Scream Queen

It’s time for a mini-series! This is a three-book serial that’ll wrap up over the next three weeks. The whole story is done and written, but now I’ve got a ton of editing to do. Weeks’ worth. Ho, boy. Good news is I’ll release these books as 30+k novella episodes and as I continue to edit I’ll flesh out these characters even further. Books 1 and 3 will be 2.99 and book 2 will be 0.99 to keep the total price reasonable. I love series and serials because it’s a long-established tradition and I feed off your responses hard. I love KU for that reason, but wish Amazon had a better system for serializing…

So, Chelsea Hates Libby. What’s it about?…

Ben and Libby have been officially married for three years, but they’ve been together forever. Libby is a sweet and shy little mouse who’s in big-time love with her husband and best friend. And Ben would do anything for the girl he’s loved for so long.

Like how he just busted his hump hard, hustling day in and day out with his own business, and after a good and successful year negotiated him and Lib into the house of their dreams. Now they find themselves moving into the fashionable beach neighborhood where Libby’s always dreamed of living.

And guess what?—even though they’re far from the suburb where they grew up, they’ve found a familiar face in their fancy Beach Triangle…

Chelsea Cunningham was the hottest girl in their school. Heck, their whole town. Pageants, singing competitions, drama productions… And soon she got noticed, got picked up in a big-time Hollywood movie. She’s a real live celebrity, back living in the city and working in the theater.

Ben has secret deep-seated desire for Chelsea. Libby’s just intimidated as all get out. But Chelsea greets them like long lost friends and wants to bring them into her circle. Chelsea’s married now. Her husband Finn works in music and looks like the rock stars he works with. He seems to have grown a fondness for sweet Lib…

And when super-hot Chelsea divulges to Ben an unconsummated curiosity from those old days, Ben and Libby’s perfect life begins to work off the tracks…


      1. Especially now, TBTH. It would take getting boned to a new level. (Sorry!)

  1. Looks like a departure for KT… interested to see where it goes. Even if I don’t get to read it tonight.

    1. It does seem like a departure, my two cents are that the effort to convince the wife character to hotwife will be from pressure of a friend as opposed to the husband character. It seems like Chelsea might be the orchestrator of the drama in this story.

      I’m ready when you are, Amazon …

  2. hi kate tnx for your good books . i like to say you pls continue Watching Natalie Cheat .its nice happy book makes me happy so pls continue this book to.

  3. Well, wow what a start. Definitely something of a departure here, but still is going to be a heck of a ride. I haven’t figured out if Chelsea is truly malevolent or just the kind of woman who sees something she wants and takes it, consequences be damned. Maybe a little of both, though I fear the one who’s truly going to pay is Ben.

    A large part thinks he fully deserves what may be about to happen to him, but I can also sympathize…at the least the lizard part of my brain can. I can fully remember that one girl in high school you had the massive crush on…that you never thought in your wildest dreams you would have a chance with. I don’t know what I’d do if she came up to me a few years later and wanted me like Chelsea wanted Ben…maybe I’d do the same thing.

    I think I can sense what may happen here, especially with Libby and Finn, but KT always provides us with enough surprises to keep us guessing. Maybe they all live happily ever after. One thing’s for sure, I don’t think this is going to be as simple as Chelsea, Finn and Ben think (or in Ben’s case hope) it will be.

  4. I should add the prologue definitely seems to indicate there is indeed malevolence with Chelsea, and that it’s gonna end really badly, at least for Ben, but I’ll wait and see just what the meaning of that passage is and what the significance of the yearbook quote is.

  5. KT,

    It always amazes us just how well you set scenes. In the first few paragraphs of “Scream Queen” your utter command the written word shines through. I’m reading aloud as Daria is driving. We can literally see what you describe. I don’t know why I am, in particular, so stunned. It happens every time. Others have written about it. It’s what sets you so far apart from others. Your descriptions are immersive like an IMAX movie. They’re vivid with sights, perceived smells, and just wonderful. I want a hamburger, NOW.

    Thank you, KT. Sincerely.

      1. You’re welcome, KT! Here was the scene…

        Daria’s driving our 45′ foot motor home, towing our Jeep (with the driver’s side window smashed out by a local OK cop, and covered with a sheet of plastic), going 70mph on I-44 in Missouri. We had the weather radio on (bad, bad weather–tornadoes and bad storms). So, I decided to start reading out loud. A few minutes into the book, we got hungry. Y’know… the cookout? We had some ground beef, so I made hamburgers. Seriously.

