Rachel’s Truth

Howdy, all. It’s time for a new book. This one is a standalone, a Dirty South standalone. It falls more in the realm of cuckold than hotwife. This was one of those books that was supposed to be half the length, but something about the scenario kept me swimming out into deeper water. Pretty dangerous, ’cause it’s gator country!

Anyway, I hope you like this one, because it was a lot of fun for me!

People who know Rachel Webster would say she’s a hero. Four years ago, her daughter recounts, her mom literally saved her life. Was willing to sacrifice her own in trade. Rachel doesn’t even remember. Things were a little crazy back then.

She’s all better now, she thinks. She’s got everything a young woman could want. She’s got her looks, her health, her lovely family, and her husband Carl, Okeechobee’s automotive kingpin.

But she’s missing something…

When Carl met Rachel it was love at first sight. She was a bad girl with a bad attitude and it excited him. He got the feeling his wife had a wild streak. Hell, Rachel’s sister Jackie all but told him. She’s younger than him, but he liked the challenge to keep up.

Deep in the Everglades, at a place she should never be, Rachel encounters a dangerous man named Truth. It’s a dirty and unexpected encounter, and it going to be one that changes her life.

One minute she’s a pampered princess, living in her palace behind the iron wall of her gated community, the next she’s in gator country, slung over the back of a hot young black man’s motorcycle.

She always liked danger.

Soon, this man named Truth is going to connect the barbed lines of Rachel and Carl’s past, make an electric connection that will excite them all nearly to the point of annihilation.

When Carl is welcomed into her dark world, she could destroy him. But she loves him. He’s straight-laced, got his head screwed on right. He was supposed to save her…

Instead, she’s going to work him over.

She’s going to leave Carl laying in a spreading pool of humiliation at the feet of Rachel’s truth…


      1. Got it! Thanks, KT! We’re taking a break for dinner… Chapter 10, right now. So far, soooo good! 🙂

  1. Our review, not yet released by Amazon…

    Just Drive

    Rachel Webster knew it was wrong, yet in the morning, on the way to work as a medical transcriptionist at a local hospital, she didn’t buy gas. That evening, on the way to visit her mother, a widow in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, she saw the gas gauge. It was not her first visit to that gas station.

    Carl Webster, Rachel’s husband knew he hit pay dirt in more ways than one when he met his wife. It was love at first sight. He also inherited the Webster auto dealerships. For the first few years of is marriage to Rachel, Carl was ripped to shreds with doubt. Rachel was a wild party girl and that drove Carl insane with jealousy and something else, something much darker.

    Then it happened. Rachel almost lost a leg because of a car crash with a drunk, spoiled, teenage driver. Years later, she still walked with a limp and suffered from constant pain, but because of a vigorous exercise program comprising swimming one hundred laps three times per week, she was strong. She was always hot, but now, she was even hotter.

    This is KT Morrison’s new book, Rachel’s Truth. In this book, KT explore the darkness. KT explores the true nature of Rachel and Carl. She does so in the style KT Morrison fans expect. Readers are taken on drives through Florida as if KT has been there. KT’s words have meaning. This book is no exception.

    Truth is often hard to swallow, and these two characters face their truth delivered by a motorcycle club rider coincidentally named Truth. Marvelously direct, Truth is what this couple have needed but never knew until that night where Rachel got gas and lost her wallet in the rundown gas station’s bathroom.

    This book is not for everyone, but we liked it. My wife and I give this book five stars. If you are a fan of cuckold themed stories that go to the extreme side, you’ll like this book… a lot.

    Why “Just Drive”? When we wrote this review, I had just finished watching FP1 of the China GP. Last season, Sky Sports used a song by Alistair Griffen titled “Just Drive”. The lyrics have nothing at all to do with this story. The title does. It’s a very, very good tune. If you’ve ever been a fan of racing, and you read the comments left for the video, there is one comment I read when I first watched the video that ripped me to shreds, “Ayrton Senna isn’t dead. He is one lap ahead of us.” Here’s a link to the video: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnxiRt4qeM4”

    1. I’m pausing FP2 to write this… I’m fighting editing this review to add… “This is a fun romp where characters go from zero to two hundred mph in a faster than possible way. It’s light switch done right. Humorous, too”

      1. At first, I thought you meant Max Verstappen and then it dawned on me you were talking about Max in Maggie/Keely and Mike in xleglover stories. Correct?

        If so, Max is far more sane and there is love there. Mike is a like a drug addict–a hardcore drug addict–but may be coming to his senses. This latest part in the Jen/Mike saga has gotten far more hardcore than anything before. I can’t see Max in that position, ever. I mean caged, denied for months, humilated relentlessly? Keely becoming a drug addict? If KT goes there, fine. If not fine, too. If KT goes there, I’m sure it will be handled differently.

        This new story is cool in that it’s “light switch” done right. I mean, a ribbon? 🙂 Diabolical, but still.

      2. Correct about the predicate, Dave. Isn’t Max an incipient Master of the Universe in NYC financial circles? Doesn’t he enjoy a certain amount of “good” cuckold angst? Doesn’t he outsmart himself from time to time with his plotting and planning? Doesn’t Keely understand Max’s kink? and won’t she indulge it?

        But it’s all a lot nicer than Mike’s universe. As you noted – no drugs, no cages, no denial (thus far), cream pies are voluntarily consumed, everybody went to better schools, etc.

      3. Angst is one of the parts of cuckold psychology that I don’t understand. So, good angst versus bad angst is pretty much the same to me. I think I’ve only had angst once in my life and that was because I was afraid of being right. I didn’t like the feeling at all. So, knowing that, yeah, I guess Mike does get good angst too, but that is something I don’t understand emotionally. To me, such conflict–in me–isn’t good and is to be avoided if possible. I know if that was reality and I was involved, I wouldn’t be involved long at all.

