Open Hearts

Oh, God, Harrison and Taylor, Harrison and Taylor… These two kill me. Young love kills me. That tragic youthful devotion, that time in your life when stakes of love never seem higher. And these two got it bad. I know some of y’all hate Taylor, but I think she’s got it for her H-boy. Time will tell…

With Taylor gone far away to a different school, Harrison can only suffer the imaginations of relationships with other guys that will bloom around his beautiful girlfriend.

Kay tells him to be strong. Be smooth. Be the guy who can do this.

Taylor and Harrison are going to be open. They’re adults—new ones, at least—they can figure this out, they’ve been best friends since they were little. They love each other…

Everything in Taylor’s new school isn’t exactly like her boyfriend imagines it. Fitting in isn’t as easy as he might think, and besides, she didn’t go to California to meet guys or to fall in love. She’s there to get an education.

But it can all change very fast…


  1. Special thanx to Amazon for the fast work. 😉 Now it’s waiting on my reader. I better write some myself and get something done today, before I indulge myself with it.

    1. Got it. Not sure if we’re going to be able to read it today, though. Our little guy (our dog) is in the hospital. Hopefully, he’ll be able to come home today.

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        We got him back at around 6 or so tonight. He’s going to be fine.

        Sunday morning, I did a glucose test on him (he’s diabetic with Cushing’s disease) because he’s been drinking lots of water and urinating a lot–if you have a diabetic dog with Cushing’s like we have, it’s a red flag–then he started to not eat his evening meal as quickly. His glucose was over 300 points higher than ever, so he was off to the vet. Thankfully, there’s a very good emergency vet here. He had a little bit of keytones in his urine, too. Bullet dodged there.

        Overnight they did a glucose curve and adjusted his insulin. The new dose is two units higher and his glucose is back to normal. We’re keeping him in a baby play area pen for a couple of days to make sure he’s okay to be out freely roaming. He ate well tonight, got his shot and some other meds.

        So, it’s back to us doing regular glucose curves at home and reporting results. He hates the prick on his ear flap to get blood. If this doesn’t work, we might have to move from U40 insulin to U100 as the Cushing’s medication can cause dogs to become insulin resistant.

        So, yeah, I’m sorry for writing a book about this tonight. We’re not on social media so writing here is therapeutic and our friends are in Michigan. Daria and I are going to take turns checking on him tonight. So, not really a good time to read. We’ll read it and post our review probably tomorrow or the day after. If it’s an overshare, our apologies, in advance.

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      2. Glad to hear he’s pulled through like that. Dual diagnoses are such a worry, especially when the cure for one can worsen the other. So proud of you two for taking his health that seriously, bless you, he relies on you for everything, and to see such care is so heartwarming. Best wishes for him, and you as well!

      3. Thank you again.

        He’s doing fine. His water consumption and consequently his urinating is under control. His glucose is in the normal range. Dodged a bullet with Keytone’s in his urine. He’s had Ketoacidosis before and almost died. This time, we caught it way early.

        We’ve read “Open Hearts” and have posted our five star review on Amazon.

        Outstanding work, KT. The only place we couldn’t find in Google Maps was the Wendy’s. There is a Taco Bell near that location you described, though. 🙂 We’re going to read it again, but we got the impression Harrison was commuting between the Saginaw area and East Lansing? It’s a doable commute, a little over 60 miles or so, but man, can the Soob take it? Harrison is missing out on the MSU party experience, though! It’s amazing Kay hasn’t fallen prey, yet.

        Taylor, on the other hand, seems to be on a journey of discovery that is at odds with nearly everything she thinks should be “right”. Harrison is on the same journey of discovery, however it is much more solitary for him.

        There are very many interesting ways this story can go. One thing is for certain, Thanksgiving is going to be interesting because we get the feeling Taylor is only getting started.

        Kelsey Kay, yeah we caught the vibe with Taylor. We wonder how this ‘vibe’ will fit in with her protector role?

        Oh, one thing… There is a restaurant in East Lansing, near MSU that is very popular with students (or at least used to be when I dated an MSU senior before I met Daria). It’s called El Azteco. It’s not the best Mexican or TexMex food I’ve had, but it’s not bad for the price.
        There are two locations, but the one closest to the campus is the one students visit.

        Outstanding, again!

      4. Oh, and KT and James… thank you again. Our little guy deserves nothing but the best. Thankfully, we can give that to him. He’s a great guy. We are just thankful his conditions are treatable. Cushing’s could have gone two ways, one is curable via surgery (and we would have done that), but what he has is incurable, but very treatable. As long as we can keep his glucose down, he’s got some more years ahead of him. He’s family.

      5. For all purposes, he’s 100 percent today. We go by his eyes. His eyes are bright and shiny! He’s also drinking normal amounts of water and can hold it. So thank you again. Y’all rock! It means a lot, sincerely.

    2. And David Silver – Looks like I’m going to be waiting too as this download doesn’t appear to want to happen right away like every other purchase of mine!

      Grrr, not cool, not on KT Submission Day, Amzon, not on KT Submission Day!

    3. Your books are only in German? (I’m assuming you are DS who writes German cuckold hotwife, sorry if i’m incorrect, ha ha!)

      1. You are correct. That’s me. Someone had to bring the genre to Germany. 😉 After reading it for at least ten years, I felt like there should be at least one german cuckold author. Cuckolding and Hotwife isn’t that big here, but it has its fans.

  2. I am loving the added anticipation because we have an author that loves to play riddle or “I may or may not have been influenced by the following” games by dropping memes and music, it’s so much fucking fun.

    I love to wonder why!

      1. Colt’s Santa Cruz surfer buddies are obviously super-hot vampires and Taylor gets a reverse harem paranormal storyline where she has to bang her way to the evil head vampire, being soared into sexual oblivion by some of the hottest Cali vampire dudes you can imagine with sharp jawlines and eyeliner and abs. It’s a bit of a departure, but hang with me…

      2. KT – I know you think you’re funny but if Taylor started to grip Tripp’s cold junk and that was the Tripp’s truth revealed, I would have shut the book, lol!

        In seriousness I would probably give it a try if you did something like that, for, like, two books, tops.

      3. I think hotwife/cuckold is more effective the closer it is to reality. But I do like vampires…

    1. I love the GIF’s and video’s you’ve posted, KT. So appropriate for the story. I’d like to add “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”. Question is, metaphoric as it is, will Kelsey Kay be the savior or the thorn in the crown?

  3. Wonderful book. I just have to wonder, how many books you will need at this speed, to bring this to a conclusion. 😉

    So, Taylor plays and Harisson is so far the Cuckold. We will see how that ends for him. He will probably have to be forced, to be part of a true open relationship. I can’t see Taylor in a closed relationship. She needs her Sex. The more she gets, the more she won’t be able to stop that lifestyle.

    I have to admit, I have a little crush on Kay. Did anyone else feel a strong lesbian vibe in the opening scene? Has Kay a crush on Taylor?

    1. That’s sort of where I am right now. This feels like the classic cuckold story rather than a polyamorous one. I am interested to see if Harrison does get pushed into starting something with another girl.

      I also picked up on a vibe from Kay that she has more than a friendly interest in Taylor. She makes the most sense to be with Harrison too, they’ve already been together, Taylor trusts her (and doesn’t really want Harrison with other girls).

      So I think this progresses as Taylor gets more involved with her new guy but still wants to keep Harrison. So she “allows” Kay to be the girl who he gets to be with. Maybe they all get together too around Christmas? Lots of ways for it to get very messy from there between the 3 of them.

      1. That would be my first theory, too. Kay has to control and push Harrison into the right direction. Before I started this book, I was sure of that. But Kay showed some claws, too. She will do, what she wants to do.

        We don’t have to wait for christmas. Thanksgiving should see them together again. Maybe another round for Colt. Now I hope KT delivers that one before Thanksgiving. We will see.

  4. Are we going to find that Trish already “laid” the groundwork with Tripp on move-in day? There was enough time, when the hot mama went back to her hotel before meeting Taylor for dinner. And she certainly would not have any qualms about such cradle theft and Tripp seemed to be on the verge of spilling some kind of beans about Trish. Only KT knows.