        This was not a fun trip, but it was made better by your book–it took our minds off everything that went on in OK and the horrible weather on the way home last week.

        Anything that doesn’t kill ya…

      2. Well, I still have it… “Here was the scene…” should be “This was the scene…”

      3. James,

        Thanks. I don’t feel cool at all, though. Especially after what happened in OK.

        We got to the factory at about 3am Monday morning after driving 14 hours, straight. I parked the Jeep in front of our motor home which was all nicely setup outside just waiting for us to enter, crash, pay, and finally leave. Nope.

        I forgot the spare keyfob at home. The Internet for the motor home wasn’t up and bluetooth wasn’t turned on so I couldn’t use the app on my phone to unlock the door (we don’t have a keypad at my request), so we decided to crash in the Jeep.

        At around 4am, I heard a tap on the drivers side window. I was tired. I ignored it. Next thing, there’s a louder tapping coupled with a bright light shining in my face (I was reclined with our dog in my lap). It’s a cop. The window broke, our dog freaked out and peed on me. I couldn’t get out of the seat because it was reclined and the cop is ordering me to get out of the car. I reached down to bring the seat to the upright position and the cop smashed out the window. Glass everwhere, Daria is screaming, and I’m telling the cop to calm down because I’m just trying to bring the seat upright. The cop reaches in and unlocks the door, opens it and our dog is going apeshit on him. I go to grab the dog and the cop grabs me and tries to yank me out of the car. Nope. I’m bigger than him. He pulls his weapon. I tell the cop I’m cooperating and will slowly get out of the car. I get halfway out of the car, and the cop tries to spin me to cuff me. Nope. I get the rest of the way out of the car and tell the cop I’m going to put my hands on the roof of the car. He frisks me, finds nothing. Daria is crying her eyes out at this point. She’s scared shitless. I’m covered in diabetic dog piss. And really don’t understand what the fuck is happening or why.

        Ten minutes later, it’s all settled. The cop apologizes and I’m leaving it alone. Then it starts raining. Fucked up. No driver’s side window. Soaked.

        I don’t feel cool at all. Tomorrow, the Jeep goes to get the window replaced and thoroughly cleaned. All because I forgot a damn key fob.

        So, KT’s story was a very welcome distraction from that fiasco and the weather on the way home. I’m not cool at all.

      4. DnD – I’m so sorry for you guys, that story is really messed up and a nightmare. I cant believe there are officers like this out there with no regard for property or accountability. You really are some great people, and I’m glad you made it out of there with something. You got each other and that’s what matters.

      5. via GIPHY

        That is effin’ craaaazzy. Seriously, thank God no one was hurt and that your dog is okay too. I’ve seen some crazy cop reactions and had friends get some surprising beatdowns but this is messed up. A couple sleeping in their Jeep attached to their motorhome? Must have thought you guys were some Okie meth-heads or something, found himself a Walter white-style lab. Who breaks the window like that before the people are even awake? I know policing is a hard job, I do, you deal with people at their worst all shit long, but you guys were… sleeping.

        Ultimately, you are a super-big and commendable person for having the zen to let it go and not pursue action. To understand the cop’s position and accept his apology takes some next level chi.

      6. Thing is James, the officer was stressed. There was some miscommunication about our arriving there. When he made a patrol of the area, we weren’t there. The next time he made a pass, we were there. Given the horrible flooding and weather, the miscommunication is understandable. The only blame the officer has is pulling his weapon. We got profuse apologies and an offer to pay for all damages, but we just wanted out of there. It was too dangerous (in terms of flooding and weather) to stay any longer.

        I’m sure that sometime down the road, we’ll be able to laugh about it all.

        So, do you all think Libby has repressed sexual feelings? Perhaps she may feel she missed out on a lot? Maybe feeling like she missed out on a lot comes after she’s been seduced? Finally, what could be so bad about a yearbook photograph? Then again, it must be pretty bad for a “star” to carry such a grudge!

      7. DnD – I see, well at least the officer tried to make right that they scared the shit out of you and your family, and vandalized your motorhome … Still immensely shitty of that officer, hands down.

        I wonder too if Libby will find getting her mind blown by Finn to be a little eye opening, I imagine similar to how Ben felt. The thing I like? How can Ben say no to what Libby does considering what motivated Ben to suggest hotwifing to begin with? Whatever Finn awakens, will have little in the way of boundaries. What do you have to say about it, Ben?

