One Night Only

I’d like to introduce you to a new author. Becky Haze writes cuckolds and hotwives and shares my sensibilities but seems to lack my prolixity and floweriness. Becky gets to the point a lot quicker and I hope you’ll give this writer a chance…

Craig’s always had a fantasy of watching his wife Sara with another man. For two years it’s been limited to dirty talk in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Sara’s a lawyer who works with celebrity clients. One project put her in touch with the famous DeMarcus Johnson, a good-looking, six-foot-five, three-hundred pound linebacker—when the job was done, DeMarcus didn’t stop texting. Craig encouraged it, reading over her shoulder and helping her with what to say…

Months of innuendo sent through their phones have led to tonight: Sara’s three-thousand miles from home, in DeMarcus’s city, and she agreed to meet him. DeMarcus knows she’s married. When a woman like her agrees to meet up with a man like him it can only mean one thing…

Craig’s at home and Sara says she’ll keep her phone open so he can listen in… If she gets the nerve to actually do this.

Craig sure hopes so—he’s wanted this for so long he aches for it. But once it begins, she warns him, he can’t change his mind…



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  1. When is the Keely story going to be out? I’m assuming sometime next week?

    BTW I just got One Night Only on my kindle and am looking forward to reading it. Not sure what kind of time I am going to have but I’ll be able to most likely read it tonight.

  2. I think I found a great new author, you guys. I love this! Hi Becky! haha

    Spoilers below:

    I love how you can tell that Craig and Sara are really excited and nervous about this, but enjoying the moment before Sara goes. Really enjoyed the attention to detail about the setting. I’m familiar with the setting so that was fun. DeMarcus was perfect. Getting Sara’s perspective was on point. The sex was highly erotic and I mean this sincerely, so good that Sara didn’t want it in her behind. Theres something so much more gratifying when you realize this author is trying to accomplish something with their writing. Paint an accurate picture of who is involved in this story. It’s not about checkboxes, it’s about turning me the fuck on.

    To that end, there is nothing more unforgettable than the walk of shame that concluded this story. The hurt that you see in Sara’s eyes and actions, just how incredibly distraught she became that this dominant man would turn her down. She pleaded, became excited about future possibilities. It became clear that somewhere during the course of the evening it was just as much about Sara as this was about Craig. She started ignoring Craig, deflecting her feelings, I love her little excuse for why she was upset. What a way to end it too, with a realization she was actually not going to be home for a few days … and she knows where he lives …

    I am really, really glad Becky does not sacrifice realism for the sake of a quickie. The sting on the heart isnt as strong because KT series exists, sorry Becky, but it’s plenty powerful.

    1. I loved that ending. It was fun. Made me want to pursuit the characters more, but Becky likes brevity and completion. That said there’s more from Becky, and while it’s deep (character-wise), it’s also disturbing… (ominous laughter trails off…) Nah, it’s just pretty neat—hope you guys like it.

  3. We were honest with our review.

    We would like to see more from Becky. We would also like to see more character development and tension before the event. As written, there was zero tension regarding what was going to happen. Yes, Becky tried to relay indecision, however there was no doubt this would happen. The lack of emotion post event by the wife and the total lack of understanding by either husband or wife was like an on-off switch scenario–especially for the wife. Post event, the behavior of both husband and wife was childish. Given the book’s length, it’s understandable; we know you had to get that across. Take heart in that.

    Becky did show flashes of KT-esque descriptions and even borrowed one of KT’s pet words making us believe that KT had a hand in the editing. There were no errors we could catch and the final product was very readable.

    I know this is going to come off as a surprise from us, but we have to be honest. The book did not do it for us. KT, we apologize, please understand we want to support Becky–our search indicated this was her first effort–and we will support her. We don’t expect everything an author writes to blow us away. Hang in there, Becky! You’ve got a great publisher and I’m sure you’ll gain quite a following. We’ll support you. We know new authors need support.

    Please take what we have written as constructive. We do not want to discourage you.