        I think reading cuckold stories helps me understand, but I’ve yet to read one where I can relate to any of it. Take this story for example, had that been reality with me Truth was talking to, Truth would have been out on his ass fast. That doesn’t mean I can’t suspend disbelief, but the story has to be well written and KT’s latest is the best handling of the “light switch” that both of us have ever read. I like being challenged to understand. There are so many things about cuckolding that I don’t understand. It’s fascinating.

        I think Keely is beginning to understand Max, but doesn’t know the depth, yet. I think that’s coming.

      4. I agree with D&D…Max is a much different character than Mike. He’s much more confident and stronger a guy…and while he has a cuck brain he’s not as dominated by that fantasy as Mike is.

        I loved the Jen and Mike stories, but have kind of bailed on them. A little bit too extreme, and perhaps worse, a bit too repetitive. Feels like the same themes over and over again, with the same characters.

  2. This book doesn’t really hit any of my personal mental clits, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. As always, it’s well written with great characters…but I probably for my own sanity enjoy it’s a one off. Despite what Carl and Rachel say here, I wouldn’t be confident of this not going way off the rails. I worry about enough of KT’s characters..I don’t need to add these two to the list lol. So I’ll just assume they live happily ever after.

    1. I think the point of the book and some of the fun KT had with it was to show it had the “off the rails” prospect from the start. I mean, in a few short hours, Rachel goes from afraid to world class cuckoldress? It was done right, though. Not believable, but I’m certain it has happened before in reality, it’s probably extremely rare. I think that’s the just part of the fun KT had with this story. It was fun to read.

  3. SKIP THIS if you have NOT YET read ‘Rachel’s Truth.’

    Uh…okay…I’m sticking my hand up and asking for help from teacher on this one.

    Was that actually a shock-horror reveal at the ending there? I’m talking, of course, about the part where two characters have the following exchange:
    “You know what it’s like to make a man crazy? That’s power. One of them is going to kill another one some day over me. That’s power.” “You’re so fucking bad. So fucking bad, baby.” “And you’re coming along for the ride, baby. You’re going to witness all of it.” “That’s what I want.” “So Chinese for dinner?”

    So…is it turning out that these two people are actually sociopaths hiding behind the façade of comfy white married-with-a-kid life, and that Truth and his crew are really in serious danger from them? And that your intention, KT, is to stick a knife in the side of the portion of the cuckold-porn fan base who are really a bunch of cynical, selfish, numb, passively racist white people?

    All I can say is…I hope so. Brav-vaaa, if that’s what it is. Really clever ending. Because…I can’t figure out another reason why you would end the story this way.
    Just wondering.

    1. (Sorry, ha ha, this message got filtered out of my box and I just found it in spam!)

      I’m not jabbing at anybody, ha ha, at least I don’t think I am. This couple isn’t much different in philosophy than some of my others (like Troy and Emma in Going A Little Too Far) and are pseudo-sociopaths. Their sociopathy is strictly sexual, where others become toys to them so they can enjoy the hurt and suffering of bad behavior. Rachel in being bad, and Carl in his enjoyment of the sickness it works through him. And, yup, I would say Truth’s riders are in for some trouble because they don’t see it coming. Truth is smart, obviously, but I don’t think he knows the trouble Carl and Rachel could cause him just for their own enjoyment…

      1. Well, I had to look up sociopath as I am not into the soft sciences (Just read a review in London Review of the book “Asperger’s Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna” noting that children who didn’t fit his definition of Gemüt ended up being killed…humans don’t fit into boxes so I am skeptical of labeling individual people with terms like sociopath or autism for that matter). But yes, according to Dr. Google, Rachael definitely has attributes of a sociopath. But, then, so does Truth albeit one doesn’t have as much data to work on. So, KT, it might be interesting to detail the battle of the sociopaths! I am not as confident as you are that Rachael would win. As to porn, one person’s porn is another’s literature. I, for one, consider KT’s work literature dealing, sure, with somewhat unusual (in my experience) human situations but having a literary excellence that has more than a little social redeeming quality. I mean, really, how are these so different from murder mysteries? I deem murder worse than rampant sex and if Miss Marple can handle murder most people should be able to handle these novels.

      2. Thank you, it’s great to hear because while this is pulp fiction and definitely erotic, I think I’m talking about sexuality and psychology sometimes. Before I attribute too much to myself, lol, I’m aware this is entertainment, ha ha.

        And, yes, I wouldn’t call Rachel a diagnosable sociopath, I use the term non-clinically. It’s more that she and the others express behaviors that could be described as sociopathic. Not just her, but Carl and Truth, too.

        I think, no, I’m positive Rachel would win in a battle of nerves with Truth. ‘Cause that’s the way I would write it, ha ha! In real life this would be the dirtiest episode of Dateline you ever saw, and I doubt Rachel would be the living one. You never know though, she’s got that P-power and a bad attitude…

        And re: sex vs. violence, I agree. It is sad that my books face more restrictions than some of the gore-fests that are out there. There is another looming attempt to purge sex from Amazon books (hey man, it’s an attack on women and fear of their sexuality to want to curb their literary fantasies), and I hate that people can be so offended by the written word describing some of greatest fears and dreams in a fictional world. I applaud Amazon though for mostly staying out of it. And hell, a hundred years ago we would all be in jail on obscenity charges just for having human instincts! Things are pretty good, maybe…

      3. (adding for clarity) I am not coming down on gore-fests at all, I champion their right to exist as much as books that contain sex. I just lament that erotic books are sometimes actively hidden…

      4. I bow towards the author on Mount Olympus…Rachael takes Truth to the cleaners. As he drags his sorry ass out of town, he wonders what hit him. If you want a smile (more like a belly laugh) somewhat along these lines get a copy of “The Pro” by Ennis, Conner, Palmiotti and Mounts (Imagecomics.com, 6th printing, 2012). Well maybe you’ve already read it. And, yes, I strongly agree people should be able to write and read what they wish. Self selection will eventually eliminate the trash from the gems. And variety is good….there are all kinds of satisfying books just as there are all kinds of satisfying wines. So I hope Amazon will continue to let authors’ like yourself pursue your muse as you like.

