Snowburst: Six Weeks In Winter

It’s time for the second episode of Six Weeks In Winter. This book’s called Snowburst, and we find Janie reeling in the aftermath of her indiscretion, but promising herself more control in the future. Janie’s on her best behavior but John has a growing suspicion. And soon, external forces are at work and Janie finds herself troubled…


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    1. Well, Daria is on her way home. It’s cruel, isn’t it? I have to cook dinner then we can read.

      Fun stuff, drama, and intensity awaits.

      1. Oh, forgot… the first thing that popped into my muddled mind when I read the title of the book was: For the next book, “Thundersnow”. LOL! HA, HA, HA! Actually it was AC/DC “Thunderstruck”.

  1. Pass one is done. We will be making no more predictions; we suck at it. Y’all are much better at predicting things than us. Pass two, coming up. We said it would be unpredictable and it was for us. There is only one thing we got right. Not that being right matters, it’s all in the fun of reading KT’s stories and this one was very, very cool.

    1. Finished my first pass and it’s funny that you had an impression that you got some wrong, I feel like you got John being curious about what happened the night before the last book ended and asking Janie immediately about it correct. And Janie being nervous about sketches because she didnt want to get caught by John was a Dar prediction wasn’t it?

      Good stuff, KT and DnD, I’ll be back later.

      One thing before I go, it’s a threat, you better not say a damn thing, Stacy, we got a good thing going here so dont fuck it up for us ok? 🙂

      1. Being right? It doesn’t matter, really. It was fun so I would like to continue the speculation… Daria thanks you, James.

        I do think John is suspicious, now. I think he’s along for the ride and wants to watch. We just wonder how long it’s going to be before Janie starts doing more things with John that she’s never done before? Talk about nailing it, KT. You nailed it, and John did notice.

        Man this story is so cool. I mean it. KT can take it in a lot of different directions after book 2. I think that’s brilliant. I mean, I look at the progress bar and see that Keely 2 is done, so editing and proofing await KT, but there’s so much going on at the Holcomb’s that whatever the wait, no matter if it’s next month or three months, book 3 can’t come soon enough.

        DnD — The waiting is the hardest part.

        PS Reviews still aren’t up. Book drop Tuesday must have taken them by storm.

      2. TBTH,

        First it was your review stuck in limbo, now it’s ours. 🙂 Great review, bro!


  2. I think about the only thing I got right for part 2 was Marissa would play a role, however unwittingly, in drawing Janie deeper into an affair with Maceo. Now let’s see who he’s meeting with and just what Janie has planned.

    1. So do we continue to predict? 🙂 I mean, yeah, we got two things right: The coverup and John’s questions (but only partially right and right for the wrong reason). I can tell you now, if it was me, today, I’d be questioning everything. John does seem to think Maceo is Janie’s Ugandan girl. You nailed that one, James!

      KT great work! Review is in progress. It will be five stars. Literally, we can’t wait for the next book. Your cliffhanger was brilliant.

      We’re glad Janie went for the shorter strings. 🙂 John will never notice.

      1. We’re going to wait a bit until other readers have had a chance to finish, but man, Janie has a huge jealous streak. What about Dr./Patient confidentiality being stressed?

        Daria joked about Janie handling cramps. She said it could become a dark comedy or very Monty Pythonish! “Oh, shit! Cramps! Take it out, Maceo! Now!!!” “No, John. Just a little while longer! I have horrible cramps!”

        “You better see the Doctor, Janie!”

        “I have. It’s nothing to worry about.”

  3. You read too fastnguys and Dario.. I’m only through ch 4 but wow kt. I love that’s there’s great communication between John and Janie except for Janie with holding what she did. I’m liking John more and more. Not in a million years does he think Janie would be unfaithful and while in the right circumstances he might have been good with it, I think it will crush him when he finds out she was unfaithful before their talk

  4. Only in KTville!

    These days in erotica a busted tranny obviously refers to the flavor du jour in identity world. In KT’s world a busted tranny is just what blue collar guys would ordinarily assume. Even the college girls at the table understood that (this is Buffalo, after all).

    Thanks for another great read.