    David and Daria

      1. Well, well. We just weren’t sure. We take things at face value many times when we probably shouldn’t. I guess our naïveté has been exposed. It’s all good.

        We apologize for any offense. It was not our intention.

      2. No offense at all! It’s why different names are good—it’s a different kind of book than what you would expect. It’s practically ‘not’ one of my books, if that makes sense.

        I want to write stuff like that sometimes but don’t want it in my real catalog because my usual readers don’t want that (or at least not all of them). I want people to know me for Cherry Blossoms and Maggie and Finding Keely and Six Weeks In Winter and Separate Schools—you know, books that are more like novels, not necessarily erotica only. But I also like erotica. I don’t want confusion when you pick up one of my books or not meet expectations. One Night Only is exactly the way it should be—that’s why I didn’t put my name on it, ha ha!

      3. Also—let me apologize if you feel tricked. That was not my intention. I often feel more transparent than I am. My craftiness is just meant as theatre, entertainment almost. No malice intended!

      4. Thank you, KT.

        We didn’t feel tricked, your fingerprints were all over the writing, but it just didn’t feel like a “KT” book, and we wrote as much. I (Dave) edited the review three times after publishing it. I wanted so badly to write, “This is KT’s alter ego,” because that’s how it felt: Kind of like Bruce Wayne and Batman, for a bad analogy.

        Then my wife thought, “What if it’s not KT? How would Becky feel?” We didn’t want to discourage a new writer, especially one in your “stable”, but we need to be honest. We’ll always be honest. Anyone reading our reviews can bet their lives on that. Another thing you can bet on: We’ll always be positive–it’s who we are. It’s not like “If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all” but it’s part of it, too.

        There are a lot of things I/we don’t know diddly about. But, we’re fast learners.

        Kind of disappointed you’re not a publisher, though. 🙂 You’d be a great publisher. We love the name “Licorice Books”. The first thing that popped into my head was “Good & Plenty” candy. Who would want only white or only pink Good & Plenty?

      5. I love how thoughtful you guys are!

        Maybe someday I’ll be a publisher. I seek to grow. I want to write more and more books, and just keep going. Maybe someday it will be a full time job. That would be sweet.

      6. Thanks again, KT. We just put ourselves in other people’s places.

        That said, we’ll give the book another read after Sleeping Beauty wakes up and we workout.

        Yeah, it’s Dave. I get up too friggin’ early.

      7. So… I do think you should write what you feel under any name you feel is appropriate. I also think you’d make a super publisher.

        We do like cuckold stories, generally. I say generally because if the first few lines are something like “… my pathetic husband…”, “…my little wimpy husband…”, or “…my under endowed…”, we run away. So, I (my wife is sleeping in, I guess) would like to read a continuation of this book. I do have to write that Craig and Sara have a long way to go. Neither seemed even remotely prepared for the aftermath. Sara came across as way clingy in the post event glow. That was the light switch moment for me. 🙂 Craig came off as a budding cuckold, not that it’s bad, it’s just discovery.

        Sorry if I went too deep. I tend to do that occasionally (yeah, right. Right?).


      8. Yes, I usually avoid tropes in my books, but Becky doesn’t mind tropes. The super-cuck thing takes away from authenticity when I write. There’s nothing wrong with it and I applaud writers who can do it and readers who read it, it’s just my internal cynic gets in the way if I try and go to hard too fast with the cuckold tropes.

      9. KT and Dave – Tropes – This is a particularly main attraction that I have with KT so I feel the need to mention this whenever the subject is broached. To me there are certain tropes that I want at a minimum. For instance, does anyone really want a “bull” character that’s a normal joe in every way? Maybe you do (not saying you, you but people in general), but most people don’t. And I think we all have certain minimum requirements to these stories, wife sharing/cheating/hotwifing being at the core. For me I can handle a decent trope that extends beyond that if it is handled with some novelty or has a unique approach to it.