  4. My reaction was complicated. To me there are two ways to read this book. #1. As a comedy (aka HEA). Truth, that unicorn of an altruistic drug gang biker, catalyzes the sharing between Carl and Rachel of the real truth (!) of their sexualities and the kinks thereof. Having achieved a level of sexual nirvana in the company of Truth and his riders, the future evolves as they blissfully pursue their careers while raising a fine daughter. #2. As a tragedy. Truth is a leader of a biker drug game who, when recognized, is immediately feared. Plus, he has an uncanny ability to read people and bend them to his will. Rachel is an accomplished liar, particularly to herself so when she says she is not going to deal drugs, etc. the ease at which Truth manipulates her gives the lie to her naïve assertion that she is and will be in control. Carl has already paid blackmail and runs a significant business that would be attractive to a drug outfit…he is ripe for exploitation via his love for Rachel. And then their daughter is being placed in danger because of her parents’ actions.

    Because KT has this ability to write imaginary stories that have a compelling verisimilitude, my initial reaction on concluding the book was #2. I wasn’t happy. But on further reflection there are just too many bizarre tropes (the name Truth, the nearly inarticulate biker dude with the ‘big one’, the wife who loves her husband but cuckolds him with hardly a second thought, etc.) to take this as more than the ribald entertainment it was (I presume) meant to be. I will read it again presently with that thought in mind.

    1. Yeah, this is a story meant for chuckles and tropes. I mean all of these stories are going to have those at some level, particularly the trope stuff. I mean every one of these stories (not just KT) has women falling over themselves because the guy they’re after has a big penis. In this story’s case it is difficult to read without a half smirk, I mean, I was waiting on a line the story that said “… and then he did a line of blow of his (ya know) …”

      For me I like how KT plays around with the sophomoric sexual ideals of men (drop dead gorgeous, demanding deep penetration with a large phallus, doesn’t lose sight of her husband even when she’s deep in it with the bull) and women (tall dark handsome, dominant, indifferent, has a motorcycle, mysterious) and applies a touch more realism to it and to a surealistic (albeit very unlikely) scenario. KT plays with real and fantasy, she just chooses to suppress one over the other depending on the story.

      1. Wow I reread my reply and it needs some serious work. Sorry for my confusing rambling, I think my general points are clear but the specific ones are not.

      2. You know, I wouldn’t worry about it, James. You wrote what you wanted to write and it’s great as is. Your review is wonderful, too. (Daria read it and asked me why I can’t write that way? I said, “Woman, I’m a nerd. You’re lucky I don’t start writing code or post junk encrypted!”) But seriously bro, don’t sweat it.

        On another note, Notre Dame in Paris is burning, badly. Flames are going way high into the sky.

      3. @DnD – Well my joke about a character doing cocaine off of Truth’s penis was ruined because I said ‘he did a line of blow’ instead of ‘she.’ And I think I also confused things because I was I trying to explain what women fantasize about versus men, and it came out a little incoherent, but thank you. It must have had nice bones.

        I love your review, I love how much context you add to the story, which is a goal of mine too. I think I stole how I write reviews off of the person that I think was the reason I started KT, Lybertine. I really appreciate what you both said, it means a lot. I feel like more and more of my reviews are turning into subtle jabs against other authors, and this last review wasnt even that subtle, lol.

      4. James, thanks man. To be brutally honest, we edited our review after posting a few times because some stuff wasn’t punctuated properly. There’s probably a lot not punctuated properly. Then again, it was an F1 weekend, so I guess we (read me) can be excused. (So disappointed by the Scuderia.)

        I got what you meant about the blow. Sometimes the mind fixes stuff for the reader when the intent is clear. If that didn’t happen, half the people who actually try to read what I type would be hopelessly lost!

        Y’know, I wonder if KT uses Google street view to describe locations? Ever thought about that? Some of the places KT describes really read like there was a visit there at some time.

      5. I know! I love how well KT puts herself in the world she writes. And there are times when it feels like she writes in real time. No detail, neither stone nor step taken is left unaccounted for.

      6. The first time I was ever struck by KT’s vivid descriptions of locations was in Maggie. The drive down the road from Maggie’s parent’s home. The drive with the bird cage in the jeep. The next time it really struck me was in Happy Endings: The road KT describes exists, but not the subdivision. Then in the epilogue for HE: The hotel, the restaurant in the St. Regis Atlanta, the seats, the menu, then the suite. Perfectly done. Accurate. It’s like KT was there before or there as the story was written. You really don’t get that kind of detail anywhere else and to have it be accurate is amazing!

      7. Thanks so much for appreciating that! It means a lot because it’s one of those things I work at. I can still ‘see’ all those places you describe. Some are real, some are fake. But for example, the one that sticks out for me is the restaurant that Maggie, Max, Carol, Martin, and the wedding planner go to before checking out the church. That’s a place I made up. The description was maybe two lines or something but I’m sure I spent fifteen minutes to make the description short but have precise impact. I wanted you to picture a Colonial style New England type building, but using Max’s voice (he was the third person narrator in that scene) so I had to limit it with his knowledge of architecture. But I did venture a paint color description. I think it was Waller green. I had to look that up, too, to find the right historical paint color name that also sounded Colonial. Man, I loved writing that Maggie series!

      8. I love how KT picks her moments to dig deep too, she is concise when she needs to be, and broad and superficial when it isn’t important. I like that she hates distractions, if she spent words on five times Carl sold a car, I’d yawn my way to the next page. It’s nice for character building but also excessive.

        I dug the awkward suburban banter between Carl and the neighborhood woman when he was walking home trying to see what Truth and Rachel were doing and getting stuck in neighborly duty on the way.

