What’s Everybody Reading?

The second Keely book will be available next week. Until then, I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for something good they’ve read. Like, I know there are new books out there by all your favorites. Ben Boswell has a new one with a great cover, ‘Possessing Princess’, and Jason Lenov has one I’ve bought but haven’t read yet, ‘Filthy Little Thing’. And Parker Pascal has a new book, a huge one that embodies ‘Deliverance’; it just came out and the Look Inside got me hooked…

So what’s new that you like?

Here’s something that hit me hard. Shikishiro Konomi’s ‘Netoraserare’. The pacing, the drama, the slow burn, the climb. Wow. Poignant. I think there’s a hentai version, but I’m talking about the original manga here. I found so many parallels to Pete and Jess, and yet I hadn’t ever read it until last fall. But I can’t stop thinking about it.

Anyone ever read this?

Also: if you have a link where I can buy a complete translated version, that would be great. It’s pretty esoteric and I had trouble tracking this thing down but definitely want to support this creator.

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    1. I think netorosarare roughly translates to cuck-deluxe (correct me if I’m wrong!)

      It’s just like one of my books; the husband is only aroused by his wife’s relationship with other men. With much cajoling they explore cuckoldry and it gets pretty dark at times. It’s a drama but there’re lots of the scenes you expect.

      1. The page above is after their first time she has sex with another man she met on the internet. Husband sits at a nearby cafe and listens in from his phone. When he goes up to the room, he finds her in bed with that used condom. There’s some unique factors brought on by Japanese society that heighten the taboo in my opinion.

      2. It’s always the sweet ones: Those who can be corrupted. Corruption can be a good thing, no?

      3. We just finished that story. It’s interesting how its sensored. Is your take that the wife is definitely into it?

        If you find the next things translated, let us know, please.


      4. KT,

        I’ve found a place where you can get up to the third and final part of the story–translated. You probably know it’s there, too. Catch is, I don’t think it’s entirely legal. If you would like me to post a link, I will, but somehow I don’t think you will be comfortable with that (I’m not, either).


      5. Probably the same place where I read it. I tried to find it to buy, but couldn’t. I liked it so I want to pay for it, but I just need to know where!

        (and no links to such places, ha ha, and thanks for asking!)

      1. Three songs: 10cc “I’m Not In Love”, .38Special “Fantasy Girl”, and .38 Special “Robin Hood” Robin Hood just because it’s happy! Don’t really use Spotify, but the songs should be there.

      2. Thanks dnd I did get 38’s “if I’d been the one” on the list…but I’ll be sure to add your suggestions too.

      3. John,

        Cool. I saw the theme you were after, so I thought “Fantasy Girl” would fit right in. “Robin Hood”, y’ought to watch the live version on YouTube, it’s great! 10cc because it’s darker.


    2. Really crazy stuff now… we’re in Oklahoma, picking up our motor home that’s been here since February. We’re gonna buy Chelsea Hates Libby when it shows up, but we won’t be reading it until we either stop on the way home or once we get home. Fourteen hour drive here, slept in the Jeep for a couple of hours, and that’s just the start of the craziness. The good news is this: We’re not in jail! 🙂 Almost, but not yet! Film at 11.

  1. I am reading “Deliverance”, too. Not surprised that you liked the start. He does take his time for setting the scene. Which other author does that … hm? 🙂

    I just read the second book in the “X-Change Temptations” series by Lexie X. Very well thought through story. If someone wants to read a gender transformation story.

    1. are you talking about that book by Parker Pascal? I read a lot of it and found myself disliking the bi-elements. Went a little too far for my liking.

      1. Yes, that’s the one. I read in the foreword that it has some serious male bi elements. That’s not for everyone, but then there are some who really absolutely want it, too. I like the writing voice and the serious pace—hope I get a chance to read it sometime. You know I’m still reading Kirsten McCurran’s ‘Stephanie’s Hotwife Seduction’, and I started it so long ago. It’s amazing, too. I wish there was more time in a day!

      2. Bi-stuff doesn’t bother me or my wife. We bought the story because we like Parker’s style. We haven’t started, yet.

      3. We read it. It has some really over-the-top disturbing elements to it. Not sure how to even start to review it. Writing was impeccable, and the humor was evident. In context, everything was there and those disturbing elements, taken as they were, are needed for the story, but man they’re disturbing. Very cringe-worthy. Throughout a couple of scenes we were just looking at each other like, “Really? He went there?” He went there.

        Once you get past the first set of disturbing scenes, there’s some heroism there and then bang, another round of cringe.

        I should add the disturbing parts, while they have something to do with sex, are disturbing to us not because of sex, but because of something else that you’ll have find out.

        It’s not a read for the feignt of heart.


  2. I’m between books right now. Taking my time with the 6 weeks of winter. Watching this show Secret City season 2 (Under The Eagle) on Netflix which is really fun. Not erotic though.

  3. We wish Parker Pascal would finish the sequel to “The Cuckold Who Came In From The Cold.”

    Other than your work, KT, and the last two books in C.C. Morian’s “The Vixen” series, we’re going to take a break from reading erotica.


  4. Hmm, well mine’s kind of lame. The last big name of erotica writers stories that I read was Jaime Thorne, shes got some really good stuff out there. I’d say shes my second favorite erotica writer at the moment.

    KT, I know you’re pals with Lexi Archer, does she have anything coming up?

    1. CC Morian is a great writer, Tracey. You might want to check out “The Vixen” series if you want something really different. We’re on CC’s ART team and can’t wait for book 3 of that series to get to us.

      Some other things to check out. Anything by Kenny Wright and Kirsten McCurran. From them you can follow some interrelated stories such as “Training to Love It” (KW), “Hot Dates” (KMcC), and follow the start of AJ, as well. Kenny built a universe around the Tyson’s Corner, VA and DC areas that was adopted by Kirsten for “Hot Dates”. In fact, the main characters in “Training…” and “Hot Dates” are neighbors, but know nothing of each other’s private lives — though Dana and Dan (HD’s) suspect Tom and Erin (TTLI) are swinging with another couple, Lucas and Haley (TTLI). It’s quite a thing.

      Then there’s Max Sebastian and his “Madeline Trilogy” — he actually sent us an epilogue to that series. Max also has a series called “Obsessive” that is a bit different, too.

      Lexi “thank you very much” Archer has some good stories out there, too.

      Arnica Butler is also a great author to read.

      Have fun out there!


      1. Meant to say “Dana and David”… for “Hot Dates”. I just got a call from a friend named “Dan”. It’s just me being me… 🙂


      2. Thanks. DnD. Love all these books. KW was the first author I followed starting 5 yrs ago. Introduced me to all the other. Just not enough good content out their. On a different tack I like Pepper Winters. Dark romance rather than hot wife but tells a really emotional story where you become ingrossed in the fate of the characters.
        I think Madeline was max’s Masterpiece although it took me a long time to forgive Madeleine for cheating although it’s what they all wanted.
        An AJ probably the best bull in any of these books.

      3. I like Pepper Winters, too, and I’m also writing a dark MFM series the same way I do my big series like Maggie and Cherry Blossoms. Full of discipline and ultra-males, plus serial killers…

      4. You should read it, KT. I don’t know where you’ll find the time, but yeah, read it. Madeline is Max at his best. The build up is extraordinary. The doubt is, too. We also like his Obsession series–that one starts off way differently from other “hotwife” stories. We also like his collaborations with Can He Write.


        PS It’s book drop Tuesday and guess where my wife is?

    1. You know that if that was a KT book there would be reviews on her books like, “How can you drop Sakuru gum on the day of her wedding just because isn’t long” 1-star.

  5. I recently read the complete paperback collection of Bart Tracer’s “Jungle Goddess” series. It’s amazingly hot. It’s a long book, with a lot of detailed description, and Tracer takes his time with the plotting and setup. But once it gets to the “action,” wow, it’s a scorcher.

  6. “Man Hungry” by Alan Marshall aka Robert E Westlake…a vintage 1959 soft porn offering that provides an interesting contrast to recent modern fare

    1. Absolutely love it. Man Hungry used to be hard to find but I see it just came out packaged with Passion Doll, two books on Kindle for 2.99 What a score!

      Opening line from Man Hungry:
      The room was a box, small, square, slant-lit by smoky sunlight angling through the ancient, filthy Venetian blinds, stripes of light on the rug, faded, maroon and worn.

      What? Wait, this isn’t smut. This is prose! Could do with a semi-colon and an Oxford comma, but wow, these are the words of someone committed to telling you a story and keeping your attention. It’s Donald Westlake learning to write, getting paid by a men’s romance publisher and wanting to deliver a top notch product because it’s not about the money—he wants to write!

