Backstage Pass

Part Two of Chelsea Hates Libby is now available. The game is on. Finn is going to woo Libby, do his best to get her between his sheets. Problem is, Libby isn’t really that kind of girl. At least that’s what Ben thinks…

When Chelsea orchestrates an opportunity for her husband to innocently take Lib away for a whole weekend, it leaves Ben at home alone with his imagination. Should he stop this? Isn’t this madness? His wife is so sweet and innocent, why would he want that ruined?—he knows the reason. He’s the cheater.

Ben is tortured. He can stop this if he wants, stop his suffering, or he can do nothing and let the badness in his marriage be equalized. Part of him wants it done so he’ll be absolved; part of him wants it stopped; part of him peeks from the shadows whispering: “It would be so hot if she did, Beennnn…” He tosses rocks at that part, sending it scurrying back to its shadows…

Ben’s Libby mouse isn’t the kind of girl to cheat. He’s sure of it. So, so sure of it. She’ll be tempted—maybe she does have the tiniest crush for Chelsea’s nice-guy/bad-boy husband. Why not? He’s the safe version of the tattooed bad boy girls trip on their tits for, perfect for sweet Lib. But she won’t actually sleep with Finn, will she…?

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  1. Part 2 is great! Wonderful job on everything. Not much time to comment or review right now except to write, it looks like a helluva confrontation is in the offing! 🙂 Loved the cliffhanger!

  2. Good story and careful for spoilers for those who haven’t read. I like the idea of Ben being almost forced into allowing his wife to cheat to make up for his own issue, he likes it but not THAT much. That’s a nice little feature. We get the hints that Libby knows that there was some bad blood between her and Chelsea, but she never gives me the impression that she is aware of the damage it left behind, if so. Libby must not have thought what she did would ever have left such a black mark because she seemed to ease up with her rather quickly after she realized Chelsea is fine (on the surface). I would have to think if Libby thought it was really bad, it would take her a little bit longer to trust that Chelsea wouldn’t be holding a grudge.

    Ben seems a little too comfortable getting jerked around (pun not intended?) by Chelsea. It feels like he took too long to realize what Chelsea was doing, I mean, what other motivation would Chelsea have to not leave Libby’s phone in Libby’s bag? That seems like a ‘last straw’ kind of moment. At that moment, Ben had to know this was a game for Chelsea and that she might not be honest about any of what she’s saying. It is fun though to clearly know that Chelsea is lying to Ben about the first night BJ and the second night sex, but still doubt it because Chelsea kept insisting. I don’t think that anything happened between Libby and Finn beyond touching Finn’s junk for too long and kisses, Libby’s unprompted confession of everything that we have audio proof of (from Ben and Chelsea listening on the phone) without going beyond it makes perfect sense to be something for her to be guilty of. I believe Libby eventually confessed everything that truly happened that night, but maybe hasn’t let on an attraction to Finn that I was hoping she would have by now, maybe she doesn’t yet? Probably getting tucked in despite Finn really wanting her might have revved her engines a bit. I feel like the give away is Chelsea and Ben leaving the room to blow off steam with the phone still in the other room “Libby and Finn must have gone into her bedroom to fuck” they said. It seemed clear that we really were just getting Ben’s manipulated opinion on everything.

    I blacked out after moose steaks, was there a story after that? Canadian Food Porn points +1, maple glaze?!

    And I’m a sucker for moments in these stories where women are possibly so revved up that just some clitoral stimulation with Finn’s backside on the back of his motorcycle might be doing something for Libby (In Ben’s mind). I see what you did there KT, lol. I really got a kick out of Rachel on the back of Truth’s motorcycle and got flashbacks to that in this moment.

    KT, I love you, but this whole male perspective only thing is boring to me. I want to be in Libby’s head as she is having a blast at the concert and if she ever has a thought about thinking Finn is attractive while it was going on. I feel like the majority opinion in your readership is they want to hear what’s going on in the husband characters’ minds so oh well, I guess.

    Ok, another cliffhanger. I knew it was coming, I knew that when I had 68% left in the story I was going to be left high and dry. I don’t know what the secret sauce is for me to not be cranky with some adequately built up tension and teasing with the climactic “pay off” but I’m still trying to let the steam out from this story. I have to wonder if the announcement that this was three parts and that each part would come weekly was meant to pacify the likes of the one-track minded 2B-types. I like to think I am more high minded and I want KT to keep teasing us before the pay off for my demographic (again I don’t know what the magic combination of teasing and sex is for me), but god dammit, the teasing from KT stories has been relentless the past few months, it seems. I must truly be stubborn. Am I in the minority (probably with Glaucs) that gets off purely to the wife and bulls? If that’s the case then I’ll shut up (no I won’t).

    Lastly, if I’m right about Libby not doing anything with Finn already, then I am a little bummed out that anything that happens now between Libby and Finn will have traces of vengeance to both Chelsea and Ben, and probably with them there (although only having Ben’s viewpoint makes him being there a bit better). It’s fine, giving into her lust by herself might not be a character trait for Libby. KT, can you concoct some characters with that character trait please!? I can count on one hand the number of female characters that you could argue had it, maybe going into two hands if you count the female characters who also had have some degree of husband/bf cheering them on as well. It’s why I don’t understand all the grumbling you get from some of your most hateful readers, you pave paths for your female characters to give into lust relatively guilt free. But I love the Natalie’s and Coralee’s of the world (to read, of course). Maybe you could argue Taylor has it, but we’re still learning about her.

    I’m going to need to simmer down more before I leave a review, to let the cream rise to the top, because the story is good, but my frustration is still smarting.

    I’m sure I’ll have to walk back the emotion of this post later, but as the kids say, this is my truth.

    1. Have I so easily forgotten Janie? And clearly Taylor fits into the category I described above.
      See I’m already starting my walk back …

  3. Love the use of Nicole as Libby. Though I don’t think Libby would annoy me nearly an ounce as much as Nicole from Big Brother annoys me. Her Michigan accent goes through me like nails on a chalkboard…”Oh my gaaashhh, that’s soooooo mean!” If you watch the show you know what I’m talking about.

