What’s Everybody Reading?

The second Keely book will be available next week. Until then, I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for something good they’ve read. Like, I know there are new books out there by all your favorites. Ben Boswell has a new one with a great cover, ‘Possessing Princess’, and Jason Lenov has one I’ve bought but haven’t read yet, ‘Filthy Little Thing’. And Parker Pascal has a new book, a huge one that embodies ‘Deliverance’; it just came out and the Look Inside got me hooked…

So what’s new that you like?

Here’s something that hit me hard. Shikishiro Konomi’s ‘Netoraserare’. The pacing, the drama, the slow burn, the climb. Wow. Poignant. I think there’s a hentai version, but I’m talking about the original manga here. I found so many parallels to Pete and Jess, and yet I hadn’t ever read it until last fall. But I can’t stop thinking about it.

Anyone ever read this?

Also: if you have a link where I can buy a complete translated version, that would be great. It’s pretty esoteric and I had trouble tracking this thing down but definitely want to support this creator.

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  1. Okay, this is testing non-erotic waters, almost literally. What I’m reading (Daria’s not interested, but listens to my recaps) is a book about the goings on with Fast Attack Submarines. The book is titled “Blind Man’s Bluff” and is written by Sherry Sontag. It purports to be about the secret war going on under the ocean. I have no way of knowing if it’s correct, but because my father was on submarines throughout his Naval career, I’m compelled to read it. A friend on OHW recommended it to me and I have to say so far that the book is really well done. I’m not finished with it, but I just want to know what my Dad did–he didn’t talk about it at all, and I’ll never get another way to find out. I know how he reacted to “Hunt For Red October”. It’s funny, I’ve read “Hunt” and watched the movie so many times, it’s crazy. To me, it’s a great movie. I hope this book will be the same.

  2. KT,
    For those of us who may visit the Great Northland this summer will you be able to put together a guide to KT’s Toronto and environs? Maybe you could write this guide using short, declarative sentences, and call it “A Movable Fuck.” If there were sufficient interest from the assembled moronitudes would it also be possible to provide a docent, perhaps named Carol or Trish (we are probably talking about an older crowd for this kind of thing)?

    1. Being a moron, I think I would love a docent driven tour of “Moveable Fuck” sites in Toronto and its purlieus. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. KT, you see what happens when we have to wait. Our minds wander . . . . straight down into the gutter.

        Speaking of gutters, we probably need a couple of optional guided excursions. Carol can copter people over to Schroon Lake for a reenactment of Maggie’s deepest point with Max. Trish can lead explorations of the wonders of Michigan, especially during cherry season.

        And the food! All that good Italian in Vaughn. Finally, KT herself will tell the ‘Muricans how to stay out of fights at biker bars on the lake.

      2. Some days, I think my mind never leaves the gutter.

        I would gladly accept a tour with Sukie and Tommy as guides showing us HotLanta! Yes, even the underground! Then off to Neiman Marcus off Peachtree where Sukie and Daria can clean out the place! Oh, yes… lots of Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin shoes will be bought! Oh, and did I mention that Neiman Marcus was where Dio ran into Sukie? No? Well, that’s where their affair started. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Taking a break…

    This morning, my wife and I finished reading a really hot book by Matthew Lee. It had been sitting in our library for a while, so last night we decided to start it. Wow! Just wow. Tropes galore, a loving cuckold story that actually goes there. The book is titled, “Gabriela Gets an Education”. There are a couple of mistakes but they’re not distracting at all. It’s a four parter. We tried to find parallels in this book and the Taylor/Harrison saga. There are some, but wow. This book is entirely evolutionary with both Chuck and Gabriela changing throughout. One thing remains constant: Chucks single-minded determination.

    Check it out, if you want.

    1. I appreciate you putting this out there. I remember this being pretty ok from Matthew Lee. I have mixed feelings with Matthew Lee, but mostly good ones. I like his most recent story, “For the Team” that was an interesting concept and executed well. His stories tend to go off in crazy directions that lose me, but the central concept that premises the story are generally enticing.