    And lots of people have done the erotic portrait/photo shoot thing. Only KT could put an exquisite twist on that theme.

  5. I never get most of my predictions right, so I should stop while I’m behind lol. But I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to see John find out about the affair and be excited by it, but keep it to himself. Maybe he senses that Janie wouldn’t be able to continue if she knew John knows, and maybe the voyeurism is what will turn him on. Kind of like the Max road at the start.

    Also, I can’t be the only one excited to see Keely part 2 on the progress bar and already at 100%! I’m still digesting my thoughts on this story but it doesn’t mean I’m not also anticipating my next meal lol.

  6. Your thoughts? Janie getting the IUD is her admitting that she can’t or really doesn’t want to stop. What do think was the tipping point; thinking about Maceo while having sex with John so she could orgasm or her jealousy at the thought of Maceo about with another women?
    Also! Is there anyway this marriage doesn’t end in a train wreck?

    1. Tipping point? Definitely jealousy and fear of missing out. Probably because of the college girls or even Mar.

      Maceo is a player, but we think Janie is way jealous and wants him all to herself.


      1. I agree. We saw her put the moves on in the last book. I think she’ll jumps his bones first chance she gets to sho him what he’s got at home. I wonder whether Maceo going out was just that or calculated to create jealousy after hearing John and Janie in the bedroom.

    2. I think the beauty of a KT story is that in a lot of ways, her characters plunge deeper into their sexual adventures because the stars align. In other words, it’s never just one thing that tips the scales but a myriad reasons. I think Janie feeling vulnerable because her kids are gone, possibly some deep down trauma because her own mother has passed, wanting more time with her husband, who is egging her on in a lot of ways by allowing Maceo to flirt with her, etc. Maceo’s objective beauty/talents (bedroom and otherwise), and all the stuff you’ve already mentioned are reasons we have a girl with an unstoppable libido.

      And to be honest, I don’t see a train wreck coming, not yet at least. Maybe John loses it when he finds out the truth, but he’s already on the road to embracing what Janie and Maceo are doing. Couple that with the fact that Janie and John are seemingly rock solid and I don’t see a wreckage. I think they recover at this point from wherever this goes. And Janie put a big nix on a potentially long term irreversible devastation to their status quo by visiting Dr. Stacy.

      Here’s hoping that KT reads my comment on things probably ending up fine between Janie and John like …

      1. After the first book, we thought there was a huge chance Janie and John were in trouble–our prediction about the coverup and all that were linchpins for that belief. Now? I (Dave) agree with you. I think John may stumble into something, be stunned, hurt, and incredibly, well, you know… and just watch. I mean, it seems as if John is on board. How is he going to handle the lies by omission? The outright lies when Janie said nothing is happening. Ultimately, I think the worst thing that could happen is Janie becoming a hotwife–I mean worst in the best way. UGH, words are hard.

        I sure as hell hope Maceo paints Janie nude. I’m struggling with my use of “paint”. What strange double entendre. And I’m not trying to be cute. It’s there throughout these two books.

  7. KT, I feel this way every time I read one of your books. You’re doing something no other writer is doing. You create context and realism in these erotic stories that makes the sex scenes powerful and evocative. There’s appropriate scale and respect for detail in your books that I don’t see anywhere else in these genres and I absolutely wish that I saw more of it. It feels like we get more Janie here than we usually get of the wife/girlfriend, and it’s been worthwhile to see that! Jealousy, guilt for feeling jealousy, all excellent areas for exploration. Even when the narrative or characters aren’t as squarely in the genre or tone that I have personal preference for, it’s clear that you are a singular talent. Please keep on keepin’ on.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to leave a review. Is it worth it to you if I leave a review and it only shows up on the Canadian site? It’s a shitty feeling to feel like my reviews don’t really count as much.

    And I do hope we see more Becky Haze books.

    Anyway I’m off to Japan for a couple weeks! Everyone have fun while I’m gone.

      1. Thank you so much for reviewing—I don’t think I’ve even checked the AUS store in a while… I wish AMZ would let me know if there’s been a review!