    Also there’s a really great gif out there of what Nicole does when she smells something…I won’t give it away but it would fit in to the story. Let’s just say I don’t think Nicole would hold out on Finn.

    1. In Michigan, harrrd consonants are the norm. So is adding extra syllables. For example: Pool becomes “Poo-wul”.

      Running around and saying “Awwww” to every cute thing seen is also something we’d never experienced until Michigan.

      It grows on you. 🙂

    2. Then again, we’re dealing with Canadians, eh? Y’know that sing song enunciation, that really gets to ya. Doncha know? I mean dere in Terranna, for bejeezus sake!

      1. I love Michigan and Canadian accents…its just that particular one that gets to me. Honestly I love all accents, and I enjoy the phrase differences of regions. One man’s soda is another man’s pop.

      2. I’m just kidding. My mom was born in Canada. I’ve been there many times as a kid (Toronto, Moose Jaw, Melville, Regina, etc.), that’s why I know about the accent. We used to hit up casinos in Canada. I love the standard Canadian accent, too. Just the pacing and patterns are fascinating. I used to pick it up really quickly when I was a kid. The Michigan accent took some getting used to, but we’re both used to it now.

  4. Hi everyone. This is Daria.

    Setting up a wife to become a hotwife and likeable characters.

    I am probably not one to talk about honesty, but I have learned my lesson. Does anyone besides me feel that Ben is a complete jerk for setting up his wife (to absolve himself of guilt!?)? I realize this is fiction, however if this was reality and it was me, I would be a lot more than simply angry at Ben. I do have to commend KT on how Libby took it. The revelation of Finn visiting Libby to deliver coffee, while underhanded, is relatively innocent (or at least is relatively innocent at this point in the story) from Libby’s perspective. Yes, she should have told Ben and Libby acting like she had never met Finn is quite a lot to take. Libby is not entirely innocent with this.

    Quantifying the guilty parties, Ben is far more guilty for lying, cheating, and setting up Libby. Libby may want it, but the lack of communication is quite apparent. Had this been reality, this is a couple who do not belong in a hotwife relationship.

    For me, the characters are just not likeable at all. The only character approaching likeability is Finn and only if he truly just tucked in Libby. Chelsea at this point is just plain evil. Does Chelsea has good reason for being so evil?

    Do not get me wrong, I love this series. It will be very interesting to read how this plays out.

    Dave here.

    I agree with Daria. KT’s at the top of the game, yet again. It’s not necessary to have a book with likeable characters. We haven’t written our review, yet. I think we’re gonna call it “Cat Scratch Fever” just because of the events prior to the cliff hanger. There are many underlying currents in this part of the series–a whole lot. Really, if you think about it, it’s quite an insane thing! That’s good!

    1. @Dar – Absolutely, playing with Libby’s emotions after doing something so terrible to their relationship makes Ben a terrible person, almost as bad as Chelsea, maybe worse because at least she knows shes a bad person. It’s interesting you say Finn is better than Libby, to me Libby is the most innocent by far. Finn is part of this game to make Ben feel better about his mistakes by getting Libby to make her own. We see how torn up Libby is just when she was almost about to break down to this fantasy incarnation of a man who had been impressing her in just about every way imaginable. She was crying just because she touched his junk and didnt immediately pull back from such a person. To me she is most innocent in this.

      It’s part of the reason I wanted Libby to break down and give in to Finn without being told it was all a set up. I feel like now all the innocence of Libby’s feeling are tarnished by everyone’s lies. I dont know though, even if she did give in to Finn, itd be foolish to not think she was being played by Finn and feeling equally as cheated.

      In some ways, knowing about the game Ben was playing is good because now Libby can play equalizer on her own terms, and not Chelsea, Finn, or Ben’s. I’m warming back up to this story for sure.

      I appreciate both of your perspectives so much! I do like Ben a little bit even though i just shit on his personality. He makes sense to me, high school embedded emotions can really mess with someone, even however many years later. And Chelsea seems very, ahem, persuasive.

      1. Ok, I read back over the exchange you’re talking about between Tina and Ben, and then read back the first moments of when Libby met Finn (in Ben’s eyes), and I can definitely see where she may not be letting on as much as she claims. I am so glad you guys made me do that because I didnt see this moment as significant, when I think clearly KT is making it potentially revelatory. But I think that the only thing that makes sense is that she is guilty of thought crimes only, like she enjoys this nice good looking man’s generosity and might feel guilty liking it so much. There’s worse things to be guilty of, and I don’t think Libby can be considered worse than anyone.

        Of course, this state of feeling i have right now might be the trap that KT sprung for people like me and I’ll be dangling upside down hoping someone will cut the rope off my leg.

      2. I agree 2B in that I very much wanted to see that phone call progress, Chelsea’s colour commentary and all, to see Libby go through with it all on her own. I’m not sure yet if it might lose something with her going through with it in this new context.

      3. Then there’s the women. Can you imagine just how horrible it would feel if your husband tricked you into having sex with someone else? The actual act? The level of resentment after? Mistrust? It would break many marriages, I’ll bet.

        Then there’s this story. It’s clear, if it hasn’t happened already and given Libby’s reaction, it hasn’t happened yet (or has it and she’s lying?). Will it happen? With Finn? Who? How will it play out when Libby fully realizes she’s been a pawn in Ben’s quest for absolution? It’s juicy. Libby wants Finn but as of the concert, hasn’t fully come to terms with her desire, yet. It’s all so out there; it’s cool! 🙂

      4. DnD – about Libby being manipulated, that’s what I’m saying! Totally agree, in some ways it makes me glad that the truth is out now, because now Libby can decide if she still wants to fuck Finn on her own terms. Not as a pawn in a game to make Ben feel better about himself, or Chelsea’s revenge plot (well that one may still be TBD). Finn’s best move in this story was to not push Libby when he went to tuck her in at the hotel.