      Let us know how you liked it!

      1. A good read. As you say his prose is a pleasure to read independently of the story itself–not that the story doesn’t hold one’s attention. It puts one in the scene as if looking through a window. I came across this author (it’s Donald E Westlake, not Robert, sorry my mistake) via hard case crime paperbacks (republished books of this genre)…he has a really good one titled “The Cutie” published in 1960 as the “The Mercenaries”. He also wrote under the name of Richard Stark (“Lemons Never Lie” is a good one). It’s said that Elmore Leonard (I have all his works, fantastic) “wouldn’t have written what he does (well he’s dead now unfortunately) if Stark hadn’t been there before”. I guess that’s why I’ve read all of your work (well what’s on Amazon)…different bent but the same attention to effective story telling, including but not relying on the thrill of the taboo’s of society. While I’m at it another good author tangential but related to your present themes is Robert Lubrican (a somewhat funny/obvious pseudonym). Some of his stuff is just forgettable soft porn but others also weave a fascinating and/or amusing tale, e.g., “For Want of a Memory” and “Roller Skate Roundup”

      2. I’m familiar with the Parker stories but not The Cutie (or Mercenaries, though I’ve seen the cover for that). Not a big Westlake reader, not in comparison to Elmore Leonard, ha ha. What’s your favorite EL book? I’ve never read EL’s take on Westlake, that would be interesting. Stephen King is a fan. I’m pretty sure he named his character Stark in ‘The Dark Half’ after Westlake’s pen name (the author character in King’s book assumes a pen name—George Stark—and bad things happen).

        And I’m definitely going to check out Robert Lubrican!

      3. Which EL book do I like best? Very hard question. So I’ll just mention 3 I’ve read more than once: “Out of Sight”,” Mr. Majestyk” and “Riding the Rap” but really I’ve never found one I didn’t like. Yea, check out Lubrican…not much heavy angst (maybe a bit in “The Cheerleader”) but more of a feeling of early “Playboy” if that makes sense. The writer comes off as ex-military (at least he seems to know an awful lot about it) so there is a bit of pontificating here and there but it’s consistent with his main male character usually named “Bob”. I love authors’ idiosyncrasies…the wildest one is Carl Hiaasen…check out “Strip Tease” if you havn’t read it, one of his best.

      4. You know, I’ve never read Out of Sight because the movie was shockingly uncool. Every time I see the cover I think of the movie and put off reading it. But the other two books are, of course, great. My favorite used to be City Primeval, but I re-read Unknown Man #89 a little bit ago and forgot how good that was. I also re-read The Big Bounce (another terrible movie, IMO), and forgot how great that ending was. I just bought a used hardcover of Touch, which I have never read before.

        I’ll add Hiassen to the list as well…

      1. But yes, I think the most appeal for anglos to learn French is the culture’s Puritanical disparity. Wait, sex isn’t bad?—Let me learn a little more about this French stuff…

        I will say: this manga was not well-received in the west; it challenges masculinity too hard…

      2. I have relatives in Montreal. Dunno if they’re pervs, but they sure have funny accents–that’s the part of the family I actually like. The one’s west of there can…

        Might go to the GP there this year, dunno yet.

      3. Is this prudishness why the Canadian producers of “Continuum” had to cut the good parts from the show, leaving you to publish it as a stand alone dirty book?

  7. What have I been reading… Max Sebastian: Obsessive series hot-wive and watching therapeutic for and OCD husband. Highly recommend. If it’s okay to mention stories on Literotica “j267” has published a few new stories. “Getting Her Nails Done” series.

  8. Arnica Butler’s latest “Laura’s Dark Side” is brilliant. We loved the slow burn and the ending. Kinda felt like the husband was a bit creepy but in a good way. One way to hook us is what we call the “transformation”.

    Great work by Ms. Butler.

  9. No doubt I am off the mark here. But when KT tantalizes us with a “complete” book that somehow gains words from day to day, we can only wonder if there is something else that is about to pop.

    Like the spire on the Chrysler Building that was pushed out of the otherwise finished towner in just 90 minutes after being assembled secretly inside the building (https://www.thewelcomeblog.com/stories-of-new-york/an-iconic-building-and-its-15-top-secret-stories/2/22/2016), don’t people suspect that KT has something up her sleeve?

    It is likely to be filthy, just a guess.

    1. Famous last words of anyone asking KT to write something for them.

      “KT, I got a a topline report that could use your editing, you got a week, would really appreciate your eye.”

      “KT, can you say a few words during the funeral? I know you knew her well.”

      “KT, we wrote this quick little number, it’s only about 3 minutes long, you have any input on our lyrics?”

      “Ok KT, that will be all of the questions we have for you, in two sentences or less, please describe your experience with us today.”

      I love when stories are “Complete”

      1. Ellipses got me the thinking the Milton parents are returning to the story!?

        I hope we aren’t going to spend too much time around Mrs. Milton’s death … I can handle it though!

  10. I’ll have to agree with Joey on Bart Tracer’s Jungle Goddess series enjoyed that. Parker Pascal “The Cuckold Who Came in from the Cold: Part One” have been waiting for the next part. Story is just getting interesting. Haven’t had time to get into “Deliverance” yet but the little I read looks intriguing. Been reading a bit of “Netoraserare” in English if you aren’t aware it need’s to be read from right to left. The Japanese read that way so if you watch a Japanese reading it looks as if they start at the end and read forward.

  11. On literotica read a story by mdm1106 called
    “Boss seduced my wife in front of me.”
    Long title but had some key elements I liked namely public seduction of the wife and the seducer has an assisting wife to work on the hubby.. read another but cant seem to find it now about a hubby and wife camping some bikers get the next campsite the mingle the wife is introduced to biker style party but doesn’t participate hubby fantasizes later reconnects and magic and pain happen..

    Was interested to read one called “the broken Bull” or was it called “alpha undone” favorite line. “let him make you cum babe but kiss me when you pop and give your cum to me in your kiss.”

    1. JohnC I’ve read the same Biker Story too it is a good yarn. I’m trying to think of the author too.
      KT if haven’t read all three parts of Shikishiro Konomi’s ‘Netoraserare’ you should it has a interesting ending that I believe you haven’t used before. Found a website that has it and many other manga works translated. There is something very profound seeing the panel with the full condom. Women in Japan are less likely to use the pill than westerners so condoms are more popular and there is a whole fetish around them. Many years ago (30+) while in Japan visiting my future wife. I remember seeing men reading these large format comics on the trains and in public. My wife explained that is was porn comics “manga”. Didn’t think to much about it till KT brought it up. I browsed the site and spent way to much time reading through a number of stories. My wife has stories of being touched on the crowded trains from time to time. Japanese men can be kinky bastards at times. She and her friends had men expose themselves a number of times. One of her friends(High School) had one guy follow her and kept offering her money to show her tits! He wouldn’t leave her alone until she relented. So for 20,000 yen(about $200) she popped her tits out in an alley while the guy jerked off in his car. The whole fascination with school girls (young girls) is less taboo in Japan than is the west partly I think there is less acting out of their fetishes. Rape is less, murder is less. It’s not uncommon for companies to sponsor trips to Thailand or Vietnam for a few days of drunken debauchery. The wives know what goes on and accept it as it’s what men do.
      I know things have changed but culturally Japan still has a separation of the sexes. It was worse 100+ years ago when the average marriage was arranged for economic or power benefit. Even peasants parents picked out their children’s mates. Genealogical records were checked to make sure there was no “Buraku” (Japans equivalent to the unclean cast in India) in the family. Middle and upper classes rarely did the husband and wife share a bed. Lower classes didn’t have the luxury, no room usually the whole family shared sleeping space and many still do today. My wife remembers waking up to the sound of her parents doing it in the middle of the night several times.
      It’s a weird cultural that adapted to too many people and not enough space. There is the public face of Japanese the stoic emotionless and the private where they open, fun and the most welcoming people.

      1. Thanks for posting this, RCH, it was a great read. I’ve never been to Japan, but it’s on my list of destinations.

        Is the ending of Netorasarare that the husband finally has productive sex with his wife, finishes inside her—the point being they will finally have a baby—and while it seems like their adventure is over, he returns from work to the apartment subsequently and can hear the headboard banging… and he smiles?… (Just yes or no, ha ha, if that isn’t the ending, I don’t want to hear it!)

    2. Ok so I found the Author and title of the biker story. It’s called “The Sacrifice” pt1-2 author is the same j267 as I mentioned above. The author writes some good stuff lots of detail but I can’t say I like how he ends. I don’t mean the plot but some of them just feel unfinished like there should be another chapter to wrap it up…

      1. Yea that’s the one …the seperation drove me Crazy…..I loved it and the secrets….oh yea …enjoyed his other stories but agree found they all kinda read the same mainly due weak finishes.

