Learning Keely

It’s Keely time again, and in this book we see her and Max progressing as a couple, getting to know one another and finding out what makes each other tick. Even some of those embarrassing bedroom things. This one was intense for me, but I loved writing it, and I loved revisiting some of these old places and people and letting Keely see them for the first time…

A mffm romance serial…

While these characters are from the Maggie Series world, this book can be read as a standalone without having read the first series.

Max and Keely are a couple now, but the forces that brought them together pushed away two of their friends.

As they get to know each other, those old friends appear again in their orbit.

But a lot has transpired between the four, and it will take big hearts to get over the spots where the tangled wires of their past cross over each other.

Those vertices are growing hot. The lines are pulsing with electric life but there are knots from the past that might set ablaze the wonderful new webs being woven.

This series deals with poly relationships and contains bisexuality. Love is the central theme and the exploration of what one would do to please their partner once they’ve discovered what makes them tick.


  1. Can’t wait to read this…and I have the day off from work today so most of it will now be spent checking Amazon every half hour to see if it’s published.

    So Max and Keely think they can hide from Maggie huh? Silly Max and Keely lol. Seriously, I can’t wait to read this,

    1. Got it. We won’t be able to read it this weekend as we have company. It’s here though, waiting, calling…

      Great cover work, KT!

  2. Ok, I have only one word for that…beautiful. It’s a little weird using the word “beautiful” considering some of the situations our three heroes find themselves engaging in, but that’s what it was…beautiful.

    Beautiful watching love grow gradually, and honestly, between Max and Keely. Not because Maggie threw them together, not because Max can’t have Maggie and he’s settling for second best, but because two people come to the realization that they’ve found the person who completes them in so many ways. The way Keely soothes his fears about his own perceived “inadequacies” is great and so real…honestly I had tears in my eyes reading that. No matter what they do from here (and boy I can’t wait to see what that is) Keely loves and wants Max only.

    This was something he never quite had with Maggie once he found himself in a closet watching her with Jay. And also, the fact she confesses her love first is important for Max…she’s not humoring him after finding out his feelings, she genuinely does love him. For a guy like Max, and what he’s been through, I can see how that would mean everything.

    It was also beautiful hearing Maggie’s perspective on things…the genuine painful mixture of hurt and happiness at seeing her Maxy move on with another woman, a woman she knows is better than her for him. Her genuine pain at the realization that Keely be taking her place as a Milton, the place she once thought was hers. Cause even if she stays close with them, her relationship won’t be the same as Keely’s will as a daughter in law. Yet still, she makes it all about Keely in that afternoon. Honestly, my affections for Maggie, which took something of a hit in the first book, grew immensely here. Except for one thing…but more on that later as this post is already getting away from me.

    Finally, it was also beautiful to watch Max deal with his feelings. His love for Maggie is not dead, but it’s clear reading this that some of my fears about his love for Keely from the end of “Maggie” were wrong. He’s not in any way “settling” for Keely…his love for her grew in an honest place and doesn’t really have anything to do with Maggie (OK, it does…but not in the way I feared). As the end of the first book states, she really does have the ability to fuse together all the parts of him that didn’t make sense, and that’s something Maggie couldn’t do. She loves shy Max, cynical Max, funny Max, sexy Max, kinky Max (especially kinky Max)….and that last one is super important, cause that’s one that Max doesn’t particularly love himself. He feels ashamed of his kinks, and feels as though they’re a big reason he lost Maggie. But Keely loves him for that and wants to explore them with him.

    Someone wise once said…”you’ll know you found the person you’re meant to be with when they look at you and love the things you hate most about yourself.” Ok, it was in some cheesy movie or sitcom I watched once, which I can’t even remember, but those words stuck with me and I believe them to be true. In Book 2 we see both Max and Keely have found that in each other. And that, as we say, is beautiful.

    Ok, enough for now…maybe later I’ll explain the one thing I didn’t like about Maggie. Ok I’ll definitely explain later but this post is running longer than book 2 and I need some time…and you need some time after reading this. Congrats if you made it this far.

    1. ‘Beautiful,’ is, sincerely, the best thing I can hear about it. Thank you so much. It was a hard one to write, but not because it was sad (like what sometimes makes these books hard for me) but because it had to be right. So many moving pieces that have to behave in certain patterns, have to be real and sound true, and be entertaining, ha ha… Let’s just say the Keely series has been the hardest I’ve worked on a book before but I know that doesn’t mean it’s any good. You can work hard on nonsense too. So when I hear good words about these Keely books I feel like I’m not wasting my time! If I can make people have emotions while they read, then I feel like they’re understanding what I’m saying.

      Yes! Maggie is complex. Don’t forget, Max—

      (deleted a bunch because I forget there’s more books coming, and I’m the one who knows what’s happening!…)

      1. It’s always harder to write something that’s a bit of a departure, it can be scary I’m sure. But for this reader it’s been great. I like the fact that there isn’t sadness or dread lurking around every corner here…there’s tension, lots of tension, but not dread. I’m just enjoying seeing characters I love and enjoy again, and watching a love story evolve.

        Well, there is one bit of true sadness lurking, and it does hit you here at the end. Cause we know the Milton’s sadly won’t be riding the crest of the wave for much longer. But even the last passage provides hope in the sadness, cause we know Keely (and Maggie and Cole) will get Max past the low of his mother’s death.

        So we are now almost exactly 3 years from the wedding at the Poirot, and we still have some big pieces out there. Namely, how does Keely get comfortable with Max and Maggie being intimate (note her rules here) and how does Maggie get comfortable with Keely and Cole? Can’t wait to see.

      2. It’s really hard to write a departure, and it’s why I decided to write it in conjunction with Six Weeks and some Becky Haze stuff. It’s labelled a romance, a bisexual one, and is up front noted as a mffm romance right in the blurb.

        I think that if you are an individual with a cuckold kink, you shouldn’t be excluded from romance and from romantic stories. You can exist in a relationship with someone you love who loves you back, you can both support each other, and you can enjoy your kink. I write a lot of unhealthy ways this works out, so I want to write a healthy one. The trick is to stay entertaining, and that’s the hard part. I hope the books are enjoyable.

        Bless the people who are giving this series a go!

      3. Honestly I wish more stories in the genre were like this. We know these relationships exist in the real world and they work. Not every cuckold story has to come with danger and dread lurking. Plus this one comes with characters we have already met and are fully invested in…personally this is the most fun I’ve had reading in a long time.

        I also think one of your strengths is in creating multi dimensional cuckold characters like Geoff and Max. Not every cuckold has to be a timid guy with a tiny package who can’t please his wife. Plenty of cuckolds are normal guys who aren’t “slouches”…I think stories with guys like Geoff and Max are richer and deeper than the usual cuckold story.

      4. That’s great to hear, thank you. The danger and dread can be part of the fun, and I’ve written that a lot. After three years of doing this I see some of it differently, and darn it, I just love romance. I want to write a story about a good cuckold relationship. It won’t be smooth sailing, but the hurt is sloughed off because we already see Max and Keely three years off at the end of the Maggie series and they are a good couple, so this worked out for me: O.K., how did they get there…?

      5. LHW2 to us was a cuckold story for only a little while. After that it became a straight up tragedy with sex–you’re right. Having just re-read it a couple of weeks ago, it’s very fresh. Again, KT brought the tension to a head and then turned it to something touching. Two sides of the coin.

        The Keely series is just too good at this point. I really have no other words. Reading these comments expresses what I/we feel better than I ever could. It’s humbling.

        We are going to waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens back in Cambridge in the Federal style house.

        “The Journey Is The Reward”

      6. Thank you so much! The journey is the reward is, like, my mantra for this book. So worried people won’t be into it, that they’ll only want the suffering…

      7. One thing that never changes is my habit of dropping words. Damn it! “… going to be waiting… “

      8. Thank you for adding more music videos! 96 Tears, too!
        Thanks!!! “Pristine” is wonderful. I’ve never heard of Snail Mail. Perfect song for this story. Perfect. “Is there any better feeling than coming clean?” So many great, appropriate lines in that song.

        You know, people are going to like what they like. You, taking this chance is just part of your growth and that you did it so well–ripping our hearts out, not with dread, but with anticipation–just proves, at least to us, you made the right choice.

        Besides, knowing Max and especially how he reacted to the revelation that Keely and Cole had been together (by going for a walk and didn’t run away, proved that he, in the years hence, had truly grown up a lot), there’s going to be some suffering. It’s who Max is. It’s natural. Keely is growing to accept Max for Max “And out of everyone, Who’s your type of girl?” The big difference is suffering for the sake of suffering is not what this is about. It’s about love and what is needed to make Max and Keely happy.

        Pristine says it best:

        And we can be anything
        Even apart
        And out of everything
        It doesn’t have to be this hard
        I could be anyone
        But I’m so entwined
        And out of everyone
        Who’s on your mind?
        And no more changes
        I’ll still love you the same

        We support you, KT.


      9. You added the version of Pristine with lyrics! How cool is that? 🙂 :thumbs: (just trying that out to see if it works…)

  3. Ok, the thing I didn’t like about Maggie…based on her last narrative it feels like this was more about her fulfilling a fantasy about Keely than anything with Max. Not only is Max not first in her heart, he’s not even second…he’s actually third now.

    That’s harsh, and not completely true, I know. Maggie does miss Max and is jealous watching another girl capture his heart. But a lot of it is tied up in what she perceives she loses along with Max, particularly her relationship with the two people she has come to view as her emotional parents, June and Keith. Is it that she’s sad she’s lost Max, or sad she may lose her Mom and Dad?

