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What’s Everybody Reading?

The second Keely book will be available next week. Until then, I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for something good they’ve read. Like, I know there are new books out there by all your favorites. Ben Boswell has a new one with a great cover, ‘Possessing Princess’, and Jason Lenov has one I’ve bought but haven’t read yet, ‘Filthy Little Thing’. And Parker Pascal has a new book, a huge one that embodies ‘Deliverance’; it just came out and the Look Inside got me hooked…

So what’s new that you like?

Here’s something that hit me hard. Shikishiro Konomi’s ‘Netoraserare’. The pacing, the drama, the slow burn, the climb. Wow. Poignant. I think there’s a hentai version, but I’m talking about the original manga here. I found so many parallels to Pete and Jess, and yet I hadn’t ever read it until last fall. But I can’t stop thinking about it.

Anyone ever read this?

Also: if you have a link where I can buy a complete translated version, that would be great. It’s pretty esoteric and I had trouble tracking this thing down but definitely want to support this creator.

246 thoughts on “What’s Everybody Reading?

  1. Okay, this is testing non-erotic waters, almost literally. What I’m reading (Daria’s not interested, but listens to my recaps) is a book about the goings on with Fast Attack Submarines. The book is titled “Blind Man’s Bluff” and is written by Sherry Sontag. It purports to be about the secret war going on under the ocean. I have no way of knowing if it’s correct, but because my father was on submarines throughout his Naval career, I’m compelled to read it. A friend on OHW recommended it to me and I have to say so far that the book is really well done. I’m not finished with it, but I just want to know what my Dad did–he didn’t talk about it at all, and I’ll never get another way to find out. I know how he reacted to “Hunt For Red October”. It’s funny, I’ve read “Hunt” and watched the movie so many times, it’s crazy. To me, it’s a great movie. I hope this book will be the same.

  2. KT,
    For those of us who may visit the Great Northland this summer will you be able to put together a guide to KT’s Toronto and environs? Maybe you could write this guide using short, declarative sentences, and call it “A Movable Fuck.” If there were sufficient interest from the assembled moronitudes would it also be possible to provide a docent, perhaps named Carol or Trish (we are probably talking about an older crowd for this kind of thing)?

    1. Being a moron, I think I would love a docent driven tour of “Moveable Fuck” sites in Toronto and its purlieus. πŸ™‚

      1. KT, you see what happens when we have to wait. Our minds wander . . . . straight down into the gutter.

        Speaking of gutters, we probably need a couple of optional guided excursions. Carol can copter people over to Schroon Lake for a reenactment of Maggie’s deepest point with Max. Trish can lead explorations of the wonders of Michigan, especially during cherry season.

        And the food! All that good Italian in Vaughn. Finally, KT herself will tell the ‘Muricans how to stay out of fights at biker bars on the lake.

      2. Some days, I think my mind never leaves the gutter.

        I would gladly accept a tour with Sukie and Tommy as guides showing us HotLanta! Yes, even the underground! Then off to Neiman Marcus off Peachtree where Sukie and Daria can clean out the place! Oh, yes… lots of Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin shoes will be bought! Oh, and did I mention that Neiman Marcus was where Dio ran into Sukie? No? Well, that’s where their affair started. πŸ™‚

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