      2. Ah, I just checked. Ha ha, thank you so much, I really do get such encouragement when someone takes the time to illustrate what they liked about the book. I appreciate it so much!

        I was so worried about doing a Keely book with no voyeurism in it or hotwife or anything and I’m so happy that this book was well-received. It really is a romantic series about how making a lifestyle work could look, so I’m thankful for everyone’s patience (and don’t worry, it’s about to boil over for Max…)

    1. Couple weeks?! That is awesome. Hope it’s pleasure, and I hope you have a great time!

      More Becky Haze books will come!

      And thank you so much for the nice words. I do love writing these characters.

      It is worth it to leave reviews. Only if you’re so inclined. And I agree; it’s a problem that AMZ doesn’t aggregate reviews from the other stores to the dot-com. Maybe someday they will…and the ones you wrote will get ported over…

  8. This winter tale is developing into a real barn burner. Not so much from John’s side but Janie is busting out of 20 years of suppressed personality/sexuality. Hard to know in what direction it will go but, in the spirit of other’s comments, I predict that the drawings of Janie will be ripped up at some point by J….either in anger or guilt depending on the identity of J. Naturally there will very probably be more paintings but maybe John will not see them.

    1. I love that we’re getting so much of Jane. Really helps understand her tormoil and you have to like her although she is clearly a cheater and not a hot wife. Hard to be sympathetic with that but kt pulls it off. Can’t figure Maceo yet. Is he just a young man with hi libido and questionable locals or a cad.

      1. Tracey,

        Right now she’s a cheater. Who knows if she becomes a hot wife. Take a look at the tags for the story. 🙂 You’ll see hotwife and voyeur. Little hints all along the way.

        It’s our feeling that Maceo is a player. He has admitted he was seducing Jamie. He’s slick and Janie is falling hook, line, and plow.

        The cool thing for us at this point in the story, KT take it so many different directions. She can go dark, really dark, light, even Happy Endings’ish. What intrigues us at this point is John and his relationship with Janie. His reactions scream a very active imagination that is fueled by the little things he notices. Things like Janies jeans on the floor seem to be fuel for his thoughts.

        Daria and David

      2. I too caught the voyeur tag and got disappointed when I saw it, Dave, haha. That said, as I type this, I remember that Janie is on the way to Iroquois Falls, maybe she’s the voyeur? For some reason I’m intrigued by that prospect, haha …

  9. To kt. It’s such a thrill that you read my review. I think it’s so awesome that we have a forum where we know you’re monitoring our discussion and that we can communicate to you. You have ruined me for other authors. I don’t know what I would do if you stopped writing. Fortunately you have been prolific recently ?2-3 books in 3 weeks. I love that you’re expanding your range of interest. Your skill shows through and I’ll read anything you write. Other authors that I like k Wright, max Sebastian, Ben boswell and the others in that group just don’t write enough anymore and frankly leave me a little underwhelmed now compared to your writing. I’m left to reread my past catalog of books.
    I just hope you get the readership, acclaim and satisfaction you deserve. Know that what you write is really engrossing and stays with me even when I want to throw my iPad at the wall and I can only read a little at time because it’s too much.
    PS. I’ll try and be disciplined and write more reviews.

    1. There’s no ‘love’ button for me to click?… ‘Like’ seems to fall short…

      Thank you so much!

      No pressure on reviews for anyone, but I do love and appreciate them. Do them as you see fit!