    It just kind of makes me feel worse for Max, and some of my feelings of anger at Maggie return, for not appreciating what she had in Max…not in what she had with the Milton’s, but with Max. Keely sees Max and appreciates him, loves him. Maggie really doesn’t. As much as she likes to say she gets Max…I’m not sure she does. She sure doesn’t appreciate him, and I can’t help disliking her a little cause of that.

    Anyone who thinks Max should be with Maggie after this chapter, or is sad that he’s not, is crazy IMO. Again, I’m being unfair to Maggie I know, but my visceral reaction to reading her describe her feelings about Keely was an angry one.

      1. Like I said, I’m being too hard on her…and after reading that, I was like, that’s too harsh I should delete it. But I left it up to see what others thought.

        My thoughts on Maggie are…complicated. Probably the most complicated of any KT character. Max and Keely, I love completely, both their good points and their faults, it’s all endearing to me. Cole? He still only exists as a cipher to me. But from how I
        others describe him, he seems like a guy who after the Twilight has just been trying to atone and look after the needs of both the love of his life and his best friend who he loves like a brother.

        Maggie? Well something Keely said early on here hit me. You feel like Maggie is nice and sweet, but you can’t help shaking the feeling there’s always something more calaculating going on with her…it’s the inner Carol, that Keely doesn’t even know about, but we do. So maybe I’m guilty of placing the worst possible motives on her actions cause of that.

        No, Max is not third in her heart, clearly not. And rereading that passage, my heart does go out to Maggie. Clearly she was terrified Max and Keely would move on without her, and that would be an awful thing. She’d still have Cole, but what else? No real friends outside the Becker influence. It would be a sad life. She needs Max (and Keely) as much as Max needs her.

        But what she manipulating her tears to get what she wanted from Keely? I just can’t say for sure she wasn’t, and that is what’s infuriating (but fascinating) for me about Maggie. Max isn’t good at hiding when he’s trying to be deceitful or manipulative…you kind of see it coming, Maggie, she’s a tough one.

  4. Well, for me, I thought this story was finally it. It was the thing that was irrefutable evidence that Maggie had a heart, that she was not just Carol reincarnated, that she was a genuinely thoughtful person who just couldn’t let go of something that she had denied her own self. Max’s love. I feel like there were so many hints here of what Maggie truly felt about Keely and Max’s family, Maggie correctly realized she was phasing herself out of Max’s most intimate connection with his life, and in a lot of ways, Maggie going to Max’s family felt like a good bye of sorts (thankfully not in THAT way with June, yet, phew). At first I had trouble understanding why Maggie was even inserting herself there, but then again, Keely wasn’t even officially official yet even in Max’s eyes, introducing Keely as “my friend” to pops and even questioning if Keely and he were even exclusive. To me it made sense for Maggie to be there in the end, and it was brave of Maggie to even do what she did.

    Maggie propped Keely up the entire time she was there, even if she really didn’t need to, all while she got to get in her emotional release of being with the family once more. I keep making it seem like Maggie will never see them again, but I think it’s understood what this experience means to Maggie. Hiding the school picture was one of many mounting caring moves by Maggie, and for the first time in the entire series, we finally got to see purely genuine attempts at kindness from Maggie from beginning to end that weren’t buried within destruction left in her wake that we had to extract from the rubble to find and cherish (like I had to do in so many previous parts).

    Keely and Max are great, they really are. Keely is extraordinarily receptive to Max’s kink and doesn’t allow possibly destructive thoughts that connect with the subject matter to even gain a foothold, even cuts it off at the pass. She engages in Max’s kink in safe ways and makes sure Max knows its all for show. Pleasant.

    Another excellent piece of writing that really delivers a reward to the long time readers of Maggie while adding to it at the same time. Understanding how Maggie, Keely, Cole and Max fit together is becoming more and more clear, and less contrived. It’s still hard for me, but it’s becoming less so.

    1. We didn’t get clarity on why Max invited Keely to Michigan. She was upset about it, but never confronted him (she was too busy jumping his bones…those two really do it like rabbits lol).

      I honestly do think he wanted them to meet Keely, as this point it’s clear he truly is in love with her. Whether he thought having Maggie there would provide a buffer, or he just thought since they both were going then Keely should come too, I don’t know. But I don’t think he invited Keely out of guilt, or as a tag along, cause he knew it would look bad if he just went with Maggie.

      I just think the Max/Keely relationship is being revealed so well. They have such a fun connection, they talk things through, and they have a dynamite sex life. With all that, you buy the idea that Max could fall madly in love with this girl, even as he’s still working through his feelings about Maggie. We had to make something of a leap of faith on that at the end of “Maggie”….we don’t have to now that we see the evidence.

      1. I didn’t clarify in this book why he invited Keely. I see it that Maggie was talking to Max, and was excited to book a flight out to visit his parents. She just wanted to see June and Keith. She really does love them. I think also that June’s recovery gives her an excuse to go see them because she knows it’s kind of weird. But she gets good feeling in her heart when she spends time with them, and maybe she needs it now, feeling nostalgic and knowing Max and her are growing farther apart. Max hears she’s going, and right away thinks Hey, I could go see my folks. An innocent thing; they are friends. And I think it was an innocent jump to think ‘I’ll ask Keely to come’, just thinking it would be fun. At this point, no other Miltons are going to be there. Keely gets bent out of shape because she’s Keely.

        Keely and Max’s sex life: I just want to point out, they are three months in, and are separated by distance. Keely is a sexual person and when they see each other, yeah, they have a lot of sex. There’s a tension that gets built up.

    2. Thank you! I think Maggie is still complicated. Like some of the nice things she did for Keely may have been done through a sense of duty, and not entirely from the heart. She’s human, can be selfish, can be loving and kind too… I think it hurt for her to be nice to Keely in this situation because there was resentment. This was supposed to be her visit to people who made her feel good. Not to the Miltons as a whole, only to see Keith and June. Somehow it became ‘big’, and when it did she felt it was more about Keely. I think protocol took over, and deep down she likes both Max and Keely (obviously) so it felt good for her to kind and magnanimous on the weekend. But she was filled with resentment.

  5. Ok I’ve just finished the first part of the second book and wow! This is really erotic romance. I love it. So different to many of kt’s other books but this series is becoming my favourite. I’m happy reading this book. I love kt’s books but when I’m finished I’m usually satisfied and somewhat proud that I survived it, a bit like getting off a really scary/thrilling roller coaster but not generally happy. I’m usually as beat up as the characters. I read kt’s books because they affect me and I know from kt’s comments in the past that that’s one of the reasons she writes them. Win win but this book is a pleasure to read. Most of her books I need to read in small bursts because that’s all I can handle. This book I want to rush through but I have to purposefully slow down so I can savour it. You can only read a book for the first time once. Spoiler alert. This second kelly book starts with a rush. Keely confesses, Maggie confesses, cole confesses, max confesses and Keely opens up to her kinks. More punches than a Muhammad Ali fight. Communication, communication, communication! So different from the lies and lack of communication between the characters in the Maggie series. I don’t know how you do kt but your managing to pull all the threads together. I was somewhat resentful at the end of the Maggie series. I felt that If big dick beats good guy then so be it. Don’t throw Keely at us as some sort of consolation prize for max. I see now that while Maggie was max’s first love, they were inexperienced, still finding themselves and that Keely is the person for max. I almost wish the book stops here but we know that the foursome developers and it will be rocky. However I can be confident that Keely will have max’s Back and all does turn out well. If you we’re recommending this to someone who hadn’t read Maggie I would tell them to read the Keely series first that way you could go into the Maggie series knowing the characters will survive the train wreck you can see coming. Might have saved a few dints in my walls where I threw the iPad at it while reading Maggie. They really were juvenile in retrospect.
    Great work kt. I’ll get back to reading now.

  6. On another point I remember when kt originally suggested the Keely series on this blog that there was some dissent. I’m so glad she had the courage the write this. It adds so much to the series.

    1. Thank you so much.

      I think I’m writing it because I have a theme in mind which gives me a reason. I’m using a story to illustrate this theme.

      I’ve written cuckold tragedies, but I really wholeheartedly believe in a cuckold love story.

  7. We had a few hours alone, so we read the book. PERFECT.

    Here’s our review that has not yet appeared on Amazon. It was the first one done with the writer aids you suggested, KT.

    96 Tears

    Part two of the Keely saga “Learning Keely” is a tour de force of romantic erotic literature by author KT Morrison. It is inspired. It is poignant. It is happy. It will bring tears to your eyes. It is PERFECT.

    In this second installment, we see the relationship between two people, Max and Keely, grow into something more than just than just the physical. We see learning about each other. We see give and take. We see honesty. We see openness. We see genuine curiosity bloom into love.

    On the other side of the coin, we see what some will label as deceit. Deceit in the form of an ulterior motive. Decide for yourself, but if you have followed the Maggie, and now the Keely sagas, readers having read the “Maggie” series, might just agree that Maggie is not the most forthright when it comes getting what she wants. She knows it, too. Those same readers will also have the advantage of knowing that somehow… well, you’ll have to read the Maggie series.

    Again, KT Morrison paints magical images of the Milton family. Pictures of hope, pain, happiness, the past, and a family that has endured the illness of the matriarch and has emerged happy.