  12. Just got back from Japan, oddly enough, and I wanted to respond to this.

    Have you ever read Size Curious Brat? It’s pretty good.

    I think I might have recommended it before but I recently reread and enjoyed A Real Trouper and Controlling Interest by Court Franklin (Odeon on Literotica).

    I think NTR of any real depth is pretty hard to find – when I scan the books and the page count is 20 or 30 it’s a red flag. Also I’m picky as hell haha.

    I read Possessing Princess – I really liked the concept and throughline and the amount of time spent in the characters’ head, but I found the initial fall too quick with lessened believability, without enough groundwork laid as far as the wife’s choices. I think your stories spoil me.

    Deliverance was interesting, plenty of buildup and development. It’s a little heavier on the bi side than the introductory information might imply and I know that might put some people off. Ultimately it didn’t work for me as yet another story more in the hotwife than NTR genres.

    That’s a preference thing but I’m still constantly perplexed as to why the hotwife stories are far more common/popular. Obviously it’s what a person would rather engage in in real life, but it seems like the only genre that prefers to frame things as a safe consensual funtime simulacrum of the interaction it’s seeking to evoke. It’s like reading a book about a dinner theatre mystery instead of reading an actual murder mystery. Anyway I don’t mean to harp on that I just find it legitimately confusing. I suppose it’s cultural. You don’t see much hotwife stuff in manga.

    1. “Possessing Princess” is interesting change of pace for Ben B….Ice princess wife transforms into slut/escort sealing sales contracts; uptight, straight shooting sales manager husband transforms into devious, manipulative boss winning vp of sales and corner office; and ugly but studly (he aggressively seduces the princess thereby kicking off the landslide of transformations), anything goes star salesman transforms into sales manager’s Sancho Panza organizing sales team for record sales and boss’s promotion. Seems to poke good natured fun at the hotwife genre…if one doesn’t take it seriously it’s an entertaining read.

    2. Your question about the popularity of “hotwife” versus “NTR” (or, I might propose, “cuckold”) fiction is interesting. I’ve noticed some of the genre’s better writers are very skittish about anything that might be perceived as too cuckoldy, and many readers seem to get very judgy about the characters — policing the wives for being too “slutty” or “mean” or “selfish,” and the husbands for being too “wimpy.” It often seems to me they’re walking a weird line, wanting stories that are transgressive, but vanilla in some ways too.

      Personally, as I’ve said before, I think of the women in these narratives as heroines, and they can basically do no wrong by me. Whatever they need to do to scratch their personal itches, I’m always cheering them on.

      1. This is insightful, thank you.

        I can say that it is the most vocal who shape a lot of these stories. That’s why I urge readers to support authors with good reviews when you feel they’re warranted. Not just me, but any of my compatriots out there. Writing is hard toil, and when you receive the shit posts from some incessant reviewers who seem to read every book in the genre and yet somehow are disgusted by it and like to let everyone know, it can dissuade the writer.

        Positive voices can quell the negative.

        If you enjoy NTR and someone writes something you like, if you feel comfortable, I think you should consider letting them know with a review. Cause the hard cases will def drop the one-stars. Then the writer will quit. Like my friend Becky…?—she’s going to write the harsher, weirder stuff, cause she doesn’t care what people say. But it took Becky like three years to build the courage. The world is mean…

      2. In that case I’m glad I’ve been able to positively review a few of your books before Amazon made the weird review changes preventing me. That whole thing definitely bugs me because I would love to leave more reviews.

      3. Thank you, Glaucon!

        Don’t want to get personal, but how was Japan? (feel free to divulge or gloss over, ha ha!)

        The review thing is annoying, but like I said, it wouldn’t be surprising one day to wake up and see your .ca reviews proliferating on the .com. Amazon be weird, yo. And: I appreciate it! I don’t care what store they show up on, they mean something to me!…

      4. Japan was excellent! Great food (including some very fancy restaurants), great nightlife, great sights. We mostly stayed in Tokyo but we had a day in Kyoto too.

        Had a few politeness battles. I could not shame Canada.

        For such a huge, dense city, it was remarkably easy to get around. I would take that subway system over what we’ve got in Toronto any day. I found a lot of idiosyncratic quirks of architecture and layout really interesting.

        Bought way too much crap haha. Just barely avoided having to buy an entire extra suitcase to bring everything back.

        Alright, I’m gonna start leaving .ca reviews – if there’s any positive at all it’s worth it.

      5. That’s awesome. All goes well, I’ll go next year…

        No sweat on the reviews. But if you write them, I’ll read them!

  13. Mathew Lee “Against her will” a bit raw but like the breakdown. Sean Geist “things we do for lust” 3 book series…found it pretty good wish he’d gone a little deeper on some things but I read the trilogy in short order.

    1. If you’re into intelligently written and plot laden stuff, check out some stuff by Thomas Roberts. Most of his stuff is interracial, but it’s generally impeccably written with few, if any mistakes. I think we’ve read his entire catalog, but when I get back to FL, later today, I’ll post specific titles. He has a three book series that is pretty intense. His descriptions remind me a lot of KT.

      1. Here are some titles from Thomas Roberts:

        Billionaire’s Reluctant Hotwife (there are three books in the “Billionaire’s” series)

        Hotwife Lexi Takes a Challenge (three books, too). Daria thinks the woman on the cover looks a bit like her, I don’t see it.

        This is probably our favorite because of the first interactions between Brianna and Connor: Brianna’s Hotwife Offering. It’s really well written, but short. Still there’s a lot in there.


    1. I saw that, too. Book drop Tuesday… Well, thankfully, I just got back from Michigan and my wife is, well, yeah, at the store. Clockwork.

      Still excited about DT?


      1. Did you see somewhere on here where KT says next week, or are you guessing?

        I’m excited about DT for sure, although I am understanding the criticism that Mangini is too robotic. Drumming is one of the biggest reasons i like the band. I still cant wait.

      2. Nope… just guessing. Lots-o-words! Lots-o-work! I’ll be wrong! Lots-o-wrong!

        Mangini is super clean, too. Best hands in the world, IMO. I still prefer Portnoy–anyone who can spit on Petrucci’s rig and live is okay in my book. I never got spitting on stage. Vomiting? Hell yeah! That’s rock-n-roll!

        How have you been, bro?

      3. 56,000 words…or perhaps more, are coming our way soon enough. Either tomorrow or Friday or sometime next week. I’ll be patient…but seriously let’s hope it’s soon lol.

  14. @daveandaria :
    Just checked out ohw/FW/book4 saw your comments. Liked them and agree with samsthaman too. I posted my own story on there was getting ready to donate to the cause when Allen decided to get nasty. So deleted my account. Since xleg didnt have a problem promoting KTs story i don’t feel guilty in the least about promotinf others stories here and I’m glad that KT opened this to share that exact thing.

    1. Thanks, John. I just do what I think is right. Sorry you felt you had to leave.

      I like that KT opened up this area, too. I’d often thought about doing something like this in the miscellaneous subforum on OHW. Since xleglover is a KT fan, I saw nothing wrong with posting about KT books in his thread. I mean, it’s not like I go nuts, but we’re KT fans too, so word of mouth, unless KT says differently, is a good thing.

      1. (edited to remove aloofness so it doesn’t seem like I don’t respect your difficulties—sorry, I do, was just trying to be light!)

      2. KT, for my part, it wasn’t bad, at all. Two short posts, regarding your work: that’s it. One about civility. The latter being a “Kumbaya” campfire moment. No flame war, nothing like that at all. Civil.

        One thing to know: I’m not a keyboard warrior. In fact, I find it offensive. I don’t hijack threads, either. I’ve pretty much stopped posting on OHW anyway, except in the xleglover story thread and then, not much. I feel alienated there now, pretty much–not one of the “club”, as it is. Not that I ever really did feel or have a need to “belong”, anyway. Besides, nobody wants to read about how much I love my wife–it’s not keyboard/monitor splatter worthy. And, I don’t need the drama.

        Your post didn’t come across as aloof to me at all. I would suggest tequila in the freezer too, though. 😉

        Sorry. I’m done. It’s early.


      3. Just wanted to update on what we’ve read.

        Last night, we read Kirsten McCurran’s latest “Carol’s Trinity 3”. We reviewed it on Amazon.

        It’s the best of the three book (so far) series. The first two books, I guess, can be labeled as setup for what is coming. If you’re into hotwives beginning to lose themselves while exploring their sexuality, this is a good read. Carol is conflicted at every turn in the book. She battles with morality, but ultimately, yeah. Kirsten is great at this stuff. Her husband encourages her, but toward the end of this book he becomes curriously passive. A fourth book is coming so it will be good to see where this goes. We suspect Carol will fall further down the rabbit hole, at least we hope so.