        I cannot get into the cage stuff, for example, I think it’s too contrived. I look at these relationships at their biological, primal foundation and how that manifests itself organically in behavior and thoughts, and when we start getting into these contrived actions of needing to tell husbands they are small for the sake of the thrill, or putting people in cages like it’s some sort of necessity it just doesn’t do it for me, it doesn’t feel realistic. How can something coming from inside of us manifest it in typical cuckold book behavior? Speaking generally …

        To my point though, that is just my own standard, KT is closest to really understanding what I really latch onto in these stories without even trying, even when she doesn’t totally get it right on in the different directions she runs. It’s having that core foundation that I really need from her and I’m glad it’s always present in different levels. And then how she handles making all those other elements, themes, props, settings, etc. that keeps things fresh and I can enjoy it in it’s own context.

        I don’t know if it makes sense what I’m saying, but there’s something there.

      10. Sorry, I realize I jumped into my statement as if I like KT FOR her tropes, my main point is that, even though I like some tropes, I love that KT is not a trope perpetuator. If she includes tropes, I like how they get handled.

        There, that’s the headline version of the point I was trying to make.

        In contrast to what Dave thinks, even when she might have been maybe trying to use certain tropes, Becky handled them in a way that makes my point above applicable to this story as well.

      11. The problems we have with authors writing something like “…my pathetic husband…” right at the start is that it seems to be caricature of what an author may have read somewhere. Yeah, there are husbands who get into being called pathetic along with SPH, and a lot of other humiliating things, but we’d rather have such things develop over the course of a story. Being slammed instantly like that is keystroke economizing for us. We’ll give the author of such things credit: They can instantly set the tone. I’ve written it before, I understand cuckolding intellectually, but not emotionally. Maybe _I_ read to help me understand? I can’t say.

        Believe it or not, we read erotic stories because they’re stories. Yeah, a lot of them are incredibly hot, but if we read stories simply for hotness, we’d forget it and watch porn or just make up our own scenarios and live them out–we’re past the latter, though. The point is, we enjoy great writing with erotic content. KT is our favorite, sincerely.

        If the author is capable–like KT–it’s a mind thing. Great writing is immersive and allows us to relate to the characters in their fictional reality in real ways. I, Dave, might get angry and stomp around, but that’s because I’ve become immersed. KT’s writing–for us–is immersion therapy. 🙂 Yeah, it’s fiction, but I/we can visualize things almost immediately. Imagine this in a sensory deprivation tank? Such overload! Walter would be proud!


      12. @ David – I 100% agree with your take, I think the only thing we disagree on is I’m able to compartmentalize when KT (or Becky in this case) is not intending to give us a huge backstory. When I do that I feel like I look at stories like the one Becky wrote here in a different light.

        I define hotness of a story based on the criteria you laid out of a good story, by the way, erotic is only as good as the story behind what makes the characters hot and bothered. When I wrote what I did earlier today I realize now that you might interpret that the only tropes that I truly care about is the wifesharing/cheating angle and a more impressive man as the challenger. That’s me in a nutshell, but I realize that I like more emotional tropes.

        Am I even using the word trope right anymore? I think tropes are recurrent themes and concepts in genres.

        For me, I enjoy love/lust confusion in the wife characters regarding the ‘bull’, manhood challenge in the MC (not just in THAT way, but also indecisiveness or poor decision making. Something to really get the blood pumping lol), to name a couple major points. Beyond that, I want to be able to believe what I’m reading on some level, even if it is on the extremes of possibilities. And, I enjoy novelty. I guess when I come to read a story that has a pretty well oiled path I must not really enjoy novelty all that much? I don’t know, I just feel like everything KT touches is fresh new ground. Uncharted territory. So even if I’m actually just reading the same story over and over again, KT makes it feel brand new, and I like that.

        How many authors are doing the ‘Greg’ thing? I’m sure it’s happened, but to throw that in there so nonchalant for the sharp eyed reader (aka not me apparently), it’s funny and clever, and just not even thought of by trope dependent writers.