      9. I learned my lesson after the ‘Amy playing Skyrim’ incident, ha ha!

        I really do think I’m getting better with that, not just looking for it, but in dealing with it, so thank you!

      10. We liked that part especially because of the tension. Carl (Ca-ruul, in Rick Grimes speak), in real life would have reacted the same way the fictional Carl acted. It’s wonderful that KT can do things like add tension and mimic real world things with seemingly no effort other than the thought that, “Hey! This would be cool here! Let’s make him squirm a bit!”

        Fun stuff. KT must have had a blast writing this!

      11. I did! And tell me in real life if you wanted something real bad and were on your way, that some shit’s not going to pop up to wreck it. Happens all the time, why not when you’re trying to spy a loved one get some strange?

      12. KT,

        Great to have you “back”! Thanks for taking the time!

        There are so many vivid descriptions of things and places that there are just too many to mention. Another that sticks out in Maggie was when Max left the second time, got in his car–it was snowing–and started to leave. Then there’s the stuff I’ve mentioned before–the stair rail. Little things sometimes, but all contribute to the whole, and that whole would be so much less whole without such well researched vivid story telling.

        Carl peeking from the deck! Wow. We could see him!

        Regarding the neighbor… One time, I had a problem with the computer I used to control cameras. Rebooting didn’t fix it. I had to reinstall the software for the cameras, all the while, things were happening. While the software was installing, I thought about cracking the door (I was in an adjoining room). Yeah, nerd stuff, but same effect, though for a different reason. But yeah, you’re right, it happens all the time. Like if you’re late for an appointment and hit a string of traffic lights. Or, when you get your first 4k TV and find out your receiver isn’t HDCP 2.2 compliant. 🙂 Or… or… Yeah, I/we can relate.

      13. @ KT regarding Amy playing Skyrim – When I looked back after saying what I did I realized it really wasnt as long as I thought it was! Talk about an author taking things to heart, that was ages ago lol (not really), you really care about your work.

        To be clear, I think we all like that you can be flowery, if all you did was stick to bare bones details i doubt anyone would invest as much time as they have in your stories. For instance, I think we could do a compilation of ‘KT’s food porn’ and produce a volume just of that detail. I’ve legitimately ordered Indian because you had me salivating over it in Cherry Blossoms.

        The biggest appeal to KT’s stories is the surreality of her writing, real and unreal simultaneously. You can only bring that out by making the world, the characters’ thoughts and actions (some or most, at least), and circumstances grounded in reality, not necessarily nonfiction, but a world and people like we know them. I dont mind fiction that truly wants to be fiction, but I prefer my fiction to at least have half truths if not just being only slightly unreal.

        This is not the best example for what I’m talking about but its erotica related so let’s go with it. I obviously want Cole to have a large wanger, because I want the equally absurd lines of ‘oh my God it’s so massive’ *fans herself* it’s just fucking fun that way. But, he wasnt too abnormally large and Maggie liked Cole for more than just his third leg. It’s a fantasy embedded in realism.

      14. James,

        Do you think describing situations that for most folks would be hurtful, and for others is surreal, results in surreal writing? That’s a serious question.

        It’s a serious question and I’m struggling with writing this next sentence because I’m sincerely trying to not write about my wife and I. The most surreal thing I’ve ever seen is seeing my wife with another man for the first time. It was like I wasn’t there, yet I was. It wasn’t a dream, it was real, yet I was so detached. For me, it was sexual disaster until it was over–I couldn’t connect with anything (and that’s far more than I’ve shared elsewhere). It’s not at all erotic to read about, or experience.

        We/I relate to KT’s writing on a number of levels, but this is one, too. While KT has to make it sexual because of the subject matter, KT does so in a way–via all the things that have come before, setup, describing the current scene, or the environment–that is ethereal. I think that’s KT’s art.

      15. @DnD – Maybe this is being confused for people, but what I mean by surreal is something that has the component parts to be real but would almost never happen. In KT’s case what seems surreal are things like the reasons for infidelity (in some of her more smirktastic stories it is more obvious what I mean) or how crazy the female character, bull character, or husband reacts/acts, etc.. An example of surreal behavior of the female character is what I said above, a girl fanning her face because she’s face-to-face with a big one, come on that almost never happens! That’s what’s surreal, but Maggie is a real person, Cole is somewhat superhuman (surreal) certainly, but you could buy that he’s real at some level. KT never let him be too far outside of the realm of what’s possible, and he had flaws (obviously). He’s not some demigod like other Romance authors make a love interest, but I’m ok with pretty close.

        In the case of Maggie’s character, her ability to fold like a pretzel, jump on a big rod with ease, and come regularly is also surreal too, just being honest, but that’s the fun of these stories, I get that and want that. I just like that she KT lets out a little realism too from time to time. To counter my example of surreal things with Maggie, KT might write about a leg cramp being folded in two for so long, or ‘ouch, warm me up a little bit’ for the big ones, or (like in Sharing Maggie) Maggie couldn’t come anymore in the music room because she was nervous about being caught by mom and dad. I like that she never loses sight of what is real, but also reminds us that it’s a fantasy she’s writing about. Maybe my point is clearer now.

        What you’re describing about a personal connection to the act of infidelity is obviously a quite real thing, the hurt is real no question, that’s not what I’m talking about per se, although you’re right that in the moment when it’s happening you might think the behavior is so crazy that seeing that happen is surreal.

      16. Hey James,

        See, for me, those things you describe as surreal are simply the elements of an erotic story: The God-like hugely endowed man, the woman fanning herself, and other (I hate to use this word in describing my thoughts because while they’re there in KT’s works, it’s not how I feel about them) stereotypical themes. They’re just vehicles.