      1. Yeah, Matthew Lee can go on tangents. I suppose the thing that got me, personally, about this story is that it’s very organic in the evolution of both of them. It’s got things that are so off the way crazy that I had to laugh but there was a theme that was adhered to throughout.

        Right now, KT’s got two perfect vehicles to “go there” in the story. One can only hope that happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. You know, we really enjoyed the book. It’s got drama, heart break, and off the hook sex. The transformation of the female lead is really well done in our opinion as is the acceptance and steadfast adherence to a belief by the male lead. Make no mistake, this is a cuckolding book, but there’s one thing that is never lost: Love between the two main characters.

        And don’t worry KT, I won’t spoil it for you. There is one scene in the book that really got me, though. Daria laughed when I shifted in my seat. I’ll tell what it is after you’ve read it. Please let me know.

  4. Daria is out so I decided to find a book to read to pass the time. I picked a long series. Lo and behold, we already owned an identical series, published earlier. In this series I purchased it was a direct lift with only the names being changed. I left a one star review requesting a refund. This is the first time I’ve seen this. Buyer beware. (No, it wasn’t KT’s work that was lifted.)

    1. I see thatโ€”is this guy also the original author, re-releasing his book or something under another name? It seems acknowledged on another review on another book. I was going to look into it but realized I have shit tons of books to write, ha ha.

      1. You know, KT, who the author is doesn’t matter. At best, if it’s the same author, it’s deceptive. At worst, it’s plagiarism.

        On OHW I’ve found things lifted straight from literotica, and things lifted from published, copyrighted books. The most recent lift I found was from a book by Shalamara Jax. I reported it along with screen shots of the original book for verification. Not that the owner there gives two shits. I used to report fake pictures, but gave that up when I presented absolute evidence in the form of a lifted Instagram page and tumblr page only to have the staff member write, “There’s no way we can tell if this is the person.” Exact matches, too. Screw it. I have better things to waste time on.

        Write on, KT! Write on!

  5. Not Erotica Recommendation (for once in my life)

    If you want to read a tear jerker semi-true story (based on the story of Georgia Tann, a complete monster) about the terrible underground of child trafficking for orphanages in the early to mid 1900’s, I recommend to you ‘Before We Were Yours’ by Lisa Wingate. Tears and tears and tears. I’m not at the end yet so there’s probably a light yet at the end of the tunnel of despair, but wow …

    DnD this kind of stuff might be top of mind for you guys, although you’re doing things on the up and up with regards to adoption!

    1. Completely on the up and up. I just wish we’d hear something. We’ll check out the book when we get home. Thanks for thinking of us, James.

    1. Smashwords is just the easiest to publish to. I submit it, it’s live immediately. I submitted to Amazon but it’s now just going live around 18 hours later. It’ll soon be available in other stores too!

      I did up the AG product page because I’m crammed for time and knew I’d have trouble doing it today. There’ll be an Amazing Grace post coming shortly…

      1. You know, KT, you never cease to amaze. NEVER. I don’t know diddly about you–I don’t even really know if you’re a man or woman (James says you’re a woman), but that doesn’t matter. Hell, the only thing I know for certain is that you have a beautifully filthy, dirty, creatively insane, mind.

        What matters is this: You’re cool. VERY cool. But here’s the thing. I really hope, and Daria hopes it too, that you would take some time for yourself. Seriously. I’ve written that before. It’s not healthy to keep pushing. You need to advertise your Patreon more. Even though, having the Patreon and having the obligation to your “patrons”, is something you did to give you more free time, you’re still pressing. Is there an end in sight? If not, please take Christmas off. Enjoy your family and friends and don’t think of a soul here. Recharge/

        Then come back and let us all see what Maceo and Janey are up to! It’s winter! ๐Ÿ™‚ Fuck, it’s winter. It was 14 F here this morning.