    Oh, and one Freudian slip, Colt became “Cole” in one sentence (loc 719), where he was pounding Taylor in Harrison’s mind’s eye.

  5. I think Thanksgiving is going to be the point that pushes Harrison forward. I can see Taylor bringing home a friend unannounced, Harrison meeting them at the airport, expecting some alone time, and instead finding himself playing second fiddle to this guy Taylor so terribly wants him to like. Could he bond with Tripp and could this become more agreeably poly? Or will this be a Max/Cole sort of (losing) competition?

  6. Ok. I’ve just finished the book so this is raw but Harrison needs to dump Taylor. There were only 2 conditions: be honest and use a condom. She has already ran over him. There is no respect for their relationship here. He needs to move on but we know he won’t.

  7. Just wondering… Does this song fit Taylor’s view of Tripp? Sure seems like it. She seems utterly infatuated.

    1. I like her stuff, too. Right now, I’m trying to find another grrrrrllll singer from the mid 90’s and can’t remember her name. She had one song that was, if I’m right, was pretty popular. If I recall, she plays guitar. I have her CD, but it’s at home. That’s one value of physical music–when you don’t remember something, you can just dig around. I had to post an uncensored version of Supernova. She still looks really good, too!

      Anyway, I was just thinking of a song for Taylor and Tripp and the Heavens opened up and showed me a Supernova. You’re not going to get away with Tripp Heavens, KT… well, not with me, at least.

      I can really see Taylor going wild–Daria hopes she does and so do I!

      1. Heather Nova ‘Walk This World’ That’s what I was looking for.

      2. Oh, I know this is way off topic, but if you or anyone listens to that Heather Nova song or watches the video on YouTube, it could be a little about Max and Keely, but that’s not the point… tell me that isn’t a classic Paul McCartney bass line, especially at the end… kinda like Rain–the tone.

  8. KT the Innovator, KT the Facilitator

    It’s a a regular thing for me now to go back over why I am a supporter of KT’s work, but I tend to focus on things that I like by KT after it is known that I like them. But I think it’s important to note that there are a large amount of things that I discovered I liked, only as a result of reading KT stories. It’s important because I think that it’s important to realize that KT’s fearless and creativity as a writer doesn’t just appeal to a certain substrate of human being who has static interests and she just needs to find who those people are, but rather that she can guide us into a world and even help us realize that we like things that we didn’t even know about ourselves, at least she has for me. I think the benefits of knowing that are clear, but just to make it obvious, it means that just because someone is saying that they like a story because they like X and Y, does not mean that they won’t like Z, and if you’re an author who has an unstoppable pen and incredible mind, there’s no shortage of trying to find out what Z is, and if it’s fun to keep looking for it, keep doing it!

    1) HEA – I’ve beaten this into the ground a million ways. I don’t mind HEA, but I need to believe it was possible in order to really get behind it. If damage is irreconcilable, or if a hero has to overcome insurmountable odds in order to defeat the villain, it requires too much suspension of disbelief for me. Every once in a while, ok, but when every story I come across has the same ending, the element of surprise wears off and now it’s a to a point now where I’m watching Game of Thrones thinking, “okay so how are the good guys going to win since they obviously are going to?” (in all seriousness though, Episode 3 was incredible, and this post is officially dated) For me, KT is a rare breed of story writer that I, only through her existence, realize that I really like. Not an author who only writes shitty things happening to good characters, but an author who isn’t afraid to take stories in any direction she feels is important to tell the best story in each instance.

    There was a moment before I realized this truth through KT’s writing, a time that I was so jaded and cynical about the state of the common story arc in literature that I would no longer accept a happy ending as good because it’s just too overplayed. Then when I read the LHW2 ending a weird thing happened, I rooted for Geoff and Nia. I didn’t even realize it was happening, at the time I was even vocal about Rocco earning Nia’s love (before his true character was beating us all over the face, that is), but in the end I was in tears for reasons that I won’t specifically spoil, though I probably have in a roundabout way. KT got me to enjoy what happened in the LHW2 story even despite my own personal preferences.

    2) Mystery – This is not even mutual exclusive to above either, but it’s now a regular comment of mine to state that I love the mysteriousness of a KT story. As others have pointed out in their reviews (I see you, Dave) she can take Separate Schools in a thousand different directions, and the web that’s being woven in this story is approaching the kind of complexity that had me falling in love Maggie, LHW2, Happy Endings (to some extent), etc. I realized through KT’s writing that one of the biggest turn ons for me is not knowing everything and letting my imagination run wild.

    I think that’s a major reason why I have problems with Romance stories, it sticks around so long in the good, happy, or loving feelings with no concerns about anything going wrong (or at least going wrong that can’t be fixed easily), there’s no range. I used to listen to Metal all the time when I was a kid, but it’s a literal impossibility to express any range of emotion other than anger and despair in Metal, so it loses it’s flare after a while. Now I like to listen to all kinds of genres, but my favorite is Progressive Rock, because there is literally nothing you can’t do in that genre, except Country, but that’s by choice because fuck modern Country. In Separate Schools, there is literally no fate that is unavoidable right now for Harrison and Taylor, and I love that feeling.

    To me this is a careful choice by KT, she has intentionally made this story complex because it makes for a hell of an interesting read. In Open Hearts, I felt like I was watching Episode 3 of GOT again in that I could not look away. That happens in just about every KT story, but the dialogue in this part is top notch and made it impossible to put down, and it’s because every line is a development of a mystery. The mystery here, among other things, is ‘Do Taylor and Harrison know what they are doing?’ For my part, I did not realize how much I liked that element of a KT story (mystery) until I really thought about what the common threads were between all of the stories I liked from her. I think part of my issue that I had with KT over the titles I referenced in that other big post of mine is I felt the mystery was going away, that everything was getting worked out or explained too quickly, and the things that got worked out in the end were fully resolved with no question marks. I got used to those (question marks).

    3) Gushy is okay now – I’m a romantic at heart I believe, but I used to hate reading it in stories, I think it goes into hearing that song and dance before. Romantic interests are interwoven into literally every story, so reading about the happy moments of a couple in love would only ever elicit eye rolls from me. It’s nothing against people who want to seek that out, especially when there is so much ugliness in the real world, wanting to read about moment after moment of idyllic love would be something to really get behind. For me, I realized that my cynicism is not really a sign that I hate any concept of Romance in a story. Instead, I realized through KT’s stories that I only want my Romance to be mixed in with a well balanced story that includes other things (like the opposite of Romance, Realism), and I want that Romance to be grounded in something that feels tangible and attainable. Not a couple of flawless characters that want a perfect love that is completely unshakable and was that way from the beginning, but a couple of damaged characters with a love that seems very much in tact today, but who the hell knows what’ll happen in the future, and why expect anything otherwise? How can we really know what tomorrow’ll bring?

    In short, Keely and Max, lol. I know that’ll look weird to anyone who saw me spend paragraphs on why I didn’t want the direction KT had been going and Keely was the last straw for that decision, apparently, but it is true that those two characters are the exemplars of a truly good Romance story, and I imagine it will only be more clearer why as more stories come. Again, I am now firmly convinced my entire opinion on why I don’t like the Keely story is rooted in knowing how it ends. All other evaluations I made on the story were painted with a broad negative brush as a result of knowing that fact, remove it and I think that story goes back in with the greats like it deserves because it is absolutely stellar writing. It’s still great so far, even despite that.

    An example of something gushy that prior to KT would have made me scoff is the impromptu ‘Welcome Back to Work’ party that Geoff and Odie threw for Nia when she came home from her first day working with Rocco. It was a beautiful moment that I genuinely enjoyed for the love that it conveyed, and I normally would have not liked it if I was confronted with it in any other story. Part of the reason I really enjoyed it was because it was genuinely awesome even given the dark undertones that you couldn’t escape from, like Nia showing off her curves to Rocco earlier that day and working late with him, even if she didn’t think she meant anything by it at the time. That and the looming danger that was building between Nia and Geoff, it made you enjoy the totality of what was being written.

