Broken Dreams

This is the third and last book of the Chelsea Hates Libby mini-series, but it’s not the last we’ll see of these characters. This is the first chapter in their summer journey… So what happened when Lib stormed off that morning? What will Ben find when he races to Chelsea’s house? Did anyone get dismembered? And where will Finn fit in now?…


  1. KT
    With Keely appearing on the cover of Ben Boswell’s book Party Crasher, does it mean you and he may co-author a book in the future??

    1. I hadn’t noticed that! You’re right though. Completely different style of photo, though. Same person. Those Keely covers really got to me. 🙂

      1. Then again, the same model in the photos used by KT for the Reza series have shown up on at least one other author’s books. It might just be a coincidence.

      2. I don’t have the funds to pay for exclusive shots! We self-pub authors all fish in the same picture pool, and it’s catch and release…

    2. Is that the same girl?…

      And, no, unfortunately I do not have a co-author with Mr. Boswell in the works. Lucky for Mr. Boswell!

      1. KT,

        It is the same woman. Less makeup, different clothes, but the facial features are the same. I actually did a reverse image search on your cover (I hope you don’t mind) and compared them side-by-side. They’re the same person. God, they’re expensive. If you went to Adobe stock, the picture Boswell used was $79.

  2. KT
    The first time I saw Mr. Boswell’s cover for he’s book I saw this beautiful young woman on it and I felt if a picture of Keely could have ever been taken, this would surely be her. Please forgive my (very little) joke.
    In regards to you co-authoring with Mr. Boswell and his luck, I think you are extremely talented as I’m sure do all your other fans, and his best luck could be working with you.

  3. Again, the word count goes up to 58,265, but something else here: Where is James (TBTH)? Where ever you are, Daria and I hope you’re having a blast!

      1. LOL! Great gif!

        Don’t get too emotionally hardened, bro! From the way the word count is soaring, it looks like quad’s adventure is really going to be heating up! Monday is tomorrow…

        Back to laundry… yeah, I wash my own clothes. I got them dirty. Daria won’t let me touch her laundry (don’t go there!). Anyway, there are better ways for Daria to occupy my time.

  4. KT Are you ever going to finish Six Weeks in Winter or
    the Cayman Proxy? I would love to know how they finish!

    1. They will definitely be done! I’m currently trying to change my life and work so I can get more time to work on these stories… It’s my intention to double down and get these things finished!

      1. KT,

        You’re a good person. Unsolicited advice: Do what makes you happiest. Sincerely.

      2. Thank you!—I can’t think of anything better than mind-visiting that claustrophobic farmhouse too small for tall Maceo and tempted Janie, or going to the south of France to settle Omar and Kate…

        I need more time to write!

    1. I’ve had books approved in twenty minutes, others took more than a day. They say it can take 72 hours. The most common time is around the five hour mark.

      1. It’s not there, yet… time to play the refresh game… Side note, this is one highly anticipated volume in our house!

  5. Another side note… KT, have you heard of authors bailing on Amazon because of problems with search? I read that somewhere, but I don’t remember where… Just wondering.

    1. Maybe on Twitter? I retweeted it today from Arnica Butler. Not Amazon, but Amazon’s KU program. She’s leaving KU because of behind-the-scenes difficulties and career-ending decisions on Amazon’s part. KU demands exclusivity on the author’s part, so it means the author is unable to build a more universal audience, only an Amazon one. For some, this is peachy, for others, not so much. For a surprising number it has delivered absolutely catastrophic consequences. Authors who have staked it all, then been run through. There’s way more to it, not going to bore you, but the culprit is KU.

      The search problems are commonplace—it’s happened to me—and in that tweet thread Kirsten McCurran posted her Amazon woes regarding the search ghosting. That might be what you’re thinking of. Not just search problems, but A/B testing, dungeoning, erotica tagging, and other glitches they don’t care about but to the poor finger-sore writer can mean they’re not going to make their car payment or worse. One little glitch and your months-long ass-busting on a novel you think is the bees knees becomes burnt toast, and with AMZ customer complaints are okay, but not vendors or authors.

      Now: I could fill this whole website with another 60k words about the industry but you guys are about reading, I’m about writing, and I don’t want to drag this place down with my woes and lamentations, ha ha.

