Thank you, James! Yep, I’m serious! We’re in waiting mode, now. We’ve been told it could be a while, but that doesn’t dampen our excitement one bit! We’re out of this world excited!
        Thank you again, James! 🙂

      12. Donkatsu, Glaucon, and Newtype,

        Thank you so much! Next week, we have an interview, so the paperwork has been seen. Every day is another day closer!

        James, LOL! We’re thinking of names. We’ll get to name our child because we have specifically requested a newborn. Daria has been throwing out names and I’ve been researching names. It’s important!

        Reading KT: Once we become parents, we’re still going to read KT’s books. With that in mind, the word count keeps going up! This book is going to be awesome!

      13. OMG! That bar is torture! Pure cock tease! like sliding it even so slowly and feeling there is no end!
        (kinda hot actually!)

        Boy or Girl? Did i miss a thread? Can you geta set? We…

      14. KT,

        Yep, it’s a squeee moment! Thank you so much! Reading: It’s going to be difficult, but we’re going to continue reading, reviewing, and when we can, commenting. It may take a while. We’ve been told to expect several interviews and visits, at least one visit will be unannounced, or so we’ve been told.


        Yep, don’t worry about that, Dream Theater will be playing a lot! 🙂 A long time ago, I read a story where Eddie Van Halen used to play acoustic stuff to Wolfie before he was born. Anyhow, he or she will be indoctinated! LOL! No TON! 🙂

      15. My books are always available, ready when you are! Take your time and enjoy the heck out of this, I’m a little overwhelmed by the emotion of it. Very happy for you. All the best. Even if you’re not reading, hope you’ll be present here when you can…

      16. Newtype,

        Our child’s gender doesn’t matter. As long as he or she is healthy! Sorry for not responding sooner. I’ve been very busy fixing everything that broke because of the lightning strike two weeks ago.

      17. KT,

        Daria’s out with a friend shopping so this is all me. I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I am. Not by what’s coming, but by you. Thank you does so little to express what I’m feeling regarding your post. Tearing up.

        Okay, back to semi-normal. Actually, can you imagine: One year and a half ago, my wife had her last hotwife experience. Now, we’re living a completely monogamous life and it’s better than any hotwife experience could possibly be. Next month, I’m turning thirty-four so it’s time. But imagine it: From stag to dad, from hotwife to mother. Ever since Daria told me she couldn’t have a baby (long before we got married–actually on our second date), we (we were an us by then) have been waiting for the right time. Now is the time. We just hope we don’t have to wait too long. Even if we have to wait long, we’re never changing our minds. First interview is tomorrow!

        KT, Thank you with all I am. I promise we’re not going away!


      18. Aww, DnD—this has been such a great congregation here; truly the warmest collection of kinksters probably on the internet.

        And the transformation in your lifestyle is such a harrowing but enduring journey. Making it through to this wonderful point is testament to your character and care for one another. I really do picture the best for you!

      19. KT,

        Thank you again!

        Actually, and if I’m being presumptuous let me know, if it wasn’t for you and who you are by interacting with us, this would be just another announcement blog. This is a special place where we get to not only talk to you, but support you, too. Tease, too!

        You know, we went to downtown Detroit this week, it’s really nice–not beautiful, but nice. The transformation has been great! So, right across the river is Canada and each time we looked across there we thought of two things: The hot nights in the Casino across the river, and you. Neither would we trade for the world. You’ve had a really positive impact on us. Then I thought about plastic money! 🙂 I think we’re due a trip across the river and into the land of the looney!


  33. Off topic… I asked Neil Gaiman what kind of tools he used for his writing, word processor, etc. And he told me pen and paper… Working on my own writing at the moment and been doing pencil and paper and have to say he has a good point when it comes to finding ideas and exploring. Harder to simply stare at a screen and just write whatever.

    Anyway can’t wait to read sceam queens and hope to get news about the next Reza book soon.

    1. Thanks for the tip, gave it a try on an outline and I think it was successful (although my handwriting is atrocious).

      I’m finally pushing into giving writing a story a serious shot. I’ve been inspired by KT’s stories for a long time and want to put more of the kind of stories I’d like to read out into the world.

      Now let’s just see if I don’t procrastinate this into oblivion as usual.

      1. You can do it!

        I use every hack I can find, including programs that shut my computer down, everything except writing, until I type X number of words. Be hard on yourself. There’s art inside you that wants to come out!

    2. Elmore Leonard was pen and paper too. So is KT sometimes. I have loads of filled notebooks with handwritten pages from these novels going all the way back to Cay Pro. It seems like there’s a different part of the brain being accessed when you write by hand. I like to switch it up, handwriting, typing, and dictating—whatever works best in the moment. It really is a constant battle. The words don’t always come easy and sometimes when force won’t work you have to trick them out, like tipping a vending machine to shake your Snickers loose.