      13. I know it might seem odd, but both my wife and I really like to get to know characters. For us, it’s about motivation and getting there. I completely understand what you’re saying, bro.

        Becky understands the cuck/bull/wife dynamic and has it down to a tee. DeMarcus deliberately said Greg to test Craig’s resolve. If Craig took it, it’s time to move to the next level which DeMarcus did. What DeMarcus expect was Sara’s behavior after. What Craig didn’t expect was Sara’s behavior towards him after. What Sara didn’t expect was Craig being so needy, as well. Sara also didn’t expect to be virtually kicked out of DeMarcus’ crib.

        At this point, Sara is conflicted and confused, Craig is conflicted and confused, and DeMarcus is upstairs shaking his head. And in Sara the light switch has flipped. See, if Craig had been cool about it, that light switch may have been rocking, but contact wouldn’t have been made.

        DeMarcus’ behavior was rude as well. How many men simply kick a woman out? In real life, a man just doesn’t do that, regardless of needy behavior. He escorts her to the car, makes sure she’s safe, and that’s that. It’s a story, so that’s “Bull” behavior. I guess it happens in real life, too. It takes all kinds.

        So, there we go. Now we have a lot of books to wait for. 🙂 We’ve made a second pass through the book and we’re going to support Becky.

        Friday is Ferrari’s 2019 F1 car launch. Waiting is a normal part of things.

      14. Here’s the last thing I’ll say about the ‘Greg’ thing. For illustrative purposes. Any other author in this genre might have the bull screwing up the hubby’s name. But they would be pointing out to you that it happened so much you’d be annoyed by it, something like “Haha, he called you Greg haha.” KT slips it in, undetected by some. That’s so much cooler to me. Almost like an Easter egg.

        BTW I dont think DeMarcus was purposely messing up his name, it just didn’t matter to him at all what they said his name was, so in his half interested listening, he heard a name he knows people are called, Greg. I also think that’s a unique decision only KT makes. Other authors would probably make the bull conscious of the fact that he is calling the hubby the wrong name, and write 3 lines in the story about how “Craig is Greg now, because I say so, rawr I’m a mean bully,” KT takes the unique approach of making bulls who are too cool for school.

        You have so many awesome points that I agree and have me thinking of things to talk about, but later!

      15. That thing I wrote about the “Greg” thing and the dynamic is just my take on it. It very well might have been an honest mistake by DeMarcus. I don’t think so, but I’m no expert. It’s just my interpretation and is probably not what was intended by Becky.

        I get the feeling I’m jumping the shark so it’s time for me to stop, too.

      16. Dave – That’s fine, my point wasnt necessarily to argue what was happening there, and this conversation is part of what I love about KT, she didnt beat us over the head with what she was trying to write there, because she loves being subtle, doesnt overexplain, and I think really appreciates mystery.

        That’s what separates her from the pack. If all she cared about is what was done in other stories by other authors, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

      17. TBTH,

        I apologize. I didn’t mean to come across as argumentative at all.

        We agree completely on KT.


    1. It’s just a website where I can have all my books—it’s not a publishing company or anything like that. Websites are expensive and I want a place where all my erotic books are in one location rather than having ten websites… There will be BDSM, maybe some plain romance, whatever I feel like doing, but it will mostly be what you expect coming here—maybe even some more experimental things in the genre, too. I don’t know entirely what it will be yet but it puts me at peace.

      1. I’ll be posting them here and putting up a library page soon so It’s easier to figure out all my books (which are starting to look a little messy on Amazon but I have no control over that), and I’ll add the other pen name books that are erotic romance type things.

  4. I’m only up to ch 2 and I can’t believe you guys didn’t pick up that this was KT. NObody writes like she does.

    1. All those em-dashes and using the word ‘now’, ha ha. But that wouldn’t mean I wasn’t just an editor…

      There was no mention of food being prepared or served, the bull isn’t Mediterranean, ha ha…

      1. Hey now! I’m not going to surrender your tell! It’s yours and I know it now… Daria and I looked at each other and said, “This could be KT!”, when we read it.