    2. Finally. I totally agree. While I love this series because it is something different from kt, I think the weak point is the premise. I find it hard to believe that even Ben would think that getting his wife to cheat would absolve him of cheating. Come on!

      This is one where if it all comes crashing down in flames I won’t really mind too much.

      1. Here’s an interesting thing. In the last six and-a-half years, my wife and I have seen and done a lot of things that now we think are just plain crazy. During that time, I was on trying to learn about the hotwife thing and later tell bits of our story. You would be surprised how many frustrated and somewhat idiotic husbands (if real) go there for advice on how to set up their wives to have sex with other men. SET UP. Invariably, those husbands get blasted. It’s not surprising that people find tricking other people to be the only way, but it’s a cowardly way out. I have never read anything about a husband trying to setup his wife to have sex with another man to absolve himself of guilt, but I will say I’m certain it has happened. People ultimately are far more intricate and deceitful than most of us would like to believe. That’s why Ben’s part of the story is so necessary–it’s off the wall, but it can happen–anything can happen. Is it like KT? Yeah it is, especially after KT’s run-in with something a little over a month ago. Seeing is believing. In our review of this story (which as of last night) stated there were lots of moving parts and there are. There’s a lot we don’t know for certain, but this story is very juicy and we love it. We may not like the characters at all, but that’s not necessary. The key is the journey and the reaction. KT’s laid out the journey and KT’s got that reaction. KT’s writing of this story makes it all the more unbelievable and the characters even more unlikeable, but it’s brilliantly done.

      2. Kind of getting to me that our review was submitted Monday and still isn’t up. I wonder what’s taking so long? Is it the title “Decepticons or Cat Scratch Fever”? I dunno.

        One of the things I have problems doing is finding a song that fits this story. It’s important to me. KT has an Alice Cooper song and it fits, but that’s about it that I can see. I almost went with a song from the movie ‘Mothman’ titled “Half Light”. If you haven’t heard it you ought to check it out. It’s pretty eerie. 🙂

      3. I’ll have to check it out! I got the chuckles thinking that maybe the last straw for Libby going to confront Chelsea was because her spotify put on, “You Oughta Know” on the way to the train station.

      4. If you do check it out, James, it’s not the single version or the 9:40 version. It’s the 6:46 version. Very drony and dark sounding, but both Daria and I think it’s cool as all get out. It played during the credits at the end of the movie.

        You know, I completely forgot about Alanis Morrisette and “You Oughta Know”. Damn! Wouldn’t that be bad if KT was really Alanis? 🙂 If so, covering all bases, my bad! 🙂

      5. I’ve got Ben’s song… “Mad World” the Adam Lambert American Idol Studio Version. Fits nearly perfectly.

      6. DnD – half of what I like is dronie and dark so I’m really glad you shared that with me. Very haunting, I like the mood it puts me in when I think of this story and that song together.

        That Mad World cover is hella depressing but again, I love it. I learned it on piano because I’m off and on Emo.

  5. Two books in and still no sex (of the pair that I want to have it). Too much teasing, it’s frustrating (in a bad way). I hope that the payoff is not a foursome. Just my two cents.

  6. Interesting twists in the second book. Now I have to wonder how it will play out in the end. It feels like Libby still has to “fuck” Finn. But I’m not sure how they could get there. Is there a future for Ben and Libby?

    And what happended in high school? Why is Chelsea going for revenge? I can see it being just a marginal thing for most, with her playing the queen bitch.

    1. Assuming all the main cast members of KT’s play are of Scots-Irish stock is it not the case on stage that when a character pulls out his dirk in the first act, then it must be bloodied by the third?

      For those who did not like letting Ben have all the fun, isn’t it about time that KT let the husbands fool around, too? And does Ben’s reaction differ all that much (even down to the laundering of the guilty clothes/bedding) from Janie’s?

      1. Good point! There is symmetry between Ben and Janie’s actions. Yet I am still put off by Ben’s very devious behavior vv Libby. I don’t think Janie’s interactions with her husband, though hardly honest, reach (or dip) to the same level.

  7. Great review, James!

    We’re left wondering what Libby did to provoke such insanity in Chelsea. Logically, Chelsea’s got it all. What more could she want? To hold a grudge like Chelsea holds really speaks of her tenuous grip on sanity. That she can convince two other people (Ben is unwitting in this regard) to go along is nothing short of amazing. KT’s work in keeping all the moving parts in order is amazing. Wow. Just Wow.

    We still think Libby is not the angel she appears to be. If we’re wrong, we’ll own up. At this point in the series, we simply do not know which character to believe. Even Ben, in his confession didn’t confess to everything. The only thing we know is what was revealed in the prologue for book 1.

    This series is so friggin’ good! The Journey is truly the reward in this series!

    1. It really is curious why Libby wouldn’t just casually mention “You know that Finn guy stops by and gives us coffee, it’s so nice.”

      Chalk it up to naivety? I’ll stick with my hypothesis that it’s because she feels guilty letting Finn flirt and doesn’t realize that all she had to say to Ben is that line above and she can pretend nothing is going on.

      I just want to bring this line up because these are the kinds of micro moments that KT inserts into her stories that gets me thinking about possible things that might be happening in a story I’m reading. When Libby said that she lost her phone in a ‘conspiratorial’ tone I thought that maybe Libby might have learned from Finn what is really going on and she was trying to catch Ben in another lie. Ultimately that doesn’t track, but it certainly made sense for a little while.

      1. That’s just it. It’s our premise for not liking Libby that much. It’s odd isn’t it? We’ve never had problems–to this level–with KT’s characters before. We do like not liking any of them. We just get a feeling that Libby isn’t nearly as blameless as it now seems. I mean fighting with Chelsea in Chelsea’s house? 🙂 That’s ballsy.

        Why would this be called a reluctant hotwife book if Finn doesn’t/didn’t get it? Someone else? 😉

      2. DnD – What do you think Libby has done that makes you think shes so bad? I think the actions of the other three characters are terrible, which maybe clouds my opinion, because compared to them she would be saintly without even trying.