    The book is intricate. There are many moving parts in this story, yet KT’s images never become blurred. Those images are crisp, vivid, and will leave you thinking you “know” these characters better than you had ever known them. There were moments when my wife and I wiped tears from our eyes—tears of happiness because Max has found the love of his life in Keely.

    Readers of this review may wonder why we called it “96 Tears”. “96 Tears”, is a song by Question Mark and the Mysterians. Read the “Maggie” series, read the “Keely” series, read the lyrics to “96 Tears”, and see if we are right in labeling this review. We almost labeled the review “Crocodile Tears”.

    This is a masterpiece by KT Morrison.

    1. KT,

      Everyone but me is asleep (Daria’s Aunt and Uncle are visiting) and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed this wonderful installment. It is without a doubt, the best erotic romance we have ever read. We will read it again, but perfect doesn’t come close just how great this book was.

      Every word seemed precisely thought out with each scene playing in our heads like a film. It was that vivid.

      I don’t know what else to say except, “Thank you!”


      1. Wowee, ha ha, well, you’re welcome. I just love writing them this way, so I’m so glad when someone likes it this much! *Thank* you!

      2. You’re so welcome, KT.

        I think a while back I mentioned something about wanting to read a “loving cuckold” story. Most of the cuckold stuff we’ve read is not too loving, so we stop. We–especially me–are so glad you decided to go this route. The relationship you’re building between Keely and Max is so special and just fun to read about.

        While we’re sure things will ramp up in the future, we hope the love betweek Keely and Max never dies.

        In fact, we’d like to see this continue through to Max and Keely getting married. Personally, I’d love to see Keely deny Cole by saying, “I’m a married woman, now.” How fitting would that be? Ha, ha! I guess that’s too mean, but hey, it happened to Max.

        Thank you, again!

    2. I love it! Thank you.

      And, what’s weird, is that ? song is one of my favorites. It has a couple hundred listens on my iTunes.

      1. 96 Tears just popped into my head when we were talking about the review. It’s a great tune. We’ve got my parents records and CD’s and just happen to have that on 45. We don’t, but if we wanted to, we could play it!

        Given the lyrics, maybe that choice was a little too vengeful, but in the moment it seemed appropriate.

        Quite the coincidence.

      2. I like The Sonics, and Question Mark and the Mysterians are a nice psychedelic crossover bridge that reminds me of them. The proto punk sound of the Sonics with organ. Try Question Mark and the Mysterians ‘You’re Telling Me Lies’, for a good dishonest woman song…

      3. “You’re Telling Me Lies” is a good tune. I hadn’t heard of it. I listened to it and some of the Sonic’s stuff, too. I was surprised. Thank you!

        Sincerely, this book is something else. We actually see it as a movie–no lie–as the final scenes play out, I hear a Stone’s song, ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is’, playing.

        Just too much. Overpowering.

      4. Just as a side note, I did some research on “That’s How Strong My Love Is”. Wow. I didn’t know it had been covered by so many artists. Otis Redding, Percy Faith, The Rolling Stones, even Paul Rogers (Free, Bad Company, etc.–probably my favorite rock singer based on voice, alone). Alicia Keys has an original with that title that’s really great (Daria loves Alicia Keys, I do, too… her joining Keith Urban for a cover of ‘Gimme Shelter’ was epic). I like the Stone’s version of ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is’ best because it sounds more urgent.

        Both of us get a calm, urgent feel about Max and Keely. It’s odd, but it’s like, between them, we get this, ‘let’s let this play this out, yesterday…’ feeling. That’s love, no?

  8. I think it was in a KT story (maybe Nia to Geoff?) where a character tried to soothe her partner’s insecurity about his size by saying he had a “penis-sized penis.” Well, Keely’s talk about how Max is a sure thing should be the Bible for all of us blessed with a penis-sized penis. Don’t worry if you don’t have a “hammer” or a “womper”….just learn to be a sure thing every time and you’ll be just great.

      1. and yet . . . . and yet, wifey is never leaving hubby for parva cantavit gallus (dickus minor).

        Seriously, and there is no other place to put this comment, you, KT, have a marvelous ability to draw meaning out of minor details (i.e., you can really write!). I rented a car over the weekend and as the Korean 4 choked and spat its way up the small mountains of New Hampshire I could see your text in my mind’s eye at the end of Pool Party. The two girls pulled away with the putt-putt of a Korean 4 while our bull roared off with the storm und orang of a German V-12.

      2. Ha ha, ummm…

        I hate talking personal, but I’ll say I know someone who did. Hubby wasn’t mean or abusive or anything, and was a bull by all accounts. She even cheated on him, and left with the other guy and is now married to him. First hubby teemed with BDE, too, second hubby is a little on the sensitive side. Everybody is different. My numbered list is facetious because every girl’s got her own order, I was just trying to be funny. Truth is abs win out over penis size for the majority. No research on that, just party talk.

        You know what’s weird on that Korean thing?—I don’t know much about vehicles, it’s one of the things I’m constantly looking up, but I remember putting a Korean 4 in a book and then thinking I actually better check that and finding out most of them were 6! What do I know. They def make 4s though, and the point I’m usually making is that they’re underpowered, even if irl they’re not. And thank you for the nod to my writing, ha ha!

        But sorry you’re in the hills with a 4. That sucks.

  9. This series may not be for me, but I’m glad to see that so many people are deeply enjoying it!

    1. Thank you, Glaucon. I hear you. There may be more of what you like coming up in the Keely series, but I really want to explore the decisions made to get there. In the meantime, Becky Haze will have a book soon I think you will like, and the next Six Weeks book is coming soon.

  10. I really felt bad for Maggie at Max’s parents. I feel like Maggie has so much love for the Milton’s because they have so much oozing out of them. I have to imagine that with the kind of family that Maggie has that the Milton’s have to be freeing for her. It was a little weird that she went to her knees to hug June, but okay Maggie, whatever you need, I guess. What really is so touching about the whole thing is that Maggie isn’t even one bit resentful or bitter, at least not noticeably. This visit was killing her, and yet she did everything she could to enjoy herself, prop Keely up, and hold her shit together. Maggie knows the Milton’s inside and out, and she knows that Keely is freaking out because it’s always so stressful when meeting the family of someone you care deeply about, I feel like Maggie was an A+ friend in this.

    I had a really hard time not picturing Eugene Levy as Keith. I actively tried not to picture him and then he said something that would totally be something a Eugene Levy character would say.

    At one point in this discussion of how much Maggie liked Keely, I thought that Keely was a proxy for Max, that Maggie developed a crush on Keely because she was Max’s girl now, and now that Max is off limits, she developed a misplaced attraction on Keely instead, but what the fuck am I talking about. And besides, it’s not true, Maggie really seems to like Keely for the type of person she is. I still find all of this story hard to believe, and it’s things like “Maggie and Keely have a mutual sexual attraction to each other” that really exemplifies that when I take a step back from it, but when I’m in it it makes perfect sense. There’s a realism to this surreality.

    Did anyone else think that Max didn’t know about Cole and Keely’s past? For me, I was under the impression that Max knew that Keely and Cole were a thing at one time from the moment that Keely and Max met, part of my own internal narrative I was developing in the time in between Maggie and Keely books. In retrospect it makes perfect sense that Max would not have thought anything of Cole’s one time fling way back in the day. I was a little shocked at Max’s reaction to learning about their past, probably due mostly to my preconception about that fact, but I think Max’s reaction and how he came around to ultimately being fine with it after freaking out (probably thinking, here we go again …) was perfect. Everyone is so damn mature now …

    1. You might recall Max actually saw Keely and Cole meet all the way back in Tempting Maggie – in fact Cole showed Max sexual pics she sent Cole (a pretty sleazy/violating thing to do if we’re judging the characters as real people) when bragging about sleeping with her.

      1. The story was that Cole showed Max a photo and explained their time together, I remember it. What I was saying is that I thought Max would have remembered it too when he met Keely, but apparently not. And I honestly just put together that the only thing that Max would have seen in the picture was Keely’s vajayjay. It would probably be more difficult to pick that out of a crowd.

        I think I may have just found a new game show idea though …

      2. Max definitely saw her face in the pictures too, and in person earlier. But certainly someone that he saw once and then later saw again in photos doesn’t recognizably necessarily stick in your mind in that way months/years later.

      3. Nope the picture was actually full body including the face, and I forgot there was the moment in Altieri’s before that too, I remembered that from before but forgot it … so you’re right.

      4. I’m confusing my own self, theres a reason why I thought it was so strange that he didnt recognize Keely when he saw her, he’s seen her face before as we’re talking about.

      5. I hope KT doesn’t mind….

        “He leaned to Max, shielded his phone from the sun and scrolled his thumb through text messages. “Here,” he said, and stopped and showed him a blurry selfie of the red-headed girl from Altieri’s. She was topless, taking a picture of herself, smiling, pretty and fresh, laying flat in her dorm room bed with the tops of her rosy nipples visible. “And,” he said, and scrolled again, showed him another. The sweet nip slip of the first picture miles distant of this one. Her own hand, close up, her fingers pulling between her legs, showing Cole her salmon pink sex.

        “Oh fuck,” Max laughed, and Cole whisked the phone away, looking at it for himself now.

        “She was a screamer, Max.”


        “Holy shit. She was wild.” ”

        Now to find Altieri’s.