      8. James,

        The motor home was fine. The Jeep, just the window and some water/glass/smell clean-up. It’s not that bad, really. It was highly unexpected and avoidable. Like I wrote, someday we’ll be able to laugh about it. One thing’s for certain, though… if we/I have to sleep in the Jeep again, no reclined seats.

        I think this story has the potential to have so many twisty passages, somewhat alike but all with differing degrees of impact. What gets me–and I’m sorry we ignored the prologue first pass through–is what in the yearbook picture could be so damning to make someone hate another person so deeply to want to destroy them? I know we’ll find out, but it’s not something that lends itself to speculation. All we know about it is that it’s three people on the yearbook committee.

        The ride to the prologue is going to rough though. I mean the deception on Ben’s part, his involvement with Chelsea, the plan to “bring Libby in”, all point to something nearly nuclear. Then there’s the why?

        One thing we can speculate on is this: Ben and Libby’s future together. The prologue says the woman he loved (past tense?) and the one who ruined him. Why him? Do Ben and Libby survive as a couple? If “loved” is truly past tense, then no. That’s kind of KT, though… like an LHW theme, but we know the couples in those two books reconnect or at least are close to reconnecting. Just interesting as all get out.

      9. D&D Glad you survived your midnight “interaction” with the OK (but not so much) officer with more equanimity than I would have had (in my case it wouldn’t have been the dog alone with a problem, ha). Pretty scary but, yea, after time it could be one of those “I can top that!” stories. As to the prologue, in my opinion it’s pretty important as it casts a haunting, dark cloud on all the fun and games between B & C. Without it one wouldn’t have the same mind set while reading part 1. Sets the tone in the same way an under-painting does. Just a thought.

      10. And get a lift kit, put that Jeep up high and out of prying eyes. Tint the windows. Remember your key fob.

      11. TF,

        Thanks! We told some friends about the experience, yesterday. Most react like, “I’d drag them to court.” You had to be there. The officer was so apologetic, and then during the day others there bent over backwards apologizing, offering to pay, put us up, etc. All that while the officer’s home is in a flood plain. That area of the country is being hammered now, again. We just hope everyone is safe.

        For sure, we’re not missing prologues, again! KT just has a way to grab readers. In this case, twisting and turning, all the way.

      12. I don’t remember where, but I think someone made the comment that the prologue was Ben’s voice. It’s a weird shift (but I’ve done it before) but it’s actually omniscient. Like a narrator. It might make a difference, ha ha. Or maybe not…

        I did it in Going A Little Too Far after the dust up at the mobile home and the opening paragraphs of Maggie aren’t Max’s voice either, he picks up the thread shortly after.

      13. KT,
        Thanks. I don’t feel any kind of chi or anything. I’m just glad we’re not there anymore. I’ve never had a gun pulled on me before; by anyone! Seriously, what else could we do? The place had major flood warnings and everyone there is just trying to do their best. The officer didn’t know we were supposed to be there–he was never told.

        We just try our best to understand things. Yeah, this one was/is tough, but the big thing is this: The jeep is just a thing (and it’s fixed). I can’t replace my wife. We talk about what happened a lot. Daria actually joked about my shorts and T-Shirt that got thrown away. She said I need a new “nerd outfit”. I have plenty. I don’t think I’ll be able to replace that Dream Theater T-Shirt, though.

        This has not been a good two weeks.

        One of my friends, an older guy with a background almost identical to my father’s called me today to tell me about a place he used to visit to fly RC Helicopters — not drones or quads (yeah, I fly them, too). It’s in Dayton, OH and it was destroyed by a tornado. I’ve never been there, but we’re driving by there Friday on the way to southern OH. Yeah, I may be the worst person at picking where to go these days. At least we’ll get to see “Touchdown Jesus”, again. Look it up. It’s a real thing.

        Thanks again, KT. You rock! I don’t know how you do it. Seriously. Maybe while we’re driving I can read book two out loud? 🙂

      14. “And get a lift kit, put that Jeep up high and out of prying eyes. Tint the windows. Remember your key fob.”

        LMAO!!! It’s a Cherokee. Could you see that? “Dave’s Smasher,” stenciled down the side… Mudder wheels and tires! Roll cage, too!