        But, I think it’s more than that, I think the only crimes she has committed might be flirting and maybe giving in to advances slightly which she immediately repented for, without even being pressured. Is it really because she didnt disclose she was getting coffee from Finn? Other than this outstanding grudge that we dont know about between Libby and Chelsea, I dont see where she is such a bad person, but I’m all ears.

      3. James,

        It’s not that we think she’s “bad” we just think she’s not the angelic creature Ben envisions. Call it a feeling, but often it’s what’s not written that spurs such feelings. Often it’s the way it’s written, too. Look at how many times it’s written the Libby is an innocent, why? I wish I could give you an example, but really it’s overall, especially after the coffee deliveries were revealed.

        We know it’s really difficult for a person to be absolutely honest and often people don’t tell significant people everything out of fear of hurting their feelings. We understand that point. We also get that it’s a natural thing not to tell things that are mundane, but to not mention it after the cookout seems more than a bit sneaky.

        Then there’s the crush. Is that why Libby said nothing? Maybe it was more than a crush that happened to make the coffee deliveries so regular. Then again, maybe it was all part of Chelsea’s plan.

        Then there’s the grudge. Why did Libby do to Chelsea to make Chelsea hate her so much? Maybe it was simple, maybe it was blown out of proportion by an adolescent mind. Maybe it was a complete misunderstanding. Maybe it’s big. Our money is on big.

        We’re just suspicious. In fact, it would be really juicy if Libby was secretly a bad girl, no? It makes no sense, really, but it’s just a feeling, perhaps wishful, but juicy. After re-reading the section where Ben confesses to Libby, it seems more out there. Like we wrote earlier, if we’re wrong, we’ll take out lumps!

      4. I loved reading this, and I enjoyed every word. And no one is keeping score, we’re all reading the tarot cards that are KT’s words and trying to make sense of them. She makes more sense than tarot cards but leaves them just open enough to interpretation that we’re left here putting our stakes down and saying plainly, “This opinion is subject to change.”

      5. As for me, and this is not because I just watched the finale of Chernobyl and my patriotism is high, I believe in innocent until proven guilty and the evidence shows Libby is a mere victim of a devious plot.

        *Dave and Daria presents coffee cup*

        “Objection your honor!”


      6. Well, I meant “we’ll take our lumps”. We’re probably dead-assed wrong. It’s just a feeling that there’s more.

        ‘Murica’ indeed. 🙂

        Cool that you just watched the finale of Chernobyl, too. Very sad, but necessary telling.

        We’re also watching “The Spanish Princess”. For some reason, we’re fascinated by the rise of the Tudors. We have also watched “The Tudors”. Also, all of the Starz shows about the Tudors and the Yorks.

      7. What’s this weird catfight business north of the border? First, Nia, now Libby! Women in the Lower 48 settle their differences with rapier wit and mean girls cunning; no need to start pulling hair.

        Sorry to have missed the Chernobyl finale last night, had to watch the Bruins stink up the third period with St. Louis.

      8. Count me among the people who feel like there is more to Libby here. I do think she knows exactly why Chelsea hates her, which is why she went right there to confront her.

        I also agree that the fact she was capable of going there hints that there is a level of darkness to Libby. A shy meek girl wouldn’t have done that.

      9. I’m just not seeing it! I dont know if I’m blind, but I don’t see where this darkness is emanating from Libby. Am I supposed to feel like this going into the last book? Am I missing some blatant foreshadowing?

        I forgot the line after Libby explains why she never brought up Finn to Ben, that she was afraid of what Chelsea would do. That makes even that possible indiscretion a little less insidious and more cowardly. Though I suppose you could say, “But she was just talking to Ben.” Maybe she refrained from telling Ben because she knew he might bring it up casually to Chelsea one day, and she was afraid Chelsea would let out whatever Libby did out of jealousy. She couldn’t tell Ben that he needs to keep it quiet for that reason because she cant even tell Ben what would make Chelsea so mad …

        Who knows.

      10. For me, Libby confronting Chelsea at the end of the story reads like a spur of the moment, “You know what … let me tell this bitch something”

      11. Thankfully this is fiction because that Chelsea character is just plain evil. The best thing here that explains our feeling the Libby is not the innocent person she’s been made out to be is Libby telling a fib to Ben and running over to Libby’s to kick some ass. Now, it could be because of the affair,it could be because of what happened in high school, or all of it. JL23 is probably closer to it than any of us. Still, to hold a grudge that long and to be Libby and run over there is just nuts. KT, wrote it that way, too. Ben going there is a normal reaction, too.

        Still have that feeling that Libby isn’t the angel, though. We get the feeling she knows exactly what she’s doing with Finn. Maybe she did the same thing with a Chelsea flame back in HS? Look, makeup? Lib(p)stick?

  8. Wow, what a final scene in part 2. Ben is a douche! I have to second David and Daria “The Journey is truly the reward in this series.”

  9. ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’ Chelsea has fooled Ben so many times he must be pretty well buried in shame. In my eyes he’s definitely a bit of a self-centered tool. He behaves as though Libby is his precious possession, something he displays with great pride…another multi- million dollar yacht but in the flesh. The gall of getting angry at Libby for (maybe) lying after he has been lying continuously to her is pretty clear evidence of his lack of maturity. So far to me three out of four are ‘bad guys’ (yes, no one of them is all bad but in the context of the story they end up tipping the bar towards the bad side) and it remains to be seen how to judge Libby…we really don’t have a lot of evidence so far. But it was an absolutely fascinating read…I never really knew what was coming next…well I thought I did several times but was faked out. So excellent work KT! I refuse to speculate on part 3 but am dying to read it.