        Next, we’ve read some Sean Geist, particularly, “The Things We Do For Lust” It’s kind of a take off on the LHW theme except the husband is not a cuckold, well not really…he’s not comfortable and even gets violent with Scott, the wife’s boyfriend/boss/live in lover. It’s well done. There is drama and uncertainty throughout.


  15. Finding keely…

    “There were people laughing and talking in there, but they had the cafe to themselves. Max got up to get sugar packets, came back and sat down across from her, making the table jostle and spilling some of her coffee over the side. “Sorry,” he said. “It’s all right.” She dabbed the spill with a paper napkin.”

    This is what makes KT’s books so enjoyable. The things that occur that totally happen to real people. KT writes like it’s an auto/biography rather than a fictional tale. Other authors this isn’t a thing… he simply sits down and starts talking.

    1. Agreed completely! This is what makes KT’s work feel like you’re there, almost a voyeur, completely enthralled with what is going on. Attention to detail and the little things thrown in for flavor is something great!

      On a side note, humor. Daria was reading a really bad story the other day and was cracking up big time. She told me it was about this really short, young, skinny guy who was huge. He was doing an older professor. Right out of the blue the professor screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me, you fucking tripod!” That line is gonna stick with me for a bit.

      1. I was gonna “like” this but I haven’t cracked the code on the whole no longer using Google and everything revolves around using Google so the browser I use isn’t recognized by this site which means I can’t login to do a simple “like” but I can post a reply/comment using my email and SN.
        So with out further ado….

      2. LOL! Thanks!

        You already have an account here, based on your avatar, so all you need to do is login and you can like what you want. I haven’t figured out how the system times out folks, but really, all that takes is another login. It almost seems random, but I doubt that’s it.

  16. Just catching up on finding Keely. Excellent rebound for max. Looking forward to the next book. Whichninalready boughtnand is in the que.

  17. Last night, we read Max Sebastian’s Obsessive3. Gotta tell ya, Jen’s has a lot more fortitude than me. 🙂 I’d have been, “Uh, not only no, but fuck no!” Then again, it was a great read. Kind of reminded Daria and I of the Sean Geist story we read, a bit. Recommended, great series.

  18. (This will only be for The Walking Dead fans) Everybody will be talking about tonight’s season finale of the Walking Dead, but all I want to hear more about is how Rosita got her baby …

      1. I did not, sadly. I’m not up on the show so much – I feel like they get more downtime and exploration of character in the comics.

      2. It’s great television in my opinion. Ha, the funny thing is I was actually wondering if, in the comics, we get to watch Rosita conceive. Very blue humor on a Sunday night.

      3. We watched it, tonight. I used to read the comics until the Whisperer’s showed up–the company publishing the comics in Apple Books went tango uniform and I haven’t started up since.

        We miss Rick and Maggie on the show.

        Pretty cool the way Negan saved Judith and Dog, though.

        Tonight, oddly, as Negan was being Negan in the barn, I thought, “WTF? Foursome?”

      4. I don’t know. Perhaps Negan trying to inject himself into the fray? Then again, Negan pretty much knows everything that’s going on there so it’s not a stretch for him to know Eugene and his infatuation for him to be the fourth.

        Both of us really liked the scene with Michonne and Negan at the end. Daria reads synopsis of episodes and what’s going to happen next things based on the comics. I don’t read that stuff but she’s told me that Negan becomes extremely critical in the future.

        Ever watch “The Magicians” on SYFY? Last weeks episode had an interesting scene, accompanied by a really broadway sounding version of “Here I Go Again” by the cast (Whitesnake song–after which I had to watch the video for “In the Still of the Night”.

    1. Did you correct that you didn’t include an exclamation point in your first reply for ‘Same here!’? You’re the best, Dave. (Dave, right? That’s such a Dave thing to do)

      (Also, that comment is non-ironic)

      1. Umm… yeah, it’s Dave and yeah, I was distracted. Two things… the first post didn’t appear right away, so I thought I’d do it again. Second thing… well… think. 🙂 “Ya hona, I was bein’ externally influenced!”

        But yeah, a surprise book from KT. I’ve been watching the progress bar and then this! KT is the hardest working thang in romantic/erotic/cuckold/hotwife books.

        I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to reading a cuckold story given my perspensity to stomp.

        Yeah, that’s a Dave(TM) thing to do, too.

      2. DnD – regarding a cuckold title being appealing, you know it’s because KT has incredible range and for her nice stuff to really mean anything she needs occasional thrillers and rough stuff.

        As JL mentioned, we’re readers with different wants and needs, but one thing that we can all agree on, we stick around because variety is the spice of life.

  19. So, on another note. My wife has been asking me to find a book on our kindle apps. She wants us to read it again. The catch is this: We don’t remember anything about the book except the wife leaves the husband for some dude (might be a black guy) who later leaves her and she goes back to her husband who is grateful. Drugs may be involved. We know we have this book. For the life of me, I can’t find it.

    So, my question to anyone out there is this: Anyone got a clue? We’ve got everything by KT, Kirsten McCurran, Arnica Butler, CC Morian/Blaise Quin, etc., and wow, I’m thinking we read way too much stuff. I don’t think it was a “man” who wrote the book. Any help would be welcome! 🙂 Thank you in advance.

    I should get back to writing.

      1. Thanks, James and John C. I know it was an odd question, but really that’s all we’ve got on it. It’s not CC or Blaise. I went through what Shalamara Jax stuff we have and that’s not it, either.

        Initially, I thought it was Kirsten McCurran–some of her books have some drug use. I dunno.

        It’s funny reading the end of books to see if it’s the book you want to read.

        Thanks again! If I find it, I’ll post here.

    1. Could be a shalamara jax book..not sure she does IR though.. Jay cuck did IR like this but not sure he did the drug stuff plus he deleted his stuff off literotica. He writes under another name now and Idk what it is.
      In short …duhhhh Idk.
      Hope that helped ….although I dont see how.

    2. What about Ben Boswell, kind of sounded like ‘Annual Leave’ to me (personal favorite from him)’

      But also could be ‘Whatever it Takes’ or Ken Wright’s and Boswell’s ‘Parallel Lines’?

      1. Thanks, everyone! Y’all are just the best!

        My wife woke me up at 6:30 this morning where I slept, on the the couch, slumped over, laptop on its side, by saying, “Time to workout. Oh! Did you find that story?”


        So, now, I’m a zombie, but we did workout.

        The Kindle app is pain if you want to search for something. (Searching in stories is great, but globally? No.) I know this story was from when we started, so using recent, I started at the bottom and started working my way up. Man, we have a lot of stories we’ve never read. But, the first story is the first Maggie book. I didn’t open that one–it would go to the top of the grid. It needs to stay right where it is–as the first.

        I’ll go through and check the Boswell/Wright and Shalamara Jax stuff, again. Shalamara Jax has written some really cool things.

        I did find a really, really cool two part short thing by Katie Sweet titled, “My Husband’s Whore”. It’s really well written and hot as all get out. We’d never read it. Well, that’s history, now. Borderline cuckold, but not–just a really, really hot.

        Why is it that everytime I see Katie, I think KT? Kenny Wright, “Can He Write”? It’s almost like reading vanity plates. A couple of years ago, I was driving home from something when ahead of me, perched on the lift gate of a dark gray Cayenne was a Michigan State Alumni plate which read “SCROTM”. Swear to God! Michigan State Alumni plates have an “S” as the default first letter so apparently the filter algorithm doesn’t take the “S” into account. Why that popped into head, I’ll never know. I’m tired.

        Thanks, everyone. The quest continues.

      2. Annual Leave is a great story! What a surprise twist! But, no… that’s not it, bro.

        Whatever It Takes is just too cool for words, too. But, no, that’s not it.

        I remember that the wife had most of her clothes at the boyfriend’s place, but something–likely illegal happened–and he just blew town…This is frustrating.

        Thanks, man! Plugging away.

      1. Thanks again, Joey. The quest continues. I truly appreciate the help here. It’s amazing, sincerely.

        We read some more Shalamara Jax last night. 🙂 The quest got sidetracked. “Porn Star to Shared Wife: Ali and the Cuckoo’s Nest” has some really interesting twists.

  20. Enjoyed this story “Hotwife: From Rags To Riches – A Wife Sharing Romance Novel” Karly Violet. Young couple, wife pitching in to help them get a head.