        Max clearly forgot…

      6. I don’t know why I said anything resembling a that I disagreed with Glaucon, I remember all of it. I guess something in between me having thought what I did at the end of Maggie when we were introduced to Keely (which prompted my shock that I mention above with Max’s reaction to Cole and Keely’s past in the first place) and now had me thinking that what I was remembering was wrong and it was only the picture that was Keely related in the past, and the girl in Altieri’s wasn’t Keely (I guess?).

      7. Max probably forgot because there was a lot going on… Maggie had just had a session with Jay and was sick to her stomach with “guilt” and Cole was hitting on Keely (though we never got her name).

        There is an interesting typo (I think it’s a typo, maybe it’s deliberate, KT?) “Maggie pulling down Cole’s zipper” when the context is Jay. Maybe I didn’t read enough… but it stuck.

      8. Whoops! That wasn’t a typo, that’s was Max being Max; as they say, an unbidden thought. My bad… y’all have fun!

    2. You have to keep in mind he saw and met Keely one time 3 years before meeting her again. He was in love with Maggie and Cole no doubt showed him dozens of girls like that. It’s just a random girl he briefly met. I can buy that he didn’t put all the pieces together and remember until something specific jostled them out of him…like learning Cole slept with her.

      On Maggie and the Milton’s…I think it’s clear she sees them as parental figures, and ones who actually act like it. She needs their emotional support and caring, cause she gets exactly zero of it from Carol and Martin.

      What she’s really deathly afraid of is they’ll find out she broke Max’s heart and cut her out. That’s where her fear of his siblings comes in, especially Connor…she has the clammy hands when she sees him. At first I thought it weird when Max said Maggie loved his parents but isn’t too keen on his siblings. Then it became clear.

      She thinks Max probably told at least Connor (I forget exactly how much he did tell him) and that Connor will tell Keith and June at some point. Maggie paints the picture of being above it all, but we can see from this chapter she’s terribly vulnerable emotionally. Having June and Keith reject her would break her in two every bit as much as Keely and Max turning their backs on her.

      1. I can buy it all too, honestly a lot of what I’ve been saying since my first post today is mostly me trying to retain my street cred as a self proclaimed KT story expert, I said what you essentially did about why it makes sense that Max would forget about Keely.

        I don’t know if I have a blind spot or not to Maggie the manipulator but I find what you’re saying really interesting and probably right, I forgot that the reason Max thinks Maggie doesnt like his siblings was left unsaid. I still dont think its nefarious, but then again I dont have a better explanation.

      2. And by the way, before my thoughts on it got completely derailed, it wasnt just the fact that Max didnt remember Keely that was my focus to my question, but his reaction that Keely and Cole were together at one point that was most shocking to me. I was shocked that it affected Max so much.

        I dont know why I let myself get so confused in my own points.

      3. I expected Max to freak out and it’s good that it’s dealt with – I brought up the spectre of that psychological landmine all the way back when the original Maggie finale was released.

      4. Yeah, I did enjoy what ultimately happened with that whole moment, and honestly he took it well considering how crazy it is.

      5. Yeah I enjoyed how Max walked through it all in his head, dealt with it and decided to talk through it with Keely. Some of it was his darker desires winning out, and it was somewhat of a happy surprise she was into it (at least the fantasy)…but he didn’t hide it this time and let it fester.

        I think it’s natural he’d be freaked she slept with Cole, even if it turned him on. Remember they’re still new here and learning about each other…I think the Max and Keely that eventually jump in to actually doing it will be much more secure to deal with it (though I’m sure there will be bumps.)

        I honestly don’t think Keely will “slip” now…seeing Derek make a cameo here raised the hair a bit on the back of my neck, but the Keely we are meeting clearly doesn’t have interest in other men in the sense of doing it for herself. The excitement for her comes in driving her Maxy’s motor. So anything she does now she’ll do with him. I think (it’s KT so you never say never).

        But I could see further Skype like flirtations with Cole, and Maggie picking up on it. It would be delicious torture for Max to have to watch it from 300 miles away…but still I can’t see Keely doing that unless they were already playing this game.

      6. I think a big part of Max had convinced himself he wasn’t going to pursue his kink with Keely. Sad, really. He was going to be someone else for her for her sake, like he didn’t want to wreck it.

        Truth be told it was probably just a matter of time—but I think Max had himself convinced of it since the relationship was so new.

        So Max was engaged with something that he saw as more wholesome and then whammo, he’s pushed through to the dark side with one simple sentence of admission from Keely. While his inner dialogue afterward deals with the jealous thoughts and images of Keely with Cole, I think part of him is also now struggling with his kink. When he’d felt it was subdued, now it’s right up at the surface and he hadn’t seen it coming. Part of the difficulty he has with the revelation is the inner change to himself, not just the fact the girl he thinks he’s in love with slept with his best friend…

      7. The other thing I picked up on is Keely still doesn’t know how the threesome came to be. When they discuss Jay she assumes they broke up right after this and then Maggie starts dating Cole after which the threesome started. Max doesn’t correct her here.

        So there’s so much she doesn’t know…the Poirot, The Twilight and Schroon Lodge…lots of other stuff. When she learns all this how does her perspective change, if at all? I don’t think it changes much, but maybe it makes her realize how deep the fantasy goes for Max…how deep the “darkness” is.

        Obviously, we know she gets into it. At least with Maggie and Cole (who I think represent a safe and loving spot for both of them, I don’t believe they are involved with anyone else)…but it’ll be interesting to see Keely get there. Even after this chapter there is a quite a ways to go to get her to the Keely we see in Tahiti.

      8. Probably the worst thing Max could have done was hide who he was from Keely, or try to be a different person. That never works, and it probably would have sunk the relationship with her over time.

        But it’s an understandable reaction, given his experience with Maggie. For him, his dark fantasies (and his inability to control them) cost him Maggie. We know they really didn’t (and I think he knows that deep down too)…but I can see where he’d been unwilling to go down that road.

        He’s learning Keely is different though, and that’s a big piece of the puzzle. He can have his kink, satisfy his mental clit, and not live in fear that Keely will betray him.

        Hey, I just figured out why it’s called “Learning Keely” I guess. Yeah, sometimes I need it to be hit over my head with it lol.

    3. Maggie going to her knees was supposed to be weird. I wanted to show some of Maggie’s vulnerability and also, very important, her weirdness to Keely. Right now, Keely has only a partial picture of Maggie. She doesn’t know who Maggie really is, doesn’t know her past. That was a glimpse. Keely saw it, thought it was weird too. Like, was she supposed to do that as well? I think why Maggie did it is because she felt a little overloaded by emotion, a little weak in the knees already, June was sitting low so it would be awkward to embrace the way she wanted, June looked good and that made her happy, if she stooped to hug June, June might try to rise out of the chair and Maggie wouldn’t want that, and also, in a weird Maggie way it was territorial, like showing Keely her connection with this woman, displaying a level of devotion that she knew Keely couldn’t repeat. I think about these things a lot, ha ha.

      Eugene Levy: that’s your fault! You’re the one who started it, and it’s me who can’t stop thinking it. Now we’re stuck in a cycle…

      1. It was a little odd, I thought maybe she was leaning on something…and it would be odd for Keely, especially at that point when she’s feeling a bit of the red mist over Maggie’s relationship with her boyfriend’s parents.

        And I do agree on the invitation thing…Max kind of invited himself, not in a bad way, then just thought it natural to add Keely too. By this point he probably knows he’s in love with her, and it’s the next step. Plus, he just wants to spend time with her. It doesn’t even occur to him that Maggie probably just wants to go alone.

        Knowing what we do about Carol and Martin, I find Maggie’s relationship with the Milton’s endearing. It’s a little strange, yes, but she needed that emotional support from parental figures, and she still needs it. She’ll never be totally Carol, even if that’s how she tries to present herself to outsiders (and that’s a good thing)…hopefully she’s more June Milton than Carol Becker when raising her kids. A little Carol is fine, just don’t go full Carol…or even 50%.

      2. Right, and Max didn’t invite his siblings, he knows not to do that to Maggie. He told his sister he was going up to visit Mom and Dad, and she was the one who turned it into a thing.

        Never go full Carol.

      3. Other thing I realized is Keely also doesn’t know Maggie wears Max’s engagement ring as a necklace. She notices Maggie clutches at a necklace she’s wearing when talking about Max, but unless I’m wrong she doesn’t know what’s on that necklace. Wonder what her reaction is to that? Now that she’s more comfortable and feels she’s a dot on the page, maybe she doesn’t react badly to that. But then again…Irish, redhead, temper. Good chance of a good mad on for her.

      4. In this light it’s also understandable if Maggie was a little upset (and she can’t exactly tell Max he can’t go visit his parents). So if she did some things at the Milton’s to assert her dominance over Keely, it’s OK…for the majority of the time there she’s setting all that aside to help Keely. So I’m back on the Maggie train.

        Her crush on Keely probably helps everything progress honestly. Max is good with it, and having Maggie show interest in her is what helps Keely feel like she’s a part of this complicated relationship now. She’s no longer a bystander, she’s a dot on the page.

        I also enjoy how both Keely and Maggie are kind of intimated by the other. It’s always funny how other people’s perceptions of you can be wildly different from how you perceive yourself. As both really open up to each other and see their vulnerabilities, it will also help the relationship between the 4 bloom.