        So, you Energizer Bunny you, relax. ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. You are spot on DnD – her stories are the weirdest warm blanket I’ve ever thrown on in these cold days. I love her (shes told us she is a woman several times, though who knows if shes being truthful lol) style of story so much, it has a familiar rhythm and cadence even if I could never accomplish explaining what that is in any detail. Its uniquely her and yet never totally the same.

        I cant say enough how much I want KT to keep enjoying putting out whatever she wants whenever she wants to do it. Fuck what anyone (even what your diehard and casual fans) says, do what you want. Give a brother a warning though if something significant is coming, is all I could ever ask.

        And I hear its freezing from my folks back home, I’m looking forward to coming back to cold, dry Michigan winters when I see family!

      3. James,

        You actually like Michigan winters? Bro, no. Just no. I will NEVER get used to them. I dislike forced air heat. I long for a heat pump! I don’t like having a whole house humidifier that requires me to clean it every two weeks during winter. If I skip, we get horribly dry skin. So, yeah… You keep on liking Michigan winters, grab a Faygo, and rock out, bro! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Just kidding. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m thinking we’ll go skiing somewhere this weekend. Or go shoot pool.


      4. Oh hell no I hate Michigan winters, but they’re like car rides home talking mad shit about your extended family after family get togethers, fucking terrible, but they have a nostalgic quality.

        And youre not home unless you’ve caked on layers of lotion because your skin is cracking in fifteen different ways with the lack of humidity.

        Let’s put away the Faygo and brew up some Mulled wine! I got the Hennessy!

      5. Never had Mulled wine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Never, seriously. We used to go to some vineyards around the state, but haven’t done that in a while. Hell, just the other night we shot pool! What a show that was! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Today: 22 in the morning 41 in the afternoon. Michigan and eczema have connections in hell.

      6. Mulled wine is an awesome beverage if you’re out in the cold and dont mind a little buzz. Never had it until i moved out east and now it’s a holiday tradition I am starting haha.

        Enjoying some games of pool, eh? Is Daria the pool Shark or are you? Maybe both?

      7. Neither. I used to play some before I met Daria at this place close to my apartment. Daria called me when she arrived at the airport, so I picked her up and I decided we’d play pool. It wasn’t her first time, but it was fun. Given the way she dressed for her return, it was fun for more than just me. ๐Ÿ™‚ We went back and played some more. ๐Ÿ™‚

        So, now back to the boring work of packing up stuff and shipping it for our winter escape.

  6. Kirsten Mccurran has just released a really interesting book: “Fiona’s Summer Vacation: A Shared Wife Story”.

    This is interesting because it, like KT’s “Amazing Grace”, explores the seduction of a nerdy college student by the mid-thirties wife. The college student is the wife’s husband’s cousin. The difference is this: It’s a first time hotwife story and the husband has been onboard from the beginning.

    Like everything Kirsten writes, it’s extremely well done. The sex scenes are blazingly hot with the “final” encounter opening up some new doors.

    We’re thinking hard about our review of the book.

    For some reason, these two books remind me of “Summer of 42”, and of course, my own life. I first watched “Summer of 42” after my first experience, many, many years after the movie was released. Jennifer O’neill is a babe–and she still is in her 70’s. (I had to look her up.) I’ve got it on my media server, so I’m thinking it might be time to rewatch the movie.

    1. Glad a McCurran book got the patented DnD shout out, now I will consider taking a look. I do like when she doesnt make things so easy going for hubby though, which sounds she does make things pleasant for him in this story if he is complicit.

      1. Kirsten’s writing is a mix of things. We’ve noticed that at times, in some books, while she doesn’t go particularly dark, she pushes things to the edge, and then things go back, after a break, to the more sane. She does this in the “Hot Dates” series to great effect. It’s interesting. I guess it’s a comfort zone or perhaps even Amazon not publishing.