  21. KT,

    I don’t know how to write this without making it seem like a demand for your time, so please understand, it’s not a demand at all. Rather, my wife and I are missing seeing your “Cherry Blossums” show up in the most recent lists. We understand having a life is important (really? Us? Well, yeah! :)), so we hope that you’re enjoying your time and that all is well with you and yours! If not, we hope that whatever it is isn’t serious and that you’re finding all the strength you need. No need to reply, just know you’re missed.

    This might be one of those posts I regret later, but it’s offerred sincerely with no motive at all other than to let you know you’re being thought of fondly, and with nothing but respect for you, your life, and your privacy.


    1. I agree, she should write more about Nia and Geoff. Oh wait, that’s not what you meant? My fault … 🙂 JK, seriously (not being passive aggressive to KT, I swear).

      I am curious what you mean, DnD?

      1. Yessssss that increased wordcount.

        I hope all’s well and you take it easy – please don’t feel pressured or anything.

  22. We really like the new logo on the Amazon page, KT. Still with the Cherry Blossums theme. We look at the Cherry Blossums as your signature graphic.

  23. If anyone won the lottery recently — or simply feels price is no object when it comes to great porn — an Amazon third-party seller currently has a used copy of Victoria Kasari’s “Cuckolded: My Wife on the Submarine” available for the low low price of $45.97. Kasari was one of the genre’s great talents, and certainly my favorite writer on the hotwife-cuckold spectrum in those pre-KT days. But she mysteriously stopped writing a few years ago and let most of her catalog go out of print, including “Submarine.” Like all her books, it’s a splendidly-written, crazy-hot read, and this is a rare opportunity to actually get a copy.

      1. Wait—I’m not VK! I don’t know what her new name is, but I think it’s a romance name, and I think she’s very successful.

      2. Even in the Victoria Kasari days, she was also publishing romance under the name Victoria Wessex. Assume she’s no longer writing in this genre, however, which remains a great loss.

      3. I didn’t know that—that’s interesting.

        Just looked up VW, and she’s awesome. My fave title in her cat: The Reporter and the Scottish Billionaire Wolf Lord. That’s just great. No fucking around, you know what that book’s about. She is a pro.

  24. We read Arnica Butler’s new book, Jo’s secrets.

    It’s really a fun read. Pretty interesting take on erotic stories and snooping! It’s a hotwife/cheating/wife shariing/watching book. It’s really well written. Check it out!

    1. Does anyone else get into Jaime Thorne? She is really good at digging deep with her stories but really exploring with her characters. she just came out with a novel called “The Affair” it’s not light. Fucking love this author.

      1. Ha, she wishes. Shes my top target for trying to coerce erotica writers into becoming KT hacks.

        I’m just kidding of course, shes pretty swell in her own right.

        Start being jealous if I actually reread her stories more than once …

      2. I read one of Thorne’s a while ago but felt it was very short – I’ll give it another shot.

      3. We read “The Affair” from JT last night. It was different. Different in that the husband found out he was submissive but not to his wife. Kind of a quad thing, but not really.

        Happy Mother’s Day to those of y’all out there who are moms!

      4. Glaucs – You’re right about JT, but I feel like she does pack a lot in in her stories, there does always seem to be something missing though, I dont know what it is. Personally I loved her series because they were KT-esque, and I just like her vibe.

  25. We picked up Cara’s Hotwife Game: Part One – The Beginning after seeing what KT retweeted. The book is by Penelope Harper-Davidson. Review follows.

    “We bought this book after reading a retweet on KT Morrison’s blog. We figured that anything KT retweets is bound to be good. This book is good, the sex is hot, and the author completely understands the hotwife/cuckold relationship, however the book has its flaws that we’re going to discuss and at the same time forgive the author.

    This book is clearly set in the UK, however it’s not mentioned. That’s flaw number one. We do not know where the story takes place, in fact, we know little of anything about the characters, their location, locale’s in the book, and the like. We’re going to suggest the author try to make scenes and scenario’s more interesting by including little tidbits such as sights, smells, what’s in a room, how the environment feels, and so on. To the author’s credit, the book is not entirely void of descriptions but those given are vague and do not form vivid images in our minds.

    Dialog. The dialog is not natural. The author uses dialog to explain things, and while that’s okay, it’s not how people talk in real-life. You do get used to the dialog, but it does slow down the read quite substantially. We suggest the author, read her written dialog out loud and in so doing, will realize what we write in this review is intended to be constructive and not meant to drive the author out of the business. We like what she writes between dialog segments. Her writing about sex while not as descriptive does the job. It’s hot.

    We’re a former hotwife/stag couple but I (the husband) is fascinated with the cuckold mindset and this book reinforces what I have learned over time. We do however, feel the husband capitulates a bit too quickly on things that truly bother him. Perhaps this is the way the couple insipiring this work did things, but perhaps not. We don’t know.

    All in all, this is a good effort that while not perfect, the author shows infinite promise: She can write! Editing and proofing is nearly flawless. We did catch one word that was incorrectly used, but that’s easily done. We rated this book at four stars simply because of the those things we explained in this review. Take heart, we’re picky. And if you read this, Penelope, don’t let it or any other review discourage you. You have talent! We anxiously await the remaining books in this saga!”

    We think this is a fair assessment. We hope it doesn’t offend the author.

    1. Whelp, I’ve done it again… this sentence, “We’re a former hotwife/stag couple but I (the husband) is fascinated with the cuckold mindset and this book reinforces what I have learned over time.”

      Should read: “We’re a former hotwife/stag couple but I (the husband) am fascinated with the cuckold mindset and this book reinforces what I have learned over time.”

      It’s fixed on Amazon. 🙂

  26. Ranking my Favorite KT Books –

    I wanted to think back the best entries into KT’s series that she has written, to this point, while we are waiting on what’s next! These are my top three!

    These are rated on the following criteria-
    Suspense for sure matters
    Element of surprise is helpful
    Cliffhangers are nice
    Gotta have some hot sex let’s keep it real
    It’s gotta hurt a little bit
    But it’s also nice if it’s got some sweetness without being forced in
    Above all it’s gotta have good writing that only KT knows how to do.

    1) Temporal – Cherry Blossoms – In chronological order +1 for Nia and Rocco going crazy on each other in the dollhouse with some intense emotional jousting between them. +1 for the Nia flashback for making her time with Rocco a little deeper than just the moment, really had me thrown through a loop (led to a crazy blog moment from me). +1 for Nia going territorial on Geoff and boxing Jenny out from his dirtiest fantasies. +1 for the cottage scene. +1 for the Rocco and Nia fight in the rainstorm, felt very Notebook-like, but a thousand times better. +1 for the emotional claustrophobia of being in the Kane household after Nia was scorned. +1 for the fight between Geoff and Nia ahead of the wedding. +1 for the makeup sex with Rocco the wedding crasher. +1 for the reveal to Geoff on the dance floor with John Legend in the background. +1 for the fight between Rocco’s wife and Nia and +1 for the terrifying joyride from Nia leading to a hell of a cliff hanger.

    Total points – 11 – This was without question KT’s finest work that I will never forget. It’s fucking gold, I honestly don’t think it could ever be surpassed by KT but I want her to try until she can’t take it anymore.

    2) Discovering Maggie – Maggie – +1 for Maggie going through the Carol’s world motions and finding her dress to marry Max, and sending Cole the picture of herself in it, Max gets what’s underneath of course. +1 for the surprise guest. +1 for picking out Maggie’s dress (most of this point is the twirl for Cole, magic). +1 for the Poirot date and the intensity of their connection. +1 for ‘eight more’ and that whole scene! +1 for the drama after Maggie learned about where Max was. +1 for ‘He’s not here right now is he?’ +1 for ‘that was nice, Max and Cole, but Cole can we make love?’ +1 for Cole telling Jay off and Maggie remembering that one time at band camp. +1 for Maggie announcing her plans for the future.

    Total points – 10 – It really is a shame this got blacklisted by someone who doesn’t like skin, presumably, because this story really shines to me as one of the most intense in the Maggie series, I absolutely loved it.

    3) Montreal – Cherry Blossoms – +1 for Nia getting flush by Rocco at work. +1 for Nia and Geoff getting hype about Nia’s trip to Montreal. +1 For Rocco’s cottage and making Geoff feel out of place at times, hoo boy. +1 for wine cellars and bikini’ed women looking to dance around possibly doing something naughty with other people around, and then almost giving in. +1 for foot massages, wine, and lewd staring at nude men at respectable distances in hotel rooms that lead to a jill session. +1 for requesting steak dinners in lingerie. +1 for ‘I know that daughter isn’t his’ *gasp!* +1 for enough of this beating around the bush, Rocco says. +1 for building to that moment for three books. +1 for Geoff helping Nia recover.