  10. I hope that wasn’t too love sick puppy. Although I meant every word my half of a bottle of white burgundy in the bath with my iPad after a hard week will Bring that out.
    I,m sober now so back to my trainwreck idea. The time zone difference is a bitch I’m always half a day behind. Now I read what you guys are saying and I see it but I think you’re glossing over the IUD too easily. Maybe because it was at the end of the book. The facts are ladies and men of the jury that Janie went to the doctor, her friend and revealed herself, embarrassed herself, had a medical procedure to have an IUD inserted and even told the doctor for whom and that he’s big. That’s “prior intent “ the difference between manslaughter and first degree murder. Guilty as charged. Her sentence: to rip out her husbands heart and stomp on it. Now as much as John might be loving it so far even though he suspects something. He loves that his wife is acting 20, their sex is great but it’s built on his belief that she would never cheat. When he finds out the depth and extent of her betrayal if he easily forgives her then not only would he lose my respect-doesn’t matter but I think he would lose Janies respect. Her own guilt would insist she be punished. Now having said that I don’t think kt would blow up their marriage without putting it back together. She’s written this largely from Janie’s perspective. I think it’s fair to say we like her and understand her inner turmoil and can sympathise even though she is a lying, cheating, cougar if I’m generous and dare I say paedophil if I’m not. Remember she is having sex with someone half her age who was entrusted to her care by his mother in a school/college exchange program. Imagine if the genre roles were reversed?
    Predictions. So what’s kt going to do. Breaking them up forever is cruel. Not kt harsh but not cruel. Janie becoming a hot wife and them living happily every after. too Kenny Wright. Last I looked he’s not writing the books. Kt devoted a lot of time to the story of Johns employee who messed up. John let him think he was losing his job for awhile then his punishment was only a headlock and kick in the bum and don’t mess up too often. Maybe a hint.
    I think we are going to see before the end both John and Maceo blown away by the alvalanche/snow storm that will be Janie’s passion unleashed
    Whatever happens it will be awesome. No pressure kt.

    1. Nah, you’re probably right that I’m overlooking obvious betrayal. Living in the real world, every individual act Janie has taken with Maceo are grounds for ending relationships, full stop. Have I become so warped by the morals of the KT world? Again probably, but even still the case can be made that Janie loves John enough to fight for him if things get too crazy (as they stand now, at least) and John can’t erase years of trust because of a momentary utter collapse of better judgment, right? Thinking about it in the macro sense like that (it helps that I’m the outsider) dampens the blow of something like that situation for me in this story. KT can do damage that is on the level as you describe the IUD implant, and she still can, but I don’t see it quite as devastating as you do right now.

      By the way, I like how you tie in that situation with the employee that damaged company property to how John might react to Janie and Maceo, I hadn’t thought of it in that sense!

    2. You have outlined the situation very well and I agree with you. I, too, think John is in no position to appreciate the depth of the effect of the young student (think Michelangelo’s David) on Janie. But what I havn’t been able to figure out is who is seducing whom. It starts with Maceo’s art “instruction” which could be well meaning but, to this amateur artist, hokey. One doesn’t learn to draw figures by just ‘feeling it’….it’s hard work in the beginning. Like learning to type, lot’s of practice is required. Naturally learning to type doesn’t make one a writer nor does learning to draw make one an artist. Feelings, intuition come later (Picasso in his youth was an excellent representative artist). So I kinda thing Maceo started the seduction that lit the fire in Janie but, based on the kitchen conversation in this volume is a bit taken aback at the intensity of the fire he lit. Actually I can’t believe I am writing comments like this but KT seems to have a real knack of getting one totally involved in these families. Now the wait to see what evolves next…the cougar is prepared to hunt.

    3. Not at all! I prefer it to be honest; I like everyone to be a little loosey goosey. The times here I’m most talkative, well, let’s just say we’re not dissimilar.

      That’s some massive insight with John and his employee! (Want to say more, but I can’t!)

  11. Totally agree TF. Maceo started it but since he backed off when Janie told him to cool it it’s been all Janie. I don’t know if it was a master stroke by Maceo you know give her a taste then let her come to him and now he sits back in smugness and enjoys his victory or whether he really did back off but Janie’s fire was already lit. It will go a long way to my thoughts on Maceo if we find out more about his motivation. He has a lot to answer for here as well. Brought into a family with trust and open arms figuratively ha ha and he seduces the wife. Remember it’s John working the 12 hour shifts to put the roof over their head. I don’t think John will take kindly to him banging his wife At some level. Maybe he gets the headlock. That would be new. Kt doesn’t generally do violence but I can see the cuddly bear becoming a grizzly bear.

    1. John, either fortunately or unfortunately, has poured enough gasoline on Janie’s fire to expect at least a little burning. Problem is for him, he trusts his wife but has suspicions and doesn’t bring them to play. We suspect John’s math skills will improve somewhat in book 3. Or, he’s going to discover.