  10. Glaucon – I could get behind Libby turning Finn at the end of the second night at the hotel, because it made sense that she wouldn’t give in. Personally I find the denial, intentional/unintentional flirting, resisting temptation, playing coy, etc. elements of KT’s stories to be irresistible, and she did it again in this story (aside from the concert as I mention). Ultimately it just gets the heart pumping when it’s pure adultery, and I know you get that. Add to the fact that now she probably doesn’t even really like Ben now that he played with her emotions and ruined their marriage, and where’s the fun in that? Lol!

    I just wish we could be the fly on the wall that watches as more and more of her defenses falter without the added level of Libby wanting to get back at Ben and Chelsea.

      1. Yes, I get that as well, based on how the characters have been drawn to this point.

        A side note, and this might be because we know Finn the least at this point, but it seemed to me like him goading her specifically about Ben’s size might have been specifically for Chelsea’s benefit? Like prearranged for her enjoyment. Chelsea certainly seemed to like that part the best, and nothing in Ben and Finn’s interactions prior to that point appeared to presage Finn spending so much time on that with Libby.

  11. I had to look up TFW! How out of touch am I! Word count went up. KT’s going for it! Go KT!

      1. Maybe, James. I pretty much stopped listening to newer music a while back. Then I have a lot of older stuff on my phone that I play when I’m driving. Sirius XM on 60’s on 6, Hair Nation (not that often), seldom Liquid Metal, etc. Typically, I have Apple Music on shuffle to play my library. I pulled Mad World out of that Sunday driving. I have some eclectic music on my phone, probably the oddest stuff is drum and bugle corps music from Star of Indiana and some other corps. Then there’s Daria’s phone. We literally flip whose phone gets used if we’re in the car together. 🙂

      2. I love it. I got all kinds of stuff on my iPod classic that I still rock.

        I never felt older than not once but twice having guys that work at the gyms I have worked out at, probably both in their early twenties, walk up to me seeing my iPod classic strapped to my arm and talk to me about, “Wow, man, I haven’t seen one of those before! I didn’t know people still had those!” They were just trying to be chatty and friendly (which I hate, incidentally, I mean what do you think I have an iPod for at the gym, dude?) but I felt like I was walking around with a rotary phone strapped to my arm.

        Hey man, it still works is what I say, I’m not that far removed from older generations that used the shit out of everything they bought until it falls apart. Only then do I think about getting a replacement.

        Now get off my lawn.

      3. I don’t think having an iPod is bad at all. Let them do as they will. What is bad is this: Ben has an iPhone (Facetime) and Libby has a flip phone. Maybe she wanted it that way, but a flip phone?

      4. I mean, a flip phone, Libby? If you needed more proof of Libby’s innocence just bask in that fact. How does she even obtain a flip phone in the late ’10’s? Is that like a hand-me-down from her dad? It’s adorable, lol.

      5. Try Amazon….$49.99 will get you a jitterbug. Well, it’s intended for seniors but whatever..maybe Libby just more mature or something.

      6. TF – I stand corrected. That scene was fun where she was struggling with facetime, reminded me of times I would show my folks how it works.

      7. LMAO! 🙂 Yep, and so is wearing lib(p)stick, makeup, and really short shorts!

      8. Y’know, I actually looked at the Verizon wireless website for phones… they don’t have ’em anymore. There is one old Android smartphone that can be had free, though. Old, reconditioned iPhones are stupidly priced, though. Hey! Maybe Lib’s could upgrade to an iPhone 7plus–that way she might have one of our old phones! 🙂

        Leave it up to Amazon to have flip phones! Great find! Here’s one for $14 or so…

        I like the big numbers! 🙂

  12. I’m wondering just what KT’s adding? Maybe we’ll ask after book 3 has been out for awhile! 🙂

    1. I love it when she gets new ideas that explode the word count. It’s one of my favorite moments progress bar watching lol!

      I want to bring up exhibit C of why I dont think Libby did anything other than what she could be heard doing over the phone. When Libby began crying unsolicited to Ben out of guilt, the first assurance she sought of Ben was, “Dont be mad at Finn,” which to me is very telling. If she felt guilty for committing adultery she would have simply said, “Dont be mad at me,” in my opinion, to me that would indicate she knew who the worst offender that night was since he was the one who tried to instigate all of it and she denied him.

      1. I just don’t know how KT does it. Everything just flows. I guess that’s the key–not going too far outside the character at the time the muse strikes.

        Based on Libby’s reaction, yeah, I agree. We just don’t think Libby is as innocent as has been portrayed to date. 🙂

      2. I have no idea either, David. I have to pinch myself that I found an author that so accurately articulates my fantasies.

        And dont get me wrong David I’m not directing my comment at you, but the debate about what she truly did that night.

      3. I/we understand, James. Like I wrote, it’s just a feeling, but when you look at the conversation at the bed, when Ben said he wanted his wife to sleep with Finn, there was a quick smile, then came the reaction. Whether or not that was sudden realization, time for what Ben said to sink in, or whatever. It’s clear she wanted to sleep with Finn, but the whole thing was too much for her to take–at least that’s what I think after the fourth pass through that exchange.

        Maybe her wearing makeup, lib(p)stick, and shorter than normal shorts was only to get a reaction from Finn. If so, she can be sure she got the desired reaction. What is unclear is how far things went. We’re pretty sure she didn’t sleep with Finn but somethings happened. Maybe more than was let on. Like others here, I wish the phone stayed connected! That whole thing was really hot. It just reinforces our feeling that Libby isn’t as innocent as Ben thinks.

      4. DnD – Yeah, I got nothing on that smile … lol! I thought it might be one of those dismissive smiles, you know the ones when you scrunch your face right before you say, “pshh, whatever, yeah right!”

        But I saw that too and can’t make sense of it in that way at all.

  13. That is why KT is KT she keeps us guessing! It’s possible things went beyond kissing… We’ll have to wait till the next chapter. I wondering what the hell Libby did that pissed off Chelsea to hold such a grudge? Testosterone fueled, tongue firmly in cheek! Chelsea and Libby were secret lesbian lovers and Chelsea never forgave Libby for dumping her for Ben! So this is her whole plan for revenge! Crazy right!