    The point is that I know what I really like about a KT story because KT went there and brought it out of me. I honestly believe that if it were not for KT’s fearlessness and creativity it would have taken me longer to realize the above things about myself, and because of that, I want to reiterate that I want KT to keep doing whatever the hell she wants to do, even if she thinks enough people might not like it, because they might and not even know it. And if they’re like me, they might like a change from the status quo even just for it’s own sake. I don’t feel as if what I’ve written has completely contradicted my other long ass post about KT’s latest, but I’m sure a lot of might be incongruent with what I said before. The last thing I want KT to do when she reads an opinion like “I want you to stay innovative” is think “Yeah right, you might say that, but what the hell was that other shit about?” but maybe she’s right that this person who is currently writing all this out might be getting drowned out while reading KT’s books, and there’s a different person reading KT’s stories than the one who analyzes it. I don’t think that’s true, at least not entirely, but KT probably knows what people really want better than they do.

    The main thing that I want to leave with is the somewhat inadequate line of “Don’t change, KT.” Inadequate in that I don’t mean, “Stay the same” but stay true to what she wants to do. If that means “Entirely change what I’m doing because that’s who I am now” than I am supportive of it. And if that’s bullshit and the truth is that I probably will leave, well, fuck it, it was an amazing run and at the end of the day there will be plenty more readers for KT when she comes out the other side. In the meantime, it’s really fun.

    (My Open Hearts review is still pending … grrr).

    1. Wow, James. Just wow. In the best way, sir. That is some fantastic manifesto!

      For me/us, it’s the way KT takes a known theme and turns it into something unique. KT makes most things seem real. In this story, Six Weeks, and in everything else, KT has built worlds, some real, some imaginary, but that’s just part of the beauty KT creates. Then there’s the characters.

      Damn! Readers get to know them. While we can try to predict their actions as we sometimes try in real life, in the KT worlds, just as in the real world, we stand only a slim chance in being right. (If we write those predictions here, there is no chance!) Even with really bad odds, we try.

      What KT brings is the human spirit and both of us here are completely befuddled at how it’s conveyed in such a real, burn your eyes out way.

      Take Taylor, she’s a kid, let’s face it. She’s going to make mistakes and damn if she doesn’t. She’s learning who she is (I’m thinking of the Owen Wilson speech in ‘Armageddon’), she was smart enough to be honest with herself and in the end, even though she hurt and will probably continue to hurt Harrison, she needs what she’s doing and the rest of the world will have to either accept it or not. She’s smart enough to learn from her mistakes and she’s going to make plenty. Is she selfish? Damn straight she is, but right now, it’s what she needs to be. That’s been the big shift in my/our way of thinking since book one. That’s humanity and frailty. KT’s bringing it.

      Personally, I wonder how she does it. Seriously. It’s amazing.

      1. As long as no Waffle Houses make their greasy, slimy, gut clearing way into a book that’s supposed to be sexy, I’ll be fine.

        Waffle House… there are people who actually like these things. I’ve eaten twice there. Once on the road, then spent time on the side of the road… the next time with Daria who had never eaten at one. And here I thought pancakes can’t be that greasy!

        Denny’s? I can take Denny’s. Does the group know what LaQuinta means? It means, Denny’s next door.

        Big Boy. Never again. Daria actually likes their version of a Big Mac. There is one near where we used to live. Went in for a hot turkey sandwich… Got three super thinly sliced pieces of turkey, mystery gravy, and two pieces of bread. All this can be yours for $10.00.

        I do highly recommend Rally’s/Checker’s Spicy chicken sandwich, though. It’s grease, done right. Seriously.


        There is a town in north Ontario…

      2. Too late—Sukie and Dio passed a Waffle House in Happy Endings, they did not however go in, so I imagine it’s okay.

      3. Yes, in North Druid Hills. 🙂 I looked it up. My bad for not remembering. Still, you can’t imagine my elation when they didn’t stop at that traffic light to eat. Imagine the retching that would have ensued! It would have changed the course of your book! Waffle House is evil. There are actually three in close proximity of that traffic light.

        It’s not like Tim Hortons, though the Tim’s near our old digs has a ColdStone creamery in it. Hint: Mint Ice Cream with chocolate shavings. The absolute best! Tim’s has good breakfast stuff if you’re in a hurry. Much better than McD’s.

        I swear these are the last restaurant reviews I’ll do.

    2. Wow, 2B, you are too kind. Thank you so much for all your care, having people who appreciate so much what I do is the most tremendous reward. I really can’t put into words how much contributors here mean to me. All the reviews, the fun conjecture… It really is a wild experience, and it means so much to me.

      Truth about my writing is I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time. Like, I’m not even really setting out to write a hotwife book for hotwife readers. I just want to tell a story about some people, and those people happen to engage in this fetish behavior. I never set out to write Cherry Blossoms the way it finished. For the first two books even I assumed Odie was Geoff’s. I’m just hacking through a jungle and hoping I come out somewhere where there’s a Denny’s or something. When I wrote Tempting Maggie I promised myself there wouldn’t be a Book Two. It ended up around 285k, plus a spinoff series that’s around 100k. Separate Schools was supposed to be a bully cuckold story, 40k tops, but that book almost put me in mental care (kind of not kidding). The fact that my crazy wordy books have readers like you guys is so astounding!

      1. Eww, a Denny’s? You write about eating upma and steam idli getting my mouth watering and you hope you find a Denny’s with your writing? Naw …

        Here to stay … 🙂

      2. My metaphor is purposeful!: the desperation one must face slashing their way through a tsetse thick jungle not knowing what the future holds, but knowing there will hopefully at least be a Denny’s because its desire is practically a fatalistic wish, like hoping for too much would curse the chance at an acceptable outcome… Haven’t you ever been lost in the woods, LOL? Plus think of coming out of a week-long trek and stumbling in for a Moons Over My-Hammy—it’s beyond drunk food! (I’m actually so hungry right now…)

  9. One last thing for the night… Going to see a movie. At home, it’s called, “Going to the show.” I dunno why, but that’s what it is. Nearly everyone from Michigan that we know uses that phrase. So if you write about Harrison, Taylor, or Kelsey Kay going to see a movie, you have permission to use that “Pure Michigan” phrase. 🙂 Imagine how strange it would sound to Tripp or Taytay’s roommate and her crew?

  10. You know, part of the problem with KT’s writing choices is KT’s fault. KT gets all of us so wrapped up in characters and scenarios that we are chomping at the bit for more of those characters!

    For us, immediately after reading the last bit of Janey (Jamie in one place, I wasn’t going to mention that, but did hint at it in another post), John, and Maceo. Then we read more about Keely and Max and want more of that. Now, we want more of Taytay and Harrison. KT (T)trip(p)s us up and it’s because KT is so damn good. And it’s every two-three weeks!

    We look at the progress bar and wonder what’s up? KT’s been so communication centric here that we wonder if everything is all right if there is a silent spell. All these are good things. No, they’re GREAT things. We (my wife and I) literallly don’t care what KT writes as long as KT does write. It’s like an addiction to us. Reading KT’s stuff is like taking a journey through different places where some really hot things happen. Universities, Cambridge, New York City, Canada, Atlanta, Europe, Michigan, California, hell, KT even alludes to amusement parks in Ohio. KT’s stories are just complete. And like always, I (Dave) wonder just how it’s done and done so damn well.

    Keep being at fault, KT! We’ll let you bear the burden of blame.

    1. Oh, my God, my ego is stretching, ha ha. Thank you so much, you guys are the best.

      I’m still here and working. Planning the next Reza book and have half a new novel done already, fighting with Becky Haze over which one of us will publish it. Real life getting in the way, nothing bad, just super-busy, and also problems with my internet which happens a lot. I don’t live near proper civilization and don’t even have a cell phone.

      Next novel takes place near Geoff and Nia in a summertime T-dot.

      1. Let that ego rein, KT!

        I absolutely love that no matter what seems to be happening on, whether a lot or a little, that pen is never stopping. There was a time that I was fearing the end of KT’s long stretch of endless stories, but no, KT can’t stop, won’t stop. I love it.