        KT has often bemoaned that Amazon does things that are detramental to authors of erotic books, so I guess restraint is a normal, necessary reaction. However, to push boundaries as KT has done recently, is refreshing.

        That’s not to say there’s not room for well written, well thought out, and well presented erotic stories, but the list of authors who do that is small.

        For example, Max Sebastian recently put out a book entitled, “The Truth About My BFF” which was hot, but more romantic than erotic to us. It was about lifelong friends who were made for each other but had trouble admitting it. In that book, Max mentions “When Harry Met Sally” more than once and the book felt similar to that book. However, there was one scene that had Daria and I thinking, ‘Ross and Rachel’. That’s just great writing.

        In the end, we think writers are like any other artist, and for this, genre doesn’t matter. What matters is being true to themselves. Having fun and believing in what is done shows through. That’s one reason why it’s fun to read KT’s comments on characters. They take on lives and come to life on the pages. When KT writes about a trip Keely and Maggie take, it’s awesome.

  7. While I’m not a big fan of incest I have been reading RawlyRawls “The Haunting of Palmer Mansion” I have found this engaging and well written. RawlyRawls, writes older woman young man stories. This one is heavy with incest and the supernatural. I’m follow on SubscribeStar but some of her stuff is on Storiesonline. I do feel like I’m cheating on KT though! :).

    1. I get what you’re saying about loyalty. We started KT’s Maggie series slightly over two years ago. We were immediately hooked. Sometime after, I started reading KT’s previous blog and finally posted (you might remember I had a problem finishing the last Maggie book).

      Now, when I post about what other authors we have read, I remember what KT wrote about being positive. But, I do feel guilty, so I only post about the best of what we have read. Odd?

      1. Feel free to discuss other books all you want! I just don’t want to be a place where there’s negativity about other books or authors. It’s tough being a writer, so I’d hate for someone to come here and see people saying bad things about their books. But if you want to talk about other authors who are killing it, bring it on! Until I get super-jealous, ha haโ€”then I’ll change that rule.

      2. Hey KT,

        For the record, I wouldn’t dare go negative here or any place else. My mom and dad often told me if I couldn’t say something good about something to not say anything. So, unless someone asks me my opinion about something, I don’t give it. Yes, I have opinions like anyone else, but online? It’s pretty much pointless.

        Pointless because opinions are like assholes. There’s too many keyboard warriors out there. The world doesn’t need one more.

        All that said, I really like Kirsten’s style. Then there’s Max– that guy is talented! C.C. Morian–intricate and hot! Matthew Lee: That Gabriela series and other books, wow. Then there’s Jason Lenov, Arnica Butler, Thomas Roberts, Bart Tracer, Parker Pascal, and a host of others.

      3. Oh no, ha ha, I didn’t think you were like that! I just meant there was only one rule about posting other books here, and that was to be only positive. I know your character!

    2. Besides some of the writers davidndaria mention above (especially Matthew Lee and Bart Tracer), there are a couple others I enjoy that I don’t think have been mentioned.

      Jewel Geffen is actually responsible for reigniting my interest in the genre at a point when it was cooling. She’s a solid stylist, and like KT, her books tend to be legit novels, meaning story development is important and not just sex. (Mind you, she’s not the artist KT is, but I think KT is and always will be unique in that way.) She permits a few too many typos in her books, but in exchange she turns them out really fast and steadily.

      At least in the hotwife/cuckold realm, all her stuff is interracial. That category has its pitfalls, and Geffen doesn’t always avoid them completely, but I tend to make allowances for erotica — i.e., hot trumps PC. And Geffen’s stuff is definitely hot.

      One thing I find refreshing about her writing is that I feel like it’s from a unique point of view, in my experience of this genre. I feel like Geffen is writing about what turns her on (IR relationships), and that she is writing not just from a feminine perspective, but for a feminine audience. Many of her books have more than a whiff of the romance genre about them, and while she certainly doesn’t exclude male readers, I don’t feel she’s necessarily targeting them primarily. It’s a different POV and style than I’m accustomed to, and that makes it different and interesting.