        I’m pretty sure I’m never forgetting the key fob, again. 🙂

      15. KT,

        We have regained our sense of humor. Here’s a link to a photo of the T-Shirt I wore today–we’re in OH, not at our final destination, in our motor home. We’ll get where we’re going tomorrow. Proper shake down of the motor home.

        I swear there is no virus, malware, trojan, or other malicious junk attached to this link or file. This photo will be up until Monday.

        I hope you get a laugh out of it. 🙂 Yes, was actually driving our motor home (and stopped at rest area) wearing this T-shirt.

  6. Well I was looking for a show to replace Game of Thrones now that it’s gone, and here it is …

    I’ll say this though, the ‘KT hates men’ crowd will probably come back out for this one if they ever did for a KT story, haha. No spoilers, I just think I can see a space where the trolls can come out to play.

    I will have more to say, but I really love the vibe of this story. It isn’t serious and might be a little annoyed that you might be taking it seriously, but it is also not disrespectful to the emotions someone might feel when the events transpire. I sometimes really like when KT writes like that.

    1. Uh-oh! But it’s the guy cheating… Man, I can’t win. I oughtta write aliens or something… (or say fuck’em and finish the post-apoc story I’ve been chipping at)

      1. Sorry KT, I don’t like the tone of my post, not the bashing of the moral absolutists, because they deserves it, but that youd intentionally construct a story with a plot just to shield from their bs. Did not mean that, but it would be interesting and laughable to see if those people that hated your women losing control in other stories getting mad if Libby loses control in THIS story since she is totally and utterly blameless in this.

        Hell, Libby is practically asexual (no she isnt), she is so completely innocent in this story.

      2. Wait, I need to make a further revision, lol … I said Libby is ‘utterly blameless’ but do we know what she did to make Chelsea not like her? Anyone else pick up on how Libby was side-eying Chelsea in their first meeting, makes me wonder if maybe Libby did something to Chelsea that she regrets.

        Rendering her somewhat to blame …

    2. You know, after I posted it I thought about the element of the fact that it was the husband that fucked up first. I wondered if that’s plot armor for Libby’s subsequent behavior. Sort of a ‘fuck you’ to all those moral absolutists that hate how your females get lost in the craziness of what happens saying, “Hey she messed up first!!”

      I fucking hope it is.

      1. I’m pretty spiteful, ha ha, but it’s not the case. I outlined this book June 30, 2018 according to my computer. Although I guess there were meanies back then too.

        I just don’t get it. Why read a book with subject matter that doesn’t interest you? They have to confront the fact that though they may hate it, books like these put high octane in their motors. Don’t take that shit out on me, bro. Accept it, enjoy it, work with it. Did I say this already: the written hate for these books may be part of the arousal cycle, a moral re-centering during the refractory period. And we can’t ignore the smoke of misandry coming from the flames of misogyny.

  7. Great first part. I’m really happy, that I don’t have to wait long for book 2 and 3.

    The are some things to be said, but at the moment I have just one thing I really wonder about. Why “Chelsea hates Libby”?

    There was nothing about this hate in the book. Am I missing something? If she would know what happended, it should be the other way around “Libby hates Chelsea” … Has something happened in the past – in their High School years – that we don’t know about?

    It will be interesting which perspective we see in the next book. Will we stay with Ben as he watches with horror as his wife is taken and seduced. Or will we jump to Libby? Personally I ever fancy the mans perspective. But we will see what KT has for us. I’m sure there will be some suprises ahead.

    1. First impression is that this is all a game to Chelsea whereby she gets some elaborate revenge on Libby for some slight in high school – perceived or otherwise. Chelsea certainly enjoyed mocking Libby specifically to Ben – goody two shoes etc. Maybe she wants to degrade Libby and show her she’s not so “pure,” or implode her marriage.

      Just a first impression. But there’s plenty of space for surprises!

      Ps I hope we get to see Libby the scream queen in the entries to come.

      1. Good point. There was some mocking. She also liked to mock Ben. Chelsea likes to play dirty. We just get to see how Ben remembers her from High School. But boys and man easily overlook how a woman they desire truly is. Maybe she was a big bad queen bee.

      2. It seems to me that most of the outright mockery from Chelsea towards Ben comes after she’s gotten what she wants from him – his complete infidelity and the attendant guilt through which she can manipulate him to her plans. But it plays more like teasing, whereas she’s mocking Libby while Libby’s not even in the room.