        This is an actual accounting of KT when the power goes out.

        via GIPHY

      2. Civilization isn’t all that, KT. Cell phones aren’t all that, either. You seem to do well with what you have so just rock that stuff! We live in the sticks, too. It’s all good.

        You shouldn’t be fighting with Becky! I heard she’s a bit on the rough side!

      3. I had to look that up, too. Last time I was in Toronto was when I was a little kid. My mom took me on a trip to visit her sisters.

        This book will be fun, eh? Intrigue in the land of milk in plastic bags and plastic money!

  11. KT makes us root for things to work out for the star-crossed couple, whatever that means! And all we know is that it is likely to give us (and them!) a wild ride. As I and others have noted in the past, KT’s attention to local and situational detail is extraordinary. That, and her characters, who draw the reader into their lives, make her works compelling (and the sex helps, too).

    Personally, I am expecting John to suffer a double whammy of hurt and guilt once he finds out about Janey and the young artist.

    As one of the older members of the fan club, I am rooting for more of Trish; sure, the thing with Mike was not an HEA story, and Mike does not seem like a bad guy, and the son is not happy with his mom’s behavior. But Trish would certainly not have needed $500k or $6.5 M to get Taylor into Stanford. I think an accompanied interview trip would have sufficed. Maybe we will get a flashback to that in the next installment. We can always hope.

  12. Open Hearts Stream of Consciousness

    When I transferred into one of the biggest public universities in the state of Michigan (Fire up Chips) I went in not knowing anyone there. There were a few people I knew from high school that went there because it really isn’t that far from where I’m from, but I actually never associated with any of them, some of them were pretty good friends at different points in my life too. I had three roommates who were all very different from me, but I could adapt. One guy that was one of those Alpha dog types. He was the guy that brought the party for most part, he always had weed, he always had at least one person if not more hanging around him, and he got laid, probably because of that confidence, fun attitude, and connections he had.

    The first day of us being in the dorms, he and I were out having a smoke (this is when I still smoked), and there was a girl who had to have been 18 (we were both 21 at this point), she asked us to bum one. My first instinct is obviously yes with no preconditions, not Jeff (his name) … “Show us your boobs” … I couldn’t believe it, and how I reacted was sort of shameful. I wanted it to happen, obviously, but knew this girl was going to regret it and whatever was going to happen I wanted her to feel like we weren’t pervs that were going to date rape her now that she was putting herself out there like that, but I didn’t let that any of that on so openly, just tried to play it cool in my sort of buzz I had going. This was how this guy was, and in my need to find some sort of strength, some way to get out and explore when I was so bound by my own rules and morals, he was so carefree that it was kind of infectious (both in the good and bad sense). You start to wish you could have some of what makes that kind of person tick. He was mostly a decent guy when I think about it, but would often fly off on the handle if he felt like he was being challenged, because he kind of liked the idea of being THE cool guy.

    I was away from home and trying to be there for my education and stay on scholarship, noble goals, but I did not want to be alone and was really glad to have some association with this ‘smooth’ guy when I wanted to. I could visit my family easily because they weren’t far away, I didn’t really have anything that I felt like I needed to run from, and I was in an environment I was very used to. Even what was on local news wasn’t even that different from home. I can imagine being in Taylor’s shoes, having none of those things I mentioned, not even liking your roommate and wanted desperately to connect to someone, and finding someone who knows a lot of people, can show you around, knows interesting things, and above all, is kind and welcoming to you. It will be interesting to see if how Tripp acts towards Taylor holds up. He was very sweet and respectful (he seems different from Jeff in that sense, not that he was a bad guy), but this was following his previous moment with Trish where he was rudely hitting on her. Or maybe that’s not fair to say, but flirting with strangers, especially moms, is kind of dick thing to do in my book, lol.

    On a side note of reminding me of home, I am always flying into MBS on the way to where I live so shout out to small international airports that I’ve actually been to and have been referenced in KT novellas.

    There is something so delightfully dirty about Taylor squeezing out what Tripp put inside her and smearing it with her mini-TayTay that I absolutely love about KT stories. She does something like that in all her stories, the sex might be completely normal for the most part and then she’ll throw some dirty wrench in it and really get the heart pumping. That moment was the hottest in the whole thing, lol, not true, but also not false.

    When writing out point number 2 about things I learned that I like about KT, I realized that I started off talking about what I wanted to, and shifted into talking about emotional range and not about mystery. Emotional range is very important and another thing I like about KT’s story but that doesn’t have to do with mystery, obviously! Instead what I like about most KT stories are they usually leave us in a pained state of wondering why!?!

    In the latest example, we are left wondering …

    1) Why does Taylor want to run away from home? Is it the divorce?
    2) Does Taylor really love Harrison like she thinks she does? Does Harrison?
    3) Does Kelsey like either (or even both) Taylor and Harrison as more than just friends? Those sexy kisses between Taylor and Kelsey are sort of perplexing in their combination of intensity and nonchalance.
    4) Why did Taylor not mention that Tripp and her went a second time around? Was that just unnecessary considering she mentioned the first time, so a second time can’t be all that bad?
    5) Is Tripp everything he seems to be? Asked another way, does Taylor like him because he is as confident, nice, understanding, cool, as he seems or what happens if that was all for show? I doubt it, Tripp seems legit, but we shall see!

    I think Taylor exhibits a bit of guilt when she insists to both Harrison and Tripp that they would really like each other, and I find it enjoyable/sad to read to be honest, lol. She really wants that to be true. And maybe it is, but I can’t imagine the two of them meeting would be very peaceful.

    Last but never least, I love Kelsey – she is really fun to read! I feel like we all have/had a friend like her. I love her texts to Harrison, how she introduced him to her roommates, how she defended what Taylor is doing by going full Feminist. She’s a treat, and yeah I’m with others wondering if there is something more going on between Taylor and Kelsey, but also if there might be something there between Kelsey and Harrison. Again, we shall see!

    1. Question 3… Our take is that Taylor was very overwhelmed by all she was feelin. Guilt and then got mildly annoyed. That was topped by the reaction Harrison had. We think the key to that was the way she broke of their call. What was initially guilt, turned into mild annoyance, even dismissive. “I love you, okay?”

      Had it been me, I’d have simply said, “Yep, it’s fine. You have a good night, TayTay.” I’d have ended the call. I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation.

      Conversational context is the key. She clearly did not want to tell Harrison that she and Tripp banged nasties again.

      Harrison came off as being a bit clingy. Even though in his mind he was trying to help Taylor feel better, the depth of her despair was not that deep. Perhaps she wanted to be taken to task?

      Taylor might have been a very good actress because she wasn’t upset for long. She messaged Tripp on Facebook.

    2. #5 Yes, I think Tripp is the nice guy he seems. I was and am that kind of guy not pushy or rude. If he was a fake he would have lost control and pushed things at the club house. That is what makes him such a threat to Harrison, he is a good descent guy (life mate material). Harrison is also a good decent guy too. He is at a disadvantage of distance, he comes off weak and desperate big turnoffs for Taylor. It’s one thing for Taylor to have a fling when Harrison is around their love and bond is reaffirmed very quickly. She get the affirmation of Harrison’s love and his acceptance of her dalliances with others. It will be tough for him to keep her because he is a source of guilt and bad feeling so she will move away from him if he doesn’t get his act together. Simple Tripp is fun makes me feel good. Harrison makes me feel guilty which makes me feel bad. Tripp is close Harrison is far… Not looking good for our hero folks! The same is true back in Michigan. Taylor makes me feel bad and Kelsey or (insert other nice girl) makes me feel good=Taylor looses Harrison. It’s something that is hard to control from a distance. The old saying “absents makes the heart grow fonder” only works if there is no romantic distraction.

      Kelsey interesting I need to go back and study her character again in the first book. Does she possibly have designs on Harrison? KT the world awaits…


    3. Taylor and Harrison’s conversation the day after Tripp and Taylor’s hang out – I think you’re probably right that she decided to slip out of telling Harrison the whole truth, it wouldn’t be above Taylor to do that (see just a couple weeks prior, lol).