      Right now, for me/us it’s impossible to predict where this is going from a John/Janie standpoint and that’s where most of the intrigue lies for us. Speculate yeah, but, Marissa, jealousy, Janie’s trip, all throw wrenches into the spokes for me. What if Maceo is messing with his teacher? It’s all so juicy.

      For me, it’s not impossible to predict where this is going from a Janie/Maceo standpoint.

      Here’s another thing. Has anyone but us noticed the phrase “good boy” in book 2. Maybe I’m making too much of it, but when I read that phrase associated with a husband, I immediately think of the wife saying this in a cuckold context. Of course I’m reaching, but the phrase occurred three times in book 2, two were appropriate and one was because the narrator used it to describe John being a good boy for his good wife. I know the tags don’t use the term “cuckold” so is this foreshadowing?

      I’ve read this book way too many times in an effort to try to understand things beyond this point. My wife thinks I’m nuts. Maybe it’s time to re-read LHW2?

      Oh, well. IndyCar this weekend (closeby, too!), Keely 2 next week(?), and F1 next weekend… I am way too into this. 🙂

    2. I see your point Tracey but the things I like about KT’s characters is that they are not one dimensional but rather very complex (like real people–no super hero, no super villain). Maceo is a very accomplished artist for his age with an opportunity to study with a senior artist for a short period. I kind of doubt he arrived with the intention of seduction…it could totally destroy this opportunity to advance his art education in another country. On the other hand he is a very attractive person and, I suspect, flirts without really thinking much about it. And that’s why he has been a bit surprised at Janie’s reaction but, then, not one to turn her away. We don’t get his thoughts but I suspect he might have a few worries, e.g., “What happens now?” he asks Janie in book 1 after nearly being caught. As to the head lock (a good thought) who’s going to get it? Maceo or Janie? Grizzly bear…I like it…don’t run from a grizzly bear.

  12. Hi KT,

    Is there a way to edit reviews on your site? I fixed some errors on our Amazon review–strangley and not surprisingly–I found them after posting the review here. If there is no way to edit, please accept my apology for being completely word-foul and grammatically adrift. Yeah, I still drop words. I “think” I type them then go back and re-read. This NEVER happens with technical documents.


    1. I don’t think so (at least, I don’t know how, ha ha). If it really bugs you (it’s fine!) I think I could delete it after you submit the fixed one…

      1. Na… it’s fine… I just wish I was as anal when I was writing instead of reading after the fact.

  13. Reclaiming Youth

    When Janie comes down from an orgasmic high at the hand (well, mouth) of Maceo, Janie hears Maceo bark a silly youthful line telling her how beautiful she is, and rather than scoff at it’s triteness she stops herself and lets herself hear the words, and thanks Maceo. Now it’s her turn to return the favor, but rather than be the confident older person in this room, Janie is shy because she hadn’t done what she was going to do in a long time, her husband and her falling prey to the usual habits of married people (what do I know about that? Anyways, so I hear), turning sex into a utility. Janie isn’t tired of her husband at all, but things had gone stale, as they tend to do when you fall into a routine that spans decades. Janie wants to feel what it is like to just be in the moment and not the consequences that usually come with thinking too much about what she’s doing, and letting herself go. I think the theme that keeps hitting us in the head in this story is the idealization of youth and the joy of feeling the opportunity to have it back.

    We’ve discussed already that Janie is bringing an older look back, she’s primping a little more often, and in a more important sense, she’s opening back up, wanting to think about what she does differently, to learn and be freer like she was when she was a younger version of herself. Now Maceo is in her home, and Janie has a very rare opportunity to feel that exuberance that comes with youth, by association at least, yet again.

    It’s not that simple of course, Janie is smart enough to know she is supposed to be the superior in this situation, to be the adult, or at least the adult adult, so why is Maceo breaking down these barriers? She’s already vulnerable for one, she spends hours, almost days being the only parent in the household raising two children, her husband having no choice but to work long hours in order to keep up the family business. Now the only things that kept her company on a consistent basis for years and gave her that human contact are gone, leaving her by herself. She’ll learn to cope some day but she hasn’t yet had that opportunity, it’s all very fresh and emotional. Additionally, I can’t imagine having your children growing up to such an age that they are themselves adult and moving out to start their own independent lives can make her feel any younger.