    2. The prologue hints that something happened between them in high school, maybe something Libby doesn’t even remember but that Chelsea carried with her all these years later. Ben references something in a yearbook as the thing that started this whole affair.

      1. Just read it again. At the first read I was probably to ensnared with how KT brings the world to life. The prologue is wonderful written. But the answer is indeed right there. Now we just have to wait and see what it is.

  8. Speculation time? I just finished reading the book to Daria. Vague speculation. Chelsea is going to hate Libby because Libby will embrace everything Chelsea embraces (literally) and do it better. Either that, or not! Maybe Chelsea really did want Ben in high school? There’s a lot to speculate about.

    It’s an interesting take on deception. We suspect it’s all about that one percent.

    As we depart the great floods and rain, we’ll stop for the night, eat, and maybe write a review, time and exhaustion permitting.

    1. So much for speculation… we pretty much ignored the prologue in forming the thoughts above. Ben being ruined is sad. Thanks to those mentioning the prologue.

  9. Also, am I the only one kind of wondering if Chelsea and Finn are even really together, or if she’s just using him as part of her master plan to ruin Libby. It wouldn’t shock me if he was just some guy she hired to do her dirty work.

    1. JL – Now I cant think of a different scenario now that you said this, it makes sense that Chelsea is using her extensive network of socialites for her games. I do thinksl it’s possible that Chelsea and Finn are just the types that never had monogamous relationships and so this is just another notch in their bedposts. Well, they might be just another notch, but they’re bored so why not tear shit down between a married couple, because of a grudge? I’m not sure what’s going on and I cant wait to find out.

  10. FUCK!!!
    I love where the series is going and just about everything involved! Is there more out soon?????
    Crap! I need the rest of this series out now! All together! 3-in-1!
    Series book me!

      1. I love most of your style but this book seemed so focused on the sexy bits! Cheers!

  11. KT, Great series. You are already having an impact on Libby’s life! She made it to “Jeopardy” yesterday (22nd May) under an assumed name and even had the correct answer on U.S. 19th Century history for Final Jeopardy (not bad for a Canadian, eh?). Without the James Holzhauer buzzsaw, she might even win a game.

    Mary Peace, a high school teacher from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    She is clearly ready for the next stage in her transformation to slutty librarian.

      1. Yep, found it on the show’s site. Then there’s the poor Miss LaCroix, the Ontario schoolteacher who met an unfortunate end on “Durham County.” She was another Libby candidate.

  12. In my past life (“You only live twice, Mr. Bond”) I’ve received birthday acknowledgements on turning a big zero in publications of a scientific bent but this one at the beginning of SQ is pretty sweet! Thank you KT. But, be advised, you may have opened up a can of worms here as now all your fans will want similar acknowledgement on their 82nd! (full disclosure, I still have a couple days to go, ha). Just started SQ and it’s like unwrapping a b-day gift. Whoa, watch out Ben, you’re going to get more than your knickers in a twist.

    1. KT, I will require an autographed dildo the size of Dino for my 82nd birthday, or you can forget being invited to my 83rd.

      Happy birthday, TF!

  13. KT – when you said it was undecided if this is a KT book or a Becky book, what did that mean to you specifically? What would make something a Becky book in your mind?

    1. Honestly: I don’t even know yet. I think Becky will write one-offs only, maybe interracial, maybe less subplot and backstory. I think there’re readers out there who avoid me because they may think I’m boring and long-winded…

      1. Never boring/long-winded! Just detailed! It’s a huge strength of your writing; the context of the action is everything. Anyway, I hope you can find a happy medium in the Becky books that satisfies you.

      2. Never, ever boring or long winded. What makes you think that? Your books take erotic literature to new levels. Your books are perfect for us!

      3. Right, we all agree on that, I think shes just trying to be more accessible to people who turn away from stories that are pushing 100 pages and more.

        In my opinion, who cares about a reader that can’t respect the amount of time and care you take to build a story? What are they reading erotica for if they can’t handle that? lol.

        “I only read erotica that has fucking in the first five pages” one-star

  14. Excellent reviews! Amazon has been slow with ours. It’s all good, though. What a great book, KT! Every Picture Tells A Story, don’t it?