      It’s always interesting the quandaries that KT likes to mix into these stories, the idea that Taylor is technically allowed to do what she did with Tripp, Harrison techincally doesn’t want her to do it at the same time, and Taylor isn’t even sure what she’s doing is okay. The fact remains, it’s gonna happen, ready or not! It makes for a situation that approaches moral ambiguity, not right, but not totally wrong.

      @RCH – I love what you are saying, I feel like it is spot on. I feel like Harrison’s ace in the hole was revealed by Kelsey in this, that Harrison can win by being supportive, unconditionally. It is not totally fair to Harrison mind you, but if he can bring himself to not being too jealous and get his own independence, then Taylor might come back to him when it’s all said and done. Distance is such a huge factor though, as you mention.

      1. James,

        It’s completely normal for TayTay to not want to tell Harrison anything about anything. They have an agreement but in reality, who is going to enforce it? It’s up to trust and at this point, TayTay doesn’t trust herself. She’s guilty for what’s she done, she’s processing how Harrison handled it, and she is actually going to go out a date with Tripp. That’s a lot for an adult to handle, let alone a 19 year-old who is away from home for the first time.

        It’s with that thought in mind that I think it might be time for some predictions or speculation. There are infinite possibilities, but in this case, I see three, one of which has been mentioned before–I think by RCH. I use it with creative license. 🙂

        1. TayTay goes wild, slowly over the semester. By the time Thanksgiving comes around, she’s not the same girl who left Michigan. Her grades are failing. She is at risk of flunking out.

        2. TayTay develops a relationship with Tripp. They become boyfriend and girlfriend while at school. When Thanksgiving comes what happens? Does she tell Harrison? Does she go to Harrison’s instead of going home? Does she invite Tripp home with her?

        3. TayTay, guilt ridden, decides to break it off with Harrison and just be free of him while in School. This means separate lives let alone schools. Years later, Taylor, comes home for a visit and runs into Harrison. Neither are married. They start up again. Only this time, Taylor stays home. She’s sewn her wild oats.

      2. DnD – once again you’re spot on, really great observations. I think what’ll happen in the near future is TayTay keeps playing the game of, “This is completely fine, I can invite Tripp over to meet my family and Kelsey/Harrison because they mean a lot to me and I cant wait for them to meet the new person in my life” or maybe Harrison and Kelsey take a trip to visit Taylor and instead of changing a lot of her time around making sure to spend time with those two while it happens, try to get them to be involved with Tripp like an equal, “Well, i promised i would go with Tripp to this thing, do you want to come with?”

        I feel like there is something to read into how badly Taylor wants Harrison and Tripp to feel like they would like each other, like she really wants the two to be in her life, even if it might not work.

      3. The “completely fine” thing and TayTay wanting Harrison and Tripp to be friends comes across as TayTay trying to justify what she’s done and what she may do in the future. That’s not to say it’s wrong because in real life it’s common for long distance relationships to fail, even with older couples. Distance along with the college experience is pretty much a double whammy. Therein lies a potential conflict with TayTay and Tripp: The college experience.

        TayTay wanted to be free to do pretty much as she pleased and experience college as she saw fit, but didn’t you get the impression that didn’t mean a steady boyfriend? We got that impression. We were thinking along the lines of serial monogamy or outright promiscuity. So, on the one hand TayTay and Tripp make sense, but on the other it makes no sense.

        Trying to figure out KT’s direction is such a task!

        TayTay and Tripp does up the hurt for Harrison, but how much hurt is he willing to endure? Does he even know? Gotta remember this is new for Harrison, too.

        Apart from Daria, I’d like to see TayTay go apeshit sexually. Worry about the destruction after. It’s her time, let her be as sexual as she wants. If Harrison truly loves her, he’ll be there to either pick up the pieces or join in.

        Daria wants her to be a serial monogamist. She wants her to have lots of boyfriends, but only cheat on Harrison. Cheat on Harrison? Daria means it. Daria thinks because of the brilliant cliff hanger at the end of book 2, that TayTay isn’t going to be able to tell Harrison everything, even if Harrison is–and will probably remain to be–her best friend. It’s just going to be too difficult for her. Daria told me it wasn’t easy for her to confess to me even after I had her backed into a corner. She says females think differently than men and she’s right, but to what extent does that show up in KT’s work? Daria thinks that KT is going to be able to keep that aspect real. For the record, I do, too. We just have different thoughts on TayTay’s direction. When push comes to shove TayTay’s failure to tell Harrison of the second encounter is cheating. 🙂 Whether or not Harrison finds out about the second encounter and subsequent date is something to fuel speculation!


        PS This is a really juicy subject.

      1. That’s three times in a day I’ve either heard or read the term “motto”. Twice on ‘White Princess’ and now your motto. It’s not something I hear or read a lot.

        Delightfully dirty works for me! 🙂

        Dirty with a dagger does, too. 🙂 Hammer to the heart…

  13. Well, you’ve managed to do it again KT! It was wonderful how you managed to capture the fear and doubt Taylor is experiencing. My daughter experience similar fears when she went off to college.

    Possible Spoilers ahead…

    KT the scene between Trip and Taylor is so well done. How she goes farther than she intends and you can’t blame Trip for any of it! Taylor looses herself to her lower instincts and completes the act. It’ll be hard for Harrison to hold on to her now that Trip is in the picture. KT showed why “coitus interruptus” fails as a good method of birth control it just feels to good not to pull out! I know from the male perspective and my wife always preferred her lovers to finish inside. The other ladies here your perspective?

    Trish, a cougar on the prowl! Yep would like to see KT take her on a few adventures. Maybe with some of the boys? Not Harrison that would be too close to incest for me but Colt or some of the others…

    Being a history buff and a Yank “Harrison” and “Taylor” our 9th and 12th presidents. “Trish” president Nixon’s oldest daughter? Maybe it’s just my history nerd make something out of nothing.


    1. Thank you!—and, yup, Tripp and Taylor was almost ALL Taylor…

      LOL at the pres reference, that is the way my mind works and I have a thing for US History too, so I can’t discount that was subliminal on my part!

      via GIPHY

  14. I’m still catching up on my KT reading list working my way through “learning Keely” now. But just wanted to through this semi non related curiosity out there.
    The whole wedding ring removal from the wife thing is always an angsty cuck issue. Has it ever been discussed where the husband had to give his over to the bull? Either to wear or to just be a meany and take it away? Would that affect the wife more as that’s her possession of the hubby? Or would hubby be like sub maximus?
    Was wondering if for instance Tyler or Reza demanded that Jess or Charlie present him with it how would that change the husband/wife relationship?

  15. I’ve decided I have to read KT’s books/chapters at least twice before I can form a stable opinion of what is going on. So, on the face of it, this chapter proceeds logically from the initial offering. But there seems to be a lot going on under the surface of the primary Taylor/Harrison interaction (of which there has already been much commentary). Let me focus on Harrison as, to me, he is key. There are three women in his life! Taylor, of course, but also his mother and KK. Taylor is off to explore life (and sex) away from the constraints of home and boyfriend. Harrison has decided to suck it up and not let Taylor “break him” (from under the bed, come on, he’s already broken). But look at his relationship with his Mother. He’s with Taylor right before she’s off to California and stressing out because he’s going to be late getting home; his Mother has given him a time to be back! Harrison is 19, not a kid out playing after dark. What gives? His Mother comes home from some function, Harrison is taking care of the laundry and she asks why hasn’t he prepared dinner! And he remembers left overs in the freezer and prepares dinner with little thanks (story of his life). Harrison goes in his sister’s room which he calls a shrine (is she a saint or did I miss something?) and, when he hears his Mother’s return, carefully removes all traces of his presence in the room. Why? His Father says mow the lawn, pick up the leaves and without protest he does neglecting his pressing course work. Why is he so passive? Then there’s KK who seems to have a Rasputin like hold over both Taylor and Harrison (Taylor says KK won’t let her drink, Harrison say the same) and rather easily tricks both into spilling their secrets. Is she the one who manipulated Taylor into the planned “break” with Harrison? And likewise encouraged Harrison to be “cool and strong”? At the moment Harrison is acting more like a homeboy but I hope he eventually follows KK’s advice and stands up and kicks some ass. In short, this seems to me to be a story primarily about Harrison and how he copes, or doesn’t, with the women in his life. I can’t wait to see what machinations KT comes up with next. I have a feeling Harrison’s sufferings are far from over.
    On an amusing note, before the first video call from Taylor to Harrison, Harrison notes that it is 10 o’clock so it must be 1 o’clock in California (location 867). The time difference is correct but the wrong way around. How to explain this? Clearly when Taylor had sex (with Colt or someone else?) the earth stood still. On recovery, there was equal probability of the earth spinning in either direction. By chance it reversed so now the sun rises in the west and California has breakfast before Michigan gets up!