      On the positive tip: I could never do this without the existence of Amazon, and I kiss the ground where Bezos has tread, truly grateful for the opportunity. Not kidding. Well, I mean, the ground-kissing is figurative…

      1. I found it. It was on CC Morian’s site YRBS BOOKS.

        Thanks for explaining the situation, KT. Actually, both my wife and I are interested because we’re nearing completion of our first thing. I honestly know nothing about online publishing, but one thing I do know is this: It’s way too long for a forum, literotica, or lushstories. I know I could break it up into chapters, but I’d rather play little fish in a big sea and see where it goes. Besides, I’m not so certain I trust the operators of those sites. So, there you go.

        Regarding searching, there’s one author–whose name I won’t mention– who has books show up when searching for virtually any erotic genre. Daria noticed it about two months ago when she was searching–not by author name but by genre. Not sponsored, either. Doesn’t seem fair. Then again, business is not fair, however Amazon should clean up their fuzzy search algo’s because they’re overgrown.

        Anyhow, back to hitting refresh! 🙂

      2. Is this yrbs books some secret website? I google fu’d it, and it knocked away all my attempts, ha ha. Do you have a link (just curious what others are saying, specifically in this niche)?

        via GIPHY

        I’m very interested in you and D completing your first thing. Be careful posting on public sites. There are unscrupulous black hatters who will take your literotica stories and publish them on Amazon. Breaking big books up in smaller chunks is the best way to shield yourself from Amazon’s capricious tendencies, especially in the erotica market. Also: do NOT buy any image from Adobe, and do NOT spend $79 on an image, ha ha. Do you have my e-mail?

        And yes, Amazon’s algos could always be better. They do try to police and clean their book market, and while some complain I have to say they do a pretty good job of fixing. This whole e-book market is new and attracts honest hard-working authors, but also opportunists looking to make a buck. The name you see in the searches all the time is legit, they just move a metric fuck-ton of books, so anytime Amazon’s algos see a customer searching for something kind of kinky it sends you that author’s books because, hell, everybody buys ’em! It’s fair, kind of. I can guarantee Amazon is looking for a way to make it better—because when it feeds you this other author’s books in a search and you don’t look at it or buy it, that’s bad for their margins. When Amazon sends you search results it wants total victory; success is when the customer sees all the results and buys like ten of them. It will get better for the customer, Amazon is dedicated to a good customer experience.

      3. AMAZON needs a “Tag” system!


      4. Here it is, KT.

        Strange, yeah. I never knew it was there until I stumbled across it two or three weeks ago.

        Thanks for the advice, KT! I don’t have your E-mail address, either. I’m in the dark!

        Yeah, it’s going to go on Amazon, I think. I just don’t like the way literotica is run. Letting people post the comments they do with virtual anonymity is offputting. Lushstories is better, but my gut tells me to stay away from there, too. Daria is listening to me on this one.

        The story is the one I posted about long ago, it starts with the dog and a visit to Michigan State’s vet school… Lots of personal experience in that part when our little guy almost died a few days before Christmas 2017. So, parts of the book are very genuine, others are complete fiction. It’s going to be titled “Her Past”. We’ve taken all of your advice that you’ve so generously given, as well. I/we feel indebted to you.

        I’m thinking I won’t buy pictures. I have a friend (the older guy I mentioned) who does 3D art as a hobby and is very good, so I’m thinking about approaching him for cover art. I’ll pay him. I’d rather pay him than give my money to Amazon. I have a Creative Cloud subscription and it pains me to pay every month for software. It’s the way things are, though. Some sites are way less expensive but I just mentioned Adobe because that’s where the first hit on the reverse search came up. I almost choked.

        The funky thing about Amazon is that they’re everywhere. But, their search sucks. We get 4k HDR movies there, but finding them is a pain in the ass. Search for 4K, then 4K UHD, then… and you get 600 results in the first search 1000 or so results in the second search. Then search for the title you want with 4k and you get so much other stuff. Then, try to buy it from an Apple TV, or iPhone… you can’t. Last time we were out in our motor home we wanted to get “Shazam”, I had to boot up a computer to get it. But, Amazon does have more 4k HDR movies than Apple–that’s was surprising. Oh, well.. I’m digressing big time.

        Gotta write a review for a certain story!

        Thanks again, KT! You rock!

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