    1. Thank you all for the lovely reviews—oce again they are immensely appreciated (and serve as wonderful armor from the eventual slings, lol). I may have to make ‘Nice marriage you got there, shame if anything happened to it’ the CHL box set’s byline, ha ha…

  15. TF – This is spot on in my opinion, it’s what I referred to as the ‘ominousness’ of KT’s writing in my review. The idea that every interaction that is had in the story has an air about it, because who knows if it is or how much it is significant to the story. I love that this prologue is here.

  16. Hi KT its Nice book. great job. but i like to ask you about Watching Natalie Cheat Again. would you like continue Watching Natalie Cheat Again? because i miss this book and i think it will be great seriess. so pls let us read about it again.

    1. I’d intended to leave Natalie alone now, but who knows…?

      Nelson knows about her and Renny; she knows that Nelson knows about her and Renny; Renny knows Natalie knows Nelson knows. The cork has been popped between her and Renny. Natalie is pregnant now…

      Not impossible to do a follow-up that has some tension, but we’ll have to see…

      1. yes its true. but she can have sex because she is pregnant in less than 2 month and she even didnt change her body and her shape and she is sexy and more important she is not cheating now because her husband knows!!! and could be star a new seriess even after her be great story and book with happy ending. but anyway KT many Thnaks for your books especially your happy ending book like Natalie because its help me to alot and make me forget i living in hell(IRAN).and i want to tell you im very sorry because i cant buy your books directly in amazon for our country sanctions and our shit islamic rolls. i buy your books with Cryptocurrencies (bitcoin- Ethereum) in dark web markets. i wish some day i can have your Paper books not just are a good writer KT and i love you and your book and i respect you with my heart and your book worth it for me even if our government find me and punish me or send me to death. i just want to know im reading your books in hell and make fell good especially your happy books like Natalie book.THANK YOU KT LOVE YOU FROM HELL :))

  17. Every story feels like a gift! Ten years ago I would have thought it was crazy how thankful I am to be constantly refreshing an Amazon page for the kind of story you tell.

    But now I feel like it’s the only thing I should be doing right now, lol.

    1. Someone had to do it! We’re at our final destination for the weekend, so after dinner, we’ll be joining the refresh crowd. My SSLVPN is down at home, so… that means codes and two factor authentication. Oh, well. 🙂 Can’t wait for the new book!

      Who wants to bet the contents of the yearbook committee photo won’t be revealed until late in book 3? 🙂

      1. I hate that I’m still fucking waiting

        I hope you’re enjoying your trip so far DnD! On your way back hit up Cedar Point and see if you bump into Jess and Tyler.

      2. You have company, James! We’re still up and clicking refresh, too.

        We’d love to go to Cedar Point. Good idea!

      3. that’s my favorite amusement park ever, I cant tell you how many times I’ve been there. Unfortunately now I live in a place where i cant go as easily anymore, but they keep upgrading all the time.

        I’d like to join the yearbook committee if it had Libby and Chelsea …

      4. We haven’t been to Cedar Point in a while. We’ll check out camping availability. We didn’t bring the Jeep with us, so we’re gonna have to be close.

        I wonder if KT is up checking, too. I bet so. That way, the site can be modified to show the cover and the Amazon link.

    2. Very weird it’s taking so long.

      Maybe we might get placated with another preview post?

  18. As I recall the last chapter took well over a day to publish. But I don’t know the ins and outs of how Amazon works. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

      1. Same here, Glaucon. We stayed up way too late last night hitting refresh. I guess this is where the watched pot thing comes into play…

      2. Yeah, KT’s got real skin in the game. I hope this isn’t KT’s only income because if it is, Amazon needs to apologize and get it’s shit together. The random wait times between submission and publication have to be killer for all authors.

      3. She has a day job actually, not that we know what is, but can you believe that? Shes a true Renaissance man of the dirtiest varieties.

      4. Amazon is taking its time. They say themselves, that it can take up to 72 hours. So, they are still within their limit. But I published somewhere around 25 books and they never needed more than 24 hours. Most times its live within 12 hours.

        There’s nothing to do, as long as Amazon doesn’t report a problem back. And there are worth things that can happend to an author on Amazon.

        At least the Champions League final will keep me busy this evening. 🙂

      5. I like how I said KT is a “Renaissance man of the dirtiest varieties” which gives the impression that somehow her day job is more of a night job …

        My compliment didnt come across as cleanly as I thought as it did, not to shame nightworkers …

      6. It’s good to know that KT is covered. I’d hate it otherwise. Now, because of the day job, I really don’t know how KT does it!