      1. Especially in Michigan. When we get back we expect time to have stood still in our little part of Pure Michigan. Clearly, there is thin spot in time.

      2. I agree that mistakes happen. Before we married trying to keep track of the time difference between Japan and California was always a pain then throw in daylight savings time. Plus international long distance phone rates at the time .75-.90 cents. KT can be forgive a small mistake.

        KT, I hope is taking a break and resting up! A good deal of material has flowed out over the last 6-9 months. We as fans have a veracious appetite that can never be sated. So seeing little progress or comments here I just hope that she is taking a well need rest.

        Back to the Taylor, Harrison and comments from some of you. I think that their youth is against them. If they were older 27+ or so they would have more life experience. The brain isn’t done fully forming till 21yo+. So Taylor is 1000+ miles away in a unfamiliar situation homesick etc… Enter Tripp an island paradise in a sea of loneliness. It’s something that a teens just not going to be able to manage well. It’s a physiological/physiological event that she is going to be hard pressed to deal with. It’s much worse than Maggie’s situation. The loneliness alone is enough to Tripp the scales.(Sorry I had to do that). Loneliness is a form of depression so we all have experienced that and however temporary it’s horrible. People end their life it can be so bad. Taylor’s loneliness has ended with her budding relationship with Tripp. This is a girl that has been surrounded by friends and family she didn’t do well when separated from her group support. Tripp makes her feel welcome then introduces her to friends she is becoming a part of a new group. Taylor is no more selfish that normal and she is going to settle into a new normal with her new group. She’ll be less dependent on all her friends back home. Saw this with my kids two they formed new bonds and friendship as they moved through life. Sex just makes it harder to maintain her bonds with Harrison. I beat the topic to death but all the good feeling and Chemical stew of oxytocin, vasopressin, endorphins and more. Taylor can’t help but grow closer to Tripp. Harrison’s only hope is if Taylor goes full slut and sleeps around so she doesn’t get attached to anyone in particular. Women with higher testosterone levels tend to be better at it. That is why men can cheat and not get involved it’s how we are wired. Maybe that is how things will play out Taylor goes full on cum dump, to protect her relationship with Harrison. It’s not a life style that can give you skewed view of love and relationships. Sex workers are at extreme end of the spectrum. A mature confident woman in a secure, honest relationship should be able to handle recreational sex fine. Taylor nor Harrison meet any of the requirement necessary for this to go well.


    1. KK as Rasputin had me in stitches!

      Now, the time thing: this SS world is a lot like our world, but UC Santa Cruz is not quite the same, all with different building names even though it’s Pogo-adjacent, and the same with MSU, it’s MSU but it’s not the one we all know and love. So is it really far-fetched to consider the world spins the opposite way here?

      (how embarrassing…)

      1. KT,

        Have you ever watched “Fringe”? 🙂 Anything is possible. It is “Pure Michigan” after all. Vampires in the CA? Yep. All the time. It’s like the ‘in’ thing. Even though their fangs are on the wrong teeth… UGH! 🙂

        Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

      2. Just like your books being about great characters primarily and great scenarios, Fringe to me was about the characters and their ever evolving relationships. Olivia or Fauxlivia? Walter or Walternate? I think I need to watch the series again and marvel at the advances in cell phone technology throughout the show!

      3. Hey, I just thought it was kind of funny…didn’t affect the story line at all as far as I am concerned. Indeed I didn’t see it until the second time through trying to get a better handle on Harrison and his women. And, actually, the times make sense in that I doubt Taylor is going to call H at 7pm so why not spin the earth the other way!

  16. TF and RCH, I agree with what each of you are saying. Harrison does play the submissive role a lot and Taylor is indeed spreading her wings although lonely and scared as she does.

    The only other KT series I’ve fully read is Maggie series including the two Keely books. I see some interesting parallels in certain characters. To me, Maggie is the one most like Harrison. She’s sort of urged along by Max’s kink (even while not fully aware of the extent of his kink). She has this sort of approach/avoidance thing with both Max and her parents. So far, her parents, particularly her mother, appear to be winning.

    However, in Separate Schools, Taylor has a bit of Max in her. She wants to explore, yet feels guilty for doing it and responsible to Harrison, who like Maggie, goes along, enjoys the ride, yet can’t live with the tensions that brings.

    So far in the Maggie/Keely series, the tensions have pushed Maggie and Max apart. It will be interesting to see how KT manages the tensions in Separate Schools.

    1. Welcome!

      One does wonder how this is going to play out. We’re wondering if KT is going to take this for the entire four years? Also, will they last the entire four years?

  17. While not native to Michigan this:

    Has been stated by some to be the Michigan State Tree or Flower with this:

    As the aftermath.

    So, yeah… if you mention road construction, KT… not just pothole filling, you’ll be extremely accurate. 🙂

    I suppose I’m getting ready to be back in the land of never ending road construction.

  18. KT, wrt your death struggle with Becky, cut the girl some slack! She’s just trying to break into a tough racket, without all the advantages of your fancy education and highfalutin’ upbringing (You think she knows what the Delta One cabin looks like on the ATL-JNB route, just to insert it into a scene as a throwaway?). Besides, the sex is pretty good.

    1. I think it’s mid/late March through August? Believe it or not, I’ve never had Oberon. Daria says it’s good, so we’ll see. See? You find out new things about your spouse all the time!

      What spurred that last post is construction on the way from the airport to our house. It never ends. It wouldn’t be so bad but they do half-assed work and expect roads to last years.

      1. There have been stacks of cases of Oberon in the local super market for several weeks now. And it is good.

      2. Next week, when we’re back in Michigan, I’ll have to pick up a six pack. Thanks for the endorsement, TF! I’m not much of a beer drinker unless it’s with Blue Crabs! 🙂

        That’s another bummer about living in Michigan–y’gotta order Blue Crabs. Down here? Y’jest git ’em!

      3. They love Bell’s in southeastern PA, where I currently reside. One thing I miss is the party store we know and love you mentioned before, Dave! You have to do separate transactions in stores that sell alcohol because … reasons … smh. I can go get all the food and drinks I want but if I want alcohol, I gotta get that separately …

        God damn Quakers …

      4. Party stores rock, bro! We like them. It was funky getting used to the name, but now that we have gotten used to them, they’re too cool. Where else can you buy Amish licorice and tequila (Oberon too, now)? Now, where you are, you can probably get some Shoofly pie and libations, dunno. Maybe a hex or two? I’ve never bought liquor in PA. In Virginia, when I lived there, it was all ABC stores for hard liquor.

      5. You know, in my short time living here I havent bought one Dutch apple pie from the amish around here. Bought lots of Amish goodies, but not that. Word to the wise though, if someone offers you scrapple you run for the hills. Weird Amish things that hasnt gone out of style even though we have, you know, refrigeration.

        This part of the country is very beer/distillery rich, its unbelievable for the inner drunkard. My current favorite is Kinsey which has just a bitchin’ bourbon (I know homegirl is into that).

        Going to Yard’s Brewery next week before a concert, cant waitttt.

      6. You DON’T like Scrapple? OMG! Seriously, though. I like Scrapple. My dad used to go to Delaware from time to time and would bring it back. Seriously, bro, I love it. Yeah, it’s everything wrong about a pig, and it’s probably horrible for you, but it’s so good, fried with a light crust on it. Just one more thing I miss about the East Coast.

        Right here:

        But, I’ve never had an Apple Pie from the Amish nor do I have hexes or other Amish things. When I was a kid, I had an SMV plate. Just had an idea, maybe my wife and I can take a trip to Shipshewana?