    4. I would have thought it far-fetched Max would remember Keely. I considered it.

      Look back three years ago to a day where you might have had a bunch of shit going on and try to imagine if there were a boisterous person at a nearby table—would you recognize them if you met them today? Max had just witnessed Maggie and Jay and that was huge on his mind. Keely was a freshman at a nearby table who had too much to drink. Yeah, she was pretty, but she was drunk, and also… a Freshman. He was also in a bad mood because of what happened, all his thoughts were on Maggie. His mood turned around to lust and they hustled out of Altieri’s to go have sex, ending up in the alley. Last thing Max would have on his mind was that red-headed girl from the other table.

      Max was pretty unaware of Keely that night; most of that scene describing her was from Maggie’s perspective. All it did for Maggie was to illuminate that she had made it through college with only one man. Seeing that nameless girl at the table reminded her that time was up at college and she kind of envied this girl faced with wide open possibilities.

      It’s weirder that Maggie didn’t remember her, more than Max. Still, though, it was a fifteen minute exchange in a busy restaurant three years ago, and as far as Maggie knew it ended there. Maggie didn’t know Cole ended up fucking Keely that night (Cole wasn’t truly on her radar then, didn’t think she was in his league, and she’d just cheated on her fiance and was dying a little, had hard hard stuff on her mind).

      Max was the only one who saw Keely’s pictures on Cole’s phone, and that was a brief flash, picture blurry, and again, way more important things going on as well as studying and school which I hardly talk about.

      Even when Max and Maggie meet this redhead girl who used to go to Farm, they don’t right away remember her as that girl. Lots of redheads at Farm, just as at any school. When Maggie sees Cole’s reaction to meeting Keely she knows right away that they had sex. That’s easy. I bet Maggie *still* doesn’t remember Keely from that night. If you asked her about that night three years ago all she would remember were the awful feelings over what she’d done, that she had hot unexpected sex with Max in the alley, and that it was the night Max first suggested her sleeping with Jay. I figured if I had Maggie or Max remember Keely from that night people would think they had some Marilu Henner level of recall.

      Max only remembers the photos Keely sent Cole when he has these key details:
      1. Keely slept with Cole
      2. Keely slept with Cole first semester of Cole’s senior year
      3. Keely is a screamer (which he wouldn’t know til he slept with her)

      So when he first meets Keely, all he knows is she’s a redhead who went to Farm. Lots of girls like that. He needs more memory prompts to make the jump. Plus there might be an invisible barrier to his recall: why would Cole let Keely be in Maggie’s life if she was an ex? Max knows Cole to be respectful of Maggie, and I think subconsciously he would assume Cole would protect her from harm like that. I don’t think that’s a voiced thought in Max’s head, it’s just a truth that he feels. Max wasn’t privy to the weird exchange when Maggie introduced Keely to Cole.

      I think a lot about these things and I feel like I made good choices. The part I struggled with was when Maggie and Keely were becoming friends, Maggie never said her boyfriend’s name…? If Keely heard Maggie had a boyfriend named Cole who went to Farm it would be a snap of the fingers for her to say Oh, shit, Cole Cantarella? That’s the stretch for me, but I can see it. It’s an unfortunate element that Maggie never used his name, but I feel like it has to be that way.

      If Maggie and Keely weren’t really friends yet and Maggie found out Keely slept with Cole at Farm, I feel like the friendship would never have flourished. And I suppose if Keely had heard Maggie’s boyfriend’s name and remembered she slept with him (she would!), she wouldn’t have said so to Maggie. But I didn’t want Keely to be like that, didn’t want to put her in that position. …And Cole and Maggie have a newfound honesty thing they have to abide, so when Cole met Keely, he would have told Maggie the truth, and then Maggie would realize Keely withheld that bit of info and be wounded by it, so that’s not really tenable… Goddam these Rubik’s Cube stories!

      1. I love this detail, and excellent point about Maggie. I just hate that this reply was done by way of explaining something to an off the cuff comment. I ultimately understand that Max wouldn’t remember something so minor at the time. I was really trying to see if anyone else had a misconception like I did about Max not knowing about Keely’s past, and ultimately what got lost in the paragraph because I let it get derailed so much was I wanted to see if others were surprised as I was at Max’s reaction when he learned about it. Again it makes perfect sense with everything … More sense than my thought which was that Max would not think anything of it, he ultimately comes around to thinking it’s fine too, but as others mentioned, I enjoyed the inner turmoil. It rings true.

      2. Nah, nah, that’s what makes the comments fun (at least I think so), people can posit and maybe I can answer. You made a good point, and I wanted to illustrate the thought process. I liked doing it.

        I thought of something else…

        Remember when I did a poll a while back at the end of Maggie? One of the questions was if you as a reader remembered Keely’s appearance in the first book. I think it was like 40% of respondents said they did. And they just read the book! And the book only deals with the most pointed moments of Max and Maggie’s lives. I left out all the teeth brushing, eating, sleeping, bill paying, studying, checking grades, video games, Christmases, etc. All the junk that fills your life up. Do all that over three years and you see how small that Keely-moment would be to the people who actually lived it…

        And off the cuff is great here, you know that, ask the questions even if you kind of know the answer or whatever, it’s still fun to talk about…

      3. Hi kt. I wondered where you were the first few days after the release. I’m wrapped that you’re engaging with the blog. Getting some insight into to your thoughts as you write the book is nearly as good as reading the book. Thanks so much. For what it’s worth, I totally agree with how you handled the max, cole Keely thing.

  11. Some other things I enjoyed in a second read through….

    I love the banter between Max and his brothers. Especially at the end when Mike asks him if he fucked both those girls and he’s like of course. And, of course, we know he’s not really bragging. Just great…but I also like that behind their merciless teasing (and exasperation that baby brother is getting hot chicks), they’re also happy for him that he found Keely. Feels like a genuine brotherly dynamic between the three.

    I absolutely picture Eugene Levy as Keith now…especially when he greets them at the door and locks Max out of the house…it’s inescapable.

    I love how Keely describes Max’s apartment, with stuff strewn all over the place cause they’ve been too busy having sex. They are connected in so many ways, but having a girl be that into you has to be a great feeling for Max. I wonder exactly when he figures out it’s more than just a rebound and he’s falling in love with her. I do think it’s after that Valentines double date when he begins to open up to her and finds she’s not disgusted by his kinks. That’s when the light bulb goes off in his head I think.

    1. We’re going re-read it tonight after “The Walking Dead” and “Talking Dead”.

      Reading this book for us was like watching a film. Everything was so vivid.

      Maybe after the second pass, we’ll like Maggie more, but right now, even especially after the “I don’t want to lose you!” stuff and it all being contrived, we’re really thinking she’s simply not capable of honesty unless it benefits her. She’s manipulative. Of course, and this is what we alluded to in our review, everything works out “okay”.

      We think some real drama is coming in book three… remember, Keely is spending a lot of time at Maggie’s and Cole’s. Will Keely trip up without Max being there? Will Maggie engineer it? Or, will it happen via Skype or FaceTime? Max should learn how to record Skype and FaceTime calls. Wouldn’t it be cool if they’re using iPhone FaceTime and the bug where the caller can hear what’s going on prior to receipient picking up, raises its ugly head? (Yeah, I know it’s group calls, but there’s an easter egg kinda hack for that, too.)

  12. Wow it took almost as long to read these comments as the book. But I will say they enhance the experience to see what others pick up on that I didn’t. Plus I agree that KT nailed it. Not much to add except a short comment on one aspect of Keely that really is pleasing to me. She’s a feisty person but also, even at her young age, knows herself (not a small accomplishment). This means she is able to choose how to act rather than just react to her emotions. This shows up especially in her interactions with Maggie at the restaurant and then later with Max as he is rather dumbly pestering Keely about her brief liaison with Cole back in her first year of college. Rather than pointedly reminding him of his reticence concerning his own sexual history she chooses to use her ribald wit to soften his mood. In doing so she expresses her growing love for him so effectively. I fully expect, however, that this maturity is going to more severely tested in the future. Just for kicks did anyone else notice that at 288 Cole’s two fingers of Laphroaig becomes bourbon and then somewhat further on single malt again? I wonder if this is KT’s clever way of testing her readers or if the peaty, bitterness of Islay whisky vs the smooth sweetness of Kentucky whiskey is a paradigm of Max/Maggie vs Max/Keely? Both are powerful in their own way. As Keely said at one point to herself, “Doesn’t he know I’m joking”.

  13. hey, are we going to get a Separate Schools pretty soon? Just curious because it looks like that will be the next one up.

  14. Bring the Darkness back, KT (long as fuck)

    Ok, the pleasantries of reading this story are known now. I mean them just like others here do, even though having to say it so bluntly might diminish the authenticity of those words. They come from a good place because I really enjoy the depths of each of the character’s experiences. KT understands Max, Maggie, and Keely through and through and their actions and thoughts are organic to the point of wondering if I’m reading fiction. I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted this before, but there was a split second once where I wanted to google Maggie so I could see her face in my mind’s eye again, I didn’t type it because I caught myself, but for that brief moment in time I almost forgot that she really wasn’t an actual person. That’s how often her character permeates my conscious to the point where I don’t even remember if my thoughts are about a real person. I think … hmm, I think … judges? Yeah, we all agree, that’s good writing …

    That said, I find these recent crop of stories disappointing. I am going to say something that may shock you, but I have certain, ahem, goals when I read a KT story. I honestly hope that didn’t shock anyone, I think it’s apparent why we’re here, to be turned on (right?). But I say this because I’ve built up an expectation, that THAT part of who I am is at some point going to be allowed out and it’s been reinforced for being unleashed so many times that seeing ‘KT Morrison’ in a list of book titles is practically Pavlovian. No additional information is needed, just merely the name.