      Another writer I like, with some unusual quirks, is Matt Coolomon. He’s just about as interested in exhibitionism as he is in hotwives and cuckolding, so expect a lot of loving descriptions of various teasing erotic displays (downblouse, upskirt, etc.) as a leadup to the actual sex. That stuff gets me going too, however, so no complaints here. He’s also big on playing to the pregnancy risk angle, which works for me as well.

      Coolomon’s an Aussie, and whether it’s a cultural thing or just him, his women are not exactly models of progressive thought. He’s big on what he calls “sweetly submissive” heroines (and when they’re not being sexually submissive, expect them to be making lots of sammitches).

      He’s a simple, clear, clean stylist, however, and can turn out some very charged sex scenes. In fact, he makes the entire atmosphere sexually charged, particularly with all the teasing buildup. Recommended for the dirtiness, not the art.

      One caution: Coolomon has a tendency to reissue books with revisions and sometimes under different titles, so read the descriptions carefully to avoid duplication. (He’s also started some puzzling self-censorship with recent re-releases.)

  8. Daria and I wish everyone, everywhere, of every religion, or those who do not believe, Merry Christmas! May all of you enjoy the holiday and experience the love and joy of the season.

      1. Hey KT,

        This is a serious question that I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while. It’s not going to seem serious, but it is. Here goes:

        If you get a breakfast sandwich at Tim’s in Canada, are the muffins in an elongated hexagonal shape?

        Daria and I debated about the shape. Daria said they are that way to save space while baking. I argued the only way that works is if they’re baked in really long strips–that wasted space is negligible for the home or restaurant chef.

        That all deteriorated into arguing about cookies and how come they’re not hexagonal instead of round. We argued that many cookies need to be round for aestetics, but not muffins for breakfast sandwiches.

        It’s actually odd eating a breakfast sandwich made with elongated hexagonal muffins in that the egg, sausage and cheese are not covered by the muffin. So, aestetically it would make more sense ot have the muffin be hexagonal but not elongated.

        Just wondering. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, it’s serious. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I don’t know what you’re Americanized versions of Tim Horton’s are like, but my experiences are always different. I’m not much of a Timmy’s patron. I’m more of a Mom & Pop coffee shop patron. But if I’m on the road I’ll go to a Timmy’s and I don’t hate them or anything. However, Every time I go there it’s at the drive thru and like, the menu board is all hey try our new farmer’s biscuit, or seasonal bullshit offering. I hate ordering anything from a Timmie’s drive through except coffee because I’m old school, so when I HAVE to order a breakfast sandwich I order whatever is the largest image on the board because I don’t want to enrage driver’s behind me while I try to figure out an eighty page menu printed small on a backlit sign. So whatever picture is big and reasonably appetizing gets my order. The sandwich is usually an egg on a croissant or a bagel or an English muffin or sandwich bread or sourdough something or farmer’s biscuit or maple carbs, or whatever. I don’t feel like I’ve had the same thing twice. And, unfortunately I don’t recall any hexagonal breads, ha ha. In the summer I will go for an Ice Cap, and when I go for a donut (maybe one a year) it’s gotta be a raised maple.

      3. I’ve always said that baked goods need to be hexagonal, anyone who knows me knows my stance on this.

        You guys are funny, DnD. You have to ask our resident Canadians this, of course.

      4. James,

        Literally, the only place I’ve ever seen elongated hexagonal muffins is at Tim Horton’s. Hey, they taste great, too. There is something about Timmy’s breakfast sandwiches that leaves McDonald’s in the dust. Taste vs. Cardboard. We just wanted to know if it was a stateside Tim thing or an international Tim thing?

        Hey, if you’re still in MI, you can participate, too! Tim’s has even changed the packaging. The Tim’s we go to is in Hartland and has a Coldstone in it. Mint ice cream with chocolate shavings… simple, but decadent! It’s not all about the muffin, there!