    1. RCH – this theory came across my mind, I mean how else can you think of a woman concocting such a devious plan!?! But, I feel like Libby would have definitely be a lot more weird around Chelsea, don’t you think? More weird when they embrace, etc.? She was a little sketchy at the very beginning, but she immediately acted like things were completely normal, just two couples getting along just fine. Chelsea never made a show of being with Finn, in my history of films of women trying to make their ex-lovers jealous, don’t you think she would try to make a show out making out with Finn or being lovey-dovey with him? Sort of like, “see what you could have had?”

      I am just saying all this because I too had this thought at one point because like you said Chelsea is super vindictive here. Love scorned can do that to a person. It just doesn’t add up to that, in my opinion.

      But you could be right and Chelsea and Libby are just that good at hiding that they had anything like that, together.

    2. The secret lovers does make a lot of sense, too. It is crazy as all get out. Honestly, at this point, I have no clue. When we talk about it, both of us go back and forth on the good girl/innocent girl thing. You can only say you’re a good girl so often and KT has written the innocent thing so many times that it’s suspicious.

      If KT is reading these comments as the story is being written, I wonder if thoughts of our insanity have flourished in that devilish KT mind?

  14. Testosterone fueled, tongue firmly in cheek! My last comment was not to be taken seriously, it crawled up from my adolescent part of my brain. It something else but it has to be pretty important to Chelsea.


    1. LOL, RCH! Are all the other comments we make serious? 🙂 It’s just fun to speculate, but more importantly, it’s fun to see how other people think, no?

    1. And if the Raptors lose, there’s always the Argo’s, Leafs, and Jays to console him.

      1. Make that “… Argos…” Damn! Again! I cannot proof myself to save my tail!

  15. DnD don’t beat yourself up I can’t count the times that I have proof read an email 1-2 and just as I hit send I notice a blatant error. It is difficult to edit yourself.

    1. Thanks, man! You know, I usually re-read each message I post a couple of times prior to posting. The problem with that is this: I know what I want to write and somehow, it all sounds right until I actually read the message and can’t edit it! UGH!

      It’s good to know I’m not the only one so afflicted! It’s a horrible scourge on this person. 🙂

      Thanks again!

  16. Hahaha, KT! Would anyone believe me if I told them that I called that she would struggle to finish this series in the manner she originally said? I.e. 3 books in 3 weeks, what could possibly deter from that plan?

    I love it, personally, why not 4 books? You could even go full Maggie and do 7, or Learning Lessons and shoot for 10.

    As a wise man (and/or his wife) once said, the sky’s the limit. You have yourself to blame for not knowing yourself at this point, KT, LOL! You decided to plaster each book with ‘1 of 3’ or ‘2 of 3’ do you even own mirrors?

    Please, please tell me that it’ll be next week. If you can’t though, I understand!

    1. I’d believe you! You know I (Dave) would!

      Honestly, I didn’t know if it was possible, either. This story has so many moving parts that to squeeze them in hopes of some kind of resolution of the plot seems to be a daunting task.

      I’m glad it’s taking longer. This book deserves the KT finesse, of which we’ve all become accustomed. It can go so, so many ways. I just want to know about the extra bits KT discovered. I suppose it’s like putting something back together and realizing extra parts abound! I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there with extra parts floating around.

    2. TFW KT realizes this should have been a four parter… Daria said to use the TFW thing.

      I don’t see the problem in over-delivering. Some people will complain, but when the story has so many folks on edge, I/we say, “Let the story drive itself to completion!”

      If it needs another installment beyond the third, let it have four! This story, itself is just so compelling and written so well that squeezing it, even the tiniest bit, might be cheating yourself, KT. TFW you realize you’ve been squeezed. 🙂

      It’s gonna be officially summer in a few days, let there be heat! Turn it up, KT! Crank it to 11!

  17. KT,

    Knowing you wanted to wrap up this series in three books was great, but now with you going to four books is even better. No need to get upset about this! No need at all. If the story needs it, the story needs it. Your ability to not simply finish for the sake of finishing is to be admired and emulated. So many times we’ve read books that just stop–it’s frustrating. Not you, KT. You are a pro. Never, ever forget that, please!

  18. I think it’s awesome. Imagine what those 4 characters can get up to in another 2 books. I vote for book 4 of 3 also. Looks like we’ll get book 3 sooner now. Hope we won’t have to wait too long for book 4

  19. Well, I would say that the only way KT could avoid the danger of a three part series slipping into four or more parts follows:

    1. Wait to post part one only after the entire series is complete
    2. Dump the blog and stop taking any feedback from fans.
    3. Join some fundamentalist cult of some kind (doesn’t matter what just so it’s fundamentalist).
    4. Shun all tech, including the following, pens, pencils, charred sticks, paper, cave walls etc.

    I don’t know about the rest of you none of the above ideas appeal to me I’d rather just let KT’s creative output flow. No, complaints here and it is wonderful that KT look’s to her fans for feedback. This is a great series so far!


    P.S. The above list is in jest not to be taken seriously by anyone. Those of you who chose to participate in any of the above activities do so at your own risk!!!

    Happy “Fathers Day”!

    1. About the only thing I’m taking seriously these days is the every-other-day Great Flood/Noah’s Ark re-enactment we’re facing here in Michigan. I’m happy our house is on the highest point on our property because the lowest point is a pond and I’m thinking about ordering fish. It’s mid-June and 60 degrees. The heat kicked in last night. When does summer happen?

      Right about now, a cult sounds interesting. 🙂

      I’ll echo, “Happy Father’s Day!” to all the dads reading this blog. Y’all rock it out today!

    2. Nothing wrong with Fundamentalist cults *kisses pentagram amulet and sips kool aid*

      Happy Father’s Day! JL, talking to you bud (and all you others who I’m not sure are fathers or not).