    So when I see a book is released I can’t wait to jump in. And honestly, knowing what I said it makes the concept of ever reading any pages at work highly questionable, but I’m an adult(ish), so I’m able to compartmentalize enough. Getting home is ‘game on’ in my world, it’s a whole thing at this point, luckily I don’t have too many social responsibilities outside of work and personal goals/errands that stand in my way like many people on here have. One of the key features of a KT story is that she gets my heart pounding. I crave it, because I know KT is incredible at achieving it in me. She does so in a way that so many authors I’ve tried to find, can not.

    I didn’t get that heart racing in Learning Keely, and honestly it’s been a while since KT has really delivered the kind of thing I’m dying for. No not THAT, she’s doing pretty good there still, but I mean the heart pounding, heavy breathing, thing she did to me regularly that keeps me coming back for more. There keeps being allusions to what I fell in love with her stories, but it feels like it keeps getting pushed down the road into the next story, and then I find out it isn’t what I expected (Watching Natalie Again, Inconceivable, Apres Ski, Happy Endings, Separate Schools, Mary’s Pledge, Reza with the exception of High Stakes, my favorite by far of that series) they’re all cashing in on an expectation I have of KT, an allusion to a possibility that isn’t quite getting there anymore. Close, but no cigar. It’s an immaturity and a lack of creativity on my part, to be certain, and that’s on me. She’s her own author, she’s going to do what she wants to do and I want her to keep doing that. I’m glad it isn’t always the same story over and over again, it never is that.

    What KT taps into in Learning Keely is nice, to be sure. The only reason why I hold KT to such a high esteem is the part of me that wants Romance, creativity, justice, balance, and maturity has to be coddled for me to care about these books. And she does this regularly in almost every book she has ever done (when’s she’s obviously trying she succeeds). So after my frustration with not getting what I wanted out of LK was put aside, I did other things (it’s tax season in the U.S.). It was 3 in the morning the day after launching when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep that I decided I was ready to go back to reading LK properly. No trying to achieve the “ahem, goal”, just reading a story of growing love, letting the Romance, mature, orderly, etc. part of me have it’s own space without getting distracted. It felt like I was honestly reading a book like I normally would in any other context. I read for an hour and fell asleep (not out of boredom, it was 4 in the morning!).

    What KT is incredible at is bridging the gap between this part of me that was somewhat evolved and the base part of me, and she understands what both want. I feel whole when reading the best of KT. If I had a venn diagram of what KT writes and what I what, it would be as close to a single circle that any erotica writer has ever gotten.

    And the Romance direction is a frame of mind that I don’t mind KT focusing on exclusively, she’s KT fucking Morrison. And so I truly enjoyed going back into the story with the right mentality. Part of my problem is that I can’t look at KT’s stories individually anymore, they all fit together in a grand bibliographical puzzle that is KT Morrison. There’s a mystique about what KT is going to do next that is part of her appeal to me, and so I’m an adherent to any direction she wants to go because I know it’ll be creative and intelligent, and honestly, as the reader I want to be surprised, I don’t want the same shit every time or I’d leave to try (and try and try and try) to find someone who could do what KT can.

    I’ll be honest, when I think about what gets the heart racing, it isn’t Max and Keely, not yet anyway, and I hope I’m wrong because I don’t know if it’ll ever be. It’s Maggie and Cole (read: what those two hooking up means to the story), it was always them that ever did it for me. The messed up thing is those two probably won’t affect me like it did in the Maggie series now. Kinks be weird, yo. Max and Keely are cute and healthy and all the things that make a nice love story, and it’s a couple I would root for in the real world every day and aspire to. All that is not why I’m here. I’m glad it exists, but I don’t like it being comfortable, lol. And for my part, I probably don’t do enough to give this criticism any weight when I enjoy the totality of what KT does so much and focus on talking about that. And I think I understand the whole of what she is doing, it’s just getting a little too frustrating for me. I’ve cashed in a lot here over the past year now, holding hope. I know it’s coming, eventually, I understand that. And trust me, the build up and endings are so, so, so the key to any good story, and you can’t pay that off twice, so picking the right things to happen in order to make them worth the price of admission is a challenge, and you can never go back after it’s been done. I’d just really like to see something hit me like the dark days of Maggie did (for instance), you know, before my next birthday (it’s in May, by the way, lol) … If I wanted dark but nice I’d read Kirsten McCurran, Lexi Archer, Max Sebastian, or Arnica Butler, etc. I want dark and nice, and then twisted, sad, funny, deep, depressing, painful, nostalgic, off-putting, indifferent, classy, dirty, etc., etc., etc. That’s why I’m here.

    I need to go into more specifics to make any of these points stick out, and I’d be glad to answer any questions about my opinion, but I’ve said plenty enough for now. I think my feelings on good KT stories can be summarized by exemplifying my favorite works – CayPro, Obsessed, LHW1 and 2, and Maggie in no particular order. The only reason I said as much as I did, as well when I am doing it, is I want to make sure I let this part of me breathe besides the part that enjoys stories like Learning Keely. I choose to bury it because honestly this story and stories like it don’t deserve any ridicule. It’s fucking amazing for what it is, and even when it doesn’t do it for me, I still enjoyed it immensely. So when I see Glaucon’s post about not being his cup of tea, I’m there with him. This just isn’t for me, at least not all of me. It pays off a lot of my internal struggle wanting to know everything that was going on in people’s minds in the Maggie story and completes it in a satisfying way in terms of accuracy seeking, but not satisfying in a way that I like my KT stories. The reason I have any interest in the Keely story is BECAUSE of the emotional impact of Maggie, and the effect is wearing off the further away it goes. It doesn’t help that I know the ending already, and honestly I think all of my lack of enjoyment issues in this story might simply be rooted exclusively on the fact that I know they end up okay in the end. When I think about it, if I didn’t have Cole and Maggie’s wedding or Tahiti already in mind, Cole and Maggie exchanging a kiss over Keely’s lap might have done more to me, for example.

    People like JL, DnD, WA, TF and Tracey they have a better head on their shoulders, they see the value of these stories as much more idealistic so I really want their voices to be what rings in reaction to this type of story, because I am glad they are huge fans of KT’s and I think it’s the right and healthy way to enjoy these stories, and probably just to live in general, lol. Their perspective is helping me see things that my otherwise laser focused mind didn’t the first time I picked up the story to begin with. I’m not quite right in the head though, clearly, as more and more stories are revealing to me (I’m ok with that fact, lol). So it’ll be me and Glaucon waiting (albeit he more for the short and sweet variety, me for the long and draining) in the weeds for Damien.

    1. Everyone has their own likes and turn ons…their own mental clits (literally in this case). So no need to apologize or feel bad for your feelings.

      For me, as much as I love a good KT tragedy (and she is the best at them)…for me they sometimes drain me. I enjoy that feeling, but I also don’t…if that makes any sense. They affect me too much, I remember after the Twilight I almost couldn’t function for a while. And that’s not a good thing all the time, at least for me. Sometimes I need the “stakes” to be ratcheted down a bit.

      So my primary enjoyment of the Keely series is that we get a lot of the things that makes KT great (her character development, the scorching hot and kinky scenes) but in the context of an overall sweet romance. It’s kind of satisfying both my mental clits…I love reading a good HEA romance book as well.

      Even if I know the characters are going to be together at the end, a well written sweet romance still gets me to smile more than anything. And I need that as much as I need the darkness and tragedy at other times.

      But everyone is different, and I do think that’s what makes KT great…there is always another story down the road. Hope you stick in there on Keely though…I do suspect there will be more of what both you and Glaucon look for in stories,

    2. James, we’ve read every word. We spend way too much time on this site waiting for something to come up. Waiting for your treatise or “mission statement” (I had to throw in the Jerry Maguire thing, as a good natured jab–you get it though) is something we didn’t see coming. I get the feeling you’re an honest, really, really intelligent guy. You nailed a lot on the head.

      You have to remember that I (Dave) couldn’t finish reading the last book in the Maggie series for a long time. Yeah, it’s strange. It’s just a book, right? Well, no. The big thing that draws us to KT’s writing isn’t really the erotic content (surprised?), it’s the visuals of the erotic content and the surroundings. Reading KT for us is like taking a tour. It’s so different from every other author out there and that’s not to say we don’t thoroughly enjoy other authors, we do.

      Do we get turned on? Yeah. We do. But y’see that’s not the entire point of it for us. You know a bit of our history, so some of it is reliving. “Do you remember that time?” kind of thing. Look, I bawled like a baby when Keely told Max she loved him. I bawled like a baby when my wife told me she was stopping the “new chapter”. Why? She loves me. She saw I was hurting. I don’t hurt often, but the reason I couldn’t finish reading Maggie was because KT’s writing brought that all back to me. I hurt all over, again. When you get that from a writer, regardless of the circumstances, you stay. KT gets that kind of love. I don’t like hurt, though. So, I waited until it didn’t hurt. KT’s writing tells us it’s okay to hurt sometimes. Simple. I know that’s a huge leap, but it’s different strokes all the time.

      Six and-a-half years ago I would have never believed I’d be writing on an writer’s blog, especially one with this content. I never looked at porn or read stories, or anything like that. Never. Free stories, accounts, and other things helped me. Kind of odd self-help, but who do you turn to? Then, many years later, I read a comment about Maggie xleglover wrote. Hooked. Big jump, bro: Buying erotic literature. Wow.

