What’s Next?

Coming later this week will be a complete novel not part of any series. It’s a thriller along the lines of Pool Party. A little more on the extreme side, but nice and intense, and ultimately fun, albeit a little grim and gritty (but sexy).

Now, after that I have a lot of books up in the air, a lot of half-written things that I love and need to finish. If you can spare a moment to read my poll here and let me know what you would pick, I’d really appreciate it!

31 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I like that you next book will be on the more “extreme” site. (And I liked Pool Party.) I wouldn’t mind more chastity and creampie eating in cuckold books … not much out there with that.

    I look forward to Reza and Seperate Schools. I choose Reza, because you once said, it’s just one more part and it probably should be done, while the series is still more or less “fresh”.

      1. We picked “Six Weeks”, just because. Then again, maybe that should be a “winter classic”, played out in cold weather.

  2. I picked Reza, for the completely selfish reason that I understand the next book is to be the last one, which I’m hoping will activate some kind of paperback release. (If it’s too big for a single volume, might I suggest two collections?)

  3. Very curious about this new book… “A little more on the extreme side” could mean a lot of different things. But KT stories always have a core of emotional honesty so I know it’ll be good. Pool Party was good, although it felt like it was set long after the most interesting events.

    As for the poll – no option for totally new stories? There were so many exciting ideas in that big preview of stories from a year ago.

  4. I picked Separate Schools but would understand if you decided to finish Reza as this is supposed to be the final book? I’ve been missing Separate Schools though.

  5. My personal choice would be Obsessed or Keely, but clear neither of those are going to make it past the Iowa Caucus (it is political season soon after all). So, as any good politician, I’ll have to throw my support behind a third choice…I’ll go with Reza since it’s supposed to be the finale and those are always fun. But I wouldn’t be disappointed with any of these stories.

  6. I found it interesting how the time of the day produced some different results (unofficially looking in, of course). This is based on when i looked at the results and not anyone’s comments. The “all-day everyday” blog goers seemed to learn towards KT’s more heavier stories the “Reza’s” and “Six Week’s” stories, while the “when I have time” night blog-goers seemed to go more for the softer edge, or the “Separate Schools” and “Keely” stories.

    I actually don’t know if it’s fair to call “Six Weeks” harder, or “Separate Schools” softer, but I think that’s how both have been portrayed … I am exhibiting the human tendency to compartmentalize everything so that’s me trying to fit KT’s complex AF stories into neat little boxes.

      1. This is fun! 🙂 I do think the figures are skewed, though… hanging chad, unregistered voters, dead people… 🙂

    1. … And also wow, not much of a difference between the top three, you would think there would be some parity between all of them, but there’s three at the tippy top and then a huge drop off.

      You could probably flip a coin with the top three (I guess it would have to be three-sided?) and get enough people behind you it looks like, but in a winner-take-all approach, Reza looks like the odds on favorite.

      Separate Schools is making a comeback though!

      1. “….moving like a tremendous machine!”

        If you’re so inclined, search for “Secretariat Belmont”. You’ll never see anything like it, again. Nobody will.

      2. TB, DD,
        You do realize that KT has a habit of surprising us with what she is actually writing at the moment. After all, how can all these books just come out of nowhere all of a sudden.

        So the mob proposes and KT disposes (apologies to Everett Dirksen)

      3. I understand we don’t exist in a winner-take-all system, but rather a winner-gets-what-he/she-gets system.

        This poll might just be, “Ok everyone, I’m starting from scratch, the following is the rank order of how many people will be upset that each series will not longer exist.”

        That’d be upsetting, haha.

      4. Definitely, donkatsu3! I’m stunned by the process. How in hades can KT keep things straight? I mean, KT’s mind… wow. Staggering to think of the volume of work that has emerged from that mind in a few short years. All of it is original and each has merit.

        KT’s book of the fortnight club?

        Editing, now…

      5. Editing wooooo! And now for the nailbiter to see if it can make it in by the end of tomorrow…

      6. I hope it comes out tomorrow. F1 weekend, which means I read every word from every media source on F1 I can find as well as watch all sessions. Forza Ferrari! Vettel better keep his head in the game. Ferrari should win this race, the track suits them.

        Who am I kidding? Of course we’ll read it the instant it comes out. Still don’t know what “Cuckold Thriller” means… I guess we’ll find out!

    1. Curious, James. What was brutal? I thought it was fun. “Six Weeks” has slipped to third! Janey, John and Maceo must wait! Kinda surprised that Keely has not surged. Keely would have been our second choice.

      Ain’t nothing wrong with Windows that some security things can’t fix. 🙂 I’m using an Alienware laptop right now! Damn thing weighs ten pounds, but man is it powerful. Looking to move to their new, lighter, thinner, even more powerful laptop, though. Four grand is a bit much, though. Oh, we have Mac’s, iPads, and iPhones, too. At home, linux, too. Then again, I’m a nerd, or so Daria says.

    2. If you arent using a windows operating system this is going completely over your head, right now this windows update has prevented me from starting my work day. I’m just glad KT doesnt have this problem for uploading, if 5he plan is to make that today, still.

      I’m a nerd too, just not with anything useful, like knowledge about computers…

      And yeah, Separate Schools pulls into second place from behind!

      1. You can rollback to the previous version if you can get into the computer. If this is a corporate build, you’ll likely have to contact your end user support group, if you haven’t already.

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