      1. Thanks, Red (yep, I’m slow! It just dawned on me! LOL!).

        You know, you’re right. Our little guy is a person to us. 🙂

        This marks the end of another Father’s Day weekend which also marks the first time my wife and I went out together. Each year we go to the same place. It’s a bit different now, but so are we. Yet, through it all, we’re still us, with our little guy.

  20. Just ready book 1 again. I don’t think Libby knew Finn was Chelsea’s husband when he was visiting her prior to the bbq.

    1. Y’know, that’s cool. I think KT would write it that way. What we don’t know is Libby’s ability to lie. Clearly she witheld information from Ben regarding the coffee trips. Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was. It was clear at the barbeque there was an attraction between Finn and Libby. Maybe Chelsea and Finn were digging the trench?

      1. You know what one of my favorite mysteries in a KT story is? Is the female protagonist digging on the male “bull” character, or not? Yes, we know that Libby ended up having a curiosity usually reserved for men that women are attracted to by the end of Book 2, but besides that (and assuming that she might not have just been a little inebriated to effect her judgment) do we know for certain that Libby has a for sure crush on Finn?

        Sure, the evidence is there and I agree with all of it. First of all I think the consensus is that he is an attractive man visually. Then you add his skill set, charm, and influence and now you absolutely have someone who people would define as attractive, and therefore, of course Libby (who is also a person, lol) would find attractive. Then you have the moments where Libby has fun with Finn and can interact with him, this is evidenced by only ever seeing Libby having fun when Finn is around. BUT, just because she is having a blast doesn’t mean it’s because of a sexual attraction, potentially. I mean I could also construct a story saying that Libby is making a very good friend. Making a friend who is someone who is very skilled, fun loving, and can teach her some things and have a good time with her. You could even argue that it’s because of FInn’s relationship with Chelsea that Libby can feel so comfortable with Finn, thinking “he’s taken, there’s no way what he is doing is flirting, I don’t have to worry about him hitting on me because he has Chelsea.”

        Also, it’s not as if Ben/Chelsea left Libby much of a choice on getting close with Finn. Finn’s “job” is to entertain (read: seduce) Libby, who is ostensibly in a mood to be entertained in every situation that they were together in this story. After all, the only interactions we have of Libby and Finn together are in situations where Libby is trying to have fun (i.e. house party, BBQ, a concert/afterparties). In addition, both Ben and Chelsea have removed themselves, in every occasion, from potentially being a source of entertainment, leaving Finn and Libby’s relationship (platonic or otherwise) room to grow undeterred and without any alternative when you think about it. Is it fair to conclude that Libby/Finn have an attraction for each other independent of the circumstances they are in in this story? You could argue no, the line of friendship/lover might never have been even briefly blurred (as it has in this story, I think) in another reality where Ben can keep his dick in his pants.

        I say that because it’s possible Libby could be confusing what she experienced with Finn at the hotel as a sexual attraction and be wrong about that. The line between male/female friendships and love interest can be very thin, and crossing it one way or the other might only need a nudge.

        But here’s the main reason why I like all this thinking about Libby (and previous female characters like her). All of this above is so abstract because all we’re getting is a second hand account of Libby. This story is entirely from Ben’s perspective, and sure, presumably Ben would know Libby really well, but Ben is not Libby. By definition, lol. And, real talk, questions abound about Ben’s judgment of evidence and judgment, period. It’s entirely possible, all this shit is in Ben’s head, and the literal only thing that Libby has done wrong is, after relentless pressure by all of the forces around Libby and within her (alcohol, lol) and the allure of a potentially fantasy inducing man right before her, is she didn’t pull away immediately from a kiss and she touched “it” for a second.

        You can disagree with my specific assessment, but what you cannot disagree with, is that we really do not know and that’s fun as hell, if you like a little mental masochism, which I do.

      2. Yeah, you’re right, James. No proof other than an ashamed wife who is afraid of Chelsea shaking her head vigorously.

        I dunno, I do want Libby to be a secret bad-girl! 🙂

      3. And then there’s “… dumb Libby…” I hope she goes for revenge in the dirtiest way possible! 🙂 I mean, that kind of humilation (Ben and Chelsea) listening in with Libby thinking they were laughing at her… wow! 🙂

      4. @DnD – I wouldn’t say theres no proof for any wrong doing, just nothing is certain and I like that.

        And, hmm, I like a story of a girl who becomes bad during the course of the story, 😃. And personally, I dont find revenge fucking to be satisfying as the reader, it feels shallow to me. I like the fuckenings in my stories to have value to the character either emotionally, or at the least physically.

      5. What if revenge sex leads to full-on, out-to-enjoy-it, slutty sex? You know, a light switch goes off in Libby and she realizes she loves it.

        For the record, for real, revenge/anger sex sucks. Yeah, you get off, but it fixes nothing.

      6. Is this one of those “not sure how my comment came across over the internet?” things. It’s all good, I was just saying I agree that Libby getting revenge would be a nice gateway like you said, among other things …

      7. Exactly, James. You’re very gracious. Thanks, man. Now, what in hell am I doing up at 3:49 AM EDT? Watching a stupid SYFY movie! Yes!

      1. I hope KT took some time off. Writing at that breakneck pace calls for some recharge time.

      2. TFW… TFW… TFW… it’s almost time to click refresh.

        Nice, round figure, too… 42,000 words. Awesomeness!

      3. My prayers! They were answered! and yea did KT bless the multitudes.

  21. I’m going to attempt to elaborate on what my disjointed point about not knowing if Libby really likes Finn. First I started making a point about how Finn is objectively an attractive person, but it read a little bit like, ‘Of course he’s an attractive person, no wonder why Libby is attracted to him’ but I wanted it read more like Libby is drawn to Finn because of how likeable he is, and not necessarily because he’s a Casanova, although you can’t blame her for thinking about Finn being hot. My later point still stands though that that feeling of attraction as a friend can be nudged into something sexual and back again with all kinds of things, and I think that’s what happened in the hotel.