      I think it’s great you have the clarity of thought to write what you did. It takes guts to say you’re in the minority anywhere. Hell, when I was posting on OHW, I’m sure I came across as a sap at times. I am a sap. I make no bones or apologize. You shouldn’t either. Like what you like, bro. I’m sure KT is going to read what you wrote and take it to heart. I do. Daria does. It’s part of what makes you, you. You expressed it so well.

      Maybe we’re hooked on KT for different reasons, but so what? It doesn’t diminish or raise one side over the other. It’s like KT wrote, “the other side of the coin.” Both are there and both need to be there. Balance.

      In thinking about what you wrote about having better heads on our shoulders. I don’t know about that. Daria laughed, “Remember, we’re crazy!” Then, Daria reminded me, “You know Keely 3 is going be really angsty, right?” Then she said, “I hope your buddy likes that better.” She means it. I echo it. Then she teased me. See, there’s a difference between teasing an humilation. Max is going to get the shit teased out of him and while Daria wouldn’t take it that far with me again because she knows it’s not me, Keely is going to drive Max berserk–but here’s the deal, it’s gonna be done with love and understanding. Cruelty for the sake of cruelity is the worst thing I can think of. Teasing? Fuck yeah!

      KT’s had some really cruel folks running around in her stories, but in each LHW book, the other side of the coin showed itself.

      We, like you, hope KT writes things that make KT happy. Muse’s are strange things that need to be followed. Kind of like an inner voice.

      There’s more, but I’m worried this isn’t going to post properly, so I’ll stop, but you get what I’m doing. I know you do.


      1. Sorry for the long winded thing, James. I don’t think I dropped any words but there’s an “an” where an “and” should be. Also, please forgive me for writing too much about Daria and me. I wanted to relate things as they related to KT. I apologize in advance for coming off as self-serving, that not being my intention at all.

      2. Where I could see the angst coming in part 3, and beyond…when Max and Maggie get together again in the four, I could see Keely getting a real competitive streak. She’s gonna want to drive her Maxy wild, and the way she can do that is to really push his buttons with Cole. And I mean really push his buttons.

        She can give him that (in a “safe” way) better than Maggie ever could. But she could really make it hurt so good, if you know what I mean.

      3. See, for me, part of the angst is not knowing if the relationship is safe by letting what’s happening continue. Knowing that might help you all understand why I’m not looking that forward to the angst in the next parts. It’s all fine.

    3. You three are the best there is, haha. I’m alright, I shouldn’t have said the thing about not being right in the head in case it made anyone feel sorry for me. And I dont want to get it twisted, I might like dark but I’m not talking too big of a game, haha. I just like KT’s dark, the emotional kind. No one’s getting genitally mutilated, thankfully haha.

      JL – you understand fully how this all fits and I’ve come to terms with it too, but I just have a severe hankering, that’s what I think is my problem. And I’m going to love what happens with the Keely story, I just wish I didnt know the ending, I really do think that it’s literally all there is to it. But again, KT knew all this was going to be different and gave everyone a heads up ahead of time.

      DnD – Really enjoyed reading what you wrote, thank you! Your combined perspective is essential reading to me now when reading her stories. My problem, Dar, again is that it’s all fine. I cant get too hurt if I know they all recover, you know? I’m not giving any of what happened at the ending of Maggie any proper depth, because its not a cleanly neat happy ending, but it is a net happy ending, and anything that happens in the next parts all predate that ultimately happy ending, so the pressure is off. Whatever happens just becomes, how did end up okay in the end?

      At the end of the day this story just has different goals and I embrace them. Again, just getting antsy.

      1. James, To=be=to=have–I’ve always liked that name, it indicates living in the moment to me and to accept things as they are and just get on with it. Maybe it’s from some literary reference, I don’t know. It’s cool, like you.

        You’re welcome. VERY welcome.

        Here’s what I think is going to get everyone here. Yes, Keely is going to have some fits about Max and Maggie. Remembering the rules Keely put down regarding contact, it’s natural she’s unsure, but she’d getting there.

        Then there’s Keely and Cole. That is a HUGE button for Max. HUGE. Remember the Skype call? (I truly hope KT exploits the FaceTime bug in some way. Max makes the call and before they pick up, he hears Cole say, “Quick! Keely, Maggie, get dressed.” Keely says, “You better get dressed, too!”) How’s that for spinning up Max? Remember, Keely and Max are new. There are going to be bumps in the road. Maybe even a breakup?

        Maybe this doesn’t get you James, because you know how it turns out?

      2. College me just thought I sounded clever by taking this guy’s book and saying, “F picking between having or being, having = being, dude”

        I mentioned this guy in a blog post before, and it was actually through going back over that guy’s philosophy that I remembered the origin story of my name, lol. That’s how much I think about it. Kind of lame now huh? Haha.

        I appreciate you guys so much, Dave you bring the sap out of me. If you need to let the sap out, you know it’s a safe space here.

        To answer your question, I love everything you just suggested, and will even if it happened in the next part. And creative thought! But yeah, you’ve got my feelings on what’s next figured out.

    4. Hey – I do agree with a lot of this and feel similarly about many aspects. I’m right there with you anticipating certain kinds of let’s say “darker” stories. And while I’ll confess to preferring the one-offs, I wouldn’t call them short – KT’s stories are more than three times the length of the average story in the genre and that’s a big part of why I’m into them haha.

      I struggle with the degree to which I should voice thoughts about what I like/want to see in KT’s stories because to me at least it feels like I’m just saying “Hey I would prefer more of this” and I don’t necessarily think that’s constructive and maybe feels selfish to me. On the other hand, KT has stated multiple times that feedback is a big part of this blog. I guess I’m conflicted.

      1. I dont mean to speak for anyone, just trying to relate. And of course i was just referring to your preference for one offs. Everyone wants KT’s story length.

      2. Oh I don’t mean any criticism of your comments at all haha. Tone can be tricky in pure text. I largely agree.

    5. I’ve been really trying to resist the urge not to come back to this post and say that I wish I could take at least some of it back, because I know by doing that I risk giving more weight to all of the criticisms within what i was saying and dimishing the positive things that i want to make sure were understood. I would hope that everyone, including KT, might be positively bored by my endless praise of her. That all said, I dont really like how this post comes across.

      Firstly I want to be clear (to Glaucon’s concern about these kinds of posts) I dont want KT to change at all. Does that ring hollow considering all the things I said above? One thing I realized I said was almost a threat, truth is I am going absolutely nowhere. I love this author way too much to change my reading habits, especially because she made it clear that she hasn’t forgotten the stories that she’s written that I deeply love. She doesnt need to hear it from me, but I hope she keeps doing everything she planned on doing, no matter what direction it is.

      Honestly all this talk is so self-absorbed and possibly a little too grandiose. I know KT has her own thing going regardless of anything that was written in this post or anyone’s individual posts, so why make sure I didn’t possibly hurt KT’s feefee’s as Maggie would say? I love KT for her fearlessness, she ain’t shook. It’s mostly because I havent said a lot the past few weeks and i dont want it to be thought that I’m getting less interesting in what KT does, that’s definitely not it. Just not much to say these days, I guess.

      I feel like the original post I wrote was me getting caught up in a shitty mood, probably blue ball related, I cant honestly rule that out. Stop laughing, this is serious. 🙂 I love this story very much, and if I can realistically concoct a scenario where my negativity goes away simply by not knowing how the end is going to play out, especially knowing that, again, KT is just trying to do something new with this story and her recent foray into romance in general, well then my negative opinion might not be on solid grounds. I will say it now that I’m in a better mood, I want KT to continue exploring Romance.

      I felt a lot from Finding Keely just like everybody did, and I dont want that to get lost in the bitching about my itch being unscratched. That does not matter as much as being emotionally moved, which happened in this story, too. I think it’s good that I know the ending, then I wouldn’t concoct some crazy scheme on the blog about how Keely will secretly fall in love with Maggie and forget about Max, because the dramatic part of my head just might have started making those jumps if I didnt have the end of the journey clearly understood.

      1. Ya done good!

        Thing is, do we know the end of the journey? I think not. Remember, “The Journey Is The Reward”. KT’s the driver, we’re just along for the ride. Good lord willin’, we’ll all know soon.

        Dave “Mr. Cliche'” and Daria (who is sane and asleep)

      2. Poor Max would probably enjoy if Maggie and Keely fell in love…I mean really in love. He’d hate it too, but the dark parts would love it.

        But to be serious, Maggie’s crush on Keely was an important moment that brings Keely closer to entering the “quad” willingly. She no longer feels as if she’s an outsider…she has a place, at least among the 3. Plus, she doesn’t see Maggie as intimidating now.

        The biggest question for me is how she gets comfortable with Max being with Maggie again. That’s going to be a complicated step to write. My guess is it’s Maggie that broaches it with her, not Max. I can’t see Max asking to have sex with Maggie again…unless it’s something that just happens, much like Keely and Maggie did. Can’t wait to find out.

      3. @DnD – You’re probably right that we dont understand everything about how the journey ended in Maggie, and that’s what this series will accomplish. I’m just saying, if this series ends where Maggie ended, which seemed pretty conclusive, then I think we understand how everyone fared in the end.

        And I agree with JL on how steps progress with all their relationships.

  15. Like I said we all have our mental clits (I love that term and have to figure out a way to use it real life). Some of the stories are better fits for our particular interests than others…but I think the beauty here is we all appreciate each story in its own way, even if it isn’t our personal favorite.