        For me the surreal is the whole: The way the vehicle is driven by the author. As you state, KT characters can be believable and that’s KT’s skill. That she can make you feel they’re surreal is wonderful, but having been there and done that, I can tell you a woman can bend as you described. For me, in these books, it’s far more visceral than surreal. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

        Have you seen DT, yet?

      17. No, you’re right that the whole thing is surreal too, maybe you could elaborate on that. I was just trying to take the abstract and give an example and applied it to the characters, I mean the stuff that you said about the ‘stereotypical’ parts of the stories are part and parcel of erotica and I agree, but that’s not everyone’s reality, and I would contend, very few people’s reality, ergo surreal to me.

        Nice brag about having super elastic lovers, lol jk 🙂 I’m just saying, even those girls will have one or two days where they’re like “look, Dave, I didn’t stretch before hand do you think we could keep my legs down” LOL! That moment is where realism comes into play for me. Maybe you’re such a sex god that you read a part of a story and think, “well that was last Tuesday, doesn’t everyone do that?”

        And Dave, yes I saw DT and dude, they played Metropolis pt. 2 from front to effing back, I lost my damn mind I loved it so much. I’m on the Mangini bandwagon now.

      18. James,

        Surreal in that we’re bystanders, voyeurs reading a story that is either believable (suspension of disbelief is a KT strong point), or has elements that are clearly ridiculous. If the ridiculous is done properly, it will keep a readers interest, and become erotic humor (another KT strong point). I’m not doing such a good job in elaborating. Surreal to me is sort of an experience where you are connected but disconnected and conflicts with what I know should be, yet isn’t. It’s unbelievable, yet it’s there and as such it’s a “pinch me” thing, only bizzare on a much deeper level.

        We know it’s not real, yet we embrace the themes offered and start to wonder or even place ourselves in the situation presented–that’s where the visceral enters for me. That’s where we start to feel. Or, we stay voyeurs and watch and feel. Neither is correct or wrong, they’re just part of the whole experiece.

        I think to experience surreal or visceral a reader has to place themselves in the situation. Then after reading, a reader gets the “Wow!” moment. I experience both and both are hard to explain. Daria’s asleep so she isn’t available to help me. My apologies, James.

        As far as the bendy thing goes, that’s only with my wife. To lay another stereotype on the fire, I only want to be with my wife. It’s funny, but my wife’s best friend (who knows about us, both while we were hotwifing, and after) actually hit on me on our first hunting expedition. Then, after I turned her down, she figured everything out, watching me watch Daria. She met Daria a few weeks later at a different casino, completely coincidentally. They hit it off. But yeah, it’s only Daria for me.

        You’re right, these written scenarios are rare. Having been around the block a bit, I can say that some things that are completely unbelievable can be true.

        How did DT do on Home? Mangini is a beast, but I still like Portnoy better. 🙂 Mangini is the best technical drummer I’ve ever seen, though. Were you exhausted after the show? When we see DT, we are usually right in front of Petrucci. One time, I could have simply reached out and tapped the “Easy” button on his pedal board. 🙂

      19. I know I’ve said I keep my personal stuff personal, but something happened this last weekend that I’m still processing and I feel caught in this weird unreality. It relates to things being unbelievable…

        I don’t want to go into detail but I just have to say this weekend I ended up in one of my own fucking novels right down to the most bizarre and taboo details. I was going fucking crazy wondering if I was making these things happen with my own mind, like I was figuring out The Matrix or whatever. It was just fucking crazy.

        It wasn’t me or anything but it happened around me, right in front of me, like this was community theater. I expected the actors to start breaking up and confessing they knew I was KT and were just fucking around. But they were not actors and shit went down that was real. I’m bewildered.

        Every dirty detail I saw, every odd component event that preceded it were things I would write; the whole thing was something I would write. This was a hotwife event, totally unexpected, out of the blue, taboo, crazy… I mean… I’m still shaking my head. If anyone in the future questions the plausibility of my scenarios I can now say: Oh, yeah? Because I found myself caught in the middle of something cuh-razy.

        Like Pete and Jess, and how Jess found a reason to move the bull in her house?—when I wrote that I thought Boy, that’s wild, how am I going to make it seem plausible. This shit really happens, it happened right in front of me… (currently still shaking head) I mean, the couple’s names are what I would name characters. Is it possible we do live in some simulation theory? The whole Fosters thing I laugh about, some other weird coincidences that have come up that I haven’t always reported, and now this?! My sanity is a little tentative right now.

        Cheezus… (still shaking head)

      20. Well, shit, now I really want to know …

        Someday, KT you’ll need to spill the beans on this one! Directly or indirectly …

      21. DnD – Ok, got it, I absolutely agree that surreal in KT’s fiction should also be see in the feelings felt in the stories, too, I don’t want that to be confused. Geoff in a closet watching Rocco manhandle Nia in Kaleidoscope, or Max sitting in the armoire watching Cole throw Maggie around are the most glaring examples of feeling an out of body experience.

        For me, I don’t want to get my point confused, which is that KT writes stories that can stretch the limits of what is commonplace in people’s lives to tell a story about fantasy, but she doesn’t lose sight of what’s real, which as you mention, helps us connect to the story even when she’s going really far ‘out there.’ That’s all I’m trying to say, and you can move the bar any way you slice in terms of what’s realistic. Some of the examples that KT’s gone the furthest ‘out there’ KT are Reza’s character in Reza, the Pool Party story, and the original ‘Taken While He Watches,’ BUT KT mixes in realism throughout all those stories to maintain a connection to it, and all the pieces of the story could individually be true, but having varying degrees of believability (a virgin handling four monster cocks in every orifice … that requires a suspension of disbelief if I ever read a story, lol!). That’s all I’ve been getting at. My point isn’t that a particular thing is more believable than another, because that might be subjective. But most crucially, what is great about KT is that even though I personally might find something far fetched, none of what she writes is entirely impossible. That fact matters to me a ton!