    Eventually I went on to make a point about how Libby might confuse being drawn to Finn because of how well they mesh and being sexually attracted to him, and that could have a lot more to do with the fact that everything around like “hey I want a dance partner, no one else will dance me, wow Finn you’re really great at dancing” or “I really want to go to a concert and no one will go with me, Finn you not only are the only person willing to go with me, but you have connections to a band I’m emotionally invested in?” (of course, in a digression which shows how much Libby isn’t trying to stray, Libby really wants Ben to go, but he’s hell bent on pushing Libby into the arms of Finn). Just in general, the fact that on multiple occasions Libby has seen her own husband withdraw from having fun with Libby on her level in favor of Finn is enough to confuse anyone about what they are feeling with Finn.

    I brought up the hypothetical about “Would Finn and Libby’s relationship grow in a scenario where Ben can keep it in his pants” because I think what’s happening here a little bit is potentially a self-fulfilling prophesy. Ben is the cheater in this story, and it’s well known that cheaters like to project onto their significant others the behavior that they themselves are guilty of. Ben assumed this whole time that Libby was crushing on Finn, but who knows if that’s really true, he may have just been projecting what he thinks he deserves for what he did with Chelsea on Libby.

    That said, with Chelsea’s insistence that Finn will seduce Libby, watching Libby have fun with Finn in scenarios manufactured by Chelsea, Finn, and Ben where Libby is just trying to have a good time and Finn is the only one willing to play, as well as Ben’s own guilt, you can see a situation not where Libby is giving into something within herself with Finn alone, but rather one where she is not really given a choice to reject Finn. I don’t mean this in a non-consensual way, but rather in a way that says that the only natural course of events that can take place in this situation that Libby and Finn find themselves IS a sexual attraction. Libby has been given no choice but to develop a crush on Finn, a prophesy self-fulfilled.

    Now that the cats out of the bag though, we’ll see how well the house of cards that defines Libby’s crush on Finn can withstand the truth.

    To that end, it makes Finn’s decision to not pursue anything any further with Libby a good decision for those who want Finn and Libby to actually hook up. Assuming Libby would have even given in with more persistence (really don’t want to get the impression of advocating non-consensual activity here), Finn went “off-script” by letting his time with Libby at the concert go by without actually going through with anything. Letting Libby choose ‘no’ that night when she might have really wanted to say yes but knows it’s wrong. That should play better in the aftermath of knowing that Finn was tasked with seducing Libby at the concert.

  22. As always a captivating story I never want to put down. I can’t wait to see what happens in Book 3. Will I finally find a KT Morrison book in which the couple stay together? Will Ben and Libby’s marriage blow up and be torn apart? Or, miracles or miracles, will Libby stay with Ben while learning to appreciate her deeper wealth of erotic appeal and enjoyment?

    O, and just how badly with Libby dismember Chelsea or will Ben get to her before the final disembowelment?

    Can’t wait to see what KT has for us next!

  23. !!!!Warning Spoiler Alert!!!!

    Dismember Chelsea? Well it would be a fitting end to a scream queen! Also remember if you have sex in a slasher movie it spells you doom! So here is the spoiler… Ben rushes over to Chelsea’s home discovers an enraged Libby has already finished off Chelsea. Ben is shocked, Libby see’s Ben’s reaction as siding with Chelsea and takes out Ben too. Finn arrives later and helps Libby dispose of the bodies. The story ends with Libby silhouetted by the setting sun as she rides Finn’s large endowment. It could work? It would be a Canadian slasher/western/physio/erotica kind of thing. Add in a few zombies and we’ll take it to Hollywood!


    1. Gotta love it!

      “Libby! What are you doing?” Ben screams as he storms through the door of Chelsea’s house.

      “What does it look like I’m doing?” Libby, eyes wide, blood spatters on her clothes, on the ceiling, blood pooling on the marble tiled floor, and Chelsea’s right arm in her hands. One swing and then another. The slap of limp flesh stricking Chelsea’s llifeless face suddenly fills the room, “I’m beating this bitch with own arm!”

    2. I feel any dismemberment will be on behalf of Chelsea. It could be that Libby is walking into a trap of Chelsea’s making. Looking through all these gifs they are almost all taking place in a home. Chelsea has the homecourt advantage.

      *Ben walks in*
      *’Misery Business’ is being played on a loop*
      *Libby is strapped to the wall like Theon Greyjoy*
      “Welcome Ben, so glad you could join us”

      1. I think every home ought to have a St. Andrews cross or a cross of some type for those Theon Greyjoy moments. That’s just me, though. 🙂

    3. Corrections: movie it spells you doom! -should read- movie it spells your doom!
      slasher/western/physio/erotica -should read- slasher/western/psycho/erotica

      I check it thrice and I still missed things. Why did the make give me an abnormal brain.

      1. Here are my corrections, Red! 🙂 Abnormality — company?

        This: “The slap of limp flesh stricking Chelsea’s llifeless face suddenly fills the room, “I’m beating this bitch with own arm!””

        Should read: ” The slap of limp flesh STRIKING Chelsea’s LIFELESS face suddenly fills the room, “I’m beating this bitch with HER own arm!”

    1. Broken Dreams… Wow. Wonder what that means in the context of this story? We (my wife and I) won’t find out tomorrow. We may be able to buy it, but reading it is pretty much not a good thing to do–Daria’s baby sitting for a friend so… yeah, not good.

      For the story… maybe… Tool Light

      1. Explanation of video choice… Libby is portrayed as an angel, right? It’s there in the video. 🙂 The Clincher.

    1. Of course, anything could happen at this point, but I’m inclined to think that it’s gonna be more subtle than that – the prologue paints the motivation/explanation as murky and not necessarily satisfactory, that it has more to do with the natures of the people involved. But there’s plenty of room for twists!

      1. I thought the prologue was Ben’s point of view like the rest of this series, but not I am more inclined to think it was Chelsea’s or maybe Ronnie’s…

        Anyway I am still inclined to think that Ben is about to unwrap a world that goes into more denial and frustration. Perhaps the experiences break him?

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