  34. DnD – I agree you gotta drill a love of Dream Theater into their heads at a young age, the younger the better.

    And make sure they don’t like Type O Negative at all costs.


  35. 53,215 words, now. The word count keeps going up. This is gonna be epic. While I doubt Libby is going to become a bimbo (imagine a bimbo librarian :)), whatever happens will be intense. LHW 3?

  36. Rereading Chelsea Hates Libby, just blown away by the details and writing. Chelsea teasing/mocking Ben while Finn and Libby are away, Libby’s eventual giving and minor rejections of Ben. Convinced KT’s writing just gets better and better.

      1. Chelsea Hates Libby part 3 is my favorite book you written and can’t wait til Scream Queens… thanks for providing such excellent content so consistently.

      2. Thank you so much! I love providing it—there’s nothing more rewarding than writing these stories for me as far as creative pursuits go.

        I’m a little quiet these days because this has been the craziest my outside real-life has been in a long while. But!—if anything, this forced hiatus has made me strain against the reins, ready to burst forward ferociously in a few weeks. I am amped to get back to work hardcore, finish up some of these stories I have hanging and enter a new foray some of you might totally love.

      3. You finished 10 books in 6 months so you deserve(d) the break. You gotta take time for yourself too!

  37. Started to watch “Another Life” on NetFlix. It has the start of a poly relationship around Ep. 5! KT Relax and work at your pace…

  38. Speaking of shows…. Has anyone watched “The Boys” on Amazon Prime? *SPOILERS*
    Turns out to be a long series about the BIGGEST CUCKOLD EVER! (When a superhero TAKES your wife! FULLY!)

    1. Not really seeing the Boys being about cuckolding… I think it’s more about power and cruelty and how super heroes in this instance are more closer aligned to villains.

      1. SPOILERS

        Newtype is specifically referring to the twist at the end of the season.

        It’s actually an interesting change from the source material.

      2. Agreed that it’s not a major focus of the show EXCEPT insofar as it relates to the fundamental motivation of one of the main characters.

      3. Ahh yes I forgot about the ending of the season. It’s interesting though because I think of the super ‘hero’ as more or less a rapist. The sort to take what he wanted when he wanted.

  39. Wow! What a cover. Libby as a fallen angel, nearly Marilyn Monroe style. Wow… this cover holds a huge story behind it. 🙂 Gotta love it, KT!!! Wonder if Chelsea is making a “star” out of her? Wow!

    1. Yeah, sorry. I meant that comment for anyone already watching it…
      Yes, The BOYS is about a group of Anti-Heroes out to get revenge on a organized Group of Super Heroes who have corporate sponsors and marketing departments. And these “Heroes” turn out to be any but!

      ***MORE SPOILERS***
      But the BOYS were recruited by CIA from regular people who were wronged in some way by the SEVEN.
      We follow the latest inductee into the SEVEN, ANNIE a.k.a. STARLIGHT, who had to tryout via (Your countries name here)’S GOT TALENT style cattle calls of superpowered beings. She gets wronged on her first day on the team!
      We also follow HUGHIE who is asked to join the BOYS after A-TRAIN, a speedster of the SEVEN, liquefies his fiance when they were about to kiss. HUGHIE was left standing on the sidewalk holding her arm & wrist stumps while he was splattered with her liquefied leftovers. Then A-TRAIN, runs off saying he can’t stop and later on TV News they blame her for stepping off the sidewalk suddenly. (Which if you could run 371 miles per second then you should see people unclench before the fart!!!)
      ***END SPOILERS***

      Any-who, this series is AMAZING! GRAPHIC! Very well made and the story is beyond normal TV. This ranks high on my quality meter for a series. Like beyond anything I have seen on “TV.” Game of Thrones could be Sunday School compared to the total of graphic deaths on a single season of the BOYS so far.
      And at the End of the Last episode you will finally see why I say that the basis of the whole reason the BOYS was formed was an ultimate cuckold story!

      LOVE that cover, KT!!!

  40. Can’t wait for Scream! I love this series. So much potential and uncertainty. These characters definitely have me guessing.
    And since I missed the big vote for your next story, here are my very carnal wishes
    Keely and Maggie will likely showcase your talent for contrasting female insights. That is endlessly fascinating to me. You are magic at that.
    Separate Schools and Obsessed could both go in so many directions it makes my mouth water. Both stir so much anxiety and arousal.
    6 Weeks just scares me. That ominous ending portends some serious anguish or maybe something a little too cuck for me.
    I know in the end you will write for the characters that beckon you. And I’m good with that.
    Add my name to your avid supporters. Thank you so much for writing. I toast an ale to you!

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