        Lots of micro breweries south of us in Michigan.

        Drink that bourbon up, bro! Have fun at the concert, too!


    Nothing gets my hype started quite like that on KT’s blog.

      1. It started out as a regular novel but now will be triple in size. This will be a mini-series, as in it has an ending, but I can def see doing another mini with these people. I have so much done but it’ll take me weeks to edit it, so I have to do it pieces and release as I go or I’ll end up in the psych ward like trying to do Separate Schools.

      2. I love it, your ability to write forever never ceases to astound me, I find myself fantasizing (only kind of in the way you’re thinking given the context) about what is happening in the fictional places you concoct, and cant believe how emotionally involved I get in it.

        You know I’m in the habit of rooting for your sanity’s decline, I’m sorry for that. If they take you away I’ll bring you cookies at least …

      1. T(B+H): this colour probably reflects the struggle for authorship credit between KT and Becky.

      2. Also the lack of a title, not even a working title, that we know of.

        I kind of hope Becky gets the book if it’s a struggle for authorship. New authors need a favor. Show her the love, not the ass! 🙂

      3. D&D: Somehow, I can imagine Becky knowing what to do with the ass.

  20. Man what is up with this upload delay though? 12 hours at this point I think. Not even a preview post.

  21. KT,

    This is another Michigan observation just because we’re here. It’s part of a note I just wrote to a friend on OHW.

    “No Black Rock tonight. Daria got a call just before we were leaving from a friend who recommended Sagebrush Cantina in Fenton. So, that’s where we went. Fun stuff. Michigan roads suck, so do the people who name them, and so do map apps. That place is listed as being on Fenton Rd. The receipt says Fenton Road, but nope. It well be Fenton Rd, but the street blade said something completely different and so did the GPS in Daria’s SUV. Google Maps and Apple Maps didn’t match, either. In fact Fenton Rd was never Fenton Rd on any device or sign. It’s a guessing game!

    Now, there’s people who grew up in Michigan and never left. They make recommendations for restaurants and have no taste buds–literally. Either that, or they lived through a seasoning famine. When we go to a Mexican place, I order something that I’ve had in Mexico and know how it’s supposed to taste (that’s my theory, at least). I ordered Pork Verde. It should be just a tad spicy, but naturally so. Nope. Bland. I even got jalapeno’s and they had less taste than green pepper. Daria said her taquito’s and fish taco were good. So, I’m convinced. 99 percent of all recomendations for eateries given by people who have lived in Michigan all their lives should be ignored. Michigan people like bland food (whitefish especially) because they’ve been genetically altered so their taste buds don’t work. It’s true. Daria agreed, especially after I had her taste what I was eating. So, there you go. No Black Rock and a great Kobe (US) fillet that I would have cooked myself on a 750 degree lava rock that would have melted in my mouth and oozed flavor.”

    So, KT… if you’re even in Hartland, MI, I recommend visiting the original Black Rock Bar and Grill. We used to live in Hartland and wow, has that area grown since we moved. Maybe get our Michigan Stater’s to visit? It’s just a shot down Grand River and East on M59. 🙂 It’s really a nice place, maybe too pricey for a student, but splurges do happen.

  22. Love this series and the character development of Taylor and Harrison. When will Book 3 be available? Can’t wait to see where you take the story!

    1. Thank you so much! I think after this next Scream Queens book I will do a Reza. After that, it’s a toss up for what will next be available. Keely, Six Weeks, or Separate Schools… All three are on the go and I work on them when I get a chance…

      1. After Rexa, if possible, I would appreciate seeing separate schools continued the most.
        This story has driven me close to crazy. It’s like watching a major car accident in slow motion.
        Harrison has already sustained so much damage from his home life,Taylor and her deceptions, lies and false promises that I believe with her next betrayal (Colt) the only way he’ll ever become the type of man that Taylor wants is if he brakes off their relationship and waits for her to come back to him.

      2. KT
        I need to apologize for not tell you how much i appreciate your writing before presuming to express my opinion on which storyline I would prefer next.
        The way your writing creates a deeply textured picture of the stories you tell is not something to be found often and I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed it.
        While I’m more of a HEA type and some of your stories are to dark for me I think your an amazingly gifted writer.

        THANK YOU

      3. No apology needed—I appreciate the feedback!

        Thank you so much, but I gotta be honest, I think my stories do kinda have happy endings! Losing His Wife 1 (Learning Lessons) was maybe the harshest, but even it has a certain sweetness…

        Can I ask—what of my stories seems the darkest? Maggie, Cherry Blossoms… or something else… (I like hearing what’s working…)

      4. Ooo, I like these questions!

        Here’s my ranking/rationale from Nicest to darkest.

        1. Happy Endings – This is the cleanest story that KT has ever written, because Suki and Tommy were extremely tight and in control throughout, even when Suki or Tommy seemed like they weren’t in control, the other one never lost sight of who they really loved. Dio thought he had an edge, but was really a pawn. In the end, everything worked out so nicely.

        2. Cherry Blossoms – For as many harsh twists and turns happened in this story, it really worked out in the end. Geoff grew up a lot towards the end of the story, as did Nia, and even though it felt like there were allusions to something not being fully resolved with peripheral hints at the end of the story, you got the sense that it wouldn’t be able to penetrate the teflon that was being built around these two. Plus Geoff’s ace-in-the-hole will always be how great of a father he is to Odie.

        Even when Geoff broke it off with Nia and Nia was trying her experiment with the boyfriend-by-default Rocco, you got the sense that Nia was never going to stick with that trainwreck, and although Geoff had some tempting options, he was never going to have what he had with Nia, they were all so tame and proper.

        I will say, how long Nia carried the fear in the back of her mind that Odie was Dino’s, and how that would seem to make her emotionally distant from her daughter at times dropping the ball on a couple mommy moments that I can recall, it made me question whether to flop this with Maggie, but I think it’s staying because of how strong they came out in the end.

        Darkness points for Nia’s Alpha male fetish origin story, ‘fingers touching where they shouldn’t …’

        3. Maggie – The darkness here is the harshness of the reality with which Max got dumped. That the woman he thought was meant for him was not only eventually going to dump him, but do it with his best friend. It’s even more harsh because they all love each other so much, somehow that makes it hurt more, because you can’t even be that mad (though that’s clearly just my take).

        He also got to witness their growing love almost entirely in-person, in fact he probably witnesses the very moment when she falls in love with his best friend, that’s powerful. And although he never really acknowledges how much more watching them together hurts than felt good, looking back at all that time when he was wrong about what was happening could spiral anyone into an existential despair. And when you look at the timeline of events, fuck did he live in that purgatory for a looong time.

        It gets dampened by everyone getting along so well, Max, Maggie, Cole, and Keely are all successes in life in some shape or form and Max finds the kind of love that helps balance the emotional negativity that this story establishes as his backdrop.

        Darkness points for Maggie’s submissiveness origin story. ‘Eight more …’

        4. Learning Lessons – This one is by far the heaviest story in the KT Morrison bibliography. Jess moves Tyler into her home and immediately takes the reins on Pete’s fantasy and makes it her own, even played games with family around with it. Pete and Jess did not get along very well at all towards the end, their marriage in the most dysfunctional state of any of the relationships that she wrote before or after. They have a full on falling out that was really painful and Jess realized she made a mistake with Tyler very late, but to me it seemed like she was going to live with at the end until Pete went for a Hail Mary. Jess wanted Tyler to fight back though, he was just too much of a coward. Pete and Jess getting back together felt like a consolation prize, like neither really had any other recourse, especially because Jess had another on the way …

        … Oh yeah, Jess has another man’s child … so that’s hard to top …

      5. Thanks, I’m sorry for the spoilers I just casually dropped (sheesh I said about everything that was major from these stories!). To be fair if anyone is actually seeing this post, chances are they’ve read it. And besides it’s been a while, anyways, time to catch up! Bruce Willis was dead the whole time …

  23. More thoughts on Open Hearts

    Wonder if Tripp might be one of Colt’s surfer buddies and Colt tipped him off about Taylor. Could Tripp just then be a player and not such a nice guy?