        Dave in the land of wait

    2. The tell was the use of the phrase, ‘as you say’ lol. Is that a Canadian thing? I don’t think it’s a dialectic thing that we American types usually say “as you said” haha, if you look it up in the book you’ll know what I mean.

      Lol, just having a little fun …

      1. TBTH,

        That wasn’t the tell for us, bro. It’s a good one, though. The conspicuous lack of Canadian colloquialisms was a diversion! HA!


        PS While I was writing a reply The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony” came on VH1 Classic, wonder where I went with that one?

      2. Aww, you guys are no fun, of course it was KT the whole time! I knew it, you knew it (even if you didn’t necessarily really KNOW it), we all knew it was her. Really glad she has so much planned that she is able to juggle multiple sub-genres and directions, but there’s a style that I am really glad is at the core of her writing that is/has been/always will be the draw to this author. I will one day be able to articulate what that is exactly, but we know it’s her. I’m getting closer. I spec’ed out my example of that style means to me by explaining the ending (which I really mean the last two chapters) that I so thoroughly enjoyed. It’s more than that, but it’s so you, KT!

        I also mention that enjoyment (caring for spoilers) in the review that STILL HASN’T BEEN LOADED (looks suspiciously at Amazon).

        The ‘as you say’ thing incidentally has been a thing that I took note of a while back, I do have a minor fascination with different dialects.

      1. I don’t know how KT juggles so many books. I have this vision of KT’s space with notebooks, PostIt notes, and her computer desktop with documents in varying states. KT has to be a super planner/organizer.

  5. KT,
    This was a wonderful little frolic. We can see the buildup of potential darkness at the end. It’s all very well and good for those scaredy-cats, Maceo and Janie, to take the whole book just to get to a little fooling around. Sometimes, the guy and gal just have to get down right away. “Greg” is going have some thinking to do.

    I don’t see John sitting by the phone getting a FaceTime sex show from Italy, or even worse, on the phone in his truck as he is plowing.

    Even when she hits a lot of the same marks as others in the genre, KT is better – the details are more realistic, the action is fun, and the aftermath is appropriate.

    1. Sometimes when I write these books I don’t want to feel those bad feelings, I like to have a little fun. I love writing Reza but it doesn’t necessarily sound like my other books, and one of the most fun to write?: Pool Party. That was a carefree blast. The ‘Greg’ thing felt so good when I thought of it. It’s nice to have glee every once in a while when I do this. Although, I have to say, this Keely book is a sweet spot in between both worlds. And thank you for the kind words, too!

    2. Donkatsu,

      I can just see the Holcomb’s dog groaning at the things that would take place in the cab of that truck should a FaceTime call take place, either from Italy or locally!


    3. @ Donk – I didn’t notice the ‘Greg’ thing, haha! Probably because we just met the guy and I’m bad with names, too. That is excellent stuff, Becky!

  6. Shit, I didn’t realize KT wrote this but I am really loving it thus far! What a story and a short one which is nice. I am hoping to see more of this couple and trials that they go through.

    1. I bet KT is working on the site, either that or there’s a database problem–the like’s are just looping on “loading”.

      1. TBTH,

        Are you a computer geek, too? Just wondering.

        Dave (who is clearly by himself with little to do)

      2. Dave – Fuck no, lol. I am someone who will never ever undock their computer if it’s updating, I’m convinced it will erase my hard drive and quite possibly spontaneously combust.

        Because reasons.

      1. What a way to spend Valentine’s Day, eh? Regardless, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

        Daria and David

  7. Haven’t read this (no paperback — too short, I know), but I gather from the discussion it’s basically “KT does quick ‘n’ dirty”? Kind of like the “Taken” series? If so, that’s cool by me. I take a back seat to no one in my love and admiration for your more ambitious, novelistic works, but the “Taken” stories were seriously hot — better than I expected, TBH. Talent will tell at any length, I guess. (And even then, you couldn’t help a little extra creativity; the slapstick comedy of “Taken at the Combine” was surprising but delightful.)