    (By the way, I caught in one of Janie’s inner dialogues that her mom has passed, I know KT doesn’t bring trauma into her stories, but I have to wonder if maybe that matters somehow? I always end up thinking about that stuff when parents get brought up in KT stories.)

    Then comes Maceo himself, an incredibly attractive and mysterious young man, a man who has genuine joy and zest for life and everything he could ever dream of still ahead of him. He’s from a different culture, which is intriguing to anyone with a passion for knowledge and curiosity in the world to try to get to know and understand something so foreign. He obviously has the body that any woman dreams of when they are imagining in their mind physical traits. They have a mutual love of art, and it has to be incredibly intoxicating for a woman of Janie’s age to be around someone with the skill that someone as young as Maceo has. You’re just drawn to them.

    And, it’s not all bad, she can truly learn things from Maceo because of that talent. What’s got to be tantalizing for a practical woman like Janie is she can honestly justify spending so much time with Maceo. Because he has the youthful energy, experience, and skills he has, Janie is not wrong that she can benefit from Maceo in a real tangible sense that can help her life out. It has to be incredible for Janie to know that a man so young can actually have the potential of making her a better person. What? Don’t laugh too hard at that …

    When I see Janie’s jealousy with Marissa and her friends, or with the discovery that Maceo is going out, I no longer think she’s jealous that Maceo wants to make love to someone else and not her, and honestly, jealousy never really works out that way anyways. She’s jealous that this renewed spirit she has unleashed with Maceo’s presence is going to go away. Maceo is out on snowmobiles with women his own age, something she’ll never be again. She knows what Maceo is capable of, and she doesn’t want to lose that. If Maceo is out spending time with Marissa and her friends, he might forget about ol’ Janie, another chicken that’s flown the coup.

    What does not help matters at all is a husband who stokes the fire of this curiosity by reminding himself and her of times in the past, and reliving the experience. He likes what Janie has become in the short time that Maceo has been home, and that has to be reinforcing for Janie. It must lead her to think she is doing something right, her husband is more alive than ever, she’s more alive than ever, when the world outside is gray, cold, and lifeless like a Upstate New York winter, that has to be an incredible high. We see that when John comes home and Janie is excited to show him what Maceo has done.

    The question for Janie becomes, how much does going down this rabbit hole of experiencing things with Maceo take her that she might risk losing sight of what made her the way she is, and the life she is current living, and once it’s gone will she just go back to it? For John, right now he sees the girl he feel in love with so many years ago, but Maceo sees something in her that even he does not. What happens if he never really understood Janie, or worse, held her back?

    I can see some darkness now that I let the reading wash over me. I still feel like everyone is under enough control of the situation. John might be able to pack everything Janie has done with Maceo into the ‘she’s reliving her youth box, it’s just a little phase. And Janie still looks at Maceo for what he is and recognizes the chasm between him and her heart which is a place that for me is always the most important place in these stories to try to understand. So Janie won’t move with Maceo and leave John for Maceo in my opinion, still.

    The darkness for me could only come from the possibility that Maceo awakens something in Janie that could fundamentally change how Janie sees herself, and possibly the way she lives and who she choose to lives with. Still, that has a niceness to it, a sort of progression for the better that only hurts because someone loses out in something they thought they had (John in that case), but it is nice to know they’ll always have that time together. What could be darkest of all is if she reaches that conclusion, and follows a path down a rabbit hole and realizes she is too late, it’s not her, that’s not her life, now she’s acting crazy and burning bridges that can’t be mended. Now she’s alone, having to start over …

    … and old AF (jk).

  14. Nailed it but she is married. It comes with obligations. It’s just not about her anymore. She could eadily end up with egg on her face. After 6 weeks Maceo says that was fun and leaves. I can’t see Janie putting the rabbit back in the hole if that’s even a saying.