    The story I’ve been waiting for a long time is the third chapter of Obsessed. I think that was the first KT story I read while it was being published, and I really felt it was heading down a road towards another mental clit of mine. Hopefully one day we get it.

      1. LOL! Yeah, it should!

        “I don’t know what it is, Doctor! All I have to do is think of a donut and I see a hot dog chasing it around!”

        “Hmm…yes! You have a hyperactive mental clit!”

  16. I agree with you. For me, when I find an exceptional author like KT I will read everything that gets published. Sure some tales I do a lot more for me than others, no surprise there, but it is in the careful plot evolution, character development, word choice (KT is really great at pulling out the right descriptive word to make one both see and feel) that I find enjoyment no matter the story itself. But yea, a less stressful chapter/volume is good once in awhile. LHW2 kept me awake a couple nights….not good if it happens often. I suspect there is much more to the story coming before the “happy ending”….in quotes as when I read the last Max/Maggie volume I did not feel it was a happy ending at all. It is the Keely stories that put the stamp of “happiness” on the last M/M chapter.

    1. I agree with this too, which is another reason I’m glad KT decided to write Keely. There was more than a tinge of sadness in the ending, that while Max loved Keely there was too much of his heart still pining for Maggie. And while I was able to appreciate that, that sadness never completely left me.

      But reading Keely it has left me. Sure, there will always be a part of Max that needs Maggie…but the connection he’s building with Keely is so profound. And watching the process where she gets comfortable with Max’s love for Maggie, and now the process where she’s lovingly being accepted into this complicated relationship…well that, as Max would say, is everything.

      Now I could go back and read the epilogues to Maggie and not have that nagging sadness in my head. I was going to go back and read it, but decided to wait until Keely is completely finished, whenever that is. I know it will mean more to have the full picture of the Max/Keely story.

      1. Man, you folks always do so much at expression than I do. Humbling. I have to up my game!

        I don’t know if I was sad, but I was bouncing between anger, frustration, and what I wrote earlier while reading the last Maggie book. As I wrote in the old blog, I had to literally stop reading and would stomp around–I was mad at Max. I wanted to grab that character by the lapels and really lay into him. My wife thought my reactions were funny.

        Now that I look back, wow! Over reacting to a book? That’s KT’s gift. It’s like a condensed twelve-step program. Starts with anger, ends in tears of happiness for an imaginary character (I almost wrote acceptance, but I figured Bob Fosse would roll over). How good is that?

        Now? Hell, I want Max to get what he needs.

      2. Attention: Word drop alert…wonk, wonk, wonk… “… so much better at…” back to the weekend…

  17. Three things on the song selection above.

    First, I didn’t know KT was into Shoegaze, big fan of that genre.
    Second, the Method Man song has me wondering about my original thought that maybe Maggie is having a an attraction to Kelsey as a proxy to Max. Probably meant to mess with anyone’s heads that might be thinking it too. Always possible!
    Third. I’ve had this song stuck in my head once I started thinking about hip hop and this story.

  18. In the meantime, I’m trying to wrap my head around the phrase “Cuckold Thriller”. It could be anything. Angst at gunpoint? Creampie or die? “Your hona, I honestly couldn’t tell taste from one to the other! Neither could my wife, rest her soul.”

    “Bail denied!”

  19. KT, I hope in the future Keely books, you are able to help Maggie get straight about what holds her in such tension about Max. I’ve noted the only times Maggie does wild and crazy things sexually is with Max. She will do them with Cole only when Max is around. To me this suggests that Maggie looked to Max to help her break free from her “tight assed” past with her parents. However, as you have already pointed out, Maggie’s mother lost the battle, but not the war.

    I’m guessing Maggie loves the freedom she explored with Max, yet can’t break free of the inertia of her parents. Even Cole now works for Oxbow. How can she been that free spirited person and maintain congruence with her family of origin?

    She can’t. I think she breaks up with Max because she can’t be with him and NOT feed his kink. She enjoys it too much. Her best option is to go with Cole who alone “rocks her sexual world,” tolerates her sexual excess, and would never ask her to do any of it.

    In my mind, once Maggie owns her stuff and shares it with Max, Max can be free to find his own life with Keely. He’ll no longer have a need for his guilt and shame. He’ll be more free to accept himself for himself.

    My two cents worth anyway.

    I’ll be interested to see how your books go with those themes.

    1. Interesting thoughts here…for me, I think one of the things Max gave Maggie was the chance to be in control, a chance to have power in the bedroom. I don’t think she always wants that…she wants to be dominated, and that’s what Cole gives her (in the confines of a loving relationship. Max can’t give her that, as he tells Keely, he doesn’t always want to be the one who leads. He wants a give and take, which is what he’s found with Keely.

      But I do think Maggie relished the power she could hold, having two guys be so into her. So that’s part of what she’s missing by not having Max in her sex life. And it’s what she reclaims by bringing both him and Keely in. What we see on her honeymoon is a Maggie who’s getting pleasure in being the puppet master, so to speak. Of “allowing” Keely to have sex with Cole. In getting Max and Keely to perform oral sex after Cole finishes inside her. That’s where her own mental clit is (at least one of them.)

      I’m not diminishing the other ways in which she loves and misses Max, but I do think the power dynamic played into why the threesome worked for so long. Maggie is full of contradictions (like all of us)…and I think the threesome played into her need to be dominated and to dominate.

      1. Could it be that the “puppet master” evolved out of Maggie’s angst while “broken up” with Max as her way to “have her cake and eat it too?”

    2. I love your analysis. And the next Keely book will definitely be more Maggie-centric…

      I want to talk more about it, ha ha, but I want to keep all the Maggie-Max-Cole-Keely cards close…

  20. I can’t stop listening to this girl’s album, which is probably weird because I’m not the target demo at all (although I think I might be teenage girl in disguise).

    I mostly just love this song and want to share it, but trying to relate this to KT, I had visions of the reservations Keely and Max had when they said ‘I love you’ to each other.

    1. Hey James,

      One of the things the current posts things was useful for is finding new posts in a topic that’s not about the current release. I truly hope KT brings that back, else posts like yours here, regardless of E-mail notifications, might be missed.

      That’s a remarkable song from someone who’s only 17. Wow.

      When you say “reservations” I think that’s normal in any relationship in the early days. There are always reservations, but the overwhelming, awe inspiring, happiness of falling in love can often blow those reservations out of the water, shattering them to utter insignificance. Surrendering oneself to love isn’t easy for a lot of people. It’s a huge risk. When it’s returned, it’s the greatest thing in the universe. We truly hope that Max and Keely, in the world KT has built, never part.

      1. I like how some of the specifics relate to Max and Keely’s growing relationship, like meeting up before Max was flying back home, and being along in ‘Central Park’ which ok is not literally true but Keely and Max were in a park in New York so it counts lol.

    2. I’m sure she’ll bring it back when she updates next! Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, I was hoping to hear them. I think what makes this song particularly relatable to Keely and Max is just how much they’ve been hurt by people they loved (or thought they did) in the past.

      Billie and her brother Finneous (sp?) write all her songs and apparently they wrote this one morning at 2am on Billie’s bed. Her brother is also her producer. It’s my favorite song on the entire album which is fucking gold to me.

      1. You know, here’s the things about reservations and love. I wrote that sometimes those reservations become insignificant–it’s true, but with my wife, when I met her, I knew she was completely special. I thought, “Man, what if she’s the one?” I knew for sure especially after eating a cinnamon toast and fruit breakfast with her for the first time. No reservations at all. None.

        So, for some people, I guess having reservations is normal.

  21. So did I miss something? Is book 3 in the works or am I completely lost? (And without book 3 I am lost)

  22. The discussion is over, so I’ll refrain from writing the essay that is percolating in the back of my mind after hammering through Maggie and both parts of Keely because nobody will see it, but on the off chance anyone finds their way to this page before book 3 comes out, I’ll says I’m surprised to not have seen discussion of Cole’s attempts to seduce Keely into a threesome with Maggie. That happened AFTER Max almost had a breakdown about Cole and Keely having a fling years before. Yes, Maggie wanted it, but holy shit is that a betrayal to Max after Cole was also the one to push for the end of the Max-Maggie-Cole throuple and to use Keely as a part of it. It’s a good thing for Cole that it failed because that would have been a spectacular disaster afterwards, and not just for Max. Cole would have given Maggie what she wanted and then rightly blamed when everything went to hell afterwards.

    But maybe that’s a risk worth taking for Cole because his life is already hell. It’s not hard to imagine that he’s built his dream life on a foundation of lies, manipulation, and deceit and that he worries he could lose it all just like Max did. Or maybe everything in his life is coming up aces and he’s just a complete and utter dick. Hard to say since I don’t think we’ve ever seen his perspective once in all of the books. If we ever do, I’d be VERY interested to see any communications he has with Carol. Carol wasn’t emailing Max, but she did Cole. Its hard not to see that Carol was using him as a wedge to drive out Max and get Maggie to go to law school. Maybe the devil offered him a deal to get the girl and he took it.

    I also don’t see anyone else noticing that both Max and Keely have “mental clits” implanted on them by another. Max was never interested in seeing Maggie with another man till she threw him in the forge and hammered him until he took that shape. He accepted that and thought it was his own as a defense mechanism. The origin of Keely’s is a lot less troublesome. Reacting to someone else’s passion. Seeing the joy they received from the act, sharing it, then internalizing it until it became hers.

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