        If she starts writing about tentacles and vampires, I’ll run for the hills and clutch my precision KT bibliography close!

      22. As for the DT show, I was in the back of the first level so I missed a lot of the beauty of what they can all do, but I love the sound quality! One of the things that I loved was how true Mangini stayed to Portnoy, he didn’t try to change all the parts to suit his style, and it was probably most evident in a song like Dance of Eternity where everything is so precise anyways.

        Home was phenomenal, I had to record the outro part of that song (the part where Ruddess and Petrucci play that Indian/Middle Eastern style jam), it is one of my favorite runs of any band ever.

      23. I agree about the believability and the way KT uses real-world to accentuate the fictional actions of characters. Adding believability for me is a huge reason why I’m a KT fan. In only one other book did I bother taking the time to research if something was fact. I do that in almost every KT book. In Separate Schools 1, I researched the roads! I think I even mentioned that in the old blog. I think both of us went on about Michigan word use, too. I do truly hope “Party Store” shows up!

        Actually, I’m relieved you figured out what I was trying to express. I guess I shouldn’t write responses late at night.

        I dunno, Vampires can be cool! Daria is into goth stuff so I’d be along for the ride in that case.

        I’m glad you liked DT live. The unisons John and Jordan put together a truly something to see. “Blind Faith” has the hardest guitar/keyboard unison ever! If you search for DT drummer auditions on YouTube, you’ll know why MM is true to MP. In short, they demanded it. One drummer during the auditions actually got taken to task for even suggesting changes.

        The Indian/guitar stuff is why I initially liked Home! The sitar is actually a keyboard patch! It’s amazing the stuff Jordan can do!

      24. KT,

        We don’t know whether to write, “I’m sorry,” or “Wow! Now you know what I tried to explain.”

        In the former, it’s kind of like a loss of innocence–to know shit happens that is so fucking insane. In the latter, it can enrich you, but it defies logic. And, at least for me, the feelings I encountered were so difficult to put into words. You probably won’t have that problem, but it was so intensely wierd for me that it overwhelmed me completely. Still does when I let it–even though I got used to it and was able to respond appropriately.

        The “light switch”, like we wrote, is rare, but we know it happens. Long ago, I/we stopped questioning folks stories, and frankly, you’re the best at writing “light switch” scenarios–you don’t do it often, but when you do, suspension of disbelief is easy to attain for both my wife and me.

        Shit happens, KT. We won’t pry, it’s not us, but we want you to know if you want someone to bounce thoughts off of, you know our E-mail address. We’ve managed to keep translating a HUGE hotwife/cuckold book (from Spanish to English) completely anonymous between the author, her husband, and us, so we’re pretty certain we can maintain our mutual desire to remain anonymous intact. We have to offer that to you. Failing that, it’s our hope that what you witnessed/experienced doesn’t negatively influence your writing and that you can find a way, if it’s negative, to turn it into a positive. It sure seems like you’re well on your way to making it positive!

        At the very least, you now know what you wrote can and does happen. Life’s funny, no?

      25. Thank you for that DnD, I really appreciate it. I’m still processing what happened, but ultimately it has no consequence to me. I don’t know the woman, but I know the bull. He’ll be fine, but I’m hurting for the woman and her family. Just praying that she didn’t wreck her life or her family or something because she seemed really nice.

        The stuff I write I stretch to the limits of believability and try to keep them realistic, then just inch over the line so people don’t go Oh, come on, no one would do that. This event I witnessed was a full stride over the line. Maybe it will make me more confident in pushing future boundaries, so there’s your bright side.

        And you know that sick feeling you get after some of the scenes in my books (at least I get them)?… I had a real life sick feeling in the aftermath. I feel like Pete’s sister watching what was happening in the Mapplethorpe household, suspecting, not believing, then maybe she witnesses Jess and Tyler in the laundry room. Shit, the buildup was worse than that actually. Man, I still can’t believe the fantasy shit I write played out in front of me like that. I said it before but it was like one of those murder mystery plays that the audience becomes a character in, only it was a KT Morrison play they were putting on. I swear I’m in The Matrix.

      26. I can understand where you’re coming from, KT. Seeing something so taboo and potentially destructive like I assume it must be if it is drawing Jess, Tyler, and Pete vibes, would be an unsettling feeling. You paint a fairly clear picture even if the specifics aren’t known. I do hope you’re doing okay being so thoroughly rocked …

        I will say this, I know you might feel a little bad about your friend and the damage that might be being done, but it is kind of a blessing in disguise that you had some real world inspiration for your stories. I like the concept of a re-emboldened KT Morrison.

        Thanks for letting us into your crazy Matrix world, KT … or were we there the entire time … ?

        via GIPHY

      27. You’re more than welcome, KT. As long as you’re doing okay, it’s all good. Both of us can’t imagine walking in on something like that, especially when you didn’t know what you were going to see. Even knowing what you would see can be a shock when you actually seeing it.

        Like James, we’re happy it’s not a negative to you, but hope the families involved are going to be fine.

        We’re also sure that whatever you decide to write it’ll have enough realistic things that it’ll be believable–unless you’re being sarcastic, which could be fun!


  5. I liked this story a lot. I’d love to see it made into a series, but understand with all the other series KT is working on a one off story is probably good. That being the case I’d have liked it to have been longer then so that we get more Rachel and Truth encounters before the husband gets involved. Still it was a great read, as are most KT books.

  6. KT, I GREATLY enjoyed this book (i’ll be providing my 5 star review soon). I don’t know how you guys can read her books so fast! To me, they are best enjoyed with a slow burn and I don’t try to rush through them. After reading Rachel’s Truth, I have come to a self-realization about my preferences. My favorite books of KT’s are ones like this book. It’s the Reza series. It’s the Losing His Wife series. The Obsessed series. I know we all have our favorites, but I’ve come to realize the greater the “angst” of the husband, the more intense it is for me. Don’t get me wrong, KT is still my favorite author. I can be in the middle of a book from another author and when she surprises us with something like this, I’ll stop whatever else I’m reading and go to this. And I like her other works, but when I get to scenes involving wedding rings wrapped in ribbon and a wife demanding clean up…. my heart is beating and imagining myself in that scenario is just mind blowing. To each his (or her) own, but kudos KT . Another smash hit.