    1. Tracey,

      For this, it might be useful, but purely speculative, to go to a story tags: Hotwife. Janie and John may simply go the hotwife route. It would be fitting. The genie would have been released from the bottle, the toothpaste out of the tube, Pandora’s box opened. John, again, is the key. What happens when he finds out? Does the reality of a wife who has cheated on him–and she is cheating, now–destroy him? A lot of men would simply cut their losses and leave. Some couples will stick around and go the marriage counselor route. If those going the counselor route want to save their marriage and pursue hotwifing, they’ll go the kink-friendly counselor route.

      The thing about cheating is, as you have stated, betrayal. It’s betrayal on almost every level of a person’s existence. Did she/he ever tell me the truth? Did he/she ever love me? Why didn’t he/she simply tell me? You doubt your worth as a person. You doubt nearly everything about your life. You grasp onto and hold tight those things you believe are solid. You guard them. You guard your feelings. It takes a lot to get by those things. If you don’t have love, you’ll become a statistic. Even with love–and both people have to have love–it is the most difficult test a marriage will endure. Foundations have been cracked and in some cases, exploded.

      That all written, in the context of this story, Janie and John love each other. It’s speculative, but they’ll survive this because they love each other and their foundation, while cracked, is fixable: They have a great foundation. John suspects, but his suspicions have yet to materialize in the conscious realm. He senses something is off, but it’s an exciting kind of off. He is experiencing Janie through the eyes of another for the first time. He is actually seeing Janie as a woman again, and he’s beside himself. It’s a heady time for John. His darkness is bright sunlight (so far) compared to Janie’s.

      Here’s another interesting thing: Stacy. Stacy was shocked at first, but not shocked enough to actually have that lunch with Janie the next day, nope. They’re best friends. If your best friend was in trouble wouldn’t you want to talk to that person ASAP? I would. Not a week later. By then, it’s likely the affair will have been consumated multiple times. So, and it’s going on a thread, our speculation is this: Stacy is a hotwife on hiatus. She needs that week to talk to her husband to hash out their coming out to Janie. Wouldn’t that be juicy? It’s probably wrong, but it’s fun to speculate like this at times. Stacy is probably just too busy. 🙂


      1. tobetohave, Tracy & DnD, All very cogent comments and we can only see how deus ex machina (KT) reveals the saga going forward. However, I toss in another point: How much does Janie really love John? We don’t know many details of her back story. There are hints: parents who were rather strict one of whom now dead; a sense in the each of the books that she still holds resentment that her youthful freedom was cut prematurely (in book 1 the thought of how a life can be changed in an instant if not careful and in book 2 thinking how many times she had cried herself to sleep wishing she had had a IUD); like most people she may well still blame more John than herself; how often does she think of John other than worrying that he may arrive unexpectedly and discover her?….when he comes home from 30 hours of plowing dead tired (can’t imagine driving carefully for 30 hours–some safety rules violated here) it’s all about her and her wonderful picture. Yea, he loves the picture and gets great sex out of the encounter but cannot know that Janie is mostly using him as a surrogate for Maceo. And then after some rest she has prepared him a good dinner but is grumpy through out as Maceo is out. John heads off to work sensing, I think, that Janie wants to be alone. Finally the scene with Stacy suggests strongly than Janie is more than willing to manipulate not only her husband but her very best friend for selfish aims. Will she have anyone to turn to in the aftermath? Quite possibly I over interpret incidentals but to me love is expressed by actions not by words. Which leads me back to the fact that we don’t know much concrete about the last 20 years in terms of their personal interactions. They may well have built a strong enough bond over the years of striving together to push through her betrayal (in any of the ways DnD mentions) and come out stronger in the end. On the other hand……

      2. Thanks for your insights davidndaria. You always seem to have a great insight into kts books and this topic. Your words seemed heartfelt. I have been reading the 2nd chapter again and their are enough hints to think that John will become the accepting/happy cuckold. Not sure about Stacey though. Interesting thought. Perhaps she saw it coming and realised that Janie was stale and needed this and is giving her same space then will be there when the inevitable happens.

      3. Tracey/everyone,

        Thank you, Tracey! Our words are from experience.