        I’m a muffin expert, too! Well, at least I think I am. Ain’t nuffin’ like a muffin! I mean, “…you ain’t seen nothin’ ’til you’re down on a muffin…”

      5. Thanks, KT. I figured it might be a local thing. I’m guilty of thinking Canadians and Timmy’s went hand in hand. For that assumption, I apologize.

      6. Ha ha, oh no, you’re right, they do go hand in hand. Timmy’s are ubiquitous and they have a great reputation in Canada. The town where I live has two small coffee shops where I prefer to go; one is a market and the other makes really great espresso. Even me, who doesn’t think they really go to Tim Horton’s, really does go to Tim Horton’s. The coffee is good, they’re reliable. What’s your order of choice beyond breakfast sandwiches? Do you go for the donuts?

      7. LOL! Okay. ๐Ÿ™‚ Primarily just breakfast sandwiches. But the grilled wraps are good — steak primarily for me, Daria gets the chicken! Daria loves the apple fritters and I like the glazed chocolate Tim bits. Chocolate glazed donuts are great, too! Our friend’s daughter loves any donuts from there (we’ve baby sat her several times) but is partial to anything with sprinkles.

        The big treat is the ice cream at the Coldstone Creamery inside. I think it’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Mint with chocolate shavings. We get two half gallons at a pop. Expensive, around $20.00 US, but well worth it.

        Seriously though, the elongated hexagonal muffins bother me–only because they don’t do the same thing with the eggs, sausage, and cheese. This has happened in the last month or two, as well. They’re baked in molds–the sides aren’t browned. They taste the same as round muffins, so they didn’t muck that up. There appears to be no Timmys in FL, so I’m SOL in finding out if it’s local, like a test market, or what?

        The things I worry about.

        Thanks, KT!

      8. $10US per gallon? Holy crap. That must be some good ice cream. Some of the Canadian Tim’s have the Coldstones too, but I’ve never tried it. Now I’m curious…

        Next time I’m at Tim’s I’ll check on the hex situation (and also see about some ice cream!)…

      9. KT,

        That’s $10 for a half-gallon. It’s the richest ice cream we’ve ever eaten–I mean creamy. It’s not at all like Breyer’s or some local premium brand. It’s just decadently rich. You know how cheese strings when you bite into a hot, fresh slice of pizza? When this ice cream is at the proper temperature, likely as you’re eating it, it will string just like the hot cheese from that slice of pizza. That’s my benchmark for rich, creamy ice cream. LOL! Some criteria, eh? Besides, it tastes insanely good (I almost quoted Jobs). Two half-gallon’s lasts us months.

        The Hex thing is because when I was younger I used to sous chef in a high end DC restaurant and I guess I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to presentation–having a circular egg, sausage, and square slice of cheese all gooey and sticking out sides of an elongated hexagonal sandwich just doesn’t seem right or completely thought out. It tastes the same–identically the same–it just looks odd.

  9. A bit OT: HBO just premiered a series, “Mrs. Fletcher,” which features an attractive 40-something divorcee sending her son off to college. The kid was a bully in HS, and the mother meets his victim in a writing class and is attracted to him sexually. She has a lot of difficulty following through and closing the deal with the boy.

    This looks like a good case for an intervention by Trish and Grace. As for the guy, I thought immediately about the Sam character in Kirsten McCurran’s latest. These two gals, plus Fiona, know how to deal with the young’uns. As for the bully angle, we haven’t seen too many successful resolutions in KT world aside from Geoff.

    KT, this is the second or third time some cable series seems to have borrowed a good portion of one of your story boards. Are you holding out on us or are you a victim as well?

    Best wishes to all for Christmas, New Year, Boxing Day, and Chanukah.

  10. KT and everyone! Happy New Year! Everyone stay happy, healthy, and live your lives to the fullest! Fun is where you find it! Take time for fun!