    ” … other pen name books that are erotic romance type things,” eh? Intriguing. One of my other favorite cuckold/hotwife authors, Victoria Kasari, also wrote romance titles under the name Victoria Wessex. I never read any of those — just didn’t look like my bag — but I’ll definitely be interested to see what other literary roads you’ve traveled.

    As for your writing becoming a full-time job — God knows you deserve it, if it’s what you want. You’re a WRITER, regardless of genre. It makes me kinda mad that “Fifty Shades” won the mainstream erotica lottery, while much more deserving work goes unrecognized.

  8. Just finished One Night Only and boy do I love it. Hope to see more from this couple at some point soon. Love shorts but I usually prefer them longer, although for this it made sense as it was mostly just a sex story without a huge amount of plot. Albeit I felt there was a lot more to tell here.

  9. I deleted our original review. Its replacement has been submitted.

    Have a Happy Valentines Day, everyone.

    My husband’s zoo keeper. Not really. He owes me.

    1. Meanwhile mine is still in limbo?? I don’t know what’s going on, I didn’t say anything bad. I did say cuckolding though, is that a banned word? I feel like I’ve used that word before and it was approved and usually they let me know if it’s been denied, I thought …

      I’m trying, Becky!

      1. Definitely. The original review was too harsh and not our style at all. We even said we changed the review in the updated review. We re-read the book and changed the review. In all cases where we feel like writing a less than glowing review, we will re-read the book and see if our first impression was correct. If the book is horrible, we will simply not post a review.

        It is not unusual for either of us to edit a review once it has been cleared. He has a bad habit of thinking while he is writing and drops words. In every case save this one, we have either left out something we wanted to convey, or corrected an error that did not change the tone or message of the review.

  10. Turning the tables on the Mediterranean lothario:

    A casual dining chain shows an ad that features a wife (and MD) named Sue through her busy day. The sound track is Dion and the Belmonts Runaround Sue ( Not sure the advertisers listened to the words. Dr. Sue has that telltale smirk on her face all through the advert. And why is she so late she has to stop and shovel this dreck out to the family; only the orthopedic surgeon knows.

    Despite decades of KT’s asseverations to the contrary, the swarthy, hirsute descendant of Mediterranean empires does not always get the girl. Sometimes it’s the endocrinologist (or the cardiologist, the invasive radiologist {penetrative radiology?})

  11. I don’t mind arguing by the way, unless you’re doing so with malice, then I do mind arguing. I like it when we debate these topics because I challenge how I understand the story when I have to make a point.

    1. I would never argue anything with malice here or any place online. It would make no sense. Elsewhere, I have felt like tellling people to lay off another person, but it is not worth the effort.

      Please, understand that while I may I come across strongly at times, I mean nothing untoward or malicious. It is just me.


      On another note… Donkatsu posted “Run Around Sue”… I am thinking this: would fit either this story or “Six Weeks”.

      1. Donkatsu,

        I think Run Around Sue is very appropriate! The young Mediterranean lothario has lit a fire.

        I like the oldies stuff. What got me about Runaway was the keyboard solo and the driving acoustic guitar.

        Cool that you’ve seen Del! You’re right, the guy was talented.


      2. I do like listening to these oldies with a new frame of reference that I didn’t have before. It’s somehow classier to hear these old timey songs espousing the themes that I’ve become obsessed.

      3. I don’t know why, perhaps you’re this way too, when Daria and I are reading, I’m always thinking of a song or some kind of score for the scene.

        When I tried to write a continuation to HE, I had Tumblin’ Dice in my head. Odd.

      4. For reasons entirely unrelated to the content, I had “Janie’s Got a Gun” stuck in my head whenever reading her name. There is always music looping up there *points to noggin*

      5. I take that back, Janie did mention they kept a gun in their house, so I smirked at the literal application of that song to the moment. It doesn’t take a lot to entertain me.

  12. TBTH,

    I know! Daria and listened to that song,too!