    Total points – 10 – I enjoyed looking back deeply into this story, it was really powerful at the time it came out because of how much anticipation had been building when I think back at what led to this story. She really delivered strong in this.

    What are your top three?

    1. Yeah I’ll bite – but I won’t even attempt to be objective.

      My criteria is almost entirely the dynamic between the characters – KT has a unique facility for writing characters, probably the only erotic novels I’ve felt were worth reading. I make no secret of my preference for stories where the male lead does not condone what’s transpiring and the third party is a bully that’s essentially just taking what he wants. To me the theme of betrayal adds a lot of erotic frisson; to see the female lead’s lust for the villain of the male lead’s life overcoming her loyalty to the kinder, more emotionally intelligent modern man.

      1) Size Curious Brat – Sometimes I wonder if I rank this book so highly because of what it represents more than anything else. For me, the tone and dynamics in the initial buildup are perfect in this – especially the way that Moric taunts Matt and openly goads Chloe, the context of the relationships, Matt’s helplessness to stop Chloe from going for the person he probably would least want to see her with in the world. This is all personal preference, of course, but KT taps into something real and powerful here. I only wish this story had been about twice as long.

      2) Watching Natalie Cheat – There’s something about the way that the main sex scenes are written in this book specifically that make them some of the hottest in all of KT’s book. The way that Natalie is dominated completely, every ground rule she lays down casually bowled over by Renny (ex. making her acquiesce to him coming inside her despite her begging him not to). The dynamics work for me here too, where Natalie can’t stand Renny’s obnoxious personality but ultimately succumbs to him for reasons of brute animal sexuality. Renny representing a wildness from the past. The sequel tames it somewhat, but I still come back to this entry that definitely stands out to me.

      3) Taken While he Watches – At the Combine – I really do miss the Taken series for playing into the “taken” aspect of these kinds of storylines. Bobby’s desperate, futile race to stop anything from happening between Coralee and Shon. Coralee’s dialogue and characterization; and her nervous submission as the hulking Shon takes advantage. This was a close call between At the Combine and On Their Honeymoon but Combine juuuuust barely edges out because I think the singular hypotenuse of Shon plays better than the cadre of men in Honeymoon.

      Honourable mention because I’m a bad boy rebel that plays by his own rules – Montreal – Cherry Blossoms – The bottom falling out for Geoff when he’s confronted at the store by what Nia considers “big.” Rocco’s harsh insults to Geoff and Nia’s dirty need for him regardless. The long tease and buildup. The staging and aftermath casting the event as a devastating conquest. Powerful entry.

      1. This is phenomenal stuff Glaucs. I have emotional attachments to all of those stories, you nailed down a lot of the reasons why. SCB was my first KT story!

      2. Oh and I forgot what book it was where Nia nonchalantly informed Geoff that, “of course that’s what big is, duh!” at the sex shop. That was gold!

      3. And of course the culmination of that whole thread when Rocco turns out to be way bigger than even that.

      4. Analysis of a Moment –

        Glaucon brought up the sex shop scene in Cherry Blossoms and I thought I would sort of take a moment to appreciate how incredible that scene is by breaking it down slightly. I tend to go down these rabbit holes and rarely finish it to the level that I like, but I keep doing it anyways and here I go again, lol.

        First of all, it’s a hot trope to do the picking out clothes for the wife/SO to look good for another man’s objectifying pleasure, the standard bravos for staying true to the genre need apply. But KT always takes these moments to levels that I find much more satisfying in their realism (take a shot if you were playing ‘2B post bingo’) and maturity. What I love the most about it is how Nia reacts to seeing the dildo. What would most authors write about seeing that? “Oh wow, isn’t that hot, let’s get it because it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend who’s bigger than you” KT doesn’t go there though, not that there’s anything wrong with it, she just takes it to another level or at least a different one, Nia is almost unsurprised by the shape of it. “Yep, the judges agree, that’s a penis.” Geoff is in his own world in this moment of thinking about the endless possibilities and not knowing what to expect and the source material of this growing fantasy (i.e. Dino and his wife having an affair) is personified on the shelf of a sex shop and when Geoff asks his wife what she thinks of it, “Yeah that looks like Dino, what? *Yawns* Why, what were you expecting?” She eventually played along which was hot in it’s own right, but she was teasing her husband, not making him feel small (in either of the ways you might be thinking), but rather teasing him for not understanding something that she knows so well.

        It felt a little like you did coming out of college and you have a realization at work for the first time and tell someone who’s been there a long time and they just smile at you, “Yep, a little bit longer and you’ll be on my level.” Cucked by life experience.

        Another bravo about this scene is KT doesn’t take the bate about what toy to buy. You know how many stories play on the “hubby buys wifey a big dildo?” Happens all the time! And there’s reasons for it, the horny teenager in me really wished Nia and Geoff bought that dildo. *Cue scene where Nia uses it and thinks of her times with Dino*, but nah, the adult-shaped version of me understands that the type of toy that a girl is more likely to enjoy is what they went with. KT could have drilled into our faces all the sophomoric level symbolism of buying a replica of a penis that vaguely looks like the man of her sexual dreams and eat that self-written story up, she probably would have made that pretty hot actually, not going to lie. But instead she reminds you these are actually real people.

        Not to be outdone by the moment, we cannot forget at the checkout where Nia joked with Geoff within earshot of that poor clerk, “Well if you burst these [condoms] I don’t know what we’re gonna do.” Gotta love that, I just want to let it simmer in it’s beauty. A man buying a condom he would never fit and feeling kind of insecure/turned on all the same by it, expressly for his wife to have sex with another man who would fit it. And even though he has complex feelings about it, his wife is in complete command of the moment and drops a joke at the clerk’s and a little at her husband’s expense (not in that way, just because he’s being goofy in his distracted state). *kisses fingers* Mwah!

        KT does this thing though where she gets serious for a moment, reminding you what’s up, Geoff doesn’t want Nia to think he’ll sleep around causing Nia, having been in a lighter mood all things considering, to feel bad. “You’re more than enough for me,” very touching. In another complicated bate and switch though after the mood lightens again, Nia says, “I would never share you” making Geoff feel bad for ever suggesting it. That was clever AF.

        It’s why we keep you around, KT.

      5. Man, it’s stuff like this that makes me glad I have a website. Seriously. All that was written here went through my head when I wrote that scene. I know what I’m supposed to write. I know the tropes. But I can’t make Nia act like that with Geoff. Nia will be non-plussed by a big dildo (Cue That’s A Penis gif). That’s Geoff’s scene. It’s his entre to Nia’s world. Nia’s not thinking about how Geoff perceives penis size. What does she know. Don’t guys have this penis thing figured out? She looks at a dildo he’s wowed by and she’s frankly familiar with it. Geoff isn’t. So thanks so much for not just noting the effect of that scene but giving it a shout out!

      6. I’m glad KT never takes my bate, I want to keep those, but she also doesn’t take the *bait* either, nor does she ‘bate and switch’, but that sounds like it could be kind of hot, smh, I’m really not that bad at homophones, I swear guys!

      7. This is seriously so fucking great. It’s so good to get in some of your heads and see what’s working from me. I love realism and it’s not the norm in erotica so I’m always feeling a little wonky. It’s great to hear that this is working because its the way I love writing a story.

        The goading bully is one of my favorites too, and it’s frankly my writing at it’s dirtiest—I gotta be in the right headspace and have the right characters working with me at the same time. I don’t know why the Taken books weren’t more successful (well Honeymoon was, actually) but I miss them too. Becky was batting around some Bully ideas that she really wanted to try. She lurks in the background tempting KT away from series’ duties.

        I’m glad to hear a shoutout for Coralee. I thought she was great. the climbing up in the ceiling stuff and all…? That was a fun book to write.

      8. KT –

        Your realism adds a powerful dimension to these stories almost totally absent everywhere else. It’s made me seriously grapple with the kinds of stories I’d like to write.

        I’ll say it over and over – the realism and tone that you work hard on absolutely pays off and your readers see it.

        As for going for these darker stories where you’re at your dirtiest – obviously that’s something I (and I think many others) would love to see more of!

        Please let me know what I can do to empower Becky to further tempt you towards her ideas.

        Ps I have a pet theory that maybe taken – combine didn’t do as well because it was a solo male model on the cover initially – correct me if I’m wrong but I think the only instance of that in your books? Watching Natalie at the least had lady hands. It’s shallow and simplistic but I do honestly believe that cover appeal goes a long way in the marketing for these books.

      9. Glaucs – I remember that poll for Taken at the Combine, which cover would we prefer? I think the girl in the jersey won pretty handily.

    2. Sorry for not writing my three favorites sooner. We’re back home in Michigan, now. Not much time to elaborate on these choices today, but I will elaborate more in the future

      Our top three.