  11. Finally binged “Succession.” Certainly at least a part of the Tom/Shiv subplot was lifted from a KT old boyfriend/bully story. Have not watched season 2 yet to see whether Tom has actually manned up. Other elements of high promise: Willa – I don’t care what you did yesterday or how you earned your keep, you are a stunner; Tabitha – snowballing Tom at the bachelor party and teasing little Roman; it is the least we would expect from the newly liberated (former) Mrs. Libby Masters. After all, she must have learned something from her husband’s research, and she was taking a walk on the wild/fun side when that series (“Maters of Sex”) ended.

    1. Lol you might be surprised at how Roman develops. I won’t spoil anything on Tom/Shiv in season 2 but ummm don’t look at the video I posted in the Separate Schools thread :P.

  12. It seems to me KT is at the epicenter of a lot of Canadian media activity. In looking back at a few of my previous series interests I can see clearly the hotwife and cuckold/bully angle. Think about “Durham County.” Here we have the detective’s wife, Audrey (Helene Joy), taking up with the bad boy/bully, Ray, and defending him to the point of marital fracture, sexy lingerie purchases and all. In the meantime, we need dearly to give the lovely Miss LaCroix (Kathleen Munroe) another chance since she had the bad luck to take up with Ray early in the series. Perhaps, like Dr. William Masters’ first wife, Libby, she can be repurposed as a hot babe in season 4 of “Succession,” perhaps as a friend of Willa.

    In “Travelers” we’ve got hotwifing going both directions in time: Leah, the main character’s time bound wife, with any guy who will like her work (she has a really sexy mischievous smile, too); Grant the head of the time travel crew with Nesta, his squeeze from out of time, really pissing off her 2016 hubby.

    Finally, in “Continuum” KT comes out of hiding with an elucidation of major plot elements that are too dirty even for Canadian TV (“Inconceivable”). On the screen our time traveling heroine, Keira (Rachel Nichols), stuck in a boring marriage out in 2075, is clearly interested in what the highly imperfect specimens of 2016 have to offer.

    Seriously, now, is it all that downtime in winter that gets you up (down?) to all manner of foolishness? Are you all too nice to put a foot down to stop this stuff (hint: Glaucon should not have as much free time on his hands from his divorce practice with all this stuff going on, but apparently Canadians to forgiving and not prone to carrying a grudge, except for those Montreal guys in “Bad Blood”). Is it the French influence (“toujours pret” and all that)? Enquiring minds need to know.

  13. We just finished reading, and reviewing Parker Pascal’s “Holly Hold On Tight” 2. It’s very well written with Parker painting some pretty vivid images–not only sexually. The only knock in our five-star review is the inclusion of scenes that really add little to the story, one in particular which we mention in our review.

    For the vast majority of the book we thought Holly was a manipulative, cold bitch, only to find out that there was method to her madness. Her husband, Julian is non-committal throughout with regard to certain things and only later does he begin to feel his oats.

    Barring the superfluous scenes, this book is a must read for hotwife fans! The title for our review is “Hold on Loosely” yes, a .38 Special song. My dad told me they were the loudest concert he ever attended. I remember him telling me his ears rang for days after.

    So, there you go… ๐Ÿ™‚ “Your baby needs someone to believe in…”

  14. Matthew Lee is fast becoming a big time favorite. Last night, we read “Kneading the Kink: A Hotwife Story”. The story is told from the wife’s point of view and man, for us it was hot as all get out. Buildup, first time, second time, denial, teasing, girl-on-girl, lesbians enjoying a man, it’s all there! Y’all might enjoy this book. We did.

    1. Currently reading now. As I’ve said before I really love his premises and the sex scenes are usually hitting on what I like, but I can already see the hints at things devolving into pure fantasy/fiction, which remains my chief criticism of him. I must just have a bad imagination … lol

      1. I’m wondering, what is your cutoff point–the point at which things devolve? I think it would be interesting to know. If you finish the book, can you post where it lost you?


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