        Good info on the 72 hours thing. Thanks, David Silver! I guess chomping at the bit is useless at this point. 🙂

      7. Speaking of GOT, I wonder who the hero/heroine is going to be in this series? I just hope whomever it is doesn’t ride off into the woods. 🙂 Whoops… did it again, TBTH! 🙂

        Clicking away…

      1. That would be cruel and unusual. What did we do to deserve it? 🙂

    1. I havent ruled out that she just hallucinated pressing the submit button in her probably delirious state after editing until 1 in the morning.

      She may also now be dead as as a result of her efforts.

      In which case we just need Futurama technology so we can keep her writing postmortem.

      1. I know it’s a popular show, but I really wish SYFY would go back to playing really bad, so bad they’re funny, movies during the Futurama time slot. That and like my older friend says, “Get rid of Harry Potter!” I actually have no problem with Harry Potter, save playing it all the time. Then again, SYFY is starting to do that with the “Underworld” series… BUT… I think Kate Beckinsale is a hot ass vampire, even if the teeth are a bit messed up!

  19. The How-To’s of a KT Story Release

    1) Story is about to be released, resist asking when the story will likely be submitted so as not to build on anticipation
    2) Secretly hope someone else asks so KT answers, but then get mad because you know damn well that the deadline is subject to change, as is her right.
    3) Talk amongst your fellow addicts as you all pretend you’re not dying inside waiting for the next story to be released, because it helps nobody.
    4) Upon seeing the story is submitted try not to act like you’re ecstatic about an erotica story until you look around the office and realize no one can see you, then quietly flail like you just won a prize. Because you did, son.
    5) Silently press refresh on the KT Morrison ‘Newest Arrivals’ filter absurd amounts of times because it’s been two minutes since you thought about checking to see if it has been released.
    6) If you’re in an office setting, keep checking your phone as you walk to the cafeteria area, and ignore typical office interactions because they don’t matter now. When you run into someone who is actually really sweet to you, give them the most aggressive kindness you can possibly muster in your distracted state and make them uncomfortable as humanly possible.
    7) Question Amazon’s ability to upload content at respectable paces.
    8) Question the Amazon search algorithm
    9) Question KT’s existence
    10) Question your existence
    11) Question time and space
    12) Drive home in silence as you realize the thoughts going through your mind are enough to occupy your entire commute. Continue checking Amazon.
    13) Ignore dinner because hunger is outweighed by your anticipation.
    14) Story is released, it’s fucking ON.
    15) Story is over, you’ve received your fix and you feel left wanting more.
    16) Turn lights on because it’s night time and you’re in your apartment in the dark.
    17) Ruminate over the events of the story you just read, and reread your favorite, ahem, parts.
    18) There’s things to do before bed that aren’t this?
    19) Go to bed
    20) Spend the entire day ruminating over what happened again
    21) Let the world know what KT has done to you.
    22) A story is about to be released …

    1. 23) And keep clicking refresh… the new story may appear when you least expect it!

      1. LMAO!!! Like we’re supposed figure that out! LOL! Too funny. Got it. 🙂

      2. I was in the airport lounge ready to board. Che Med one last time. It’s there. Quick download before you have no internet. What a relief. Still I savour kt’s books like fine burgundy. Sip don’t guzzle I’m at the point where Chelsea knocks on ben’ Door while Libby is away. There’s no way Libby’s gone all the way yet. The guilt would have been reflected in the Skype call. It’s all in ben’ Head still. he’s going to mess up again.

  20. Well, I waited until tonight to check, and it is there. And, it’s not quite what I expected. The ending has me thinking that perhaps Chelsea didn’t have a big nefarious plan after all and perhaps there is some darkness to our Libby. And that she may be about to do 3-5 for assault. Is she telling the truth about what happened with Finn? Find out in part 3.

  21. I should say Chelsea clearly had a plan, I’m still not exactly sure why. But I do think Libby did something in high school to her. Just not sure what it is yet.

  22. Another great entry – I should stop being surprised in these mini-series when it’s ending with a cliffhanger extending the heat and tension.

    Very much enjoyed the major segment of Chelsea’s gleeful reactions and commentaries on what was going on between Libby and Finn over the phone – I wish we could’ve seen more of Chelsea’s colour commentary over Libby and Finn hypothetically going all the way with Libby continuing to be unaware, but I’m sure KT has something powerful in its own way all planned out.

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