    Taylor is still quite naive and susceptible to being deceived which could lead to a big time hurt.

  24. Haven’t read Reza or Keely except the brief intros

    I’d vote for Separate Schools and then Sux Weeks as both have alluring, intriguing and multiple story lines available to you KT.

    Keep up the great writing. Hope to read more of those by the fall. Spellbound!

      1. KT
        Thank you for asking. First I should clarify myself. Instead of dark I should have said painful. Of the books I’ve read Cherry Blossoms was the most painful for me. While it’s true that it does have a happy ending the suffering of Geoff and Nia was about as much pain as I could take.
        When I read your books I can feel the characters emotions. What better way to describe a really great book! Heartbreak, loss and shame causes me real pain. Humiliation by a loved one is almost more then I can stand. On the otherhand their excitement, happiness and love is something that makes the journey worth taking.
        Sorry for the punctuation errors, I was really bad in English, without spell check I’d be lost.

        Thanks again

  25. I don’t know if this was discussed before – but on a reread of both Separate Schools and Open Hearts, based on Taylor’s POV in the sex scenes and some early stuff in Book 1, it seems like she might have a thing about pregnancy…

    Wonder if that will come up again.

  26. I find this comment offensive, KT, lol.

    But also, I believe my position has been we established that I would like more of the female perspective in your stories, so maybe if you want more exploration on a characters’ internal mechanisms …

    Limited data is what I’m saying, KT.

  27. KT & tobetohave

    It seems to me that Taylor has a number of emotional problems and one mental problem. She’s an introvert with low self-esteem and poor impulse control, Taylor has this weird view of sex , it seems to be that of a much younger girl, focusing on procreation and anything for pleasure finding it”dirty” or “bad”. When you factor in a mild case of stress induced OCD it’s no wonder she ran away from home!

    Anyway that’s my take on some of Taylor’s internal mechanisms

    1. Well, can we define “problems” please? My point is that I don’t think she has any unhealthy habits to the point of it being debilitating and diagnosable. She has defense mechanisms, sure, probably some issues adjusting to being by herself that put her in a rut (hyper focusing on school and being a bit of a loner), but she has people like Harrison to talk to she isn’t a total recluse, and look at how she gets herself out of a rut with Tripp, and in a healthy way. What college girl doesn’t drink at all at a party? I’ve said before that she might have wanted to escape something from her home life which is why she is going so far away, and there are the briefest hints that maybe her home life has had an effect on her life, but we don’t know much about that stuff so it’s speculation at this point. I’m just saying, she isn’t so discontent with her lot in life to start being abusive to herself in any noticeable way.

      That’s why the most that I’ve seen that she’s done that’s damaging to herself and anyone else is not take the cause and effect of her actions seriously. Why she is doing that seems to be best rooted in immaturity, like maybe she wants Harrison to be around because he was her rock during the period after the divorce (I seem to remember their relationship timing coinciding with the divorce, but maybe that’s wrong). Regardless of when they started dating, it’s possible Taylor developed misplaced feelings towards Harrison because she needed his companionship and doesn’t realize there’s a disconnect between what she wants and what he wants. But again, understanding something like that comes with age, usually.

      1. I keep forgetting I can’t comment too much! I already know what’s in the third book and I forget sometimes that none of you have read it! LOL. Wish I could participate in Taylor-talks! But all you guys are making excellent points here…

      2. The only significant problem Taylor has is her low self-esteem,but she has already taken the biggest and most courageous step to correct it by going to school in California.
        Demands and expectations of her friends and family is what helped to cause it in the first place and the only way she can overcome it is to get away from their constant pressure and become the person she wants and needs to be.
        You’re right in saying that Taylor is not a psych job. I think she just carried more baggage to school than three suitcases.

  28. Ryan – Appreciate your views, this is fun. I think you’re being far too extreme in your view of Taylor. I feel as though you can boil down just about every one of her beliefs and behaviors to immaturity and naivety. Pure and simple.

    The idea that she can keep a boyfriend and plot to cheat on him at the same time is the self-centered worldview of a newly adult female refusing to acknowledge that when she makes decisions on her own, they have potential consequences that won’t be solved by authority figures anymore. Nope, Taylor, YOU fucked up, now YOU have to fix it.

    And her view of sex and pregnancy, is there anything more elemental to a person’s understanding of sex than equating sex and procreation? It takes a while when you actually start doing it before you can beat back the paranoia and concepts that are instilled from sex ed/your parents/society, etc.. The concept that even if you are on the pill there’s a negligible chance you might get pregnant (but there’s a chance!) it sticks with you … until you have sex on the pill several times and the fear goes away.

    Taylor just got on the pill, and now she’s having sex without a condom for the first time. Even if she had outgrown all of her preconceptions of sex, engaging in the act the first few times will call to mind all manner of things you thought of in the past. All of her inner dialogue that we were granted access to, read like a woman sharing her own preconceptions of what sex is. I like how much these moments are riddled with cynicism though, it makes for a much more fascinating read.

    Taylor isn’t a fuck up, she’s an adult with training wheels.

    1. I’m with James on this. She’s feeling her oats, discovering what’s important and what’s not. She’s away from home for the first time in her life so she feels a bit entitled and yes, selfish. Both she and Harrison and whomever they encounter are part of a larger scenario. The scenario is simply life. What will happen to both of them? Will they end up together as they dreamed, or will they drift apart as the miles and their encounters draw them into their own worlds, worlds that they don’t or can’t share? Taylor’s already started into her own world when she didn’t reveal everything to Harrison. Where will that take her? She’s a kid playing an adults game, but in the bigger picture, while she’s selfish, she’s more mature and knows what she wants to a degree that perhaps Harrison won’t be able to understand or accept.

      She’s not a psyche job, she’s a kid learning the ropes.


    2. I agree with both of you in that I don’t think Taylor’s sexuality is necessarily immature. I think she has a mature approach, but there is a fetishization of a frozen pubescent understanding that has stuck with her. I think she monologues it somewhere, but I forget where and which book!

      1. It was in Separate Schools 1, it’s one of the most telling pieces of her sexual side. it’d be nice if we had more than a chapter in Book 3, KT the Gatekeeper.

  29. Ryan – I get what you’re saying now. The thing I was having trouble with mostly was the loaded word of ‘problem’ since it can be perceived as a something bigger than just the usual conflicts people have in their life or their individual hang ups. And when you start saying people have emotional or mental ‘problems’ I start thinking of clinical terms and those don’t apply to Taylor, which we agree on.

    I’m not sure if I necessarily agree though that she has a low self-esteem, at least what I can remember she seemed to have confidence in showing off her body at the summer party and she tries to befriend her roommate even despite how mean she is, that takes confidence too. I think she is shy which might be construed as a low self-esteem, but I think she is quick to warm up to people once she develops trust. I think that’s a normal way to live, but then again, I’m also a shy person.

  30. One more comment.
    After a reread I think Taylor’s Mom is the underlying force behind the problems she has and the journey she’s on.
    As you can tell I’m really invested in the story and I may just be blowing hot air.
    No matter how it plays out in the future, I have a feeling that Kelsey Kay is going to play a pivotal role and I’m really hoping the scope of her character GREATLY expands.


  31. ‘Open Minds’ is getting closer! Who’s going to re-read? How will Tay-Tay and Harrison evolve in this installment?

  32. Waiting for ‘Open Minds’ I feel like a child just before Christmas wanting to open gifts. Just like that child I want MORE…MORE…MORE!!!

    Please KT, we’ve been good little readers.😇

    1. Very soon!

      (I swore to myself that I would keep the episodes shorter so they came out more frequently, and capped this next book at 25k, and it’s looking like it will be maybe 40k when it’s done!)

  33. Sorry for pestering you but I’m very happy to hear this episode is longer rather than shorter.

    Thanks KT

      1. We like longer, too! I’ve already done the hockey thing… so I’ll go World Series… knock it out of the park, KT! Go Argos!

  34. Well it’s definitely torture but I don’t think it’s the type we need report to the United Nations. Do you?

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