        Actually, this is the first “Cheating” type story we’ve read where I haven’t just shut it down for a while. I’m actually into this story because I think I’ve finally realized that what is in the past has passed.

        “There’s nothing but blue skies…”


  15. Side note: KT, we re-read LHW2. That is powerful stuff. Kinkiness, feelings, brilliant work. The ending was totally emotional for us.

      1. It was very serious. We went to St. Petersburg for the race. So, when we got here (there?) we decided to do it. Other than a late night at a goth club in Ybor, we holed up and read until we had to go watch cars. Beautiful weather, though.

        We’re probably not going to read much erotica for a while–save your work. It’s too consuming. Balance is important.



      2. James,

        It wasn’t an easy read, for sure. 300,000 words, three boxes, and a day and half. That’s kind of imbalanced, but it was a good read, again. We were very happy for the snow, and the test results. Geoff is a great dad. Nia was a very confused woman. Sometimes it takes losing everything to know you had everything right in front of you–that goes for Geoff and Nia. Neither is innocent. Nia is a wonderful character.


    1. Still my favourite of her books. For mainly it was the first of her books where the husband was a strong character in his own right and didn’t have a small penis. Proves you can still have an awesome hot wife book without those characteristics. Very different to LHW1. don’t know if I could go back there again, what saved me their was reading that extra epilogue and the end of one of kts other books that showed them together and the inner strength the husband had. I’d read that before the book. Gave me the courage to read. Couldn’t have got through it otherwise.

      1. LHW2 was good at simultaneously catering to, reinventing, and avoiding tropes. True KT style.

        I feel like all KT stories do that though, personally, even LHW1.

  16. So while re-reading SB & FK I noted that the last page of both books seemed to be a different trend for KT. What do you think? In FK the narrator in italics warns us about what is to befall Max. It’s great and builds anticipation but I’m not sure KT has done it to that degree before?
    I thought the ending of SB2 was even better. Once again In italics but this time it’s In Janie’s head where she admits that she put one over Stacey and it’s not temptation and the irrational fear of pregnancy that’s the problem. It makes it clear that she definitely intends to have sex with Maceo. Looking at this I think she made her mind up during the night after orgasming with John while thinking of Maceo.John finds her awake and pensive in the morning and the way she says “I love you” to John says I love you but I’ve decided on a path that will put our marriage at risk. I’d love to know how Janie came to that awareness as up to them she was still trying to convince herself that it would go no further. Great writing by kt. She says so much with so little and it seems so subtle although maybe it’s not and I’m just slow.
    Talk about anticipation. Any other reading is just filling in time be kt books.

    1. I enjoyed reading this, I feel like KT has always been fantastic at cliffhangers and saying more with less. It’s the biggest reason I prefer KT’s series, I love to hate the anticipation your talking about and it’s as a result of where she leaves her stories.

    2. Thank you so much!

      In FK, I did a weird thing at the end where I switch from third-person to omniscient narrator, but I figured it was okay because even in that context I considered the omniscient narrator to be Max (like a future-Max). And it has precedent: the opening scene of the Maggie series is also third-person-Max and omniscient-Max (although not future-Max).

      I did it because I think it’s important to put context on the love story that just transpired, and it carries or enforces the theme of ‘change’.

      1. Yeah, I enjoyed the switch at the end…I also took it as “future Max” looking back on this moment and where he would be going from there.

        I enjoy getting multi perspectives from characters. A lot of these stories just give one (typically the cuckold) and the drama is whether his perspective is right. But I like it when we know exactly what’s going on in both minds, and being powerless to stop the train wreck we know is coming.

        For instance here, if Janie knew what her husband was really thinking, she might confess everything and they could go on this journey together, with little to no guilt. Instead, she’ll push forward on her own, and we know that’s likely to be a disastrous decision. I love that tension myself.

        It’s a little different in Keely, it’s played for a little more humor (like with Max thinking he was a flop with Keely when we know the exact opposite was true.). Plus, it seems like that story will be Max learning from his Maggie mistakes and being open with things. But there will still be tension in getting there I’m sure.

  17. Another dead story, looks like. Back to buying complete stoories only. Too bad, I was really enjoying this one as all your stories.

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