      1. Tempting Maggie. The build up and eventual sex with Jay. These scenes are what hooked me, and later us, on KT’s work.
      2. Happy Endings. The Epilogue. Tommy watching in the shadows as Dio and Sukie having sex in the suite at the St. Regis. KT’s writing what Sukie was feeling was incredibly intimate.
      3. Happy Endings. The Ferrari scene at Dio’s club. Not only was it hot, it was also funny. Sukie almost giving in completely yet allowing gravity to make the choice for her, tempting fate. Funny in that they got caught on security cams and Sukie getting caught emptying her mouth.

      In reality, there are too many of KT’s scenes that are hot. It’s very difficult to find the top three. These are the ones that catch in my mind. Later, Daria and I will talk about it and come up with a mutual top three. We have a lot to do here.


      1. Thank you so much—I loved that Ferrari scene and thought it was cute and funny and real, so I’m glad to see it noted!

      2. As soon as we get home and recovered, I’ll post our three favorite books of yours. Literally, it is our pleasure to do so and we’re happy that everyone’s feedback makes you happy, KT. You’re the best, sincerely.

        But man, that Ferrari scene, and so many others, like others have written, can be visualized and not just for the sex. It’s everything. The car, the parking lot, the club, everything. I’m not as flowery as other writers here, but just know that you’ve touched both of us. (Some would say we’re touched regardless.)

        And yeah, we thought the GOT finale was right down there with Dexter and Lost finales. You’d never do that, KT. Completely a throwaway finale.

        So, is anyone interested in reading what happens when you’re asleep in your Jeep holding your dog and hear at tap on your driver’s side window at 4am in rural OK? It’s a pisser, that’s for sure!

      3. Game of Thrones was a complete disaster of a finale, utterly disappointing. The acting, effects, cinematography, were all top notch, but the writers can go fuck right off all the way to their star wars money. They fucking destroyed an excellent book series because they wanted to move on to the next thing.

        I’m so pissed off about those pretentious blowhards.

        There wasnt a banjo playing when you got a window knock right? *Plays deliverance theme*

        Might as well all talk while Amazon gets their shit together.

      4. Haha I’ve been trashing the last few seasons of game of thrones to friends, families, coworkers.

    3. You’re beautiful, 2B. This whole thing has me smiling big time!

      Temporal: Did all that really happen in that one book!? Holy shit. I used to be really good. What happened to me?

      Discovering: This is the kind of stuff that can only happen in a long meandering series. I can’t just write something like that out of the blue. The characters I’m working with have to tell me about it. But they don’t start telling me what to do until I’ve got a 100k written on them. Yeah, getting dungeon-dragged on that book was a big time bummer. It’s a learning experience! Grrr….

      Montreal: this was one of my faves…

      Man, oh, man, Cherry Blossoms was a good time in my life, and you and the others made it that way. Thank you so much!

      1. Omg thank you, KT! That was really nice to read. Don’t beat yourself for not being able to replicate what you did in Temporal so far, it took a fuck-ton of work to be able to have all of those events have the power that they did, it’s going to be hella hard for you to be able to do it again. BUT(!) you did get close in Discovering Maggie IMO, so I know you have it in you to make lightning strike twice.

        But yeah, Temporal packed about a hundred punches, I was in a haze by the end of my regularly occurring ‘Power Readings’ (ones that have me reading 200 page kindle novels in one sitting lol), just from the sheer roller coaster of emotions that never let up all the way to the end!

    4. So aside from missing the sex toy shop scene in counting up the things I liked in ‘Montreal’ I also forgot in ‘Discovering Maggie’ that I missed Martin asking why there was security footage missing from the night that the triumvirate were spending the night, causing us all to wonder, “Who saw them!?!?” Added intrigue to the series in a big way.

      I realize all of the scores of how I rated each book now equal 11, but who’s counting?

    1. You’re a good man, James!

      You know what sucks about being away from home for so long? Cleaning the refridgerator and then restocking! Off to Costco and some other places.

      BTW, it’s not reading, but we started watching Lucifer on Netflix. I had watched a few episodes when it first came on Fox. The guy who plays Lucifer looks like he could be Alexander Rossi’s brother!

    1. This cover raised more questions than ever!

      What could that title mean?

      And what does it mean for this book to be an uncertain property between KT v Becky?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

      1. The marquee lights of the title, the title, something to do with movies, film (the show) or the wife is really, really loud and someone doesn’t like it?

      2. Further clue in headline “a reluctant hotwife transformation”

        I know what I HOPE that could mean, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

      3. To over-analyze, I’m curious about the decision to use the term hotwife here as opposed to cuckold, the connotations of each being different. At the same time, almost every book posted to this site has been tagged hotwife even if I wouldn’t necessarily agree with it in some cases…

        Ahhhh I’m just super curious and hopeful about what’s coming.

      4. The “Reluctant Hotwife” thing is new! Bait! Transformation! More bait! Next, what? KT’s been busy on the site… everything has flipped! It’s an alternate KT-universe! We are in trouble! Run!

      5. I think reluctant hotwife needs a definition as I understand of KT.

        First, ‘hotwife’ is a wife that sleeps around with other men in part at the request of her SO (usually married but I dont know if that matters), and does so with at least the intended motivation of love of said SO.

        Also not to be confused with a ‘cuckold hotwife’ variant, which necessarily includes a component of hurting the husband during the experience of sleeping around either expressly for a SO who requests to be hurt, or naturally discovers he would like to be hurt.*

        * The cuckold hotwife is not to be held responsible if she discovers she cant contain herself if humiliation of her SO consumes her over the course of time.


        To be a ‘reluctant hotwife’ in my eyes in a KT book means:
        Reluctant hotwife – at least at one point, the hotwife is unsure if she should continue with her actions within the hotwife lifestyle yet she persists, either out of love for her husband or because of the enjoyment of the experience in general (hot)*, or because of a specific participating partner (hotter)*, usually male.
        Reluctance can vary in duration and intensity (the longer and more damaging the struggle the hotterest-est)*

        *The opinion expressed does not necessarily reflect the views of KT Morrison TM, nor are the thoughts above necessarily in proper English, but instead those reflected by one of her loyal superfans

        To be in ‘transition’ must mean we that we must experience the moment when the wife or SO goes from not a hotwife to being a hotwife during the course of the life of the book series.

        I think we’ve read stories that fit this mold before if my definition is correct, I think she uses it fairly commonly.

        I think Suki was the clearest definition of a ‘reluctant hotwife transition’ using only those parameters.

      6. Hey, this definitions thing is great! If we nail the defs down comfortably, what do you think if i bust out another poll?

      7. I apparently mixed up transition for transformation in my head but you all know what I meant.

        Glaucs/DnD – how are you both already seeing the keyword tags?

      8. 2B – this was my read on the terms as well. For selfish personal preference reasons I hope it’s not quite accurate in this instance.

        I will note that KT’s got Six Weeks in Winter, Rachel’s Truth, and Mary’s Pledge tagged hotwife when I wouldn’t necessarily categorize them the same way, especially Six Weeks.

      9. Glaucon – Suki is the cleanest of those definitions, but to your point, KT is nothing if not mirky in her definitions and character arcs so I think we of the darker minds will be fine. I enjoyed Happy Endings for what it is, to be clear, also not saying you didn’t.

        For instance, like I mentioned, I think she’s played on the reluctant hotwife angle for many stories (because it’s hot AF). I would even think Nia fits in there, and ain’t nobody think that book wasn’t hot (except Bradley, but fuck him … again that’s my opinion, not KT’s).

      10. Regarding Nia’s reluctance – ah yes, how can I forget the morning after Nia’s big reveal about her and Dino when Nia said, “we should really explore this feeling” lol she was ready for the leap, she just needed more goading.

        Love the Monty Python reference.

    1. After we finish Lucifer (I’m finding Lucifer to encompass so many things adolescent that I can’t stop laughing at times… My wife just sits and stares at me–it’s not my fault! I didn’t have the typical high school experience! Neither did she, but she says she knows juvenile when she sees it!), we’ll watch Easy.

      1. Best line of Lucifer so far.

        Maze (a demon): Is it true that human spawn erupt from their mother’s bodies in a ceremony of blood and pain?

        On the road, again! 🙂

        We’ll be starting Easy, soon!

    2. I dont want to get anybody’s hope’s up, the shows I mentioned from Easy are wrapping up the story of a couple’s open relationship which has gotten a little dicey for them and has revealed a lot of stuff.

      I find the emotional depth of the relationship and what they have to deal with to be really moving, that’s why I suggest it, it’s pretty damn good acting.