    Don’t worry! It doesn’t take much to entertain me, either. A micro-kini, thigh-high boots, or even a smile and I’m set. 🙂


  13. Okay I finished both 6 Weeks and One Night Only and really enjoyed both. I found One Night Only more my style for the sheer eroticism but 6 Weeks kept my interest to some degree although I caught myself feeling that the romance is really between John and Janie and not Janie and Merceo. I didn’t like him very much and felt he was manipulating Janie, (it’s hard to like someone that seems to be trying to steal another man’s woman away.) Maybe in this instance John who is a thoroughly likeable character albeit with flaws that aren’t really things he can help such as having erection problems, will find a way to win her back because I think she is drifting away from him.

    I do think the fact that Janie and Merceo do share a lot of interests towards art, etc. At the same token I really see Janie as just incredibly lonely who wants companionship with someone and John isn’t there enough for her. Anyway, can’t wait till the next book to this series and hopefully a sequel in the works for One Night Only as I found it delightful and wanting to see more.

    1. Think, not “thing” (though thing may turn out to be more correct ultimately).

      And Sue had technique, because the Chorus in the Dion song went: “hey, hey, hummm(er) jeheydaheyda; hey, hey, hummm jeheydaheyda, hey hey; hey, hey, hummm jeheydaheyda, hey, hey; luck, luck, luck, luck.”

    1. Would the current phrase be, “Yo, Dog! Bounce!” Or is that too Randy Jackson? Maybe, “Player, bounce!”? I dunno.

      I’ll vouch for the Stevie Nicks thing. My dad a big thing for her (pun?)! Me? Now? Just her hair. 🙂 But really Jan Kuehnemund (sadly, she’s gone) had the best hair of all. Daria’s done her hair like Jan for me. HOT!

      On another note. This, for me, is the ultimate betrayal song. I lived it, we’re solid: This has the lyrics. It was used in “Constantine” there is a video for that use, too. A few weeks ago, TBTH and I exchanged about Tool and APC. I actually left Daria for six weeks after she returned from a trip. The lowest time in my life and hers. For me this song perfectly expresses the anger of betrayal. She’s okay with me writing this, she’s watching. But this is it for the past.

  14. Finally got a chance to take a look at this – even your “shorter” books have great detail and build-up.

    Lots of great details here – buying an expensive dress to wear for someone else, the thought of being someone recognizing her as a married woman encouraging her to suck harder in the elevator.

    Now personally, I’m still a bit curious why so many of these stories are about consensual, structured “infidelity” but that’s a personal preference and not something I should knock a story for.

    I definitely get splitting your genres across pen names, and I’m interested to see where else you take Becky Haze. Looking forward to her next release!

      1. If you mean you posted one and it has not shown up yet, I believe Amazon is going through a thing for about a week now. I’ve heard about lots of delays on reviews being posted, sometimes it might take a few days before it shows…

      2. I know you value the reviews, but I guess mine don’t really “count” to Amazon. It’s frustrating as the .com reviews still shwo up on the .ca site.

      3. I don’t know, maybe I should do a review anyway. It’s just a little disheartening to see it relegated to a review ghetto that I’m not sure has any benefit to you.

      4. Have you tried logging into instead of I’m asking seriously because our login works on both sites. I suspect the single-sign-on they use is universal.

      5. Oh, I can log in – but when I click write a review it redirects me to a notice saying “Sorry, you do not yet meet the minimum eligibility requirements to write a review on Amazon.”

      6. To be clear, the eligibility requirements are that I must have bought $50 of products (not I cannot buy anything on without setting up a fake US account and fake US address or something along those lines – with my current Canadian address any purchase is redirected through

      7. I would contact Amazon customer service about it, then. Perhaps they can do something.

      8. I can’t buy anything on the US site with a Canadian account. Believe me, I’ve done my due diligence on all this. Where the purchase button should be on a book’s page, there is a box that states “Kindle titles are available for CA customers on” and a redirect to the Canadian site.

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