    1. Finished it last night been very busy with work long hours. Used the text to voice feature on my kindle for this and the last Keely book. As Lancer stated the husband angst factor is turned up and the ribbon Shiiiit. Gives me the vapors :).

    2. Agreed without the angst of how it’s going to end then the stories are flat for for. That’s the big problem I have with any prequel whether it be KT or George Lucas.

  7. Half serious question, KT. Does your projected word count factor in what you usually tack on when it’s all said and done? Is there a “Yeah right, KT, you know damn well you’ll add another section in chapter 2 and 5 and add 5,000 words” part of formula? I cant remember if you answered that before …

    David, as our resident computer nerd and writing software officienado, can we get on that? 🙂

    Happy Easter to everyone who cares about such things …

    1. Happy Easter back at you! Also, to everyone, even if they don’t care. It can’t hurt. If you’re sensitive such things, ignore me, I’m boorish.

      Since noticing the progress bar, I’ve wondered if the final word count is an arbitrary figure to shoot for, or a limit? As we have seen earlier, that figure is subject to change as the muse lights.

      James we need those questions answered first, Only then will we be able to posit about the KT algorithm and how it works. 🙂

    2. The projected word count comes solely from my bookwriting software. I have a bunch of scenes in mind I need to include and I input a suspected word count and the software tallies it up. But I’ll add more scenes as I progress and I’ll exceed scenes’ projected word counts when I start to write them. Then the scene’ll show me an interesting trajectory and I’ll follow that and add another scene or extend something. All I start with is a minimum of words I want to reach and then throw around some notecards of events that need to happen in the story. I have no idea by how much I’ll exceed the projected word count when I start, only that I will go over. The first Separate Schools book was supposed to be 40-50 and went to 110 once I became eager to explore Taylor and Harrison a little further. I also wanted to dig deep into the more nuanced emotion of cuckolding; the whole seeing Taylor sitting in the back of Colt’s truck and hanging with him, the strip football, etc. And this second SS book was supposed to be 25, now it’s 38 or something. I just think I’m terrible at planning and plotting. I like to explore shit that comes up while you’re writing that you didn’t see in planning.

      1. KT,
        Over the weekend the wife and I were at a big hotel in town for dinner. Going to the facilities before leaving I was (half)-joking with my wife about taking her in one of the stalls (she was especially fetching that night). She asked how we would keep others out of the room, I espied a velvet rope and two stanchions outside the Men’s room, and in a bow to KT’s superior situational awareness for such things, noted that we would just pull it across the door as if the room were out of order. Wife wanted to know how I thought of that.

        Maybe not as wild as your Pete and Jess and Tyler weekend, but dirty thoughts and dirty talk lead to dirty deeds and that’s what counts.

    3. Thanks for the behind the scenes stuff, KT! I wouldn’t sweat it if you are, it might be an overused joke from me that I return to because its the one thing I like teasing you about. But it could just as easily be losing its humor and morphed into looking like I’m complaining. I’m not, at least not anymore, because I’m used to what happens to the projected count. Now that I know for sure that it isnt a self imposed projection, that its arbitrary, it’s for sure something I will take with a slight grain of salt.

      Especially considering the example you provided of what gets added after the fact, strip football and the truck scene were two of the best scenes in the entire book, we can probably assume the best is yet to come!

      The only thing you’re bad at doing is providing context for that projected count, lol. But it adds to the excitement, honestly, I cant rule out the possibility that the apparent randomness of when books are finished contributes to my obsession. The allure of the word ‘submitted’ may not have quite the power.

      As for the current continued climbing word count …

  8. This book was really excellent – especially the tone and lurking menace of the early gloryhole scene and later interactions between Rachel and Truth.

    This was a powerful and beautifully written standalone story and once again KT’s knocked it out of the park.

    1. Ha ha, whatever. Everyone gets an opinion, and anonymister is cool. He didn’t like the book, and for that I’m sorry. I try to make the blurb clear about what’s going to happen without giving too much away, and I put cuckold thriller on the front. I figure most know what that means.

      (What’s with the whale in this book? Moby Dick?—I thought there would be way more dicks! I don’t like whales!)

      I’m not trying to push a fem agenda and I’m not trying to make people mad, I just want to be entertaining. I don’t hate men. My male characters are very strong and deserve respect. I thought Carl was kinda cool. Like, he got what he wanted in the end, only he didn’t know he’d wanted it. My real life is no one’s business. I also write some romantic suspense with lots of shooting and stuff—never touched a gun in my life. It’s a fucking book, bro.

      On the positive tip: Thank you 2B and all the others who take the time to leave reviews, I mean it. It really makes this worth it. The negative can shape a writer’s work or make them stop (not me, I’m super fucking spiteful, I’ll probably really get into mean bitch books now). If you read any indie book and you like it, please consider dropping a tip of the hat, you can make some struggling person’s day, lighten their load. Writing books can be lonely and tiring and all anybody wants is to be liked and respected. If you let a moment pass, some beautiful artist out there may decide to give up (again, not me, I’m super fucking spiteful—seriously a book about a mean bitch who literally hates testicles and wants to step on them). Amazon should be careful with their review system. It’s treacherous to allow personal attacks on someone’s art or their character. I know as far as Amazon is concerned this is just product. But there are vulnerable communities out there writing about difficult social situations, trying to parse their hurt and their understanding of the world into a written piece and if someone says the wrong thing, a hurtful thing, the consequences can be large. Books aren’t widgets, for some it’s their soul. When someone drops the negative on me it does shape how I perceive my audience. Thank Gravy so many of you show up here to let me know I’m appreciated and that I’m on the right track. If you guys didn’t speak up and I only heard from the anonymisters I would have moved on a long time ago and I would never have written about Geoff and Nia and that was such a wonderful chunk of my life. Bless you!