      I particularly love the last scene in episode 5, I couldn’t look away. Dont want to spoil, it’s just captivating story.

      I will say, I dont buy how Michael Cernus’ character can get so many hot girls let alone Elizabeth Reaser who is a goddamn smoke show, but thaaats hollywood!

      1. I love the writing on that show so much. The convo in the bar at the end of ep. 5 had me reeling. I was like: how long is this going to go on for? I’m into it so I was cool, but I was getting uncomfortable for other viewers, ha ha. That was pretty bold, and I think it was incredibly done. Such good characterizations, and the actors fucking deliver. So good.

    3. Just to chime in with a recommendation. I just found Fleabag. A BBC comedy-drama which is on Amazon Prime. It has my kind of dark humor. It’s just 12 episodes in two seasons.

  27. While this is not a hotwife story it’s maybe a mystery/horror with erotica? It’s weird and interesting tale of how life could have been different. Dark and makes you think WHAT IF?
    One Thing Different (Dark Tales of Transformation) By Emma Finn
    I found it intriguing.


    1. Any of you see the Stanger Things clip that just dropped? Not hard to figure out that Mike’s dad is getting fitted for a pair of horns this year.

      1. Wanderer – I remember getting that familiar gut feeling in Season 2 when those two characters started hitting it off.

        Glad to see they are building on that …

    1. And four hours already. We are sloppy, but the Amazon gods don’t seem to be with us this time. Taking their time. I’m hoping for at most another four hours. Than I have a nice bed time reading.

      1. Yeah I saw KT had an explosion of replies and didn’t stop to think, “Hey, maybe I should look at the progress bar” I’m slipping.

  28. Absolutely! Apparently the scenes where the two were in therapy were improvised (at least in part). How the two flowed in the bar made me think that was also improvised in some ways too, it seemed a little like they were riffing, but it worked so well! Elizabeth Reaser snot rocketing in her blubbering was amazing. Not the boogers, the acting, lol.

    But I agree, that was what 10 minutes of one take of arguing?

    Above all I love how they left them! Who knows what the future will be for those two, but you know they love each other right now. That’s fucking you, KT!

  29. KT – about Polls

    I definitely will not be turning that down! But why nail down definitions when you can just make more poll questions?!?

    *Starts chant* Two polls! Two polls! Two polls!

  30. For me it’s really rewarding to be able to hold a mirror up to what you accomplish KT and not just be able to demonstrate to you how much a story means to me, but also be accurate in articulating your vision to you. It’s all selfish of course, having the motivation to get you keep writing, but I want to be someone who can reassure you you aren’t just hacking aimlessly through the jungle looking for that *gags* Denny’s (I’m really just kidding, I love Denny’s when I went the few times I went), but rather that I can see the path your treading. It just really, really helps that I can do that as a fan because you’re going the direction I want you to go so often in your stories, I just wish you could have ended at an IHOP.

    I was sticking to the metaphor very strong for that entire thing until the very end, I just hate Denny’s for the duration of the joke in the post.

  31. My e-friend, and favorite non-published author, Don Jetman has just released a really intense, personal story on Ourhotwives. It’s here: https://ourhotwives.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=54311. It’s called “The Bowl”. Don and I have been writing each other for over two years. During one of those online exchanges, he mentioned something about a bowl his wife “L” used for a nefarious purpose. That short exchange stuck with me. When Don started posting his stories on OHW, I started bugging him about continuing with “The Bowl”.

    Putting “The Bowl” together was not an easy undertaking. It involved Don scouring old E-mails from an old online friend he never really met, but who had suddenly disappeared. Don related “The Bowl” to his friend in great detail, so he had everything he needed to reconstruct the story. It took months for Don to do so.

    You won’t need an account to read this story, so please give it a shot. You’ll need an account to comment, but if you comment here, I’ll make sure Don gets your comment. Don’s a great guy. Support him if you can. He’ll appreciate it and I’ll make sure you know that, too.

    KT if this is inappropriate, I apologize in advance. Just please delete it and know I meant no harm.

  32. Ya know, it really is so astonishing how lucky we are, who like the genre we like, to have found this author. It’s crazy to me. I keep trying to find new authors, because I like novelty and what not, but it never ceases to amaze me when I return to a story I’ve read ad naseum of KT’s just how much better she is compared to everyone else. At least how I like my stories, I’m sure others might feel different.

    Even stories I have somewhat (only somewhat!) criticized like Reza, I returned to recently because i guess i felt the mood for it. It blew my mind again, having tried reading a couple other stories fresh on my mind. Every single thing that KT fills her pages with is gold. I might forget some small detail when I return to her writing and it makes it feel fresh again, but above all, just fucking phenomenal.

    I feel like my mind is that control room in Chernobyl and she knows all of the tiniest of buttons to it to reach the point of meltdown. I guess in this metaphor, meltdowns are good things. The metaphor sounded good in my head, lol.

    1. It’s like I wrote a while back: KT doesn’t waste a word. Each word has a purpose. Bang per word (pun not intended) is high with KT.

      We’ll post our three favorite KT books soon. I’ll calm down soon–after the crap that happened at the GP in Montreal today fades.

  33. TB, DnD,
    Just rereading Cherry Blossoms, along with some sci-fi. KT’s mastery of detail is astonishing. Even though I do not care much for Nia (sorry, KT, but she was a coward wrt the stripper and treated Geoff and Odie shabbily), it is a hell of a story with great sex. Yes, yes, I know, Geoff opened that door for Nia, but she encouraged/shamed him into it and did not think very long before pushing through.

    And you could even learn something about Toronto and the folks up North, if you wish.

    1. When we re-read Cherry Blossoms a couple of months, we were struck as you were. KT sets scenes better than anyone out there. The ending of Cherry Blossoms is just incredibly emotional. We were so happy for Geoff. We’d like to think they learned their lessons and in the fictional world created by KT, are living their lives happily on that island, together. Both paid incredibly high prices, but not surprisingly, Geoff was better at survival than Nia.

  34. Our three favorite KT Morrison books.

    1. This is not going to be a popular choice, but we chose it because of the characters, the humor, the Jersey Shore Guido-like dialog: Happy Endings. Then there was the epilogue. That epilogue will haunt me (Dave) for a long, long time. That two-word phrase repeated, screams at me. I would really like to see that series continued simply because of the epilogue. I know it’s not going to happen, but one can dream, no?

    2. Cherry Blossoms. This was a tough choice as this book is simply brilliant. The emotional turmoil of Geoff, the irresponsible and the completely irrational reason Nia leaves him, are nothing short of incredibly written. The vivid imagery in this book make other books in this genere pale in comparison. Then there’s the emotional ending. It was tough to put this book at number 2.

    3. Daria gets her wish here: The Maggie Series, in its entirety. While I had huge problems completely the last book, it wasn’t because the book was bad, it was because I projected my own feelings onto Max and Maggie. Never have I wanted a character to simply man up as badly as Max. Ultimately, it’s not who Max is. The Maggie series is about discovery and by the end of the series, everyone knows exactly who they are and how the pieces fit together. I may not like how those pieces fit, but there is no denying, given the nature of all parties, it’s natural and extremely well done. This was the first book my wife and I read together (until the last book, that is).

  35. Outstanding! And it checks out (from my perspective), I know how much of a fan you both were on Happy Endings, and I’m glad Daria could convince you to move Maggie up the list. As far as series goes, Maggie is my number favorite of KT’s, Cherry Blossoms will be hard to unseat, but like I said before about ‘Temporal,’ I really want KT to try, LOL.

    1. Our list depends greatly on currently unfinished works, as well. Those who are on the top 3 radar are Six Weeks, Keely, and Chelsea Hates Libby.

      I do so wish KT would consider visiting Happy Endings again. I understand the end of the line thing that the epilogue was supposed to do, but those two damn words! 🙂

      1. Again… “… those who are…” should read “…those on…” Shows you what FIA does to me.

  36. Just finished reading “Operation: Cuckold” & “Stag Nights (Operation: Cuckold Book 2)” by Delores Swallows . I enjoyed this series a different, believable open relationship.

    1. Yes, there is a book 1 that is “Operation Cuckold” and then a book 2 called “Stag Nights” Yes, I really liked the couple in this series. Don’t know if there will be any follow on. I think the two books wrap it up nicely.


      1. Sorry, RCH, I tried to reply to my original reply earlier today in response to DnD’s comment and I accidentally replied to your comment. I was trying to revise that Maggie is my number 2* series of KT’s.

        I’ll take a look at those books you mention!

      2. We’ve read some of Ms. Swallows works (the pen name? LMAO!). I think we’ve read what you’ve read–the books are in our library. We may have to re-read them while (ahem) doing the Tom Petty thing here.

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