      1. KT it’s so clear that you put work and skill into these books and you deserve to know the amount of enjoyment your readers draw from them. I’ve tried to leave reviews for my favourites – although I fear my praise is repetitive.

        I’m continually puzzled by the people who go and read these books and then writing those reviews. What the hell did they expect that story to be?

        PS if the mean bitch in your story ends up falling in love with a testicle despite her prejudice and there’s a whole star-crossed lovers thing, can I suggest the title Monster’s Ball?

      2. You’re good at titles, ha ha. That is hilarious.

        via GIPHY

        There is one reviewer who cracks me up—they post on all the hotwife writers books: I don’t even know why I read these, ugh, nope, not for me, this is the last one I’ll ever read. One star.

        (Right, see you next week, buddy)

      3. We were shocked the review was published. It was not a review, it was a personal attack and we commented as such–not to give value to that person’s review, but to point out its nature.

        Take heart, KT. You’re strong as all get out, you know? Your work is heads and tails above.

        Gravy? Beef or poultry? Gotta know. Take that booze in your freezer (we read that somewhere, don’t remember where), and have a swig for us! Salute!

        Oh, if were were gamblers, we would bet you could make testicles in a vice be the horrific thing it likely is! (Hell, even being popped by the red heel of a Christian Louboutin platform pump!) Do it! {cringing}

        In the words of Alistair Leslie Graham, “Respek[sic]”

      4. Ah, dudes can be weird (as many of my characters say). I stay away from conflict. Sometimes it can be pigtail-pulling, a way of luring you to defend yourself and thusly engage with someone’s fantasy life. Not saying that’s what’s up here, just that I’ve faced it before where I realized what was happening too late. Ha ha, ho boyyy.

        Wait—did you say popped?

      5. I fucking love KT Morrison! Lol at Moby Dick. Other review, “I was promised a book about Moby, read the entire book, not one song!”

        I am with Glaucs here too wondering what the actual fuck is wrong with these guys reading books about a fetish which necessarily involves putting men down and being shocked by men being put down. I honestly think you go out of your way KT to give these cuckolded men life in ways that, I’ll be honest, I dont care about sometimes, haha! I do of course because it’s part of the deal and if you didnt write them like that I’d probably not like you as much (paradoxically, dont try to understand that contradiction too much, just plow through it), not to mention that’s only MY personal preference. I know you some big fans of your male characters, me too.

        To be honest I sometimes wish you were the ball busting tyrant that your negative reviewers peg you as. I read some of these reviews like, “Aw come on, that’s what I’ve been asking for the entire time!”

        Monster’s Ball is a good title, lol!

      6. DnD – You cant go wrong either way, in would say chicken.

        As Adrian Brody said, “Respek my neck.” Lol! sorry I thought of that moment when I saw that reference.

      7. Hey, not to worry, even Baez strikes out once in awhile (twice yesterday!). I have had papers dumped on by referees and it only made me more focused on proving them wrong…usually successfully. So keep up the good work. My only quibble….wait for it….is that I hope you finish separate schools and six weeks in winter pretty soon as in a few weeks I will be 82…gulp…I’d like to know how it ends…yea the books not me, ha!

      8. Ha ha, holy crap, TF! That’s amazing. Reza is up next, then Six Weeks, then another SS. SS might be quite long form, there’s so much material there. Chelsea Hates Libby gives a birthday nod to you—so, Happy Birthday, TF!

      9. Thank you KT! I am continuously amazed at your creativity. I think I can survive until the next installment of SS (and the ones before that you mention). Being something of a blog virgin (gasp!) I have to look up many of the abbreviations/ allusions to shows etc. that you and many toss out (Dr Google to the rescue) but it’s very interesting to compare other’s reactions to your novels with my own. Mostly I agree but sometimes not. But when I don’t it’s more a case of taste than anything else. Bottom line, I like good writing and that’s why I read what you write even if the the theme/topic is not always my thing. You write about people in a very compelling way and what they happen to be engaged in is subsidiary to the human situation which you describe so well. That’s why I love Elmore Leonard’s work. His books delve into some pretty different, ah, stuff but they are riveting because of the way he makes the people involved alive. Likewise Carl Hiaasen’s books involve totally wacky (that’s the only word the fits) people and situations but the writing is superb. To date Cherry Blossoms is definitely my favorite of yours but your recent ones are getting very competitive–Six Weeks in Winter has great promise. Looking forward to Scream Queen (if I were clever I’d paste in Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream!)

      10. TF,

        Happy Birthday, in advance. Sincerely, may you have many, many more!


      11. Wait… make that a black, stretch suede thigh high Christian Louboutin platform boot, complete with red sole and inner heel. I have to remember to keep my fetishes and near fetishes aligned.

      12. Just to be clear… While I/we think KT could write about balls in a vice and make it erotic, it’s not my/our thing. The shoes and boots? Well, those are my/our thing. There is something about my wife in thigh high boots that melts me. It’s not a fetish, but it’s… close?

  9. The negative review unfortunate I see this same kind of stuff on Literotica and a few author have blocked reviews and feedback. This is tragic for fans and author alike. The negative feedback “anonymister” left is so typical of the useless comments “anonymous” reviewers leave, spineless personal attacks. KT’s male charters are for the most part very strong. It’s the weak man that runs away from the responsibility family because the wife has a moment of weakness or more… While ball crushing may not be my thing I do like the caging and suffering Johnny is undergoing in the Reza series. He is a bit of a selfish douche bag. Would like to see him and Charlie stay together but definitely want to see some scaring to remind him of his evil ways.

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